Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kevin back in London for 'Criminal' re-shoots...

Kevin Costner sports nasty-looking head injury (and a VERY questionable hairstyle) as he films terrifying ambulance crash scene on the set of Criminal By Becky Freeth for MailOnline December 18, 2014

Picture by xta777 - Christa Campbell: Our director in the editing room #criminal #garyoldman #kevincostner #action (Posted December 16th)

Lowa Boot @LowaUK tweeted: Another thank you - this time from Kevin Costner & the team from his film Criminal... (Posted November 18th)

Emily Doherty ‏@MLEDoherty tweeted: @modernwest would love a follow! Especially as I can say I was an extra in the same film (Criminal) and scene as Kevin Costner #legend (Posted November 18th)

The story of the right man in the wrong body. In a last-ditch effort to stop a diabolical plot, a dead CIA operative’s memories, secrets and skills are implanted into an unpredictable and dangerous death row inmate in hopes that he will complete the operative’s mission. CAST: Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Alice Eve, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, Jordi Molla, Michael Pitt, Antje Traue DIRECTED BY: Ariel Vromen GENRE(S): Action, Adventure

Criminal call sheets from Blackbushe scenes back on eBay Dec 04, 2014 By Tara O'Connor

Ariel Vromen ‏@vromen tweeted: What an amazing ride it was filming #Criminal Thank you to all the wonderful people who worked on it! (Posted November 15th)

Ariel Vromen @vromen tweeted: That's it #London! Finally going back home to #LA after 5 months...Starting post on #Criminal!! (Posted November 27th)

arielvromen ‏@vromen tweeted: Started post on #Criminal ! With editor #Danny Rafic! (Posted December 4th)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More from the 'Black Or White' screenings...

Jim Hallowes ‏@JimHallowes tweeted: @mepaulanewsome Enjoyed Kevin Costner interviewing "Black and White" director Mike! Paula, you were great! At the DGA (Posted 9:48pm December 9th)

cars2charities ‏@cars2charities tweeted: #kevincostner #mikebinder #blackorwhite #ipictheatre (Posted 3:55am December 11th)

News ‏@politicsRSS tweeted: IJR: Kevin Costner Shares An Opinion on Race-Baiting That Oth... (Posted December 11th)

Jim Hallowes ‏@JimHallowes tweeted: Kevin Costner interviewing the director of "Back or White." WANT grad, Paula Newsome, playing the judge wonderfully! (Posted 9:42pm December 12th)

BFCA announces special honors for Kevin Costner, Ron Howard and Jessica Chastain By Kristopher Tapley Dec 12, 2014 Excerpt: The Lifetime Achievement Honor will go to Kevin Costner, seen on screens this year in Mike Binder's "Black or White." A fine choice, particularly with the resurgence in films like "3 Days to Kill" and "Draft Day" as of late. Fingers crossed he saddles up to another western one of these days, as "Dances with Wolves" and particularly "Open Range" remain stellar samples from the genre.

Liana Delmar ‏@LianaDelmar tweeted: Q&A with @kevincostner after a beautiful, heart melting movie "Black or White". Directed by @MikeBinderjokes. (Posted 11:33pm December 12th)

Mindy Montavon Kiehl commented: From the last two screenings/Q&As: "Black or White" with Kevin Costner and "Foxcatcher" with Steve Carell and director Bennett Miller. I love awards season. (Posted December 13th)

diana.pham tweeted: I'm not even sober, but I swear I saw #KevinCostner while I was in my Uber ride tonight. He even waved at me ������ #TheBodyguard (West Hollywood, California) (Posted 3:30am December 13th)

Napa Valley Film Festival Tribute Night November 22, 2014 By Irene Ojdana

COLDEA Productions ‏@ColdeaFilms tweeted: Q&A with Kevin Costner for #BlackorWhite #KevinCostner #iPicTheatre #iPic #blackandwhite (Posted 2:36pm December 16th)

Peg Verdi ‏@pverdi tweeted: Kudos #KevinCostner #blackorwhite2014 #bestSpeech performance #DGA (Posted 7:30am Decemeber 14th)

BikiniCzar ‏@bikiniczar tweeted: I just added "Kevin Costner humbly accepts The Lumere Award by KCET" to 15 secs video: (Posted December 15th)

BikiniCzar ‏@bikiniczar tweeted: I just added "Kevin Costner on his "Black and White" film performance at Q&A" to 15 secs .. (Posted December 15th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner Accepts the BVIsionary Award From Beaulieu Vineyards Photos by Patrice Ward (Posted November 14th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner Accepts the BVisionary Award at the NVFF Celebrity Tributes Photo by Will Bucquoy (Posted November 14th)

Napa Valley Film Festival:

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner In Conversation With Steve Gaydos at the Variety 10 Producers to Watch Brunch

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner In Conversation With Billy Bush at the NVFF Celebrity Tributes (Posted November 14th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner on the Red Carpet - Photo by Laura Norcia Vitale. (Posted November 14th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner on the Red Carpet (Posted November 14th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner talks with Fandango's Dave Karger and Director Mike Binder (Posted November 13th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner Takes the Stage at NVFF 2014 (Posted November 13th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner on the NVFF 2014 Red Carpet (Posted November 13th)

Interview: Mike Binder By Steven Mears on December 12, 2014:

James Corden (“Into the Woods”) tells Oscar-winner Kevin Costner (“Black or White”) about his new late night gig for CBS at the Variety Studio: Actors on Actors presented by Samsung Galaxy. The full interview will air on PBS on Dec. 28 as a part of Variety’s Actors on Actors series.
Actors on Actors, Episode 2 – December 28th – 6 PM
Jessica Chastain and Mark Ruffalo
Eddie Redmayne and Laura Dern
Josh Brolin and JK Simmons
Kevin Costner and James Corden

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Special Luncheon at Fig & Olive Melrose Place...

December 15, 2014 - Colleen Camp Hosts Special Luncheon For Kevin Costner - WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Tucker Tooley, Colleen Camp, Kevin Costner and JoBeth Williams attend a special luncheon for Kevin Costner and Mike Binder hosted by Colleen Camp for the film BLACK OR WHITE at Fig & Olive Melrose Place on December 15, 2014 in West Hollywood, California.[528912337]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

Picture by jaxelrad1: Thanks for flashing me the peace sign #KevinCostner! Love these ladies emoji️EMG Holiday Lunch #fam #chcolatewasted #johnvoitinthemix #figandolive #goinuponamonday (Posted 3:48pm December 15th)

Mike Celestino ‏@mikecelestino tweeted: I knew we were back in L.A. when literally the first person we saw when we stepped off the plane was Kevin Costner. (Posted 4:59pm December 15th)

Michael Murphy ‏@murphy_murphy71 tweeted: Just talked to Kevin Costner about having gills and if he would draft Johnny Manziel in Draft Day #ShitThatHappensAtLAX #Waterworld (Posted 5:13pm December 15th)

Picture by Likebanana: Terrible pic of me, great one of KC. Dude clearly knows how to take a pic. Sat next to the producer for Food Inc Pretty epic flight. #thespiceoflife #joeldontfreakout (San Jose International Airport) Posted 7:02pm December 15th)

Monday, December 15, 2014

More at Disneyland and a lot of miscellaneous items...

samantha kirsten ‏@dreamyrebellion tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner outside of California Screamin'! @DisneylandCeleb (Posted 9:53am December 14th)

Kavya ‏@superbatural tweeted: Kevin Costner's at Disneyland WKDNKEMWLA (Posted 10:59am December 14th)

Apple Eater ‏@AppleEater13 tweeted: A special guest on Luigi's Flying Tires today! Kevin Costner! @DisneylandCeleb (Posted 3:06pm December 14th)

Disneyland Celebs ‏@DisneylandCeleb tweeted: ***SPOTTED!*** #KevinCostner is at the parks again today! Last spotted at #DCA! #Disneyland #DisneylandCelebs (Posted 3:15pm December 14th)

Justin △ ‏@juustinns tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER'S AT DISNEYLAND AND SO AM I (Posted 3:17pm December 14th)

Ross King ‏@TheRossKing tweeted: I can see Kevin Costner's house from here! @AspenSnowmass @gmb @ITVLorraine (Aspen, CO) (Posted 1:22pm December 14th)

Bello Magazine Page 135 Tina Majorino: Excerpt: “I will never forget how much Kevin Costner’s passion for making movies came through [while filming 1995’s Waterworld]. No matter how crazy everything off the set became, he showed up to work every day just wanting to do the best work possible. He loves doing this just for the sake of doing it, and every time [that I’ve collaborated with someone] who has had that mentality, it’s always been a fulfilling experience.”

Picture by the officialkatiehammers - Makeup By Katie Hammers: Kevin Costner Photography: @deborahwaldpics Men's Grooming/Makeup: @theofficialkatiehammers #kevincostner #katiehammers #deborahwaldphotography #katiehammersmakeup #makeupartist #promua #celebrities #actors #film

Steven Bell: Here's a picture in my sister in New Orleans in front of her house with Kevin Costner (Posted November 13, 2014)

Maarten de Boer ‏@MaartenPhoto tweeted: Some Kevin Costner for ya! ���� #kevincostner #maartenmade (Posted October 6th)

Carina Iannuzzi ‏@ThePromoNinja tweeted: #tbt to 2010 where I met #KevinCostner at #CountryThunder. Yes ladies, he's even better looking in… (Posted October 9th)

Runway commented: Pick up or download the RUNWAY #Fall2014 issue to see our exclusive interview with actor, singer, musician, producer and director #KevinCostner. #Runway #celebrity #fashion

Tanja ‏@Just_Tanja tweeted: #tbt That one time I ended up in Kevin Costner's dressing room �� (Posted October 2nd)

MLB Network ‏@MLBNetwork tweeted: Watch Kevin Costner talk about his role in beloved baseball film “Field of Dreams” at 8pE on @MLBNetwork. (Posted November 15th)

mohammad ghazal ‏@im_ghazal tweeted: #kevincostner he is my man (Posted November 18th)

def3 @Def3 tweeted: #tbt Chopping it up with #KevinCostner at a country festival I was painting at a few years back in #craven ..Shortly after he denied me for a mixtape drop and got hella bummed at me for asking. #def3 #wildlif3 (Posted November 20th)

Becky Seip @SeipBecky tweeted: I was honored by Hands On Nashville at the Opry for my vol photog after the flood. Kevin Costner played that night. (Posted November 1st)

jeannette goff ‏@nettasart 3h3 hours ago Roanoke, VA Had met Kevin Costner Texas tavern Roanoke when he was in town. Very handsome. (Posted November 3rd)

BONESCOPE ‏@BONESCOPE tweeted: McFarland, Kevin Costner de retour à l'entrainement - Inspiré par une histoire vraie ... (Posted November 5th)

Will Hillis commented: Jenny and Kevin Costner (Posted November 12th)

Cheeks ‏@MyNameIsCheeks tweeted: Kevin Costner. #KevinCostner #TheBodyguard #actor #LosAngeles #TheGrove #tbt #LA #Cali #California #2005 #act #acting (Posted November 26th)

Breakout talent: Brad William Henke By Jenelle Riley | Posted Nov. 1, 2006 Excerpt: Henke is also aware that famous actors need people they can play off of. Recalling an interview he once saw with Kevin Costner, Henke notes, "He said that when you're working with a big star, they need to trust that you can hit the ball back to them…. That's what I try to do."

PARTY PEOPLE: The annual Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl party in New York brings out Kevin Costner and wife Christine Baumgartner, who take a time out to pose for a picture.,,20779102_30095273,00.html

BY MY SIDE: Also at the 3 Days to Kill premiere: Kevin Costner and wife Christine Baumgartner, who stay close together on the Hollywood red carpet Wednesday.,,20786475_30102379,00.html

ALL IN A DAY'S WORK: Jennifer Garner celebrates the Los Angeles premiere of her new sports drama, Draft Day, with costar Kevin Costner at a Monday after-party.,,20804259_30131964,00.html ‏@playboy_czech tweeted: INTERVIEW | KEVIN COSTNER | Nemám v povaze se vzdávat O nezdarech, vzteku a o tom, jakou legraci za žádnou cenu ... (Posted October 6th)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kevin spends Saturday at Disneyland California...

daynamarian - Dayna Obermiller Garibay: #disneyside #disneyland #kevincostner #selfiewithkevincostner my sisters and mom livin the dream. He was with his son in California Adventure. (Posted 2:16pm December 13th)

BRANDY ‏@_BRANDY tweeted: @DisneylandCeleb Kevin Costner at DCA (Posted 1:23pm December 13th)

Drake Bell @DrakeBell tweeted: Man Disneyland is packed! It's days like this you wish you had friends who were Club 33 members!!! #club33 #Disneyland (Posted 8:18pm December 13th)

Theme Park Celebs ‏@ThemeParkCelebs tweeted: Kevin Costner is at Disneyland! keep us posted with your sightings! #saw #spotted #dca #california #adventure #celebritysighting #follow (Posted 4:08pm December 13th)

F A F ‏@BeDatNiggaDEVIN tweeted: I just saw Kevin Costner at downtown disneyyyy (Posted 6:32pm December 13th)

Disneyland Celebs ‏@DisneylandCeleb tweeted: ***SPOTTED!*** Kevin Costner is at #Disneyland! #DisneylandCelebs (Posted 7:18pm December 13th)

jess ‏@jessicaturnerrr tweeted: Just walked behind ultimate bae kevin costner �� (Posted 7:47pm December 13th)

hayywayy ‏@Hayywade tweeted: Sitting a table away from @CodyLinley7 and Kevin Costner at dinner, currently freaking out �� (Posted 9:10pm December 13th)

Disneyland California website: