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'Yellowstone' to be released on Blu-ray and DVD December 4th...

Kevin Costner in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 1 Blu-ray and DVD Release Date, Details By Dan Bradley September 19, 2018 Excerpt: Paramount Home Entertainment has officially confirmed a December 4th release date for Yellowstone Season 1 on Blu-ray and DVD. Digital copies are not expected to be included.

Lauren Jay @LaurenJay4 tweeted: Replying to @farberd27 They did casting calls for season 2 and I applied πŸ˜‚ really to just meet Kevin Costner and a few others hw (Posted September 2nd)

Aaronbcole‏ @AaronbcoleAaron tweeted: Hey, there’s me in a scene with Kevin Costner! (Posted September 5th)

SonyaKay @SonyaKayy tweeted: My sister is hanging out with Kevin Costner and Luke Grimes... she’s too cool for me. (Posted September 8th)

Ellie Leonard‏ @Ellie_Leonard82 tweeted: Great to see Kevin Costner @modernwest hanging out in #LoloMT today. (Posted September 11th)

Neal McDonough Joins Yellowstone By Matt Webb Mitovich / September 14 2018 Excerpt: Neal McDonough has boarded Paramount Network’s hit Western in the recurring role of Malcolm Beck,...Beck is described as a wealthy business mogul who runs a casino with his brother, Teal. Together, they’re “down and dirty fighters” who know how to work the system to get what they want.

aanderson911 - Ashley Anderson: Some days you just get to chat with Kevin Costner & laugh about how you hit someone with the hotshot (cattle prod) on set, sorry @darkxekik πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ life's pretty alright! @goropeclothing (Posted September 12th)

Alain Burrese‏ @AlainBurrese tweeted: Spent the last two days working on the set of Yellowstone with Kevin Costner and the rest. Pretty cool. Looking forward to season 2. (Posted September 14th)

Yellowstone ‏Verified account @yellowstone_tv tweeted: Run. This. Valley. @modernwest #Yellowstone #FridayFeeling (Posted September 14th)

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Riding through the weekend like...? @black_shirt_creative (Posted September 15th)

Better air service, strong promotion drive Montana tourism to new heights By Martin Kidston September 18, 2018 Excerpt: When Kevin Costner and his “Yellowstone” film crew began shooting their miniseries in Darby, the production infused the Bitterroot Valley with needed cash. It also brought welcome attention to western Montana, not unlike the impact Brad Pitt and “A River Runs Through It” had on the state in the early 1990s. Now, business owner Julie Winthers said, Darby is undergoing a fresh transformation.

sunsettrailssilver - Sunset Trails: We feel very honored to have been commissioned to make this beautiful buckle for the upcoming season of @yellowstone. It will be worn by none other than #johndutton himself!! Check us out on season 2! . (Posted September 19th)

Sara Hildebrand‏ @CapaXildebrand tweeted: Today they're shooting that TV show @yellowstone_tv in the apartment building right next to mine. (Posted September 20th)

I might go see if Kevin Costner is on a break. I'll invite him over to my place for a fun chat and a nice bowl of homemade count chocula. (Posted September 20th)

Sheila Manning Christensen commented: So my inlaws happened into the gift house today and ran upon this hottie! Kevin Costner...and Jamie from the Yellowstone series. Had a good conversation about hunting and Kevins ranches he owns etc... made friends (Posted August 23rd)

Picture by Chance Chels Hansen: (Posted August 24th)

4theride7 - Ben Hilpert: Is that you Devil Anse? #kevincostner #badass #montana (Posted September 23rd)

4theride7 - Ben Hilpert: Is that you Devil Anse? #kevincostner #badass #montana (Posted September 23rd)

captnsparkles - Amanda Evans: Just a normal night in Park City πŸ™„ #kevincostner #oprockwell #parkcitynights (Posted September 25th)

Ashley Ford commented: So I seriously was driving home today, as I passed Chief Joseph ranch I noticed they were taping on the driveway, soooo duhhhh....what do I do is scream hiiiii Kevvvvv....we all know it’s my mission to meet Kevin Costner...ever since I missed my opportunity, yes was seriously two seconds from having to bring that hotness keys a few months ago....I swear I will have my Ash/Kev time ♀️....even if I may have to come swinging in from the trees....biotch on a mission (Posted September 5th)

Ricky Andrews commented: He saved Christmas for us this last year. I woke up the day before Christmas Eve to find a stocking leaned up against our door they had a bunch of goodies and a bunch of gift certificates in it. We weren't supposed to know it was from him, but after a little investigation we found out who it was. We were very surprised and very grateful! (Posted September 7th)

leslie_canom - L E S L I E C A N O: #kevinCostner !!! (Translated) ! The truth, when I saw him I did not even recognize him and I had no idea who he was ((that's why now I feel dmsss ignoranteeeπŸ˜‚)) At that moment my couch just shouted: Hey! Is famous!! Do not you want a picture? And I kind of ... MmmVaaa. I asked many people who he was because he did not remember his name and already here in Germany my family answered me 🌚 #nike (UC Santa Barbara) (Posted September 19th)

Ear for clarity: Shen grad an Oscar-winning sound mixer By Amy Biancolli September 21, 2018 Excerpt: ...but five months a year he bounces around Utah and Montana on "Yellowstone." The current shoot is due to wrap by Thanksgiving, he says.

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Kevin sightings and 'Yellowstone' Season 2 filming...

Chrome commented: Megastar Kevin Costner, patriarch John Dutton in Paramount's Yellowstone, takes center stage on our Fall 2018 issue. Crack it open to read about what inspired APHA member Taylor Sheridan to create this new drama. (Posted August 21st)

Chrome Magazine cover with Kevin Costner:

'Yellowstone' seeks extras for second season by Missoulian staff Aug 22, 2018

Anyone in Utah interested in Extra work in 'Yellowstone' Season 2, watch this page:

Anyone in Montana interested in Extra work in 'Yellowstone' Season 2, watch this page:

Mike Sartain commented: Dances with Tains....Kevin Costner is on our flight. — with Lori Lane Sartain. Slc airport on route to LAX. He was filming ‘Yellowstone’ in Utah I believe. (Posted August 23rd)

Bryant Winter‏ @BryantPants tweeted: Kevin Costner said I look like a normal guy today, so I got that goin for me. (Posted August 23rd)

Me I am Mariahlover @ziebart01 tweeted: @ogdenutahnews Kevin Costner in downtown Ogden Utah yesterday 8/23/18 Filming his new TV Show @yellowstone_tv (Posted August 24th)

Me I am Mariahlover @ziebart01 Replying to @KCostnerFanGer1 @ogdenutahnews @yellowstone_tv I got to talk with him for a minute and got an autograph. Super nice guy. (Posted August 24th)

emersonmiller - Emerson Miller: First week shooting second season of @yellowstone is over and this is the way I’m heading into the weekend 😎 @kevincostnermodernwest @paramountnetwork (Posted August 25th)

yellowstonetvfans‪ - Yellowstone TV Fans: Loved the #Yellowstone finale? Relive it frame by frame with our captures gallery for “Unravelling Pt 2” over at ‬#KevinCostner #KellyReilly

The Unravelling Part 2' Official BTS of the Season Finale | Yellowstone | Paramount Network Paramount Network Published on Aug 24, 2018 Take a deeper look into the season finale of Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner.

chrispyoahu - Chrispy Hastings: #kevincostner #yellowstone #flying #highlights #season #two (Posted August 26th)

Lonny Cape'‏ @lonnycape tweeted: Watching #yellowstone on demand. What a great show I also noticed that Kevin Costner is wearing #mauijim sunglasses. You have great taste Mr.Costner. (Posted August 26th)

nicsheridanofficial - •Nic Sheridan•: Back at it 🀘🏼 #season2 @yellowstone #bts #gorgeous (Posted August 26th)

chrispyoahu - Chrispy Hastings: #kevincostner #yellowstone #paramountnetwork #extra #western (Posted August 27th)

'Yellowstone' Cements Ratings Streak, Cable's Biggest Launch Since 'People v. O.J.' by Michael O'Connell August 27, 2018

You wanna be on a TV show with Kevin Costner? Here’s your chance. By Scott D. Pierce August 27, 2018

David Cleveland Brown @davidbrownactor tweeted: Kevin Costner is disappointed in my character. #letjasonwalkitoff mzkellyreilly yellowstone (Posted August 28th)

ryanbingham_official - Ryan Bingham: Another hard days work on The Yellowstone (Posted August 28th)

nicsheridanofficial - •Nic Sheridan•: Just one of the #boys today 🀠 #yeehaw #moab #werkwerkwerk #cowgirlup (Posted August 29th)

Yellowstone TV Fans @YellowstoneFans tweeted: Repost from @colehauser - The gang is back together @yellowstone_tv #yellowstone S2 coming #kevincostner #lukegrimes (Posted August 30th)

K B‏ @KBg8r tweeted: When your dad’s in Montana and sends you a pic of the @yellowstone_tv ranch 😍 I told him he better stick around until next week and kidnap Kevin Costner for me! (Posted August 30th)

uncle kracker ‏Verified account @unclekracker tweeted: Just pee’d next to kevin Costner at the airport in Salt Lake City. Thought it would be weird if I asked him for a selfie. (Posted August 30th)

tommylightfootgarrett - Tommy Lightfoot Garrett: #paramounttv in production #yellowstone in #saltlakecity #utah #kevincostner #tommylightfootgarrett #highlighthollywood (Posted August 30th)

chrispyoahu - Chrispy Hastings: #yellowstoneseries #season #two #set #kevincostner #cowboy (Posted September 1st)

k.costner1428 - kevin costner: #kevincostner (Posted September 6th)

yellowstonetvfans - Yellowstone TV Fans: Repost from @yellowstone - Strength in numbers. #Yellowstone #KevinCostner #LukeGrimes #DaveAnnable #WesBentley (Posted September 7th)

perratonpublic - Lindsay Perraton: Check out this cool line up of hats worn on @yellowstone we found in @greeleyhatworks booth at @wesatradeshow !! Can’t wait to see more of our @kimesranchjeans in season 2!! #trentrocks #getyourselfagreeley (I’m trademarking that one (The Denver Mart) (Posted September 9th)

mariahelizabethlay - Mariah Judd Lay: My little prince πŸ‘‘ Ezra had a lot of firsts this last week 1. He had his first flight and I’m so proud of how good he was 2. He made a celebrity friend, Kevin Costner was on our flight and Ezra had a whole little conversation with him while I was putting his stroller down for the flight. (Yes I’m serious! It was crazy!) (Posted September 8th)

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'Yellowstone' season finale airs as second season begins filming...

skimummy - Michele Scott: Saturday night in Park City #kevincostner #parkcity #love (Posted August 18th)

nicsheridanofficial - •Nic Sheridan•: #season2 takes off today πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ¦…✌🏽 #yeehaw @yellowstone @paramountnetwork #hellyeah #set (Posted August 20th)

RICK❤ @Utahrd TWEETED: Guys, @yellowstone_tv was filming in Heber today while we were at football practice. I didnt see Kevin Costner. (Posted August 21st)

'Yellowstone' season finale will tie up a lot of loose ends on August 22 By Alakananda Bandyopadhyay · Published On 17 Aug 2018

chrispyoahu - Chrispy Hastings: #kevincostner #seasonfinale #yellowstone #paramountnetwork #extra #western #wednesday (Posted August 18th)

Paramount Network Finds a Hit in ‘Yellowstone’ - The Kevin Costner series is drawing both female and male viewers with its portrayal of a part of America rarely captured on TV dramas By Kevin Lincoln August 18, 2018


Missi Miller Brough commented: The producer was going over what’s happening in the scene, next thing I know Kevin Costner comes walking in wearing a hospital gown. I saw his underwear!! That little scene took 4 hours to film, with just me and my man Kevin. He’s getting old but he’ll ALWAYS be Robin Hood in my eyes! (Posted August 17th)

John Dutton - Kevin Costner - Good Ol' Dog ByrnePerfection Published on Aug 20, 2018

How Kevin Costner's 'Yellowstone' became TV's big summer hit By Robert Rorke August 21, 2018

Official Mid-Season 1 Yellowstone Trailer | Paramount Network Paramount Network Published on Aug 2, 2018

Sneak Peek of ‘Yellowstone’ Season Finale – Watch Now! Check out an exclusive sneak peek of the season finale of “Yellowstone.” The opening scene features John Dutton (Kevin Costner) confronting the police about hiding evidence. He is also starting to think that the country may be turning against him.

‘Yellowstone’ Official Theme Music Composed by Brian Tyler | Paramount Network Paramount Network Published on Aug 22, 2018 - Go behind the scenes of the recording of the theme to ‘Yellowstone’ from renowned composer Brian Tyler. Listen to the full soundtrack at:

'Monica's Realization About Kayce' Official BTS | Yellowstone | Paramount Network Paramount Network Published on Aug 16, 2018 - Cole Hauser and Josh Lucas break down Rip’s origin story. Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille talk about Monica and Kayce’s realization. Kevin Costner and Wes Bentley analyze John and Jamie’s explosive conflict.

'Yellowstone' Ends Season 1 as Second Most Watched Cable TV Show, Behind 'The Walking Dead' by Gina Carbone Posted August 22nd, 2018

guidecarlos - CarlosAraya: Yellowstone 2nd season #yellowstone #yellostonetvshow #filsonlife #thewestisthebest #kevincostner @yellowstone @kevincostnermodernwest (Posted August 22nd)

chrispyoahu - Chrispy Hastings: #seasonfinale #tonight #yellowstone #paramountnetwork #kevincostner #filmcamera (Posted August 22nd) @PopCulture tweeted: Watch Kevin Costner take on a corrupt sheriff in the @yellowstone_tv season final (Posted August 22nd)

ExtraTV ‏Verified account @extratv tweeted: Tonight on #ExtraTV: We’re talking @yellowstone_tv with star Kevin Costner ahead of the twists-and-turns-filled Season 1 finale! (Posted August 22nd)

Shelly Kay‏ @ShellyKaynyc tweeted: I'm not crying. You're crying. End scene & song of tonight's finale of @yellowstone_tv got me feeling #allthefeels #Yellowstone Bravo to a great 1st season! @colehauser #WesBentley #LukeGrimes #KevinCostner #KellyReilly (Posted August 22nd)

Cheyenne✌🏻 @Cheyy28 tweeted: When #Kevincostner said “it doesn’t matter how many people sit at the table honey, what matter is they have a place to sit. The table is the only thing that matters” I felt that #Yellowstone (Posted August 22nd) DCIrishLass @IrishMoonDancer tweeted: Much thanks and love and respect for the ENTIRE cast and crew OF #Yellowstone What a phenomenal first season....1st of MANY more. Taylor Sheridan is pure genius...And Kevin Kevin Costner..THE best there is. @yellowstone_tv (Posted August 22nd)

Yellowstone ‏Verified account @yellowstone_tv tweeted: We hope you enjoyed the first season of #Yellowstone. Season two returns 2019. Stream our season finale now on @ParamountNet. (Posted August 22nd)

Denise Hawes commented: Yellowstone is filming on 25th Street in Ogden tomorrow. Your damn right I am sashaying down there at lunch. I could be Kevin Costner's 3rd wife. (Posted August 22nd)

Kimberly Rickman Hamilton tweeted: Tomorrow am they will be closing Down 25th Street from Wall to Lincoln ave. They will be filming the show Yellowstone Co- starring Kevin Costner (Posted August 22nd)

Dillon, MT commented: YELLOWSTONE' Official Trailer - Portions of this was filmed in Beaverhead County and some of the scenes in this trailer are from Melrose and the Big Hole Valley.

Mrs. Montana - United States 2018-2019 commented: They kept our scene!!! Last fall, I had the opportunity to be an extra on "Yellowstone" starring Kevin Costner on the Paramount Network. They filmed us out on a beautiful ranch in Darby, MT and my two cousins were also a part of it with me. Our scene took 6 hours to film and although I haven't watched it yet, I'm sure the scene isn't longer than 10-15 min. Thank you to my friends who are watching and sent me this!! With a big series, you never know what they end up cutting and keeping. The experience was INCREDIBLE and it was so neat to see how just ONE scene is much work and details involved. PLUS, a hug from Kevin Costner himself made it all better. πŸ’―πŸ’—πŸ™Œ Grateful for the opportunity their crew has given folks in MONTANA to be a part of. (Posted August 8th)

JaredHolics(Sarah R)‏ @JaredHolics tweeted: #JohnDutton: "Heard you got a membership at the sporting club, how much that cost on a sheriff's salary?" Donny: "It ain't cheap John..." John: "I'm making a list Donny, and you just made your way on it..." #Yellowstone πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ #KevinCostner @modernwest (Posted August 23rd)

JaredHolics(Sarah R) @JaredHolics tweeted: #KevinCostner @modernwest #Yellowstone (Posted August 23rd)

‘Yellowstone’ Season 2: When Does It Return? Will Kevin Costner Star? By Stephanie Dube Dwilson August 22, 2018

‘Yellowstone’ Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: Season Finale Leaves Multiple Threads Hanging By Rebecca Murray on August 22, 2018

Colorist Bob Festa on Yellowstone’s modern Western look August 12, 2018

Saturday, August 18, 2018

The latest from 'Yellowstone' on Paramount Network...

‘Yellowstone’ more than doubles its viewers in cable Live +3 ratings for July 23-29 by Alex Welch August 7, 2018 Excerpt: The Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone” continued to have a strong presence in the cable Live +3 ratings, this time for the week of July 23-29. The Kevin Costner-led Western series scored the biggest audience of any cable show for the week with 4.34 million, up 2.39 million (+122%) from its original L+SD audience. It also managed to tick up 167% from a 0.3 L+SD rating in adults 18-49 to a 0.8 with delayed viewing.

perratonpublic - Lindsay Perraton: Just sent an order out for season 2 of @yellowstone !! 🀞🏻we get some on Kevin Costner!! #kimesranchjeans #westernstyle (Posted August 15th)

monsieurhollywood - Henry Arnaud: getting #kevincostner to #smile for a photo? good luck 😁 but he's such a great actor, director, musician... watch his #tvshow #yellowstone on #paramountnetwork (Posted August 6th)

Jo‏ @Jo71705396 tweeted: YELLOWSTONE WITH KEVIN COSTNER FANTASTIC (Posted August 6th)

Yellowstone commented: We call this shotgun black tie. (Posted August 7th)

flanaholics - Ε Γ€rΓ€h: #Screencaps via my Iphone... #Yellowstone #YellowstoneTvShow #KevinCostner #KelseyAsbille #KellyReilly #WesBentley @mzkellyreilly @kelseyasbille @kevincostnermodernwest #ParamountNetwork (Posted August 6th)

'Yellowstone' stars say working with Kevin Costner was 'an honor' - Cole Hauser, who stars in the new family saga "Yellowstone," said he formed a fast friendship with co-star Kevin Costner. (April 27) AP'yellowstone'-stars-say-working-kevin-costner-'-honor'/34335813/ @artistinfrance tweeted: ‘Yellowstone’: Kevin Costner Fights to Keep His Land in New Trailer (Posted April 28th)

Single Texas Sissy @SuzanneWDavis tweeted: Totally love this show! Beth Dutton is so badass. Kelly Reilly deserves an Emmy. Beth almost steals the show. Kevin Costner is fantastic as always. I don't have a tattoo, but I've been thinking about getting that "Y" brand. That is cool. (Posted July 26th)

MTHistoricalSociety ‏Verified account @MTHist tweeted: We have heard that a cover of our magazine, Montana The Magazine of Western History, appeared in last night’s episode of “Yellowstone” (the program starring #KevinCostner aired on #ParamountNetwork). Did anyone happen to see it? (Posted July 26th)

Why Kevin Costner’s ‘Yellowstone’ Has Found Massive Success By Zachary Leeman | Thursday, July 26, 2018 Excerpt: Sheridan recently told Esquire that his goal with “Yellowstone” was to bring the “John Ford experience to television, now that even my cousin, who works two jobs, has a giant flat-screen.”...Aside from the smash ratings and early second-season renewal, fans have praised “Yellowstone.” On Rotten Tomatoes, which collects reviews from critics and regular users and then creates a “fresh” or “rotten” score, “Yellowstone” has an 85 percent approval rating from audiences — though critics have given it a rotten score of only 50 percent.


What's On WCVB-TV‏ @OnWCVB tweeted: Tales from the wild west! Actor Kevin Costner, star of the new ranch drama @yellowstone_tv, stops by @TheView to give the ladies the scoop on his latest project. (Posted August 7th)

'Evelyn's Heart to Heart w/ Beth' Official Clip | Yellowstone | Paramount Network Uploaded on Aug 3, 2018 Beth and her mother (Gretchen Mol) have a heart to heart in a Yellowstone flashback. Yellowstone Wednesdays 10/9C on Paramount Network.

Yellowstone: The Gritty Dallas Reboot You Didn’t Know You Needed by Michele Curran August 9, 2018

Spoilers: Yellowstone episode 8 preview: ‘The Unraveling’ begins; what’s next? August 9, 2018

Kathy ☀️ @kathyreadsthis tweeted: What else can I say about this episode... Kevin Costner is actually quite tall. He ate a cookie about five feet from me. He was super nice to all the extras. Also those cookies were delicious. (Posted August 9th)

Soundtrack Album for Paramount Network’s ‘Yellowstone’ to Be Released August 9, 2018 by filmmusicreporter

Yellowstone TV Fans‏ @YellowstoneFans tweeted: Josh Lucas (@JoshLucas) guest stars as Young John Dutton in a flashback scene that details how ranch hand Rip Wheeler cane to join the Yellowstone Ranch on next week’s all new @yellowstone_tv! #Yellowstone #JoshLucas #KevinCostner (Posted August 9th)

Diana Mangerson‏ @DianaMangerson tweeted: My son, Chris Jenkins, filming none other than Kevin Costner’s group for the Country Music Network. Chris, I’m so proud of you! Your natural talent in photography & hard work are paying off! (Posted August 7th)

The Country Network Published on May 30, 2018 - TCN sits down with Academy Award winning Actor/Director, Kevin Costner and his band Modern West. Performances and interviews make this a show not to miss. Shot on the location of Kevin’s new T.V. series “Yellowstone”, in Park City, Utah

Tim Eaton commented: I still can't believe our team got to record Kevin Costner and his band. This is an Exclusive performance that nobody but The Country Network has. Catch us in DFW on 34.7 on your digital dial, or on Roku and Smart TVs.

yellowstone - Yellowstone: Casual look headed into the weekend. @kevincostnermodernwest #Yellowstone (Posted August 10th)

Yellowstone commented: Episode eight of Yellowstone streams now on Paramount Network. (Posted August 16th)

Sled Reynolds: How I became an animal trainer for movies and television by Susannah Hutcheson, Special to USA TODAY Published August 14, 2018

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'The Highwaymen' releases on Netflix October 19, 2018...(stay tuned: this date may change)

The 6 Netflix Original Movies Coming This Fall That You Can’t Miss By Haley Newlin August 2, 2018 Excerpt: 5. “The Highwaymen” For Netflix viewers who are looking for some thrilling action but aren’t quite avid sci-fi or horror fans, “The Highwaymen” may be the perfect fix. The American crime drama tells the classic tale of the notorious pair, Bonnie and Clyde as they commit numerous counts of robbery and even murder in a unique way: from the perspective of law enforcement, rather than the robbers themselves. Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson will play the officers who hunted Bonnie and Clyde in the upcoming original film, set to release Oct. 19.

Jeff Goad‎ commented: Louisiana's Hidden Gems & Treasures - I spent some time with the extra's during filming of "The Highwaymen" starring Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson and Kathy Bates...They told me they get paid $507 dollars a day. The guys sitting down in this picture own all these cars that they drive throughout the day when they are called upon...They will be filming next in Hammond and then they are off to Shreveport... (Posted March 6th)

County approves use of old bridge by film company By: Thomas Wallner

rosethornbud - Rose Thornbud: Exciting day in #downtownhammondla Filming a Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner film, Highwaymen, about the detectives who tracked Bonnie and Clyde. Pretty neat to see. Spied Woody before filming began. (Posted March 7th)

Tangi 96.5 commented: 1930 Vintage Cars setting a scene in downtown Hammond for the first take this morning of the movie Highwaymen. (Posted March 7th)

Amber Bridges commented: They filmed in Independence a few weeks ago for this movie! My office wad the barber shop!! (Posted March 7th)

Kajun 107.1 WHMD commented: Hollywood is outside my window this morning. Watch the vid. (Posted March 7th)

Levitate Float Center commented: Right outside our front door. First bus is Mr Kevin Costner and the 2nd bus is Mr Woody Harrelson’s. (Posted March 7th)

Summer @summerrr_aaale tweeted: I saw Kevin Costner on the set of The Highwaymen today in Downtown Hammond. What did you do today? (Posted March 7th)

John Troendle‎ @ New Orleans A's commented: Met Kevin Costner while filming the Highwaymen in Hammond (Posted March 7th)

Historic Michabelle Inn commented: Filming for the movie The Highwayman with Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson took place today in downtown Hammond! Watch for our town to appear in the film! Lots of other locations in Tangipahoa parish were used as locations too. (Posted March 7th)

Dave Dunaway commented: Kevin Costner in the store window now downtown Hammond cross the street filming Bonnie & Clyde movie at same table Woody Harrelson while street lined with 50-60 1920 1930 Cars & Trucks plus 100s extras walking street in vintage clothes (Posted March 7th)

Rob Mears photos:

Louisiana Conference of The United Methodist Church commented: If you drive by the Conference office today, it will look like we've gone back to the 1940's! They are filming a movie (Highwaymen, starring Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson) across the street at the Old Governor's Mansion and the Conference office will be in the background! (Posted March 5th)

W. Earl Brown Fan Page commented: I’ve spent much of the past few months on location in Louisiana shooting HIGHWAYMEN, the story of the lawmen brought in to hunt and kill Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. It’s a gangster story I’ve heard my entire life, so to film the ambush scene in the actual location it took place was an amazing experience. It’s like we were walking amongst the ghosts. This was one of those gigs that make me love my career. I was playing Cops and Robbers and was getting paid for it. An additional plus was working with Woody Harrelson, Kevin Costner, and director, John Lee Hancock. I’d worked with each before on different projects - it was a real treat having all three together on the same film. See HIGHWAYMEN this Thanksgiving in theaters and on Netflix. (Posted April 1st)

Rena Rae Jackson commented: Lmao I couldn’t talk Bc I felt like a Whitney line was going to come flying out my mouth. he’s really a good person telling us all kind of childhood stories! (Posted January 29th) (near LaPlace, Louisiana)

johnnyraygibbs - Johnny Ray Gibbs: With #actor #kevincostner #onset #film #thehighwaymen #netflix #johnnyraygibbs (Posted June 15th)