Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kevin enjoys Alaska fishing trip...

Picture by gillzmcskilz - Mark Gillard: Day 1 warm ups! (Sitka, Alaska) (Posted August 17th)

Kathy Jones ‏@Chefkathyj tweeted: Was honored to prepare food for Kevin Costner tonight. #UNTOUCHABLES #JFK #tincup #lifeisgood (Posted 11:32pm August 17th)

Westmark Sitka Hotel:

Brooke Donnelly-Daar ‏@BrookeDaar tweeted: Kevin Costner was in Sitka Alaska this weekend !!! Super cool. (Posted August 18th)

Elias Erickson ‏@Elias_Erickson_ tweeted: Who wants to stalk Kevin Costner with me tomorrow? My brother use to clean the charter he's on so I know where to find him! (Posted August 18th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Downtime before I start my next movie "criminal" with a little fishing. #alaska #sitka #arqueonautas #arqueonautasworldwide #fishingtrip (Posted 10:46am August 20th)

Terri Burr: My niece Cheryl Jordan has a special guest at her B&B in Sitka, Alaska!!! (Posted August 20th)

The Otter Cove Bed and Breakfast website:
>P> Jon Hazel commented: So, I'm sitting on the plane with Kevin Costner. Dude has blonde hair. (Posted 10:34am August 19th) (Near Sitka, Alaska)

Josh Kerwin @JoshAtXbox tweeted: Burbank airport granted a very serious Kevin Costner encounter yesterday and bit more jovial @Ralphie_May sighting today. Great range, BUR (Posted August 20th)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Kevin Costner for Jacques Lemans watches...

Kevin Costner JACQUES LEMANS by JacquesLemansGroup Published on Marxh 10, 2014

Kevin Costner is a partner of Jacques Lemans Brand ambassador and now even partners! The Carinthian watchmaker "Jacques Lemans" brings Hollywood actor Kevin Costner on board. In order to capture the market in the USA nationwide, now a sales company was founded, has financial interests in the Costner. First highlight: In the new blockbuster "Black & White" Costner carries the precious timepieces and thus presents them an audience of millions.,1054548

Jacques Lemans Group commented: Coming soon -> Kevin Costner Collection by Jacques Lemans Group #kevincostner #jacqueslemans

Jacques Lemans Kevin Costner Collection:

Jacques Lemans Group commented: Jacques Lemans Group Kevin Costner with one of his favorite watches N 210 A

Jacques Lemans Indonesia commented: Our first ARTEindonesia with Kevin Costner. Official supporter of Jacques Lemans. (Posted March 15th) Ghawi

Picture by korkutungun - GSA: Hotel Su (Posted March 16th)

Jacques Lemans Group commented: Jacques Lemans Group presents Kevin Michael Costner as official marketing partner (Posted March 29th)

Jacques Lemans Group commented: Eye catching billboard

Pictures of Kevin Costner for Jacques Lemans:,756171.html

FOX silver - obchod Olympia Plzeƈ:

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kevin hanging out in Sitka, Alaska, likely to fish...

Jordan Guthmann ‏@JGuthmann tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner at SeaTac. Tall dude. (Posted 9:56am August 15th)

Logan Peters @thelogan_ater77 tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner at the airport��✈️ (Posted 6:05am August 15th)

Sean Poole ‏@SeanPoole tweeted: Apparently Kevin Costner is on my flight as I just made deep eye contact with him, hah! (Posted 6:32am August 15th)

Highliner Coffee Co. commented: Alright Highliner Coffee Co. Fb. Friends....Kevin Costner is in Sitka. He's out and about w/the locals tonight. Y'all maintain ok!? Or not (Posted 10:39pm August 15th)

John Litten commented: I watched Kevin Costner walk through the Pioneer shaking hands and posing for pictures. He walked over to say hi and Deb took the photo while we were talking. He said he used to fish commercially in Eureka , California up to Newport. He's definitely a class act when it comes to his fans. — at Pioneer Bar Sitka Alaska. (Posted 10:40pm August 15th)

Highliner Coffee Co. commented: P.S....he's at the P-Bar right now! (Posted 10:41pm August 15th)

The Pioneer Bar, Sitka, Alaska:

Rhonda Stiles commented: He left there but told them he would be back. (Posted 10:48pm August 15th)

Charles Bingham commented: Just missed him at the Bayview Pub (Posted 11:16pm August 15th)

Bayview Pub, Sitka, Alaska:

Doreen Marics commented: Kevin Costner is at the pbar in Sitka tonight. Kinda cool but after working all day I'm too pooped to go check him out! (Posted 11:45pm August 15th)

Mark Young commented: Really Kevin Costner in sitka... (Posted 12:18am August 16th)

Roni S. Dever commented: I'm totally ready to see your pictures with Kevin Costner! WHY did we go home after the wine tasting?!?! AAAAHHH!! (Posted 12:45am August 16th)

Picture by instacheyenneb - Cathryn Cheyenne Bush: Dinner and a movie star #KevinCostner #ludvigs #dinnah #moviestar #thepostman (Posted August 16th)

Picture by toriatunes: So I kinda got to meet this really cool guy named Kevin Costner last night (Posted August 16th)

Picture by mwhames - Mary: Oh, you know. Just chillin' with Kevin Costner. In Sitka. He's so patient and gracious to all of us star-struck Sitkans. #channelclub (Posted August 16th)

Channel Club, Sitka, Alaska:

Meggles McPeggles ‏@PotentSarlacc tweeted: Last night, Kevin Costner moseyed through this town + drank beer my boyfriend made. As irrelevant celebrity connections go, that's not bad. (Posted August 16th)

Friday, August 15, 2014

'Black And White" opening night New Orleans Film Festival...

Kevin Costner's locally shot 'Black and White' to open 2014 New Orleans Film Festival By Mike Scott,

New Orleans Film Society runs October 16 - 23, 2014:

Carole Turner ‏@CaroleTurner tweeted: This time last year the kids were working w Octavia Spencer & Kevin Costner on Black and White which… (Posted August 13th)

From the Hamptons to the Silver Screen and Stage: Inequality Partout! By Benjamin-Emile Le Hay | 08/14/14, see excerpt:

Pictures from Hamptons screening:

Jason Binn ‏@JasonBinn tweeted: Can't wait to make it to the Hamptons so I can lunch w/ @haleybinn & #kevincostner at the #SurfLodge… (Posted August 12th)

4 films everyone will talk about at TIFF 2014 Excerpt: awards expert Pete Hammond cited star Kevin Costner as a potential breakout should ‘Black and White’ hit theatres before the end of the year: “Kevin Costner, who also produced, has never been better,” Hammond wrote.

Monday, August 11, 2014

More from NABJ 'Black And White' screening...

Eva D. Coleman ‏@evadcoleman tweeted: Loved "Black and White" starring #KevinCostner & @octaviaspencer! Thx 4 taking my #widow perspective question #NABJ14 (Posted August 2nd)

Sundra Hominik ‏@Shominik tweeted: Here's a better pic of #KevinCostner at viewing of his movie #black&white with @octaviaspencer #nabj (Posted August 2nd)

Sundra Hominik ‏@Shominik tweeted: I've got to work on my selfies but here I am with Kevin Costner. #black&white #nabj (Posted August 2nd)

WGBH ‏@wgbh tweeted: Tweets from @phillipWGBH at #NABJ14 w/ Kevin Costner at screening: Movies are the only place where a group of people can have the same dream (Posted August 2nd)

Carmen Glover ‏@OnPointPress_ tweeted: The handsome actor/producer Kevin Costner being mobbed at NABJ 14 after sneak preview and Q/A of Black and White (Posted August 2nd)

Alicia Mitchell ‏@MyLishComeTrue tweeted: "A writer writes every day," says Kevin Costner, during Q & A session on his latest film Black & White. #NABJ14 (Posted August 2nd)

Kelly Swoope ‏@SwoopefromABC2 tweeted: Lots of #kudos @MikeBinderjokes for a well written film #BlackandWhite starring @octaviaspencer & #KevinCostner #raisingthebar (Posted August 2nd)

Maudlyne Ihejirika ‏@maudlynei tweeted: .@octaviaspencer on #KevinCostner in #BlackandWhite: "Hes sch a prfectionst/Wud come in on dy off 2 watch hm" #NABJ14 (Posted August 2nd)

Suzanne Ffolkes ‏@Sffolkes tweeted: Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer promoting their new movie Black and White @ #nabj2014. Tugs at the heart strings. (Posted August 2nd)

Alicia Alston ‏@AlstonPruPR tweeted: Young blood gives blood - #KevinCostner on working w young filmmakers #NABJ14 (But writing is the key; it's a specific art form.) (Posted August 2nd)

Tania Francois ‏@SheBreaksNews tweeted: @OctaviaSpencer and Kevin Costner talking about the movie 'Black and White'. #NABJ14 (Posted August 2nd)

Alicia Alston ‏@AlstonPruPR tweeted: I'm slow but I'm dogged says KevinCostner on prepping for his role in #blackandwhite #NABJ14 #nabjfilm (Posted August 2nd)

Maudlyne Ihejirika ‏@maudlynei tweeted: #KevinCostner on #WhitneyHouston: DianaRoss 1st grl I fel n lov w/wen theres pretty grl I wnt 2 kis I pt hr in my flm (Posted August 2nd)

Eldridge ‏@Banggorang tweeted: Questions and answers with Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer. #nabjBoston #black&whitemovie (Posted August 2nd)

Alicia Alston ‏@AlstonPruPR tweeted: Music was a huge part of the film #blackandwhite says KevinCostner #NABJ14 #nabjfilm (Posted August 2nd)

Maudlyne Ihejirika ‏@maudlynei tweeted: #KevinCostner: #BlackandWhite movie ws 5th screenply Dir #MkeBender wrote 4 me aftr #UpsideofAnger/I trnd dwn 1st 4" (Posted August 2nd)

Anita Bennett ‏@tvanita tweeted: #KevinCostner praises "Black and White" writer-director @MikeBinderjokes: "He changed my life" with this project (Posted August 2nd)

Lisa Armstrong ‏@LisaArmstrong tweeted: Now the audience is asking questions and one woman's question for Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer was "will you take a selfie with me." SMH. (Posted August 2nd)

Maudlyne Ihejirika ‏@maudlynei tweeted: #KevinCostner on "Blak & White" movie "My prob is I dont fall out/love/10 peopl thk its bad/I thk its good/I do it (Posted August 2nd)

Phillip W.d. Martin ‏@phillipWGBH tweeted: Kevin Costner is here with Octavia Spencer at the end of NABJ screening of Black and White, a truly transcendent film.@BostonGlobe (Posted August 2nd)

Monique Reuben ‏@MoniqueR_PruPr tweeted: At Q&A session listening to Octavia Butler and Kevin Costner discussing their new film, Black & White #NABJ14 (Posted August 2nd)

Maudlyne Ihejirika ‏@maudlynei tweeted: #KevinCostner 2 #NABJ14 "I dont know hw far we'v come on race in ths cntry, bt we'r nt bettr off 4 not resolving ths" (Posted August 2nd)

fentress chestnut ‏@Fentresspatrice tweeted: Academy award winners Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer! #Moviepremiere this was an excellent film and… (Posted August 2nd)

Brent Solomon ‏@solomonreports tweeted: Just saw an advanced screening of #BlackandWhite feat. #KevinCostner & #OctaviaSpencer. Good movie. #NABJ2014 (Posted August 2nd)

Picture and article: Kevin Costner unsure of Hollywood’s progress on race issues by Jennifer H. Cunningham | August 5, 2014

Kevin Costner in Mike Binder's Black and White by Regina Weinreich 08/05/2014

Hollywood Wouldn’t Finance Racially Charged Film By Zachary Stieber, Epoch Times | August 4, 2014

Costner Is Invested In 'Black And White' Newsloop Entertainment Published August 6, 2014

Costner Is Invested In 'Black And White' WochitEntertainment Published August 6, 2014

Glenn Myles commented: My wife Jennifer, Dance's with the Wolves!! ( at private screening with Kevin Costner in his amazing heartfelt, Academy Award winning performance in his new film, Black and White.....) good to see an old friend again. (Posted August 3rd)

Amy Mizner, Realtor ‏@Amy_Mizner tweeted: Weston MA Real Estate Broker, Amy Mizner attended Kevin Costner’s official, sneak-peek screening of “Black & White. (Posted August 7th)

Picture and article: Skills Are Honed In Tournaments By Jack Graves August 6, 2014 Excerpt: Also Kevin Costner came down. Somebody spotted him when they were doing the beach flags on Sunday.”

Celebrities Spotted Out and About – Week of August 8 By Jaime Rabb Kevin Costner sporting dark sunglasses and a scruffy beard was spotted checking out the Hampton Lifeguard Association Junior Lifeguard Tournament at Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett last Sunday afternoon in the rain.

Jason Binn ‏@JasonBinn tweeted: 1 of my better #binnshots over the weekend - GO #KevinCostner thx Brunello cucinelli - see "Black and… (Posted August 11th)