Saturday, May 20, 2017

More of Kevin from the French SNCF train ad...

véronique giraudeau‏ @vero_giraudeau tweeted: LGV Paris-Bordeaux. 2h04 de trajet. Plus possible de regarder 1 film Hollywoodien en entier! #KevinCostner #Sncf (Posted May 12th)

Dans Le TGV‏Verified account @DansLeTGV tweeted: Quand TGV accélère, Hollywood doit suivre. Découvrez la bande annonce de "2h04 Paris-Bordeaux" avec Kevin Costner (Posted May 12th)

Camille Bonhomme‏ @omega_gaga tweeted: Kevin Costner raccourcit ses films dans une pub pour la SNCF (Posted May 13th)

Yan Reuter‏ @YanReuter tweeted: SNCF. #KevinCostner and Camille Lou makes the TGV Oceane promo (Posted May 13th)

Le Luxe Tranquille‏ @Luxe_Tranquille tweeted: VIDEO - Découvrez pourquoi Camille Lou harcèle Kevin Costner (Posted May 13th)

Blogs de Lorraine‏ @blogsdelorraine tweeted: Short film: 2 h 04 with Kevin Costner Kim Chapiron (Posted May 13th)


sparklesbubbles - Caroline Simon-Schreiber: Ad campaign Kevin Costner for SNCF (french railway) and Buzzman. #kevincostner #sncf #tgv #advertising #campaign #bodyguard #dancewithwolves (Posted May 13th)

Leonard Schreiber commented: Very proud of my dear sister !!! Her own company does the link between Hollywood stars and big companies.. in this case connecting Kevin Costner with the SNCF (French railways) for a fun commercial. Bravo Caroline !!! #sparkles&bubbles She always aimed for the Moon 🌙 ... instead, landed amongst the Stars (Posted May 12th)

canal marketing‏ @canal_marketing tweeted: #marketing Esta campaña francesa obliga a Kevin Costner a “meter la tijera” en sus… (Posted May 17th)

Picture and article (and the video with subtitles): Kevin Costner catches French high speed rail in new TGV ad May 18, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Kevin to star in 10 episode TV series called 'Yellowstone'...

According to the article: Kevin Costner to Star in Taylor Sheridan Drama for Paramount Network by Lesley Goldberg, dated May 15, 2017: Kevin is set to star as the lead, John Dutton, and will also be an Executive Producer, along with Harvey Weinstein, David Glasser, John and Art Linson. 'Yellowstone' will be written and directed by Taylor Sheridan. Production on 'Yellowstone' begins in the fall with a summer 2018 launch on Paramount Network. For more detail see the article at the link:

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kevin's French ad for SNCF released today...

SNCF (Société nationale des chemins de fer français; "National society of French railways" or "French National Railway Corporation") is France's national state-owned railway company and manages the rail traffic in France and the Principality of Monaco.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Camille Lou at the SNCF pub - The American actor and the French singer are playing in a short film promoting the Bordeaux-Paris high-speed line. May 11,, 2017

candicebrittain - candice brittain: When Costner looks at you......and asks you to please be quiet 🍕#costumedesigner #set #kevincostner (Posted April 14th)

Gwendoline Cazenave‏ @GwenCazenave tweeted: Kevin Costner dans le film "2h04 Paris-Bordeaux". Décidément pour l'ouverture des Lignes à Grande Vitesse, jusqu'où ira #sncf ? #proud (Posted May 10th)

fancomptecamillelou - fancompteCamilleLou: On ne peut être que super fière d'elle... elle a réussi son parie et c'est super😍😍❤️ #sncf #camillelou #kevincostner #pub @camillelouofficiel @kevincostnermodernwest (Posted May 11th)

Démence Films‏ @DemenceFilms tweeted: Parce-que Kevin Costner dans une pub SNCF...réalisé par Kim Chapiron #WTF (Posted May 11th)

Chr*sp*nt**‏ @chrispontie tweeted: #TGV asked #Hollywood to shorten his films at 2:04 #KevinCostner (Posted May 11th)

Invest in Bordeaux‏ @InvestinBx tweeted: Paris-Bordeaux en 2h04 : le #TGV fait sa promo de Hollywood à #Bordeaux avec Kevin Costner à l'affiche (Posted May 11th)

COVIAUX‏ @lcoviaux tweeted: VIDÉO - Quand Kevin Costner fait la promotion de la LGV qui mettra Bordeaux à 2h04 de Paris (Posted May 11th)

Eficiens Tweet'Café‏ @Eficiens tweeted: Huge! The TGV goes too fast to finish the film? Shorten the films 😂! with #KevinCostner (Posted May 11th)


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

KC & MW played the 'Black Knight' Convention in Orlando, Florida...

Elizabeth✨‏ @Queen_Liz121 tweeted: My mom just met Kevin Costner and she's freaking out lol I guess that's where I get it from (Posted April 24th)

Cheryl Donoghue Sexton commented: Me and Kevin (Posted April 24th)

Cheryl Donoghue Sexton commented: At the Black Knight conference with speaker Kevin Costner (Posted April 24th)

Patrick Svenburg‏ @svenburg tweeted: "I've taken a big bite out of life, but life has also taken a big bite out of me", says Kevin Costner #quote (Posted April 24th)

Tori Myers‏ @muzic121315 tweeted: Enjoyed Kevin Costner today at our conference. @modernwest (Posted April 24th)

mrs.amy.sinclair - Amy Sinclair: There has never been anything so exciting in the mortgage industry as Kevin Costner #kevincostner #orlando #mortgageworld (Posted April 24th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West was live: KCMW SOUNDCHECK ORLANDO (Posted April 24th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West was live: KCMW live from Orlando!! (Posted April 24th)

Aubry Gene Harris with Judd White. Kevin Costner & Modern West Private party in Orlando (Posted April 24th)

Robert Couch‏ @poorly_designed tweeted: I am at a Kevin Costner concert. WTF happened to my life? (Posted April 24th)

Robert Couch‏ @poorly_designed tweeted: So I'm pretty close to this guy who won some oscars and made some pretty good movies. I guess that's kinda cool. (Posted April 24th)

Jesse Revueltas‏ @twplus1 tweeted: Hanging out with Kevin Costner @ the Black Knight convention in Orlando with the wife (Posted April 24th)

Jesse Revueltas‏ @twplus1 tweeted: Kevin Costner playing with the Modern West Band at Black Knight IE convention... very talented actor/singer (Posted April 24th)

Jesse Revueltas‏ @twplus1 tweeted: Mr jamboree Man by Kevin Costner at Black Knight Orlando, the Dude is Awesome (Posted April 24th)

Craig Katzman‏ @Mine4Data tweeted: @modernwest #KevinCostner (Posted Aprill 24th)

Heather Farnham commented: Kevin Costner live in concert at the Black Knight Conference at Hilton Orlando (Posted Aprill 24th)

Cheryl Donoghue Sexton: With Terri Clark O'Sullivan and Jennifer J'Anthony Stich. (Posted Aprill 24th)

kylejbarrett - Kyle Barrett: Got to shoot @kevincostnermodernwest tonight in Orlando. Bummed I'm missing out on #nabshow this year but duty calls. Plus it's not everyday Wyatt Earp sings to you... (Posted Aprill 24th)

Victor Medrano commented: Kevin Costner (Posted April 24th)

Kendra Turley commented: Playing hooky with Jacque Yentsch Watson. Kevin Costner and Modern West sound check. (Posted April 24th)

Tara Smith commented: Kevin Costner!! (Posted April 24th)

Eric Arlt commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West - Kicking off our partnership with Black Knight! #lenderprice (Posted April 24th)

Eric Arlt commented: Cheers Lender Price!! Kevin bringing us to the forefront of lending with Hollywood style! (Posted April 24th)

justinrhenry - Justin Henry: #kevincostner #informationexchange #motorcyclesandals #hiltonorlando I'm at a conference in Orlando. He's investing in a financial software company. He's at the conference promoting his product. (Posted April 25th)

Melissa Camp‏ @mcamp7007 tweeted: @modernwest AWESOME Concert. Loved the songs! Such touching lyrics that moved the soul! Thanks! #KevinCostner #modernwest (Posted Aprill 24th)

Alisa Chernin Harris‎ commented: My mom is on a flight right now and freaking Kevin Costner is in front of her!!!! and all I did was ask her to show this to him to see if his SO wanted one! Bahaha! HOOK ME UP MOM! She just texted me to tell me he borrowed her "pen". Lmao! (Posted April 20th)

Maria Chernin commented: None of his entourage had a pen. He remarked that it was handy that I had a pen (Posted April 20th)

Ms. B‏ @theasianpeteach tweeted: Today #kevincostner let my husband cut back n line @ the airport. Brace urself he said, "You can go ahead." If you cut in line, he will come (Posted 5:20pm April 25th)

Monday, April 24, 2017

More of KC & MW "The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon" concert...

Suzette Sears Baird commented: Awesome day listening to Kevin Costner & Modern West Band practice ❤️ @ The Outer Toons Castle Studio, Winter Park, Florida. (Posted 4:35pm April 21st)

Christine Matney commented: Prayers for my baby Shanique Keen and her friend Tina for safe travels on their adventure to Fort Myers Fl .. they are on their way to Asheville and flying out first thing in the morning and will be flying back Monday !!!.. yes she's chasing Kevin Costner down again lol .. have a fun SAFE trip !!!... love you shanique and me and maddie are so jealous , not of Kevin Costner but Fl and the beach (Posted April 20th)

Shanique Keen (Posted April 21st)

Bronson Heckler commented: Kevin Costner (Posted April 22nd)

Frank D'Agostino commented: Sandy and me with Millicent and her cousin Kevin Costner playing in Ft Myers! (Posted April 22nd)

Julie Powell commented: At the Ranch in Ft Myers with my sweet Mamma watching Kevin Costner and his band.doing concert!!!! (Posted April 22nd)

Karianne Taylor Massengill commented: Kevin Costner @ The Ranch Ft Myers (Posted April 22nd)

Karen Q Lehmann commented: Kevin. Costner fort Myers fl (Posted April 22nd)

J Scott Bennett commented: I truly love working at The Ranch. I've been fortunate enough to meet some fantastic people. Kevin Costner was such a down to earth regular guy. I've watched him on the big screen since I was a kid. It was pretty surreal to talk to him throughout the night. He'd talk to you like you've known each other for years. Very nice guy. And yes, the first time I saw him, I was thinking, no way. Lol (Posted April 23rd)

Wendy Wilkins Tucker commented: Well last night was great . The show started with clips from his movies . It would show all the clips of him fighting , then clips of him kissing , and so on. It was an awesome start to the show . His band was good, but listening to him and his stories was even better . Kevin Costner you produced a great show and We totally enjoyed it..... (Posted April 23rd)

karenkleyla1 - Karen: @kevincostnermodernwest story about hunting with his dad hit close to home... #modernwest #kevincostner @trader_brandon (Posted April 23rd)

karenkleyla1 - Karen: @kevincostnermodernwest needed a script... #memoryloss #kevincostner (Posted April 23rd)

karenkleyla1 - Karen: @kevincostnermodernwest slows things down... #slomotion #kevincostner (Posted April 23rd)

sunnycreeklabmom - Lisa Reier: And who don't love Kevin Costner!! 🔥 #kevincostner #fortmyers @kevincostnermodernwest #modernwest (Posted April 23rd)

MaryAnn Delacono commented: Some photos from last night. Amazing show! (Posted April 23rd)

Ronny Roskosch commented: Last nigh I had the great luck to enjoy Kevin Costner & Modern West in Ft. Myers, Florida. It was not only beeing ther with great friends, we where so lucky to have the first table next to the stage and enjoy the music in a very relaxed and super close manner. What a great energy, what a great night! Kevin, you are Legend, lovn, lovn it! (Posted April 23rd)

Tom Savoie commented: "Kevin Costner & Modern West" at The Ranch in Ft. Myers last night! (Posted April 23rd)

Nancy E. Rydlewski commented: Fabulous show last night at The Ranch in Fort Myers, Fl. Thank You!! — at Ft. Myers Beach. (Posted April 23rd)

Tami Tampa commented: I knew Kevin Costner could act but I did realize how great he could sing. Great concert last night Ft Myers Florida with Christine Carpenter (Posted April 23rd)

Ivy Lagdameo Gonzalez commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West!!! (Posted April 23rd)

Debra Parry Trichilo commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West. Mr. Tambourine Man. (Posted April 23rd)

Debra Parry Trichilo commented: And then he was gone ... Kevin Costner and Modern West. End of the show. (Posted April 23rd)

MrsEmily Rideout commented: Got to see Kevin Kostner & his band in concert at The Ranch Saloon in Ft. MYERS last night (Posted April 23rd)

Kimberly's Magickal commented: ....From the stage, he poured her a glass of champagne and...gave her one of his guitar picks! Well, thank you, Universe, the Stars, and whoever was listening during her spell. She was the happiest woman on Earth last night! How about that for a manifestation! (Posted April 23rd)

Kerri Ferrell Schroeder commented: Yesterday was a fun day (Posted April 23rd)

The News-Press‏ @TheNewsPress tweeted: Kevin Costner charms Fort Myers crowd at The Ranch #SWFL (Posted April 24th)

Kevin Costner and Modern West SOUNDCHECK!! by Juanfunkels Chanel Published on Apr 24, 2017 wow!

Mercy Garcia commented: Lakeland Fla 1st row, Best experience ever, Those in Ft Myers tonite enjoy to fullest..i got guitar pic, N unforgetable (Posted April 22nd)