Friday, October 24, 2014

Kevin's day of filming before traveling to Rome...

English Gentleman ‏@iamhornygaz tweeted: North West, England @totalfilm @empiremagazine Kevin Costner on Sunday in London Filming......... (Posted October 22nd)

シャーン ‏@Sian_Lynch tweeted: Lily Cole walked past me earlier. And Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Costner were in the building next to me last week. I love where my Uni is �� (Posted October 22nd)

Faye Leanne ‏@FayeLeannex tweeted: Ryan Reynolds & Kevin Costner filming outside my work ���� (Posted October 23rd)

Ellen Kaye ‏@EllenIsabella tweeted: Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman have made an appearance now too. NO WORK BEING DONE TODAY (Poplar, London) (Posted October 23rd)

OpenmindMH ‏@OpenMindMH tweeted: "ACTION!" Filming outside @nfpSynergy today. East London setting for new blockbuster. Question of the day is "Will Kevin Costner turn up"? (Posted October 23rd)

Holly Archer ‏@ArcherHolly tweeted: Nothing like a bit of #RyanReynolds and #KevinCostner filming next to your office. Dull Thursday just got good! (Posted October 23rd)

Andy Kelly ‏@Gooner_AK tweeted: Excitement amongst the female office staff as we believe Kevin Costner has turned up for filming outside. (Posted October 23rd)

Andy Kelly ‏@Gooner_AK tweeted: Kevin Costner #Gooner (Posted October 23rd)

lmgiq ‏@lmgiq tweeted: #lmgiq Hanging out with Kevin Costner and his drone on the set of #Criminal being filmed outside our office. (Posted (October 23rd)

Andy Kelly ‏@Gooner_AK tweeted: And here is a video of #Arsenal fan Kevin Costner in action today - Kevin Costner's new film "Criminal" is being filmed in Whites Row, London, E1 today (Posted October 23rd)

Simon ‏@JelleySimon tweeted: Kevin Costner hanging off a carpark smashing a drone. Standard for a thursday (Posted October 23rd)

Claire Dikecoglu ‏@claireyfairy1 tweeted: @frogli Oh interesting. Criminal has loads of big stars. Apparently Kevin Costner is filming there today based on a quick search! (Posted October 23rd)

Andrew Sutherland ‏@BigAndySuths tweeted: Heard Kevin Costner was filming opposite my work. Went looking for him, couldn't find him. And that was that. Back to my desk. (Posted October 23rd)

Picture by jonnydfitness - Jonny Fitness: Cheers for Waterworld Kevin @kevincostner filming 'Criminal' outside the front door this morning. #kevincostner #ryanreynolds @billybeck3 #criminal (Posted October 23rd)

Picture by sebasdcp - The Mavericks: Filming "Criminal" outside of my house #ryanreynolds #kevincostner #vscocam (Posted October 23rd)

Picture by riofredrika - Rio Debolla: He a Boss #kevincostner (Posted October 23rd)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Berlin Fashion Week videos and ARQUEONAUTAS pictures...

AUDIO: Kevin Costner im Radio Gong 96,3 Exklusivinterview - Ganz grosses Kino im Radio

Kevin Costner al Arqueonautas Music Meets Fashion:

Kevin Costner @ Hotel Adlon Berlin Fashion Week 2014 by kanamoonify Published on Aug 4, 2014

Kevin Costner Interview @ Fashion Week Berlin 08.07.2014 by kanamoonify Published on Aug 4, 2014

Kevin Costner - 90 miles an hour (LIVE) @ Fashion Week Berlin 08.07.2014 by kanamoonify Published on Aug 4, 2014

Kevin Costner tells stories about his life @ Fashion Week Berlin 08.07.2014 by kanamoonify Published on Aug 4, 2014

Kevin Costner & Modern West Concert @ Fashion Week Berlin 08.07.2014 by kanamoonify Published on Aug 4, 2014

Kevin Costner - Mr. Tambourine Man @ Fashion Week Berlin 08.07.2014 by kanamoonify Published on Aug 4, 2014

Other ARQUEONAUTAS pictures:,435971.html#.VEcCZVcrijI,434372.html#.VEcDp1crijI

Pictures by Renate Panian Burington: Surprise mail from Germany! ARQUEONAUTAS Magazine:

Monday, October 20, 2014

'Criminal' films in Borough Market over the weekend...

Dragos Savulescu commented: On the set, with Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot - in London, United Kingdom (Posted October 13th)

dana_w_gonzales tweeted: (South East London) #criminal #london (Posted October 15th)

Gerald Dorrity ‏@GeraldMDorrity tweeted: Despite normally abhorring such status' I've a day on Ryan Reynolds/Gary Oldman/Kevin Costner's movie tomorrow! #idolsmuch!? (Posted October 18th)

Perry Curties @PerryCurties tweeted: Hollywood in my studio today: Gary Oldman just left, Tommy Lee Jones is next, and we finish with Robin Hood (Costner, not Crowe) tonight. (Posted October 18th)

Picture by stefaniadv_: Un gran figo! #kevincostner (Posted October 18th)

Michael Pitt Fans ‏@michaelpittfans tweeted: @WetOtter So awesome that you spotted Kevin Costner on set! :D He is the man. Have you spotted any other cast-members yet? :) (Posted October 19th)

Glenn Sumi ‏@glennsumi tweeted: Borough Mkt is usually closed on Sun but it *looks* open today because Kevin Costner, T Lee Jones and Gary Oldman are making a movie. (Posted October 19th)

Picture by laetiloreni - Laetitia Loreni: Moments like this is why I do my job! Amazing time with #kevincostner on set of #Criminal (Borough Market) (Posted October 19th)

Picture by misskissedi - misskissoffduty: Filming at Borough market today...will be a big movie... (Posted October 19th)

Picture by rix6nine - Ricky: Bumped into Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones around town today. Filming 'Criminal' Officially #StarStruck #BoroughMarket #legend #KevinCostner (Posted October 19th)

Ian Waterfall ‏@ian_waterfall tweeted: @kevincostner #missedagoodpaparazishot gutted!! just seen Costner filming at #BoroughMarket not quick enough on phone camera (Posted October 19th)

Walid ‏@Walllid tweeted: @soulboydaveybee and me spotted kevin Costner in borough market wearing a beanie and shades. (Posted October 19th)

david belcher ‏@soulboydaveybee tweeted: Just spotted Tommy Lee Jones in back of a cab filming Criminal in a back street near Borough Market. He was wriggling about a bit #spoiler (Posted October 19th)

Precious Muir ‏@PreciousMuir tweeted: It was pretty cool to walk around after lunch & see #KevinCostner filming a #movie in #LondonTown today ;-) (Posted October 19th)

davemulligan @davemulligan tweeted: Mission accomplished! #BoroughMarket (Posted October 19th)

Alex Hayes ‏@AlexandraDHayes tweeted: People we're loosing the light!! Please can we wrap now! I've been awake for a very long time and I would like to go home to my warm house! (Posted October 19th)

Alex Hayes ‏@AlexandraDHayes tweeted: @sparkyspark4 it's over! I'm home! Can't really complain though as I've been on set in the vicinity of Kevin Costner all day!!! (Posted October 19th)

Picture by arielvromen - Ariel Vromen: With the great talented #KevinCostner on the set of#Criminal. (Posted October 19th)

danagonzales ‏@danagonzales tweeted: Rehearsing a scene with Kevin Costner,Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman .. Epic #London #criminal (Posted October 20th)

Turnips ‏@TurnipsBorough tweeted: Lights, camera, Turnips! Interesting day at borough market yesterday with Kevin Costner & Tommy Lee Jones filming! (Posted October 20th)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

'Black And White' changed to 'Black Or White'....

Relativity Buys Kevin Costner-Starrer ‘Black Or White’ by Mike Fleming Jr October 17, 2014:

Father-Like Son ‏@Father_LikeSon tweeted: This Sat, there will a case study of Kevin Costner's new film "Black and White." This film is amazing! (Posted October 14th)

SPC Film Commission ‏@FilmStPeteClear tweeted: US Premiere for #BlackWhite starring #kevincostner & @octaviaspencer @NOFS really good film, looking forward to great fest @FilmTampaBay Posted October 16th)

New Orleans Film Festival 2014 opening night: The view from the red carpet (video) | The Times-Picayune Published on Oct 17, 2014 Festival kicks off with U.S. premiere of Kevin Costner's locally shot 'Black and White'

New Orleans Film Festival and FotoKem Present a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of BLACK AND WHITE BURBANK, CA (October 9, 2014)

New Orleans Film Festival 2014 marks a homecoming for Kevin Costner's NOLA-shot 'Black and White' By Mike Scott,

Friday, October 17, 2014

Kevin eats at Chiltern Firehouse in London...

Pictures: LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 16: Kevin Costner at the Chiltern Firehouse in London, England.[517107475]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

The Dailymail reports that Kevin was with his wife but that's not Christine in the pictures. It looks to be his assistant for 'Criminal' filming as she was pictured with him on September 30th in front of the Croydon Shop where they filmed some scenes.

Dennis Gill ‏@dennisgill tweeted: Kevin Costner Kate moss Gary oldman at the Chiltern firehouse now in marylebone london W1, 1, Chiltern Street (Posted October 16th)

Picture by natalie_burn - Natalie Burn: #natalieburn #criminal #kevinCostner #set #amazineFilming #greatFun #arielVromen #coolDirector He was super cool. Very humble and super professional man (Posted October 16th)

Actress Natalie Burn:

Hoz #BDS ‏@Hozwoldian tweeted: Just seen Kevin Costner in Covent Garden unlike other movie stars he is as tall in real life as in the movies Top Man (Posted October 16th)
Covent Garden website:

Picture by natalie_burn - Natalie Burn: #natalieburn #criminal #kevinCostner #set #amazineFilming #greatFun #arielVromen #coolDirector He was super cool. Very humble and super professional man (Posted October 16th)

Tommy Lee Jones broke two ribs before filming latest movie By Ian Mohr October 13, 2014 Excerpt: The buzz at the premiere of Tommy Lee Jones’ “The Homesman” at the Hamptons Film Festival was that the tough-guy actor and director recently broke two ribs before filming his next movie, “Criminal,” with Kevin Costner. “He was fly-fishing and fell off a dock,” explained a source. “He’s recovered and is currently shooting in Europe.”

Weekend library closure for ‘Criminal’ filming October 10, 2014: