Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kevin visits Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, Tennessee...

iamkolove ‏@kristyosmunson tweeted: Kevin Costner sighting at the Nashville airport... #waterworld

Chris Tyson ‏@TysonFundraisig tweeted: #KevinCostner signed our photos & movie posters for our #fundraising #CharityAuction #gala (Posted July 25th)

Liz ‏@LizSuesse tweeted: Just missed #KevinCostner at the Johnny Cash Museum by 2 hours. Ugh! (Posted July 25th)

Must be Minta ‏@mintaburst tweeted: No big deal, just Kevin Costner hanging out at the Johnny Cash Museum. #TypicalNashvilleDay (Posted July 25th)

Johnny Cash Museum ‏@CashMuseum tweeted: Great to have Kevin Costner stop by the museum today (Posted July 25th)

Johnny Cash Museum website:

Abby Rose Tincher ‏@tinch__ tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER IS AT THE RESTAURANT @cierrabwalker & I ARE AT RN (Nashville, TN) (Posted July 25th)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

KC & MW play Gruene Hall, New Braunfels, Texas...

Donna Aloia ‏@donnaaloia tweeted: Going to stalk Kevin Costner with my girls 😎 (Posted July 23rd)

Bobby Yang commented: *Sold out* show tonight at Texas' classic Gruene Hall fiddling tough with Kevin Costner and his band. It's a hot one (100*F) on the homestretch! (Posted July 24th)

Brooke ‏@ReptarBrooke tweeted: Was walking, ran into the engineers for Kevin Costner, they invited me to mix with them tonight! I love audio people! (Posted July 24th)

Brooke ‏@ReptarBrooke tweeted: Tbh I have no idea who Kevin Costner is, apparently he's an actor. I was just excited to meet other engineers @ishaboylexi (Posted July 24th)

Chris Toliver ‏@cwtoliver tweeted: Setlist for tonight's #kevincostner concert. Yeah, im a little excited, it'll be a good night.… (Posted July 24th)

President BillBalboa ‏@CooperLane30 tweeted: My mom just called me freaking out bc she was 5 feet away from Kevin Costner.. "I swear to god Cooper I almost started crying" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (Posted July 24th)

Sol ‏@THEEMarisol tweeted: Everyone's freaking out cause Kevin Costner is here but I'm just like who's dat (Posted July 24th)

Rick Gonzalez ‏@coachrickgnzlz tweeted: Kevin Costner waving at the girls #PeytonandMacie (Gristmill Restaurant & Bar) (Posted July 24th)

estavHad to post! Getting ready to see Kevin Costner and #ModernWest tonight. (Posted July 24th)

alibeck77: Kevin Costner and his band are playing here, my favorite place in TX tonight. BUT they are SOLD OUT. I'm begging J to camp out until he leaves the dancehall so I can put eyes on him. #kevincostner #gruenehall (Posted July 24th)

kmerch8: Oh. Hey Kevin Costner. 😝 #kevincostner #gruenehall #iloveyou (Posted July 24th)

ldemoss#kevincostner #gruenehall #soldoutshow #hotinhere ❤️ (Posted July 24th)

cwtoliver: Knew a few but loved all the songs and stories. #gruenehall was a great venue for #kevincostner (Posted July 25th)

angie_from_thest0nes: #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #gruenehall #texas #98degrees so much fun but it was waaaayyy too hot ☀️πŸ”₯☀️πŸ”₯☀️πŸ”₯☀️πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Kevin Costner rocks tho ❤️😁πŸ”₯☀️😘 (Posted July 24th)

Donna Aloia commented: Wellllll😜🎼🎼🎼. Somehow I got in ! Kevin Costner !!! (Posted July 24th)

alibeck77: #kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest #soldout (Posted July 24th)

ldemoss: #gruenehall #kevincostner (Posted July 24th)

fearafear: Kevin Costner in all his glory. The man puts on a great show. #gruenehall #hotsummernights #hestallerthanithought (Posted July 24th)

h2o2sky: Kevin Costner; Great American, Actor, & Singer. Sang every song with emotion. Humble & Gracious. (Posted July 25th)

Joanie Van Metre Kantosky via iPhone "Amazing. Great American, Actor & Singer. Sang with emotion in every song. Humble & Gracious" (Posted July 25th),-Texas-Gruene-Hall.html

Kevin Costner, John Coinman, Teddy Morgan, Blair Forward, Larry Cobb, Park Chisolm, Luke Bulla, Bobby Yang, Roddy Chong Sighting in New Braunfels, Texas at Gruene Hall (Posted July 25th),-John-Coinman,-Teddy-Morgan,-Blair-Forward,-Larry-Cobb,-Park-Chisolm,-Luke-Bulla,-Bobby-Yang,-Roddy-Chong-New-Braunfels,-Texas-Gruene-Hall.html

daniele725: Musical inspiration last night from #kevincostner #modernwest The view wasn't bad either. πŸ˜‰ #gruenehall @kevincostnermodernwest (Posted July 25th)

ldemoss: After show greetings...a sincerely kind gentleman #kevincostner #gruenehall (Posted July 24th)

Kaylee Griffin ‏@kayleeGiscool tweeted: Ugh served VIP for Kevin Costner all day yesterday but he never came to eat 😭 I did see him enter his tour bus tho hehe (Posted July 25th)

smokinphotos: The boxed #guitar of #KevinCostner after performing with the rest of @KevinCostnerModernWest in #NewBraunfels #TX. A show worth seeing for multiple reasons. #SmokinPhotos (Posted July 26th)

smokinphotos: Another #photograph of #KevinCostner performing with the rest of @KevinCostnerModernWest in #NewBraunfels #TX. #SmokinPhotos (Posted July 26th)

smokinphotos: One last #photograph of #KevinCostner with the rest of @KevinCostnerModernWest in #NewBraunfels #TX. There's enjoyable talent & honesty. #SmokinPhotos (Posted July 26th)

Monday, July 25, 2016

KC & MW play 'Dixie Landin' in Baton Rouge, LA....

Dave Losso ‏@davelosso tweeted: The marquee of a waterpark was not how I thought I'd find out Kevin Costner has a band but Louisiana is full of miracles. (Posted July 22nd)

Hales ‏@HaleyWalkerr_ tweeted: Kevin Costner came into my work and I got a picture with him Look how excited (Posted July 23rd)

Jo Go ‏@cathy_jogo tweeted: On the plus side I got Kevin Costner's autograph at roadhouse today πŸ™ƒ (Posted July 23rd)

Texas Roadhouse Restaurant, 10360 N Mall Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

kevincostnermodernwest: Tonight's setlist Baton Rouge #unbroken #elements #larrycobb #dwdrums #setlist #rocknroll #kcmw #kevincostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest (Posted July 23rd)

karen ‏@karenlt65 tweeted: Totally worth the wait in the thunderstorm and lightning!!! Kevin Costner & Modern West rock!!! (Posted July 23rd)

S.M.i.T.T.Y. ‏@TheAustin_Smith tweeted: Dammit Kevin always getting wild @kevincostner (Posted July 23rd)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

KC & MW play El Dorado, Arkansas Municipal Auditorium...

Main Street addresses upcoming events By Tia Lyons July 20, 2016

Picture Costner in El Dorado -- as a musician Story by Eric E. Harrison July 21, 2016

Lacreta ‏@robertpatticake tweeted: Anxiously awaiting to see Kevin Costner and Modern West!!! (Posted July 22nd)

Britni ‏@basketcase791 tweeted: So excited for #kevincostner kevincostnermodernwest 😍❤️😁 @ El Dorado… (Posted July 22nd)

Mark Givens commented: Just hangin downtown (Posted July 22nd)

Tamra Parker Coleman commented: You made our day at Shelly's Shoes, etc (Posted July 22nd)

Y95 | K97 | 104.5 FM ‏@YesRadioWorks tweeted: The one and only Kevin Costner is in El Dorado!!! (Posted July 22nd)

Main Street El Dorado video:

Radio Works Y95 K97 Magic104.5 commented: So this is what happens when Kevin Costner enters the building!!! (Posted July 22nd)

Johnnie Roebuck ‏@RoebuckJohnnie tweeted: Kevin Costner says his Mother told him he could do ANYTHING! (Posted July 22nd)

Britni ‏@basketcase791 tweeted: Kevin Costner!! ❤️❤️ #omg kevincostnermodernwest @ El Dorado (Posted July 22nd)

Tom Griffin ‏@tgg58 tweeted: I got to shake Kevin Costner's hand tonight at the @modernwest concert in El Dorado Ar. Cool guy and a great concert (Posted July 22nd)

Photos by Tom Griffin:

Video by Tom Griffin:

Pictures: El Dorado News-Times: Kevin Costner & Modern West performs at the El Dorado Auditorium:

Mark Miller ‏@BlkwolfMark tweeted: Just saw Dances With #Wolves Kevin Costner in concert. May the iconic #Wolf never only be a memory in our films🐾 (Posted July 22nd)

Amanda Beaty ‏@amandabeaty7 tweeted: What. A. Show. @modernwest love seeing #KevinCostner tell powerful stories through his music. (Posted July 22nd)

Amanda Beaty ‏@amandabeaty7 tweeted: I always said I'd never been a fan girl... But then #KevinCostner walked outside! (Posted July 22nd)

amandanbeaty: Got to see @kevincostnermodernwest in concert last night!! Always knew #KevinCostner was a brilliant storyteller, but last night, got to see him tell powerful stories through music! (Posted July 23rd)

amandabeatyphotography@kevincostnermodernwest concert in El Dorado, Arkansas. Very talented crew! #kevincostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest (Posted July 23rd)

sbeaty72:@kevincostnermodernwest concert with my daughter...who happens to be a huge fan!!! She got so close,but never got her picture with him...way too many crazy ladies around him! Haha...Guess she needs to learn to be more pushy!!!πŸ˜‰ Thank you #kevincostner for a great show!!! #kevincostnermodernwest #greatmusic #worththedrive #bodyguard #bestgrinever (Posted July 23rd)

sbeaty72:@kevincostnermodernwest...great show last nignt in Eldorado, Arkansas!! 3 hour drive there and home,but it was worth it!!! And after all these are still a very beautiful man, best grin ever ;) (Posted July 23rd)

Danny Cole ‏@DannyCole58 tweeted: Kevin Costner and the Modern West Band in #Goeldorado #mainstreeteldorado (Posted July 23rd)

Houston Taylor commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West at Municipal Auditorium El Dorado AR. (Posted July 22nd)

ellenmitchell3Kevin Costner and Modern sweet hubby treated me tonight. #kevincostner #awesomenight (Posted July 22nd)

ellenmitchell3Can't get much closer than that! #kevincostner (Posted July 22nd)

leighrocks: That's Kevin Costner. #onlyineldo #dancemomsniteout #bdc #kevincostner @dawnrvinson @_linds3383_ @bravodancecentre (Posted July 22nd)

leighrocks: Yeah, there's that. #bodyguard #danceswithwolves #kevincostner #eldo #BULLDURHAM (Posted July 22nd)

Diane Russell Hughes ‏@dlr5hughes tweeted: @GBbeliever4life friends got to see And meet Kevin Costner last night! #I lovehim #sexy #sweetestman (Posted July 23rd)

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Hey man what about you By Renate Burington Published on Jul 23, 2016 Municipal Auditorium in El Dorado, AR 7/22/2016

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Moon so high By Renate Burington Published on Jul 23, 2016 Municipal Auditorium in El Dorado, AR 7/22/2016

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Alive in the city By Renate Burington Published on Jul 22, 2016 Municipal Auditorium in El Dorado, AR 7/22/2016

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Lucky Ones By Renate Burington Published on Jul 22, 2016 Municipal Auditorium in El Dorado, AR 7/22/2016

Friday, July 22, 2016

KC & MW play Heritage Hall in Ardmore, Oklahoma...

Tiffany Hendra @TiffanyHendra tweeted: Exciting week ahead of @aaronhendra AHP gigs kicking off w/ Kevin Costner in OK! Thx @twofrogsgrill #livemusic #RHOD

LeeAnne Locken ‏@LeeAnneLocken tweeted: EXCITED to go see @aaronhendra open for Kevin Costner & @modernwest with my BFF @TiffanyHendra TONIGHT in OK! #RHOD (Posted July 21st)

Tiffany Hendra ‏@TiffanyHendra tweeted: Oklahoma bound with our posse!! So excited for the gig with Kevin Costner! #livemusic #musicians (Posted July 21st)

Brennan Hoskins ‏@RealShotgunBob tweeted: I've got free Kevin Costner tickets for tonight if you wanna go @ColetonCrockett @J_cob5 (Posted July 21st)

Kitty Kritic ‏@KittyKritic tweeted: Guess who just won VIP tickets to meet Kevin Costner???!!!!! ME!!!! Yay!! I'm so excited. Woot! (Posted July 19th)

Kitty Kritic ‏@KittyKritic tweeted: Grabbing a bite to eat and heading over to see Kevin Costner & Modern West ! Love being with my hubby on this special night.❤σΎ £❤σΎ £ (Posted July 21st)

Ethan Lacher ‏@LacherEthan tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner in Ardmore, Oklahoma. What a time to be alive. (Posted July 21st)

Leanne Kennedy ‏@L7Kennedy tweeted: Omg 3rd row to see Kevin Costner and Modern West!!! πŸ»πŸ‘― @modernwest #KevinCostner (Posted July 21st)

radioboi Jimmy Green ‏@JimmyGreenOnAir tweeted: Kevin Costner just smiled at me as we passed in a stairway (Posted July 21st)

Texoma Country KKAJ ‏@957KKAJ tweeted: Ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Costner & Modern West!!!! (Posted July 21st)

Tiffany Hendra ‏@TiffanyHendra tweeted: Ok seriously Dances With Wolves is in my top 3 films! Love this guy! Kevin Costner Rockin it! (Posted July 21st)

radioboi Jimmy Green ‏@JimmyGreenOnAir tweeted: Hollywood superstar Kevin Costner and star of one of my favorite films, Waterworld. (Posted July 21st)

hellowhitneyblog: (Heritage Hall) "Long way from home...." #kevincostner

shanfenner: Listening to Kevin Costner jam!! #kevincostner #tatonka (Posted July 21st)

Carrie Mayes ‏@CarrieAMayes tweeted: Great show in Ardmore, OK with Kevin Costner and @modernwest! Best date ever with @LizzyHarshfield #RedRiver (Posted July 21st)

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Superman By Renate Burington Published on Jul 22, 2016 Heritage Hall in Ardmore, OK 7/21/16

Jenny Anchondo ‏@JennyAFox4 tweeted: Who knew Kevin Costner was in a band? Me neither! But we saw him last night & he was awesome! (Posted July 22nd)

jasonzieg: Had a blast listening to "Kevin Costner and Modern West" last night. I've never heard a better storyteller or met a more humble and genuine person. Seeing him with butterflies before walking on stage was priceless! (Posted July 22nd)

chiliqua5: Interesting night #kevincostner #modernwest Sat next to #realhousewivesofdallas (Posted July 22nd)

starr_shots: Best show ever! Kevin Costner is amazing! πŸ’• #kevincostner #amazing #modernwest #happy #bestconcertever (Posted July 22nd)

mommalou: Last night I watched our own local boy open up for Kevin Costner. Great music and great time with friends. #ethanstedman #ethanstedmanmusic #kevincostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest (Posted July 22nd)

Troy Lester commented: Just wanted to say thank you for bringing in such awesome talent last night!! The show was EPIC!! ALWAYS have such a great time in Ardmore! ‪#‎TWOFROGS‬ ‪#‎COSTNER‬ ‪#‎RANDYTRAVIS‬ (Posted July 22nd)