Monday, August 29, 2016

KC & MW played Brownstone Center for the Arts...

Kevin Costner Interview-PRCC Brownstone Center By pearlrivercollege Uploaded on Aug 23, 2016 Kevin Costner is interviewed about his upcoming concert at Pearl River Community College Brownstone Center in Poplarville, MS - Kevin Costner and Modern West Aug. 26 at 7 PM

Kevin Costner and Modern West will play rockin’ show in Poplarville By Jeff Clark August 26, 2016

Ives ‏@Ivory_d_ tweeted: So Kevin Costner is at PRCC rn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and I have to freakin work this concert booth 😒 they actin like Beyonce at this school 💀😭 (Posted August 26th)

Joey Howard ‏@joeyhoward1112 tweeted: Wow! Kevin Costner in Poplarville! If you build it ... any idea what we're building in P'ville? @JrayHornet (Posted August 26th)

Katie Davenport Ball ‏@_KatieDavenport tweeted: Kevin, you still got it my friend. #dayum #kevincostner (Posted August 26th)

Amy Thornton ‏@amaymay820 tweeted: kellytgirl and I got to hang out with Kevin Costner this weekend.… (Posted August 28th)

chuck_rinehart: Hey looks it's a #nidoran at a #kevincostner concert! (Posted August 26th)

chuck_rinehart: OMG this #weedle loves #kevincostner and his band! (Posted August 26th)

chuck_rinehart: This damn #pidgey was blocking my view of #kevincostner so I caught it! (Posted August 26th)

chuck_rinehart: #kevincostner is a snake charmer, at least when it comes to #ekans (Posted August 26th)

chris_vignes: Just a typical night in Poplarville, MS #kevincostner (Posted August 26th)

dshill686: Memory-making night at PRCC! #iamshort #kevincostnermodernwest #prccbrownstone (Posted August 27th)

Brittyn Miller Ezelle commented: Great show tonight & enjoyed spending some time with my mother-n-law. #kevincostner (Posted August 26th)

Friday, August 26, 2016

'Explorers Guild' illustrations CSUF gallery debut...

CSUF News Service - ‘The Explorers Guild’ Brings Graphic Fiction to the Begovich,   August 17, 2016  Excerpt: Illustrations from CSUF alumnus Kevin Costner’s book “Explorers Guild: Volume One: A Passage to Shambhala” debut at Cal State Fullerton’s Nicholas and Lee Begovich Gallery Saturday, Aug. 27, with a 5 p.m. opening reception. The exhibit continues through Dec. 15.

Greg And The Morning Buzz - Kevin Costner-Jon Baird Interview The awesome Kevin Costner worked with Jon Baird (an Amesbury kid!) on the novel "The Explorers Guild"- and its getting excellent reviews! December 22, 2015

Max In The Morning Show 98.3FM interview By WWRZ Podcast #158

Picture of Kevin in New York, October 2015:,w=985,c=0.bild.jpg

Kevin Costner & Jon Baird Preview New Book " The Explorers Guild" by ichiban akita Published on Oct 23, 2015 Great Day Washington

Rick Ross ‏@agitainment tweeted: #RickRoss (@agitainment) and #KevinCostner with the original oil paintings for the #ExplorersGuild.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

KC & MW played The Birchmere, Alexandria, Virginia...

Colin Matthews ‏@svnder tweeted: lol kevin costner's tour bus just pulled up in front of the cafe where @syldenn and I were sitting (Posted August 23rd)

Producer Blaire ‏@ProducerBlaire tweeted: . @JackDiamondShow tells you about #kevincostner calling @mix1073DC at 8:30! Listen to win meet and greet passes! (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: . @JackDiamondShow's wife Lisa Anne is sooo excited #KevinCostner is calling this show at 8:30! Be listening! (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: . @JackDiamondShow talking to #KevinCostner right now! #KevinCostner says he plays music when he watches his movies footage. (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: #KevinCostner talking to @JackDiamondShow "work gets to be routine, but sometimes its different and it feels good" (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: #KevinCostner says to @JackDiamondShow knew he wanted a singer, not an actress in The Bodyguard for the #WhitneyHouston role. (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: #KevinCostner tells @JackDiamondShow he didn't think he would ever make 1 record let alone 5 with his band @modernwest (Posted August 24th)

Kevin Costner joins The Jack Diamond Morning Show! (Posted August 24th) LISTEN:

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: Congrats to Pam & Crystal, going to see #KevinCostner & @modernwest tonight @thebirchmere!! (Posted August 24th)

Aly Jacobs ‏@AlyJacobs727 tweeted: So excited to chat with @modernwest at 10:25!!! Kevin Costner was my first interview ever so this is pretty special. (Posted August 24th)

Marky Mark ‏@DCCelebrity tweeted: TONIGHT - @modernwest @thebirchmere #DMV #BullDurham (Posted August 24th)

Kate Zimmerman ‏@VACastleFan tweeted: Enjoying Kevin Costner and @modernwest @thebirchmere .... Awesome evening!! (Posted August 24th)

(((Edrie Irvine))) ‏@edgery tweeted: My evening with Kevin Costner and @modernwest (Posted August 24th)

(((Edrie Irvine))) ‏@edgery tweeted: How Kevin Costner came back to music @ The Birchmere (Posted August 24th)

Kylie Foster ‏@kpfoster974 tweeted: Just saw @modernwest KevinCostner at the birchmere, not only did his music make you want to dance the night away, his stories were inspiring (Posted August 24th)

Fran Anderson ‏@fcanderson53 tweeted: Cousin Mary Lou enjoying Kevin Costner at the Birchmere Alexandria, VA (Posted August 25th)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

KC & MW played Ridgefield Playhouse, Connecticut...

stockmom: He's coming back! #MondayNight 8/22 @kevincostnermodernwest @r_playhouse -awesome music! #kevincostner #greatmusician #UpCloseAndPersonal #worthseeing (PostedAugust 21st)

Ridgefield Playhouse ‏@RPlayhouse tweeted: #KevinCostner @modernwest crew loading in for tonight's show! Some tix avail - come out for a great night of #music (Posted August 22nd)

Ridgefield Playhouse ‏@RPlayhouse tweeted: If you build it, they will come! Getting ready for #KevinCostner @modernwest TONIGHT! @HamletHubRidge @WEBE108Radio (Posted August 22nd)

Mike Bennett ‏@MikeBennett11 tweeted: TY Kevin Costner @modernwest 4 being so gracious before your show @RPlayhouse All the best to you & your great band! (Posted August 22nd)

lauriec1104: So this happened... #KevinCostner 🎤🎸 #RobinHood #DancesWithWolves #TinCup #FieldOfDreams #BullDurham ⚾️ #ForLoveOfTheGame #MrBrooks #TheUntouchables #BodyGuard #TheGuardian 🏊🏻 #WyattEarp 🔫 #KevinCostner&ModernWest 🎤 (Posted August 22nd)

brookeedo: So happy I got to meet Kevin Costner last night ! 😍😍😍 @kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest #starstruck (Posted August 23rd)

heatherprescottphotography: Great show and he seems like a great guy! #ageless #cuteasever #kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest #modernwest #ThatPhotographerGirl #forsakenphotography @ivanmovesu (Posted August 23rd)

Kevin Costner & Modern West Band Ridgefield Playhouse photos by Don Clady:

Lisa Hahne Smith commented: Got to see Kevin Costner perform at the Ridgefield Playhouse last night, it was great!! (Posted August 23rd)

Blanche Horst ‏@HobanGirl tweeted: Holy rollers, some hot month @thebirchmere ... and wrapping with whoppers! Hello #DavidCrosby and #KevinCostner. (Posted August 23rd)

Monday, August 22, 2016

KC & MW played Siskin Children's Institute Fundraiser...

Jeremy Jones ‏@JeremyEJones tweeted: Tomorrow (Saturday) I'll be djing the after party of Siskin's Star night with Kevin Costner and his band Modern... (Posted August 19th)

Huggy Lowdown ‏@HuggyLowdownDC tweeted: Look who I ran into in Chattanooga,hours before our show! (Posted August 20th)

Siskin Children's Institute commented: Thanks to the wonderful volunteers from @TVA for helping us get ready for ‪#‎starnightcha‬ tomorrow! ‪#‎siskinkids‬ ‪#‎KevinCostner‬ ‪#‎ModernWest‬ (Posted August 19th)

Siskin Children ‏@siskinchildren tweeted: Joining us for StarNight? Be sure to use #SiskinKids #StarNightCha & #KevinCostner when posting about tonight's event! (Posted August 20th)

Music more than a diversion for StarNight headliner Kevin Costner by Barry Courter August 20, 2016

Siskin Children ‏@siskinchildren tweeted: Less than an hour until our cocktail reception starts. Post your pics using #siskinkids #starnightcha #kevincostner (Posted August 20th)

Siskin Children's Institute commented: Thanks to our sponsors! ‪#‎siskinkids‬ ‪#‎starnightcha‬ ‪#‎KevinCostner‬ (Posted August 20th)

scotthibberts: Kevin Costner takes the stage! #siskinkids #kevincostner #starnight #whoknew? (Posted August 20th)

bltuck2: #kevincostner #starnight #siskinkids (Posted August 20th)

103.7 KISS FM ‏@KissChattanooga tweeted: Kevin Costner walked out and grown women freaked out 😂❤️ #siskinnight (Posted August 20th)

Janet Overman ‏@cdojanet tweeted: #kevincostner (Posted August 20th)

julie_darling: #kevincostner #starnight (Posted August 20th)

jennifernicely: Kevin Costner, Me and 1,100 of our closest friends. #starnight #kevincostner (Posted August 20th)

kjcone: #siskinkids #kevincostner (Posted August 20th)

christylbrowning: Oh hey Kevin #kevincostner #siskinkids #siskininstitute #siskinchattanooga #betterinperson (Posted August 20th)

courtneykidot: Our 4th #starnight for #siskinkids with #kevincostner. Always glad to get gussied up for my work babies. (Posted August 20th)

rachaelgwyn: Just us and #Kevincostner (Posted August 20th)

rachaelgwyn: Hello there, handsome. #kevincostner #starnight (Posted August 20th)

daltontemple: Y'all.. Did you know about @kevincostnermodernwest ?? Actor turned Rockstar #starnight (Posted August 20th)

theclaypot...ninety pans of "grass" for tonight's starnight with kevin costner...such fun working with mary & julie. #siskinstarnight #fieldofdreams @bloomsburyfarm (Posted August 20th)

karielaina: Star Night charity event in Chattanooga! #starnightcha #kevincostner (Posted August 21st)

Siskin Children's Institute photos: Thank you ‪#‎KevinCostner‬ and ‪#‎ModernWest‬ for a StarNight we will not soon forget and thanks to our wonderful sponsors, volunteers, SCI staff, and generous StarNight guests that helped make this year's event a huge success.

Jan Hanan commented: A wonderful evening with Kevin Costner:

Zachery Beker photos and videos: Star Night 2016: