Thursday, December 12, 2019

'Let Him Go' release date August 21, 2020...

Kevin Costner-Diane Lane Thriller ‘Let Him Go’ Gets Release Date From Focus Features By Erik Pedersen December 10, 2019 Excerpt: Focus Features has set an August 21, 2020, release date for Let Him Go, a thriller starring Kevin Costner and Diane Lane from writer-director-producer Thomas Bezucha.

'Let Him Go' website:

Let Him Go: Kevin Costner, Diane Lane lead new thriller by Simon Brew | 11th December 2019 Excerpt: It’s not popped up on the UK release schedules yet, but Universal will be releasing it over here, and a date around the same time is expected.

michellecindy.xo - Michelle Cindy: Just mine and @jordan.morrison.503’s butts where Kevin Costner and Diane Lane’s butts were this year for the production of a new movie. #drumheller (Posted August 6th)

awendrummerdad - Bart Taylor: During the Deep Water Horizon spill in the gulf, Kevin Costner showed up with his own yacht and money to help. Lots of my colleagues from Clean Harbors worked off his boat for weeks and he never once asked for anything back. High end guy in my books. Great photo. (Posted August 6th)

Saturday, December 7, 2019

New project for Kevin announced...

Kevin Costner to Write and Produce ABC Procedural by Lesley Goldberg December 05, 2019 Excerpt: ...a co-production between A+E Studios and Disney's 20th TV...Aaron Helbing and Costner will co-write the script, both will executive produce. follows the elite special agents of the Investigative Services Branch, who are tasked with solving the most complex and heinous crimes committed within the diverse and majestic national parks of the ISB’s Pacific West region...Costner will exec produce alongside his Territory Pictures partners Rod Lake, Ivan Cohen, Ken Halsband and Jon Baird. "This project came from a long-running friendship with Tana Jamieson of A+E Studios," Costner said Thursday in a statement. "We had previously developed a project together and when she asked me to work with her on this, her passion for the project made it an easy decision for me and Territory. I am excited to be working with ABC because of their history of breaking new ground and for their strong support of our creative vision."

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Win 'Yellowstone' Blu-ray (if in US or Canada) and more....

Contest: Win ‘Yellowstone’ Season 2 Starring Kevin Costner on Blu-ray (3 Winners) By Dan Bradley on November 4, 2019 Must be USA or Canada resident. This contest will close on December 4, 2019 at 9:59pm EST / 6:59pm PST. Enter at the link:

Yellowstone Season 2: Available Now on DVD and Blu-Ray by Yellowstone November 5, 2019

The reason Kevin Costner doesn't like filming Yellowstone By Patrick Phillips

the_yellowstone_bunkhouse - The Yellowstone Bunkhouse: When the Big Man means Business,: @dannounitstills @kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #yellowstone #yellowstonetv (Posted November 14th)

Luke Grimes Talks About ‘Yellowstone Season 3’ & Reveals Details By Prakrati Doshi November 15, 2019

jpleverich - Judge: End of another great season working on Yellowstone. Such a great crew & cast work hard to make this show what it is. Working on a Kevin Costner project has been one of the highlights of my film & television production career #MakingTV #LocationsLife #OnLocation #ThatsAWrap (Posted November 3rd)

Will Yellowstone end after season 3? By Patrick Phillips

Kevin Costner Reveals Why He Thinks Yellowstone Has Resonated So Deeply With The Fans Written By Britt Lawrence November 8, 2019

Yellowstone Season 2: 'Everything By the Book' by Yellowstone November 11, 2019

johndutton_yellowstone - John Dutton: I can’t believe it a new week without #KevinCostner as #JohnDutton in #Yellowstone looking forward to season 3 (Posted September 18th)

kevincostnermodernwest Verified - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Thank you Las Vegas. @stingrayed #kevincostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest #rocknroll #toyota #lasvegas

milissa_hodge - Milissa Hodge: Another National Toyota Dealer Meeting in the books! #greatentertainers #lasvegas #toyota #TNDM2019 #georgestrait #theking #kevincostner #modernwest #blakeshelton #jerryseinfield #megantrainor #thirdeyeblind #starstuddedaffair #GST #50thanniversary #peoplefirst

Chloe Lisboa is with Alex Mirabal at Charlie Palmer Steak Las Vegas. "Dining With Wolves" September 11 at 12:00 AM

Chloe Lisboa commented: KEVIN COSTNER & MODERN WEST Las Vegas concert Toyota,USA #everywhereigo Kevin Costner & Modern West #livemusic #folkrock #kevinAlex #newproject Alex Mirabal #followourpassion #marinearchaeology (Posted September 12th)

martamar_fit - Marta Ramirez: Awesome work week with amazing friends. #georgestrait #blakeshelton #jerryseinfeld #kevincostner #myjobrocks❤️ (Posted September 15th)

Yankees Magazine: For Love of the Game - Kevin Costner’s 1999 film remains an authentic portrait of Yankee Stadium, baseball and its fans By Jake Kring-Schreifels November 7, 2019.

Friday, October 25, 2019

'Yellowstone' Season 3 filming has finished...

mariomichisanti - Mario Michisanti: Last day of Yellowstone 3rd season ! Ciao Kevin see you soon ! (Posted October 22nd)

mellw2lls - Mellanie Bradfield, Script Supervisor: Someone once said to me that there’s a difference between a “star” and a “movie star” and this man right here @kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner is the embodiment of that word. But first and foremost, he is a damn kind man. It has been such a pleasure and one of the highlights of my career to work with this amazing man. Thank you Kevin for all the stunning locations we’ve filmed at and a top rate crew on #yellowstonetvshow ❤️❤️❤️ #parkcityutah #hamiltonmontana (Posted October 20th)

breckenmerrill - Brecken Merrill: And that’s a wrap for Tate on season 3 of @yellowstone . I love you guys!! @alcliffteach @kevincostnermodernwest @kathylynch_hair_makeup @greg_moon_makeupartist #wesbentley #lukegrimes #horsingaround (Posted October 16th)

sebastien9887 - Sébastien: Love this shot, on the set of "Yellowstone" #yellowstonetvseries #yellowstone #kevincostner #styleisanattitude #cowboyworld (Posted October 17th)

kevincostnerlove - Kevincostnerlove: #kevincostner #kevinmichaelcostner #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostnerandmodernwest #kcmw (Posted October 22nd)

johndutton_yellowstone - John Dutton: only 2 weeks - on November 5, #Yellowstone season 2 with #KevinCostner as #JohnDutton will be released on DVD. (Posted October 22nd)

vigilianerd - Love and Thunder! @vigilianerd tweeted: Tem série nova chegando no Brasil. Com #KevinCostner e os roteiristas de "A Qualquer Custo" #Yellowstone (Posted October 24th)

Kim Boyd Bates commented: Saw Kevin in Park City, Utah. He was so kind to our boys who had just won a baseball tournament. (Posted July 26th)

‘Resurrection Day’ Behind the Story | Yellowstone | Paramount Network A lot happened in 'Resurrection Day.' Watch the cast break down the explosive episode.

Val Bayliss-Brideaux @Val_BB tweeted: Well it turned into a PJ day.... just finishing off watching season 2 of Yellowstone with Kevin Costner (Posted September 7th)

Yellowstone Will Probably Get A Spinoff On Paramount, But Who Should It Follow? By Britt Lawrence September 13, 2019

Yellowstone Extras commented: What we are currently booking: We are getting close to the end of season 3.. we have 3 more weeks and then we go to Montana. (Posted September 14th)

Take Action: Protect Our Land by Yellowstone: Gil Birmingham, who plays Chairman Thomas Rainwater on Yellowstone, visited the Fort Belknap Indian Community in Montana to learn about the tribe’s efforts to stop the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline through their land. Follow along with his journey, and visit IllumiNative to learn more about how protecting the land and water affects all Americans:
(Posted September 17th)

raziyehrahimi87: #best #like #love #likeforlikes#like4likes#movie #yellowstone#likeforfollow #thebest #bestman #bestactor#bestmovie #bestofall #hero #legend #handsome #actor#theuntouchables #filmmaker #legend #actor #picoftheday #best #cinema #celebrity #hero #portrait #hollywood #friends #cowboy #movie #photo #portrait #bestever (Posted September 24th)

Yellowstone Fancy •sb•: Just a little fan art fun of Paramount Network's Yellowstone cast

John Coinman commented: The Modern West Band is in Echo Utah where the series Yellowstone is filming for the day. We're staying nearby in Park City at Kevin's house to rehearse for an upcoming show.... (Posted September 7th)

'Yellowstone' Casts Eden Brolin, 'Beyond' Star and Josh Brolin's Daughter, as Promising New Season 3 Character By Jose Bastidas - September 6, 2019 Excerpt: The show announced Beyond alumna Eden Brolin will be joining the cast of the Kevin Costner-led series next year. The actress, who is the daughter of Hollywood legend Josh Brolin,...The actress will join the cast in a recurring capacity as Mia, who Deadline described as "a barrel racer at the rodeo who becomes friendly with the bunkhouse guys."...Other cast members added to the cast in the upcoming season include John Emmet Tracy, Q'orianka Kilcher, Jennifer Landon and Karen Pittman.

How TV Western ‘Yellowstone’ Created Its Gritty World With Country, Americana Music - With a keen-eared music supervisor and songs by Ryan Bingham, Whiskey Myers, and Chris Stapleton, the ranch drama’s music is as dusty as its setting By Meghan E. Butler

vera.adxer - Vera Adxer: “Someday your son’s gonna test you. He’s gonna force you to make a decision that not only determines his future but your place in it. me standing here, son, before you make that decision, because this… this is a consequence of choosing wrong.” #yellowstoneseries #yellowstone #yellowstoneparamountnetwork @kevincostnermodernwest @yellowstone #kevincostner (Posted October 10th)

lolaogunnaike Verified - Lola Ogunnaike: “The Untouchables” is one of my all time favorite films, so you know I was thrilled when #KevinCostner waltzed on to my #CouchSurfing set. They don’t make movie stars like this anymore! (Posted June17th)

lolaogunnaike Verified - Lola Ogunnaike: Meet my new bodyguard #KevinCostner (Posted June 17th)

Friday, September 13, 2019

KC & MW play Toyota Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada...

nickjp15_ - Nick Patrick: First day in Vegas! Look who I found #kevincostner (Posted September 11th)

Stacy Naylor commented: We are in Border Grill in Mandalay Bay and Kevin Costner is in the house! Food is great, service not so much! (Posted September 11th 4:35pm)

Lois Kroff commented: Got our all access Kevin pass’s — with JoAnn Ellis Crowley. (Posted September 11th 5:05pm)

John Gliem commented: Kevin Costner playing tonight with his band and his Toyota Tundra at the National Toyota dealer meeting!!! — at Mandalay Bay Convention Center. (Posted September 11th 5:38pm)

ogino @oggiino tweeted: Kevin Costner出てきた!!!! Kevinとタンドラ。(Posted September 11th 5:47pm)

heliocastroneves Verified - Helio Castroneves: #kevincostner has a band?! What?! @nhautogroup (Posted September 11th 6:30pm)

sean_tarbell - Sean Tarbell: Now Kevin Costner! Toyota brought the (fire) this year (Posted September 11th 6:30pm)

Joe Clemons @jclem5150 tweeted: Did you know Kevin Costner also had a band??! (Posted September 11th 7:49)

Matt Meyerson @MattRPRT tweeted: And @LindsJacobellis is in bliss getting to meet #kevincostner @TeamToyota @Toyota #rprt (Posted September 11th 8:48pm)

bradtegeler - Brad Tegeler: When Kevin Costner crosses your path... #kevincostner #toyota #lasvegas #bmft42 (Posted September 11th 8:55pm)

Lois Kroff commented: In Las Vagus with Mr Kevin Costner ♥️♥️ (Posted September 11th 9:18pm)

sean_tarbell - Sean Tarbell: This Kevin Costner fella is pretty (Posted September 11th 9:25pm)

moorecars_ - Emily Moore: Front row for #kevincostner @kevincostnermodernwest (Posted September 11th) - Natalie Andres: With Kevin Costner at a special event (Posted September 11th)

Kyley Kramer photos:

Amy Hunter Roberts photos:

Beth Tananbaum photos:

SaLena Engels photo:

Lorena Robledo photos:

Ryan Decker video and photo:

Phillip Porter photos:

opjack - 12er: Kevin Costner & Modern West’s country rock band & his personal Toyota Tundra adventure family truck #kevincostner #toyota (Posted September 12th)

Bob Van Ronkel commented: With Kevin Costner and his band Modern West, at corporate party in Mandalay Bay Hotel. (Posted September 11th)

Rishel Kidd video: (Posted September 12th)

Lois Kroff commented: Kevin just signed my Yellowstone hat. He’s the best♥️ (Posted September 12th)

JoAnn Ellis Crowley commented: What a party #4,000 Toyota Dealerships / another way of saying 4,000 men! Surround by hot cars !! (Posted September 12th)

Aubry Gene Harris commented: Great time with KCMW (Posted September 12th)