Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kevin speaks at 'Wonders Of Wildlife Museum' opening...

News-Leader‏ @springfieldNL tweeted: Johnny Morris's @WOWaquarium opens next week in #SGF! If you see something cool or a famous person, tag @springfieldnl or use #WOWpics (Posted September 15th)

Article: Springfield-based charity in spotlight for Wonders of Wildlife VIP celebration By Emily Wood | September 20, 2017

Video and photo gallery of the Museum: Wonders of Wildlife Concert and Gala Preparations - Private event Wednesday night - Museum opens to public Friday By: Lauren Barnas September 20, 2017

Video and article about the Museum: Massive aquarium opening a few hours from Wichita – and celebs are coming By Matt Riedl September 19, 2017

George Poveromo commented: Hey Megan - don't forget us fishing guys!! My daughter, Megan, with Kevin Costner at the Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium gala celebration. #WondersofWildlife

Chase Snider‏ @chasesnider tweeted: Kevin Costner just took stage at @WOWaquarium kickoff. @KTTSNews

Christa Petty Allgood commented: Kevin Costner got the night started

Eric Olson‏ @EricOlsonSBJ tweeted: Kevin Costner gets first standing O tonight @WOWaquarium #wow #WondersOfWildlife – at Bass Pro Shops

KY3 News‏ @kytv tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner is addressing the crowd at Wonders of Wildlife. He's joking about the money he spends @ Bass Pro.

Emily Wood‏ @EmilyWoodTV tweeted: #WondersofWildlife Kevin Costner recalls fond memories of hunting and fishing as a ten-year-old boy.

Nathan Papes‏ @NPapes tweeted: Kevin Costner speaking now at the @WOWaquarium gala

Dan Ashe‏ @DanAshe tweeted: Kevin Costner speaks at opening of the Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium.

Christina Loren‏ @Christina_Loren tweeted: Amazing speech by Kevin Costner at the grand opening of #WondersofWildlife museum @modernwest @OfficialRFDTV

Frances M. Watson commented: Kevin Costner! #wow #sgf

John Jungmann‏ @JohnJungmann tweeted: Kevin Costner helps kickoff the ribbon cutting for @WOWaquarium @BassProShops @officialSPS

Matt Morrow‏ @matt_morrow tweeted: Great tribute to Johnny Morris & his conservation leadership @BassProShops @WOWaquarium from Kevin Costner @modernwest.

hollylkarr - Holly Karr: Kevin Costner at #Wondersofwildlife #wow

hollylkarr - Holly Karr: Live ribbon cutting with Presidents Carte and Bush holding the ribbon at #Wondersofwildlife #wow

masterpiecegirl - Susan Ostrander Caruso: Presidents Bush And Carter and Kevin Costner and Johnnie Morris what a wonderful night celebration the grand opening of #Wondersofwildlife

Matt Morrow‏ @matt_morrow tweeted: The ribbon is CUT!! @BassProShops @WOWaquarium is officially open!

Chase Snider‏ @chasesnider tweeted: ON THE MENU: For tonight's #WOW gala - BBQ (Famous Daves), Catfish & Hush puppies, chocolate covered pretzels (Candy House), & popcorn

Sarah Jo‏ @sarahjo_7 tweeted: I was just 30 feet from Kevin Costner... no, I'm not freaking out

eastoncorbin - Easton Corbin: Got to meet some special people tonight at the grand opening of @wondersofwildlife! #wondersofwildlife #georgewbush #kevincostner #challengertheeagle #conservation

Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Missouri commented: What an honor to be with Former Presidents George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Kevin Costner, Richard Childress, and so many other statesmen, sportsmen, and outdoorsman to open the brand new Wonders of Wildlife in Springfield. This amazing new attraction will bring millions of visitors to our great state to learn about the outdoors. Johnny Morris is committed to our state, and we owe him our thanks.

Natascha Schmalvogl commented: At Wonders of Wildlife

Ron O'Daniel commented: Kevin Costner addressing the crowd.

Glenn Olson commented: Kevin Costner speaking to our group

Casey D Lane commented: Great night for conservation at the Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium opening. Johnny Morris sure knows how to bring out his friends. Kevin Costner, 2 former presidents Carter and Bush 43 (with a special message from Bush 41) and close it out with an acoustic jam session. Tracy Byrd, Luke Bryan, Craig Morgan Easton Corbin, Chris Young and Dirks Bentley.

Kimberly Fletcher commented: Kevin Costner, President Jimmy Carter, Johnny Morris speaking on conservation.

Video and picture: SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--It was a big day for Bass Pro owner Johnny Morris as he welcomed celebrities and conservationists to the new Wonders of Wildlife Museum.

VIDEO: Grand Opening ceremony and concert by Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium (Kevin speaks at 1:30:25)

Monday, September 18, 2017

More of Kevin from 'Yellowstone' and a radio interview...

Andrew Wheeler tweeted: Worked on this new show Yellowstone with Kevin Costner on Friday and now I get to go back in tomorrow and do some more background work. So stoked for this opportunity (Posted August 27th)

Rog Benally commented: ATTN: CALLING FOR 26 NATIVE MEN THIS THURSDAY....(trying my best to make this not so difficult and controversial but its hard to find native men sometimes) who will play tribal cops, horsemen(NOT ACTUALLY RIDING HORSES, THEY HAVE STUNTMEN FOR THAT) and just being a I was asked to help along with Pete Tefertiller Bassett to round up some natives for an upcoming film project. A tv series called Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner. (More at link) (Posted August 27th)

Rog Benally commented: Oct 2nd (which is my is the powwow scene at the Park City Studio. (Posted August 27th)

Schnee's Montana commented: Don't worry! Schnee's isn't turning into a restaurant. For one day only a TV production will be turning part of our store into a steakhouse. But we will be open for business as usual. Stop by and check out our Last Call for Summer sale. (Posted August 24th)

Schnee's Montana commented: A production film crew took over the front of Schnee's in downtown Bozeman on Thursday afternoon. The crew is filming a scene for the upcoming Kevin Costner mini-series, "Yellowstone", which Costner is producing and the star. Schnee's storefront was transformed into a fancy steak house restaurant for the day. A few customers looking for shoes today were a bit confused. Check out the show "Yellowstone" with Kevin Costner when it comes out. (Posted August 28th)

Dale Swan Jr.‏ @TheDaleOrtiz tweeted: #KevinCostner's film crew set up camp in the parking lot across from #HeberValleyRailroad this morning. #Yellowstone #Paramount (Posted August 29th)

Movie Reviews 2GO‏ @Moviereviews2go tweeted: #Kevincostner is shooting his tv show #YellowStone in my hometown. Now. How to get an interview from him? #moviereviews2go #interviewideas (Posted August 29th)

Barbara Ann Bretz commented: There has been a confirmed Kevin Costner sighting in Park City. No, I wasn't the lucky was the sister of a friend of mine. He was lunching at The Eating Establishment on Main Street and was very friendly when approached (Posted August 29th)

Laura Hart Mair commented: So, Kevin Costner is filming his new TV show, Yellowstone at Heber's little Catholic Church today. It is St. Lawrence. They renamed it Paradise Valley Catholic Church. Ok, Kev! I waited in the hot sun to see you. I could not wait for your scene. Sorry, you missed me. Next time! (Posted August 29th)

Julie Fife commented: My good friend Melanie is his personal driver and assistant on this show

Rebecca Tibbits commented: My mother's old furniture will be featured on this show. (Posted August 29th)

Jean Scafati Daly commented: I saw him at Holiday Village, viewing Wind River. (Posted August 30th)

Terri Skurky Sooooo - DV parking lot 5 is filled with production like trucks (massive) and there are another half dozen huge trucks parked on Queen Esther Drive (in my way!); saw them unloading director's chairs with "Yellowstone" on the back of the chairs. (Posted August 30th)

Terri Skurky They were filming at The Lodges this morning and at Montage this afternoon. (Posted August 30th)

Montage Deer Valley:

Joette Hessick commented: I drove by the studios yesterday on my way to Mirror Lake and the parking lot was filled with cars and ATVs (Posted August 31st)

Dan Henderson‏ @danhendu tweeted: Nice treat spending a few minutes with #KevinCostner. A kind man, and great storyteller. @modernwest (Posted August 31st)

Andrew Wheeler commented: Started day playing two weeks ago as a PA on this show and they were impressed with how I was doing seeing how it was my first official job on a film set. Happy to say that as of Monday I am on the show full time until it wraps up in December! So stoked for this opportunity. Hard work finally paying off (September 9th)

sheridansofficial - Taylor & Nic Sheridan: 2nd half 😎🏈❤️ Go #cowboys @dallascowboys ❤️ #nfl (Posted September 10th)

bigchiefwpg - Chief Conway: Well so that was a RAD day. I went pheasant hunting. Oh ya, and Kevin Costner came with. Pretty casual, you know? I pointed, flushed and retrieved like a machine. I even had the pleasure of retrieving uncle Kev's bird. But I was pretty proud because I flushed a bird and jumped and caught it right out of the air. And of course when Mom got to meet Kevin (she was totally shocked!!) the only thing she said was "are you fucking kidding me". Just your typical Sunday (Posted September 10th)

teagirl1 - Andrea: #kevincostner #danceswithwolves (Posted September 12th)

Nathan Tanner‏ @nhtanner tweeted: Just picked up mother in law and Kevin Costner was on her flight. "I know Waterworld wasn't a hit, but does he really need to fly @Delta?" (Posted September 13th)

&‏ @ampersandria tweeted: Replying to @ampersandria thought i had Kevin Costner on my flight this morning, but........i did. i had Kevin Costner on my flight (Delta Stewardess) (Posted September 17th)

50shadesofphashion - Stacey Weber: A little star struck selfie going on with another Kevin!!! Kevin Costner is one of my favs πŸ’•I just had to do it😊#selfie #happysunday #starstruck #parkcity #kevincostner (Park City, Utah) (Posted September 17th)

Lori Carhart commented: Congratulations, Timothy Carhart for booking the new Kevin Costner series, Yellowstone! You will make an awesome Attorney General!!! (Posted September 17th)

oprockwell - O.P. Rockwell: We're always down for a last minute show, especially when Kevin Costner is in town and is bringing his band Modern West along. That's Park City living for you. Join us Sunday, Sept. 24 for Kevin Costner & Modern West for a night that's sure to be an absolute party. Score a ticket and don't miss out on this incredible experience. (Posted September 12th)

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: My friends @benttwigguitars sent me this beautiful gift.... it looks like it should be hung on the wall in a frame .... but sounds way to good for that!! #kevincostner #benttwig #montana #guitarporn #art #craftsmanship #craftsman (Posted Septmber 16th)

benttwigguitars - Bent Twig Guitars: Kevin loves his new Bent Twig Guitar! @kevincostnermodernwest #guitarplayer #acousticmusic #acousticguitar #acoustic #acousticaguitar #luthier #customguitar #madeinmontana #guitarbuilder #guitarsofinstagram (Posted September 12th)

Bent Twig Guitars of Libby Montana:

Ralph Simmons commented: This upcoming movie is being filmed on location east of Coalville, Utah. (Chalk Creek). I drove the screenwriter there today from Park City. Costner was standing near the cast and crew lunch area as we drove in. Unfortunately, I was not invited to eat with them! (Posted September 18th)

Andrew Michael‏ @AndrewOnTheAir tweeted: Just posted: ‘Kevin Costner Interview With Andrew Michael On 95 Country - 7 - 25 - 17’ on #SoundCloud #np (Posted Seeptember 18th)

Atticus Todd Books Major Recurring Guest Star in Upcoming Kevin Costner Series “Yellowstone” Atticus Todd, joins the cast of Kevin Costner’s upcoming series “Yellowstone” in the major recurring guest star role of “Ben Waters.”

Kevin Costner Interview With Andrew Michael On 95 Country - 7 - 25 - 17 I have to admit, I was SUPER nervous about interviewing a three-time Academy Award winning actor, writer, and director. This turned into one of the best interviews of my whole career.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

KC & MW to play O.P. Rockwell Music Hall, Park City, Utah...

O.P. Rockwell‏ @OPROCKWELLPC tweeted: When KevinCostner comes to Park City, he plays live OPRockwell with @modernwest. Sunday, Sept 24. (Posted September 12th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West will play the O.P. Rockwell Cocktail Lounge and Music Hall at 268 Main Street, Park City, UT on Sunday, September 24, 2017 - Doors open at 6:30 PM - Show is at 7:30 PM. For 21 and over. General Admission tickets are $48. Purchase at link:

O.P. Rockwell Cocktail & Music Hall website:

Monday, September 11, 2017

KC & MW to play 'WOW' fundraising concert...

Kevin Costner and Modern West will be playing at the "live televised" (no details on that yet) kickoff concert and fundraising gala for the 'Wonders Of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium' at 500 West Sunshine Street, Springfield, Missouri, on Wednesday, September 20, 2017, at 7:30PM along with country music stars Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, John Anderson, Chris Janson, Tracy Byrd, Easton Corbin and Craig Morgan and a live feed appearance from Kid Rock. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony is on Thursday, September 21st. The Museum opens to the public on September 22nd. See more details at the link:

'Wonders Of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium' website:

'Wonders Of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium' Facebook page:

Wonders of Wildlife commented: BIG NEWS! We’re excited and proud to announce our grand opening celebration on September 21, 2017 (Posted March 29th)

Bass Pro Shops also released the following list of conservation leaders from across the country that will be on the guest list:

Saturday, September 9, 2017

The latest from 'Yellowstone' filming with Kevin...

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: It was great having Teddy, John and Park visit me on set of my new show #YellowStone #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #montana #darby #rocknroll #cowboy #ranchlife #johndutton #horses #rancher @barrioeast @parkchisolm (Posted September 8th)

Glenn Jackson commented: Picked up a few ACRA / IPRA calf roping dollars over a the last few days, had a blast at the pasture roping but the high light of my week was receiving a message that I have the opportunity to work with Kevin Costner in " Yellowstone " (Posted September 4th)

Angela Hill commented: Randy Barton did say today on his KCPW radio show, that Kevin Costner's movie was filming in Brown's Canyon, near Rockport Reservoir! Ahh, Utah is a little something to everyone! (Posted September 5th)

Brown's Canyon near Rockport Reservoir: Browns Canyon, UT - Browns Canyon is a Valley in Summit County, Utah. It has an elevation of 1,871 meters, or 6,138 feet.

Brit Ellerman commented: A project I have been working on for the upcoming TV series "Yellowstone". This personal belt for Kevin Costner as well as several other products to be used on the show are headed out today. #myfriendsrock #thanksGHWT #texassaddlery #thenewlookoftheoldwest (Owner at Texas Saddlery) (Posted September 7th)

Texas Saddlery, 4325 County Road 31, Fort Lupton, Colorado, CO:

Our State Portrayed in the Movies and TV Thanks to Taylor Sheridan By Bill Sniffin on Tue 09/05/2017

When one of your favorite #polaris #rzr customers meets someone famous while wearing a #rosevillepolaris shirt with Ronnie Riisager (Posted August 24th)

Ronnie Riisager commented: He is such a cool guy.... freaking legend... (Posted August 24th)

New role for Ramos by Scott Rains September 3, 2017 After four years as Geronimo, Lawton native prepares for Costner's new television series