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The latest on 'Highwaymen' filming in Louisiana...

pjtko: Tell him hello for me. I’ll be with him next month! (Posted January 26th)

Tara Torres-Blank commented: So freakin awesome, mom n dad met Kevin Costner tonite. Outside of the Bank in Garyville they were filming to night (Posted January 31st)

Danielle Thomas Wilkerson photos filming of 'Highwaymen' in Garyville, Louisiana (Posted January 3rd)

Lafourche Parish Government commented: Filming of "The Highwaymen" is scheduled at Laurel Valley Plantation on Wednesday, February 21st, 2018, from 7am to 7pm. DOTD has confirmed that Hwy. 308 will be closed @ Laurel Valley Plantation, Louisiana during filming from 9am to 3pm. (Posted February 7th)

Shreveport-Bossier leaders hope to see film boom in coming years By Josh Roberson, Reporter February 13, 2018 Excerpt: SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Netflix will shoot part of it's newest film "Highwaymen" right here in the Shreveport-Bossier region. The shoot for the film, which stars Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson, is expected to last two weeks and take place in early March.

You may soon see these two Hollywood actors in Shreveport by Tiana Kennell February 13, 2018 Excerpt: Also, the director was highly interested in filming at the real-life site where Bonnie and Clyde were caught and killed in 1934. "They're going to be filming north of town at the ambush site out in Gibsland and a couple of locations in Shreveport in downtown," Acree said. Parts of "Highwaymen" is said to be filmed at StageWorks Studio in downtown Shreveport...Share your Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson sightings with The Shreveport Times: see details at link:

Nancee Brown‎ to Kevin Costner commented: My Mom spoke to Kevin’s Dad tonight and she called to say that they were filming in “our neck of the woods” NOLA. So much for telling Mom to tell Bill to see if Kevin wanted to come experience Mardi Gras with us! He’s already down in Nola! Of all the years my Mom has known his Dad, I have never gotten the pleasure of meeting one of my top 2 favorite Actors of all time! Kevin Costner if you by chance actually get to read this have a wonderful time filming your new movie and I hope you enjoy all that NOLA has to offer. PS after 30+ years I can’t believe our parents have stayed in touch! Edison was definitely a family oriented company! Stay safe and have fun! (Posted February 9th)

Johnny McPhail commented: Pay attention Mississippi Legislators HIGHWAYMEN The project, which is expected to shoot throughout the region -- including in Covington, LaPlace, Hammond, Baton Rouge and Donaldsonville -- is being made on a reported budget of $49 million. Of that, an estimated $34.8 million will be spent in-state, with $10.4 million earmarked for Louisiana payroll. (Posted January 23rd)

By John Fusco: Courting Bonnie & Clyde Hunter Frank Hamer’s Rights, Near Teaming Of Newman-Redford And What Lawman Wanted To Do To Warren Beatty February 12, 2018

Kathy Bates and Kim Dickens Join Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson in ‘Highwaymen’ By Justin Kroll February 12, 2018

Kevin Costner‏ @kevincostner121 tweeted: You just do the things you love and see if other people can like them too. (Posted February 11th)

Caballero Casting, LLC commented: TOMORROW HIGHWAYMEN 2/14 CAUCASIAN MALE stand-in 5'11 to 6'1, light brown to blonde hair. Will work in Loranger, LA. Call time is 6:30A. 125/12 Subject: KENDALE STAND-IN (Posted February 13th)

Caballero Casting, LLC commented: TOMORROW 2/13 and WED 2/14 CAUCASIAN MALE STAND-INS Can be between 5'11 and 6'2. Looking for both brown hair and blonde hair. This works in Loranger, LA. 125/12. Most call times are at 6:30A. (Posted February 12th)

Caballero Casting, LLC commented: TOMORROW 2/13 and WED 2/14 on Highwaymen CAUCASIAN MEN 18+ to be bystanders in Loranger, LA tomorrow 2/13 (be aware that this is Mardi Gras) and Wed 2/14. Call time will be early. Men must have smaller than a 36 inch waist and no taller than 6'1. Must also be willing to be clean shaven (or with a mustache) and have a 1930s haircut. (Posted February 12th) commented: LORANGER—Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller announced today that there will be two road closures associated with a production being filmed in the Loranger area. On Tuesday, Feb. 13, and Wednesday, Feb. 14, Robert Brown Road will be closed in its entirety from its intersections with Cook and Puls Roads. Signs will be posted and no thru-traffic will be allowed either day. On Saturday, Feb. 17, Null Road at the Loranger crossroads will be closed in its entirety from 7 a.m. until 5 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 18. Miller said signs will be posted and he encouraged residents in the Cory and Briar Patch Cemetery Road areas to utilize Straughan Nursery Road as a detour during this closure. (Posted February 9th)

Caballero Casting, LLC commented: TOMORROW, FRIDAY 2/9 on HIGHWAYMEN STAND-INS TOUGH MIGRANT: CAUCASIAN MALE 5'11 to 6'1 with brown hair or balding OKIE: CAUCASIAN MALE 5'6 to 5'8 balding or with brown hair 125/12 works in Covington. Call time is 6:30AM. (Posted February 8th)

Caballero Casting, LLC commented: TOMORROW on HIGHWAYMEN 2/8 CAUCASIAN FEMALE STAND-IN 18+ 4'10 to 5'1 Auburn, light brown, dark blonde hair are all ok. This works in Covington. Call time is 6:30 AM. Bonnie Stand-ins. (Posted February 7th)

Caballero Casting, LLC commented: MONDAY 2/12 for HIGHWAYMEN CAUCASIAN MALE 18+ to be a BARBER. Please have real experience as a barber. Monday 2/12 in Independence, LA. There may be a fitting in LaPlace on FRIDAY so please be available for that. (Posted February 7th)

Caballero Casting, LLC commented: CASTING FOR HIGHWAYMEN ***FEATURED BACKGROUND --CAUCASIAN MEN 20s to 40s. We are looking for TALL men 5'10 and up. This works in BATON ROUGE on 3/5 and 3/6. This will require a fitting in LaPlace and an INTERVIEW with the director, TBD. Must be available BOTH days. MUST be ok with a 1930s haircut and being clean shaven. SUBJECT: MA FERGUSON ASSISTANT (Posted February 7th)

Caballero Casting, LLC commented: TOMORROW 2/7 CASTING FOR HIGHWAYMEN MIGRANTS: Caucasian WOMEN 18+. Looking for women not already booked on the show and on the slimmer side. No waists bigger than a size 10. This will work in Covington TOMORROW, WED Feb 7th. No fitting required. 101.50/12 (Posted February 6th)

Caballero Casting, LLC commented: CASTING FOR HIGHWAYMEN OKLAHOMA G-MEN: Caucasian Men 20s to 30s. These guys are special agents. Professional and Clean cut. Must be OK with a 1930s haircut and being clean shaven. This is a small scene that will work in White Castle, LA on WED Feb 28th with a fitting in LaPlace TBD. (Posted February 2nd)

Netflix to film at Laurel Valley February 8, 2018 Crews will be filming scenes for the upcoming Netflix film, “The Highwaymen” Feb. 21 at Laurel Valley Plantation in Thibodaux. Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner have been cast in the roles of the two Texas Rangers who tracked down Bonnie and Clyde in the 1930s. Filming will take place on the plantation from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Laurel Valley Rd. will be closed between La. 308 and Laurel Valley Canal Road during filming. Traffic will also be held periodically along La. 308 with the help of the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Tom Reagan’s Hat‏ @andymannion77 tweeted: After hearing that Kevin Costner is playing Texas Ranger Frank Hamer in a Netflix series about his hunt for Bonnie & Clyde, I decided to read up about him. Although he had unpleasant aspects to his career, this stood out. (Posted February 12th)

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Some various items I found about Kevin and more...

juddwhite : Super Bowl Carpenteria style.

Stars Come Out To Benefit Victims Of Thomas Fire CBS Los Angeles Published on Feb 3, 2018 Kevin Costner and Colbie Caillat were just a few of the performers to take part. Jeff Nguyen reports.

Mary Gazza commented: Happy birthday my love ❤ Kevin Costner & Modern West (Posted January 18th)

Daniel Rojo commented: Ohhh wut Kevin Costner saw The Dance Network kids perform!! AWESOME (Posted February 15, 2017)

Rena Rae Jackson commented: Kevin Costner I see why Whitney wanted to run after you lol (LaPlace, LA) (Posted January 29th)

Edward Diaz to ‎Kevin Costner & Modern West: The day I helped him prepared for a party (Posted March 15, 2017)

Victoryoveryourself commented: With Kevin Costner & Modern West. (Posted December 20, 2016)

Melissa Farlow commented: He comes in to my work every couple months, and he is SO humble, and extremely nice! He is even better looking in person too! (Posted January 18th)

lorenzo fuentes @lorenzofuentes6 Replying to @DarkDNTM tweeted: dude is like 6 foot 3 minimun. i used to see kevin costner back in the late 80's with his family on state street (santa barbara). he was a very normal engaging person if you there weren't too many people around. (Posted February 8th)

Kevin Costner: old French interview for The Bodyguard SuperCiccio C. Published on Sep 28, 2012

etruka: Happy birthday to my sister.... 8 years ago Kevin Costner was making an appearance at your party :) #kevincostner (Posted February 5th)

The Clown Who Wears The CROWN February 7, 2018 Excerpt: Who do you consider to be your biggest personal and professional influences? Lots of great vocalists over the years I look up to artistically: Scott Walker, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and Tom Jones, just to name a few. But the one who inspires me to be a better person is Kevin Costner. He is the ultimate Renaissance Man as an award-winning actor, director, writer. He also tours with his own rock band and gets involved in environmental causes. I wish I were half as cool as Costner.,19166

mtsoundmixer - Maulyt: I really enjoyed working with #kevinkostner, I found out one morning when he was playing some tunes that it was him singing 🎤 and his band is also awesome! Such a pleasure and great laughs before set! #draftday2014 (Posted October 22, 2017)

jovanagerman - Yoya Wolf: When you meet a legend and realize he's such a great guy... Always remembering lovely chat and this evening... #tbt #tb #kevinkostner #belgrade #happy #greatmoments #moviestar #singer #singerlife #singing #amazingevening (Posted September 1, 2016)

Valerie Stern Creighton commented: Just got home from a wonderful 2 days in Santa Barbara. Jody and I went to a party (look who was there!) chose the stone for our new boat (I know you REALLY want to look at pictures of marble, even more than pics of Kevin Costner,... (Posted October 29, 2016)

Krystle Mcgill commented: These are the times when I am extremely proud of being a Journalist... I had the pleasure to interview Kevin Costner at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival... Yes Kevin, you can definatley Bodyguard me (Posted February 16, 2015)

Krystle Mcgill commented: It's always great to have a laugh with my bud Kevin Costner... Love your work my Bodyguard (Posted March 31, 2015)

Krystle Mcgill commented: Kevin why so surprised that we share the same birthday? We're twins (Posted March 19, 2015)

John Taeusch commented: Just saw Dances With Wolves again with Kevin Costner pictured with me last year in DC. Great movie and great actor! (Posted July 22, 2017)

kevincostner_germany - Kevin Costner Fanpage: Kevin Costner with daughter

ritawilson - Rita Wilson: @praisethelourd This was taken at our house circa 1989. That's #kevincostner patiently awaiting some seriousness. #carriefisher #Fbf #fbf (Posted February 2nd)

BrianDePalmaArchives‏ @DePalmaArchives tweeted: Shooting the dinner scene in The Untouchables (1987) De Palma with Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia & C. Martin Smith (Posted January 29th)

Judy Schultz@littlejudyblue Replying to @TallShipProds @Outlander_STARZ tweeted: Wow cool!👍🏻Only time met Denise on set in ME working in locations on Message in a Bottle was when a PA mistakenly took her nanny for someone "stalking" Kevin Costner on set & asked me to talk to her. When apologized thanked me for doing a good job! (Posted February 2nd)

Tunnel vision by Katie Redding, Aspen Times Weekly, August 15, 2008

Iowa man charged with damaging ‘Field of Dreams’ site with vehicle Linh Ta, The Des Moines Register Fedbruary 1, 2018

Saturday, February 10, 2018

More pictures and video from Thomas Fire Benefit Festival Concert...

Olivia Newton-John commented: What a privilege it was to be a party of the Thomas Fire Benefit Concert in Ventura, CA this past weekend. Such a beautiful, warm, responsive crowd. I'm grateful to my band and crew and to Kevin Costner & Modern West and Mark Hartley for putting on such a strong fundraiser. So happy to be there! Thank you to everyone - the event raised over $700,000 for victims and their families! Thank you Yvette Nipar for the photo. (Posted February 7th) - Michael Carter: Mr. Costner doing interviews before the Thomas Fire Benefit. (February 7th)

lizhkelly - Liz H Kelly: Grateful to meet Kevin Costner backstage before @kevincostnermodernwest performed at #ThomasFireBenefit at #PlazaPark in Ventura. (February 7th)

Tracy Saunders commented: This was a wonderful concert! It's amazing what WE can do together. Some of the amazing entertainers include Kevin Costner, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Olivia Newton John, and more! (February 5th)

Shattuck Photography commented: It was such an honor to be a guest photographer at the Thomas Fire Benefit Festival. Thank you Klarissa. (Posted February 3rd)

ASR Property Restoration commented: The Thomas Fire Benefit Concert was truly a special event! It was amazing to see the entire community pull together! We are honored to be there as a sponsor and are impressed that Lindsay also got to thank Kevin Costner and Police Chief Ken Corney in person! (Posted February 3rd)

Albert Munoz commented: Kevin Costner and Joe Vaughn. (Posted February 5th)

Kathy Hartley commented: Everything came together so beautifully as I knew it would with the Dream Team to help our neighbors and to make national news, putting VC on the map. Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, KABC, KCBS, KEYT, and Fox News LA. This should help bring business to VC because we are #vcstrong! #Venturastrong #ojaistrong #ojailove This is Mark accepting a 50,000 from Academy of Country Music/Liftimg Lives (Posted February 4th)

Jason Collis commented: At Plaza Park. (Posted February 3rd)

Debra Marckstadt MacNeil commented: Then my FAVORITE actor comes out!!!! Kevin Costner was so emotional talking about the fire and floods. He grew up in Ventura and he along with all of us in attendance were very, very impressed that everything was donated! EVERYTHING from the food, beer and t-shirts. Even a Chevy Tahoe and many trips were raffled off!!! 100% to the fire victims! (Posted February 5th)

Noel Ulriksen photography

Kathy Hartley commented: Thank you to Olivia and her band for traveling across country to Ventura to help raise money for #thomasfire victims. All the performers donated their time and played with heart for our community! (Posted February 6th)

Brittany Wallace commented: Just a few pictures from the Thomas fire benefit festival last night. ✌🏼♥️ Featuring Kevin Costner & Modern West, Olivia Newton John (she’s an angel!!!), Karl Hunter from Big Bad Voodoo Daddys, and Colbie Caillat. (Posted February 4th)

Jan Hall commented: Everyone is having a blast! Jimmys Slice - served over 800 appetizers! Thomas Fire Benefit Festival! Great Day! HUGE turnout!! Thank you Chef David Rhodes! Concert is underway - Kevin Costner (My boyfriend) 😉 and Olivia Newton John up next! (Posted February 3rd)

Picture from

Photo by Morgan Lieberman Photography:

stbellissimo - Salvatore Bellissimo: Kevin Costner #venturacountystrong #thomasfirebenefit (Posted February 3rd)

lizhkelly - Liz H Kelly: EXTRA selfie with #KevinCostner backstage at #ThomasFireBenefit. Honored to do pro bono PR & manage media interviews backstage with @msflwr to support sold out fundraiser that raised over $700,000! (Posted February 9th)

alanasheeren - Alana Sheeren: Looooooong line to get into the #thomasfirebenefitconcert (Posted February 3rd)

Tara Johnston Anderson photo and video: (Posted February 6th)

Roddy Chong commented: Last night, I was driving band members of Kevin Costner & Modern West to #LAX (fast but in control as Teddy said). Park Chisolm goes, "You just passed a Sheriff SUV." I was like, "I did?! Where?!" and the SUV speeds up to me and flashes a spotlight at me from the side while we are doing 80mph and you bet I slowed down! Thank you sir for not pulling me over and giving me what I deserved. Thank You Again #Sheriff Sir. #Grace — with Park Chisolm, Teddy Morgan and Blair Forward in Ventura, California. (Posted February 4th)

Olivia Newton-John & Kevin Kostner: KTVU (February 5, 2018) by Kabo Published on Feb 6, 2018

Thomas Fire Benefit Festival video: (Posted February 9th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Please watch one of the two short Documentaries that played at The Thomas Fire Benefit Show. (Posted February 9th)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

More from the 'Thomas Fire Benefit Festival' concert...

Kevin Costner, others take stage at Ventura benefit for Thomas Fire victims Claudia Boyd-Barrett, Special to Ventura County Star February 4, 2018

Outpouring of support at Thomas Fire Benefit concert By: Senerey de los Santos February 4, 2018

'This was a proud moment for me': Mark Wright belts out Summer Nights with Grease legend Olivia Newton-John... after rubbing shoulders with his 'bodyguard' Kevin Costner By Cecily Snowball For Mailonline February 5, 2018

Kevin Costner on the Aftermath of the Thomas Fire February 6, 2018

ExtraTV ‏Verified account @extratv tweeted: Kevin Costner & @olivianj joined together for benefit to help victims of Santa Barbara wildfire (Posted February 6th)

lizhkelly - Liz H Kelly: US Weekly interviews #KevinCostner in #ThomasFireBenefit green room. Honored to do pro bono PR & manage media interviews backstage with @msflwr to support sold out fundraiser that raised over $700,000! To Donate, Text RELIEFVC to 50155 & enter amount you want to contribute! (Posted Febuary 5th)

lizhkelly - Liz H Kelly: EXTRA interviews #KevinCostner backstage at #ThomasFireBenefit. (Posted Febuary 5th)

lizhkelly - Liz H Kelly: Honored to do pro bono PR & manage media interviews (this one with #KevinCostner for ET) backstage for #ThomasFireBenefit (Posted Febuary 5th)

lizhkelly - Liz H Kelly: Kevin Costner @kevincostnermodernwest headlined #ThomasFireBenefit last night at #PlazaPark in Ventura. (Posted Febuary 5th)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Modern West performing at the Thomas Fire Benefit (1 of 2)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Modern West performing at the Thomas Fire Benefit (2 of 2)

Kevin Costner headlines Thomas Fire Benefit 2018 Goody PR Published on Feb 4, 2018

shattuck_photography - Alan Shattuck: Kevin Costner (Posted February 5th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West performed at the "Thomas Fire" Benefit Concert - snapshots ichiban2592007 - Published on Feb 5, 2018 - video credit Goody PR and Liz H Kelly

yvettenipar - Yvette Nipar: Sometimes it pays to be pushy when you have a camera in your hand… I mean look at these two...⚡️ #olivianewtonjohn #kevincostner #thomasfirebenefit 1.3.18 #venturastrong #community #communitycomingtogether #thomasfire #singer #actor #givingback @kevincostnermodernwest (Posted February 5th)

cmerritt19 - Chris Merritt: That time I took a photo of Kevin Costner making direct eye contact with me. I think I missed my calling of being a concert photographer. #kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest #thomasfirebenefitfestival #gettheshot #nofilter (Posted February 5th)

cmerritt19 - Chris Merritt: Another one of Kevin Costner performing in his band @kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #modernwest #thomasfirebenefitfestival (Posted February 5th)

lizhkelly - HLiz H Kelly: Honored to do pro bono PR & manage media interviews backstage (this one with #KevinCostner for @keyt3kcoy12) for #ThomasFireBenefit (Posted February 5th)

garyrifat - Gary Rifat: #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #thomasfirebenefit #thomasfire #venturastrong #ventura (Posted February 5th)

kevincostnermodernwest: Repost @black_shirt_creative Ventura did us proud tonight!! Shoulder to shoulder the community supporting those who have lost it all. (Posted February 5th)

Thomas fire fundraiser benefit concert Kevin Costner Olivia Newton-John voodoo dolls etc. enjoy Margie Massar-Fjeld Published on Feb 3, 2018

Monday, February 5, 2018

KC & MW played the Thomas Fire Benefit Festival, Ventura, California...

vc_reporter - VCReporter: Plaza Park getting ready for Saturday’s festival! #thomasfirebenefitfestival #venturastrong #805strong #kevincostner #superduperkyle #colbiecaillat #olivianewtonjohn #bigbadvoodoodaddy (Posted February 2nd)

Mattie King commented: Busy day... It's been a long time since I've built anything like this. We had a great crew, everything went smooth. Super Duper Kyle did his sound check, pretty cool. Now we head over to HQ and relax. Tomorrow is gonna be fun! (Posted February 2nd)

Topa Topa @Topa_the_BT tweeted: My mums are goin to this festival today. Kevin Costner grew up in Ventura and Olivia Newton-John’s management is here. Sold out really fast—lots of people want to help the people who lost everything in the fire. Wish I could go. *sigh* (Posted February 3rd)

migmak93 - Miguel Makito A. Perez: #wine #drinks #goodtimes #thomasfirebenefit #ventura (Posted February 3rd)

Patty Wells Turnage commented: Kevin Costner is a local Ventura boy - went to the high school across the street from our house. He and his band are performing tonight. He choked up in his opening remarks. Good band to boot - grateful for his generosity. #805strong (Posted February 3rd)

Barb Williams @Barbsk80 tweeted: #venturacountystrong #venturastrong At the Thomas Fire Benefit Festival. Kevin Costner - Olivia Newton-John - Big Bad VooDoo Daddy! (Posted February 3rd)

Mattie King commented: Kevin Costner Sound Check (Posted February 3rd)

Mattie King video: (Posted February 3rd)

juddwhite - Judd White: Pre-show warming up! #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #thomasfirebenefitfestival (Posted February 3rd)

mariel.lakin - Marie L. Lakin: Kevin Costner sound check. #thomasfirebenefitfestival (Posted February 3rd)

societyrhonnie - Rhonnie Curt: #kevincostner sound check.#VenuraCountyStrong #thomasfirebenefit #societysocialcalendar #philanthropy (Posted February 3rd)

tribetreatmentventura - Tribe Treatment Ventura: Josie Ralstin, Director of Fund Development for our new non-profit Tribe Recovery Foundation, is seen here today with Kevin Costner at the Thomas Fire Benefit Festival at Plaza Park in downtown Ventura. Josie is a life-long Ventura resident and was herself displaced by the Thomas Fire. The fire was the largest wildfire in California state history. (Posted February 3rd) - Sam Benner REALTOR: Kevin is here! #thomasfirebenefit (Posted February 3rd)

raptured4 - Sue B: Thank you @kevincostnermodernwest for coming and supporting your hometown folks...much appreciated!! #venturastrong (Posted February 3rd)

mikewolfeamericanpicker - Mike Wolfe: This just happened !#kevincostner Ventura California (Posted February 3rd)

mom_6000 - MARY ANNE LANTIERI: #Venturastrong !! Welcome to the #thomasfirebenefitconcert! Two months ago the Thomas Fire began its wicked path across the SoCal coast. Today, under sunny, blue skies, Ventura and neighbors came out to celebrate their wonderful community. Thank you Kevin Costner for orchestrating this! Delicious food, good music & time together ~ what could be better? Let the good times roll! (Posted February 3rd)

TRACY L. LEHR‏ @KEYTNC3Tracy tweeted: #KevinCostner played his heart out with his band #ModernWest during #ThomasFireBenefitFestival in #Ventura Saturday night #CourtesyPattiChanner (Posted February 3rd)

Lou Branchev commented: At Thomas Fire Benefit Festival Ventura. Kevin Costner Band. (Posted February 3rd)

Elisa Nicholas commented: Celebrating Ventura Strong tonight with 5000 people joining together at a local park in Ventura to support the victims of the massive wildfire. Olivia Newton John, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Colbie Caillat and Kevin Costner and his band, Modern West entertained us along with a Ventura County Sheriff fly over (Posted February 3rd)

Elisa Nicholas commented: I blew a kiss to Kevin for you, Sharry Nelson.. and for me too! He is so dang cute and he sings too! (Posted February 3rd)

ERIC‏ @EWada tweeted: Kevin Costner really had a 20 min montage of clips from his movies before his band’s set lol (Posted February 3rd)

Julia Gulia @juliia_guliia tweeted: Kevin Costner and The Modern West (Posted February 3rd)

José Andrés ‏Verified account @chefjoseandres tweeted: Great meeting Kevin Costner ! Amazing concert in support of the #ThomasFire relief with @olivianj @ColbieCaillat @SuperDuperKyle @modernwest #ChefsForCalifornia @WCKitchen (Posted February 3rd)

xaria1k - Sara: Ventura's own #kevincostner and #olivianewtonjohn playing at the benefit for the #thomasfire #VENTURASTRONG a great afternoon supporting my community and neighbors. (Posted February 3rd)

terryayers1 #thomasfirebenefit #venturastrong #venturacountystrong #kevincostner (Posted February 3rd)

aubrygeneharris - AUBRY GENE HARRIS: @kevincostnermodernwest in action!! @thomasfirestrong #festival #music #KevinCostner 🎶❤️🎶❤️🙏🙏🎶❤️🎶❤️ @gillzmcskilz @juddwhite @angeilah @captainsandrayawn (Posted February 3rd)

aubrygeneharris - AUBRY GENE HARRIS: @kevincostnermodernwest benefiting the fire victims in Ventura!!!! Killer job!!! (Posted February 3rd)

captainsandrayawn - Captain Sandy Yawn: Back stage with @juddwhite @aubrygeneharris @angeilah a concert for the #venturastrong with guest appearance #olivanewtonjohn #kevincostner the human race cares about each other! I love #america! (Posted February 3rd)

vc_reporter - VCReporter: #kevincostner #cabrillomiddleschool #grewupinventura (Posted February 3rd)

esqsnaps - Mike: Kevin Costner at the #ThomasFire Benefit Concert in #Ventura! @kevincostnermodernwest (Posted February 3rd)

sv2411 - Simone Vollmer: #thomasfirebenefit #kevincostner #modernwest #ventura #greattimes (Posted February 3rd)

lessleeey - Lesley Daley: Thank you Kevin Costner- playing for your/our town VENTURA! #thomasfirebenefitshow #venturastrong #kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest #heCanPaintMyToesAnyTime (Posted February 3rd)

creativefultracy - Tracy Wallace: Kevin Costner had a lot of heartwarming words at the Thomas Fire Benefit Festival. #thomasfirebenefitfestival #venturastrong💪 #kevincostner ##downtonventura (Posted February 3rd)

klyns7 - Karilyn: Thank you @kevincostnermodernwest for always remembering your hometown. We love you. #thomasfirebenefitfestival (Posted February 3rd)

venturastrong - VenturaStrong: So much support today at the #thomasfirebenefitfestival Everybody contributed to something much more than a fundraising event. #Ventura needs more events like this that bring people together for a great cause. Makes me proud of being #VenturaStrong (Posted February 3rd)

cmerritt19 - Chris Merritt: Kevin Costner on stage and me getting the shot #thomasfirebenefitfestival (Posted February 3rd)

urifleming - Uri Fleming: #modernwest #kevncostner #venturastrong (Posted February 3rd)

usmc_flo - Mrs. Scott, Angel: So glad I finally got a picture with Mr. Costner! Big goofy smile! #thomasfirebenefitfestival #thomasfirebenefit #venturastrong #downtownventura #visitventura #kevincostner #rad (Posted February 4th)

usmc_flo - Mrs. Scott, Angel: Thank you Mr. Costner for the photo opportunity. Tonight was rad. I will never forget watching Dances with Wolves and loving your acting! Thank you for representing for Ventura ❤️ #venturastrong (Posted February 3rd)

noel_ulriksen - Noel Ulriksen: Got to meet Kevin Costner and photographed the Thomas fire benefit concert #thomasfirebenefit #visitventura #downtownventura #venturastrong (Posted February 3rd)

oxnardrecstn - Oxnard Recruiting Station: Kevin Costner. #armystrong #venturastrong (Posted February 3rd)

venturafireassociation - IAFF Local 3431: Thank you Kevin Costner @kevincostnermodernwest for helping out our community #venturastrong (Posted February 3rd)

Esthefany Polanco commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West #kevincostner #venturastrong (Posted February 3rd)

Amy Vega commented: Had a fun night with Manuel, Kate, my sister Terri and brother in law Mark. Also saw my brothers Anthony and Patrick and their wives Kristine and Heather. You could say the Behrens were represented for a good cause.#ThomasFireFestival #VenturaStrong (Posted February 3rd)

Terri Davis commented: Our Ventura Community came together tonight. Thank you to Kevin Costner, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Olivia Newton John and Colby Colliet for your much needed support. Ventura Strong (Posted February 3rd)

Jennifer Love commented: What an Awesome Festival for the Fire! Wow!! Kevin Costner Rocked the House!! Big Bad Voodoo was great and Olivia Newton John was Amazing💕Such a special evening,Love was everywhere.KC is so genuine in his efforts to help and his words n music show so much empathy 🎶 Thank You Modern West Band (Posted February 3rd)

mjae13 - Marjorie Hernandez: That time when I asked #KevinCostner a question and he did this. #backstage #ThomasFireBenefit #ventura #VenturaStrong (Posted February 4th)

Marjorie Hernandez commented: Kevin Costner and his band at the Thomas Fire Benefit Festival. (Posted February 3rd)

Joji Barris-Paster commented: Kevin Costner Thomas fire benefit (Posted February 3rd)

Katrina Maksimuk commented: Kevin Michael Costner live at the Thomas Fire Benefit Festival (Posted February 3rd)

kennyleath - Kenny Leath: Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Kevin Costner (Posted February 4th)

Jeff Nguyen ‏Verified account @jeffnguyen tweeted: CBS2 at 11p: Kevin Costner & Modern West headline benefit concert for victims of Thomas Fire in Ventura. (Posted February 3rd)

sv2411 - Simone Vollmer: #diemitdemwolftanzt 😜 #kevincostner #thomasfirebenefit #ventura (Posted February 4th)

sv2411 - Simone Vollmer: #kevincostner #trailertime #thomasfirebenefit #ventura #whathappensinventurastaysinventura (Posted February 4th)

societyrhonnie - Rhonnie Curt: Two of Ventura County's favorite sons!! Barry Fisher and #kevincostner, who was very gracious in sharing his time! #thomasfirebenefit #VenuraCountyStrong #805Strong #societysocialcalendar #philanthropy (Posted February 4th)

winecontessa - WineContessa: The stars 🌟were out to support the"Thomas Fire Benefit Festival"on Sunday including Kevin Costner, Olivia Newton-John and Colbie Caillat! Thank you all for your love & wonderful 🎶music (Posted February 4th)

garyrifat - Gary Rifat: #kevincostnermodernwest Beautiful photo! (Posted February 4th)

Gary Rifat commented: Last Night filming Kevin Costner and Modern West at the Thomas fire Benefit concert in Ventura what a truly amazing event (Posted February 4th)

Zyg Martynowicz commented: Kevin Costner and his band Modern West (Posted February 4th)

Constanze Rayhrer commented: Lots of my friends here. Benefit concert for my friends that lost their homes in our fire. Ventura’s Kevin Costner’s bend up soon. Really good wine from the Cave, and food from Cafe Zack’s and Gasolina Cafe and Cafe Ficelle. (Posted February 3rd)

Virginia Cortez Espinoza commented: Maria, myself and Kevin Costner at the Thomas Fire Benefit. (Posted February 3rd)

Cathy Titus commented: Kevin Costner's "Modern West Band" sound check 1:30 yesterday for the Thomas Fire Benefit. They had raised $750K already. (Posted February 3rd)

Robin Frazier Daw commented: That’s right hanging with Kevin Costner!! (Posted February 3rd)

Thomas Fire Benefit Festival Photos, Posted February 4, 2018

mollymuse - Brittany Wallace: WOW, VENTURA. The Thomas Fire Benefit Festival was amazing. You can’t burn down a community. ♥️ Swipe for more pictures. (Posted February 4th) - Michael Carter: Kevin Costner during sound check at the Thomas Fire Benefit Festival. #californiabeerfestival #thomasfirebenefit #kevincostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest #portrait #portraitphotography #portraitmode #portrait_perfection #teamcanon #canonusa #abc7eyewitness (Posted February 4th)

vcrides - VC Rides: #thomasfire #thomasfirebenefit #ventura #venturastrong (Posted February 3rd)

Amanda Lewis commented: Kevin Costner you are an amazing song writer and songs echo our beautiful city but do you have to make me cry in between each song. (Posted February 3rd)

Mike G Gonzalez commented: Kevin Costner's band. (Posted February 4th)

Mike G Gonzalez photos:

Sharon Bohamed Gorsch commented: More than a pretty face. Thank you Kevin Costner and band for donating your time to support our community. Feeling thankful (Posted February 3rd)

Andy Carey commented: #Thomasfirebenefitfestival Had a blast!

Robert Vasquez is at Thomas Fire Benefit Festival: (Posted February 3rd)

Susanna Joslyn Johansen commented: Ventura’s own Kevin Costner. (Posted February 3rd)

Society Social Calendar commented: Thank you Kathy Hartley & Mark Hartley for your tireless efforts in creating the concert portion of the Thomas Fire Benefit! Backstage before the event, Mark, Kevin Costner & Matt LaVere, Deputy Mayor of Ventura. (Posted February 4th)

Ventura commented: Aerial view of the Thomas fire benefit concert (Posted February 3rd)

Stars dazzle crowd at Thomas Fire Benefit Festival photos:

See highlights from Thomas Fire Benefit Festival: The crowd enjoys the show as Kevin Costner and Modern West, Olivia Newton John, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and others perform during the Thomas Fire Benefit Festival to raise money for recovery from California's largest officially recorded wildfire. JUAN CARLO/THE STAR

jennifer_loveart - Jennifer Love: Today is the Thomas Fire Benefit Concert in Ventura with Kevin Costner's "Modern West"Band! I was just a little inspired so I painted this👩‍🎨🎨Happy Saturday! #kevincostnerandmodernwest (Posted February 3rd)

Article and video: Star-Studded Concert Held To Benefit Victims Of Thomas Fire February 3, 2018

parkchisolm - Park Chisolm: Beautiful benefit in downtown Ventura last night with Kevin Costner and Modern West. Amazing crowd, and all proceeds go toward rebuilding after the Thomas Fire. (Posted February 4th)

yvettenipar - Yvette Nipar: #dude’s band was #prettydarngood last night 👍@kevincostnermodernwest #thomasfirebenefit #kevincostner #venturastrong #thomasfire #musicheals (Posted February 4th)

lizhkelly - Liz H Kelly: Kevin Costner @kevincostnermodernwest headlined #ThomasFireBenefit last night at #PlazaPark in Ventura. We were happy to do pro bono PR with @msflwr to support sold out fundraiser that raised over $700,000! To Donate, Text RELIEFVC to 50155 & enter amount you want to contribute!

christinamariebrophy - Christina Marie Brophy: It was a great day for a great cause with some of my favorite people❤️ Proud to be part of a community that came together to help rebuild Ventura County

noel_ulriksen - Noel Ulriksen: @kevincostnermodernwest doing interviews before the Thomas fire benefit concert started. (Posted February 4th)