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The latest from 'Yellowstone' on Paramount Network...

Yellowstone ‏Verified account @yellowstone_tv tweeted: Fight for what's yours. Yellowstone continues tonight at 10/9c on @ParamountNet. #Yellowstone (Posted June 27th)

Yellowstone ‏Verified account @yellowstone_tv tweeted: “Most fathers don’t have to do this twice.” - John Dutton (Kevin Costner) #Yellowstone (Posted June 27th)

Paramount Network ‏Verified account @paramountnet tweeted: #IndianaJones marathon all day #July4th. @Yellowstone_TV returns next week. Until then IT’S A HAT-OFF, Y’ALL! (Posted July 3rd)

Yellowstone ‏Verified account @yellowstone_tv tweeted: Nothing stays as it is. New #Yellowstone Wednesday on @ParamountNet. (Posted July 9th)

Yellowstone ‏Verified account @yellowstone_tv tweeted: The past catches up to everyone. New #Yellowstone tonight at 10/9c on @ParamountNet. (Posted July 11th)

Yellowstone ‏Verified account @yellowstone_tv tweeted: “Because of all the days, today’s the one I want to forget the most.” #Yellowstone tonight on @ParamountNet. (Posted July 11th)

Yellowstone ‏Verified account @yellowstone_tv tweeted: Let's go to work. #Yellowstone starts now on @ParamountNet. (Posted July 11th)

Yellowstone ‏Verified account @yellowstone_tv tweeted: “I’m the opposite of progress, John. I’m the past. Catching up to you.” - Thomas Rainwater (@gilbirmingham) to John Dutton (@modernwest) #Yellowstone (Posted July 11th)    https://twitter.com/yellowstone_tv/status/1017281398737010689

Paul Skold‏ @paulskold tweeted: Awesome Modern #Western @Yellowstone_TV @ParamountNet @ModernWest I’m all in, great writing*, acting, story... binged ep.1+2, have ep.3 cued up. Costner is the “Cowboy Godfather” *Taylor Sheridan (‘Hell Or High Water’ etc.) Hey Terry Gross ✔️ check it out! @nprfreshair (Posted July 11th)

A Tribute to Kevin Costner’s Many ‘Yellowstone’ Jackets - They are plentiful, and they are cool as hell - By Andrew Gruttadaro, July 12, 2018 Excerpt: ...the show is truly at its best when Kevin Costner is just standing in front of a mountain amidst horses, looking rugged in a cool coat. See pictures at link:

Watch ‘Yellowstone’ Online Free Paramount Network Live Streaming Kevin Costner TV Show Tonight (Update) By Anthony Rumen on July 11, 2018    https://www.thehdroom.com/tv/watch-yellowstone-online-free-paramount-network-live-streaming-kevin-costner-tv-show-115072/

Kill the Messenger: Behind The Story of Ep. 2 | Yellowstone | Paramount Network Paramount Network Published on Jul 2, 2018 - Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille talk about Kayce and Monica's handling of a meth lab explosion, Wes Bentley unpacks Jamie's tense meeting with the governor, and Jefferson White shares Jimmy’s first venture into cowboy life.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXDTjTi3Pcw

‘I Will Erase You from the Future’ Official Clip | Yellowstone | Paramount Network Paramount Network Published on Jul 10, 2018 - Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) reveals his intentions to buy the Yellowstone ranch, owned by John Dutton (Kevin Costner). New episodes air Wednesdays 10/9c on Paramount Network.

Kevin Costner by Lailani Upham Jul 5, 2018 - John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, appears on the big screen at the Wilma Theater in Missoula for the premiere screening of the Paramount Pictures first television drama series ‘Yellowstone’ on Thursday, June 14.

flanaholics - Šäräh: #KevinCostner with renowned italian horse tranier #AndreaFappani in Montana, USA for the filming #BTS #Yellowstone #Yellowstonetvshow #kevincostnerandmodernwest (Posted July 9th)

flanaholics - Šäräh: Awws.... #KevinCostner #BreckenMerrill #JohnDutton #TateDutton #Yellowstone #yellowstonetvshow (Posted July 9th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BlCg2ivBdsL/

chrispyoahu - Chrispy Hastings: #kevincostner #yellowstone #wednesday #western #extra #cowboy (Posted July 11th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BlGilvPAMTI/

johndutton_yellowstone - John Dutton: The amazing #KevinCostner is #JohnDutton in Yellowstone. Next Episode today on #ParamountNetwork! (Posted July 11th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BlFvEUelUbU/

5thofbeethoven - Jürg Zbinden: Lonesome Cowboy #kevinhomealone #kevincostner #yellowstone #paramountnetwork #tvseries (Posted July 12th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BlJzNXSFf1P/

flanaholics - Šäräh: Dear, #KevinCostner @denimrichards @benrichardson @nicsheridanofficial @colehauser22 @mzkellyreilly @emersonmiller @_jeffersonwhite @gilbirmingham @jlucasthe Thank you all for creating one of the best shows ❤️✌🏼❤️all the cast/crew - kudos to all of you Y'all all deserve awards....it's a phenomenal show w/ mucho gold dust on it. A real Winner! @kevincostnermodernwest (Posted July 12th)


Will there be a second season of ‘Yellowstone’? Here’s what its creator Taylor Sheridan told us - The Paramount Network have very high hopes for the show By Gregory Wakeman July 10, 2018

Kevin Costner brings Western cred to ranch drama 'Yellowstone' By Bill Keveney, USA TODAY June 19, 2018 can't copy interview    https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/tv/2018/06/19/kevin-costner-adds-western-cred-paramount-ranch-drama-yellowstone/710616002/

Yellowstone: Kevin Costner Returns to TV In a Sweeping 'Wild West Meets Big Business' Series By Lori Acken June 16, 2018    http://www.tvweeklynow.com/news-blogs/yellowstone-kevin-costner-returns-to-tv-in-a-sweeping-wild-west-meets-big-business-series.htm

Montana Log Mansion Brings Splendor to 'Yellowstone' by Robert Rorke July 13, 2018

johndutton_yellowstone - John Dutton: only seen three episodes and I hope for a season 2-3-4 ...... such a great series! Hope you all watch this great series!! #KevinCostner as #JohnDutton in #Yellowstone on #ParamountNetwork (Posted July 14th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BlNeajIjZ43/

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Kevin vacations in Bahamas and more about 'Yellowstone'...

brave_johnson - Brave Angelo Johnson: When your auntie @fancycosmicgirl hires the BEST Bodyguard @kevincostnermodernwest #4thofjuly #kevincostner #bodyguard #bahamas #bahamas🇧🇸 #bahamar #rockstarlifestyle #grandhyattbahamar #happyindepenceday #independenceday #sls #bravejohnson #coolkids #coolkids #livingmybestlife #savagekid #original #likeauntielikenephew #nassua #future #goodtimeswithgoodpeople #unclelove (Posted July 4th)

Yellowstone ‏Verified account @yellowstone_tv tweeted: Welcome to Cowboy Camp. Grab your hat. #Yellowstone (Posted July 5th)    https://twitter.com/yellowstone_tv/status/1014890394281127936

Video: Kevin Costner explores "Yellowstone" by Golden Globes

Golden Globe Awards ‏Verified account @goldenglobes tweeted: Kevin Costner talks about playing John Dutton, the powerful patriarch of a family of ranchers, in the new Paramount Television drama series ‘Yellowstone.’ #Yellowstone #television (Posted July 7th)    https://www.goldenglobes.com/video/kevin-costner-%E2%80%9Cyellowstone%E2%80%9D

chrispyoahu - Chrispy Hastings: #kevincostner #extra #western #yellowstone #paramountnetwork (Posted July 6th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/Bk2wI0_gi6e/

Brian Tyler ‏Verified account @BrianTylerMusic tweeted: At the @VanityFair premiere of #Yellowstone with its amazing lead #KevinCostner! (Posted June 18th)

This Season On Yellowstone | Paramount Network Paramount Network Published on Jun 20, 2018

Yellowstone S01E02 Exclusive Sneak Peek | 'We Have a Problem' | Rotten Tomatoes TV Rotten Tomatoes TV Published on Jun 27, 2018    https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=136&v=PBrIR1jy_us

yellowstone - Yellowstone : Let’s go to work. Yellowstone continues tonight at 10/9c on @paramountnetwork. #Yellowstone #ParamountNetwork (Posted June 27th)

black_shirt_creative - Black Shirt Creative: An amazing time spent in Montana watching the creation of an epic Modern Day Western. Tune in tonight. Yehaww!! (Posted June 27th)

chrispyoahu - Chrispy Hastings: #kevincostner #yellowstone #paramountnetwork #wednesday #western #extra (Posted June 27th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkiIGbxA4-W/

nojesbladet - Nöjesbladet: Tranlated: At a hotel in Beverly Hills, we are hanging out with Kevin Costner who has just completed 63. But the old Oscars winner for "Dancing with Wolves" has no plans to slow down the pace. Now he launches the new Western Series "Yellowstone" and participates in a documentary about Whitney Houston #kevincostner (Posted June 27th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkhevRfFcnI/

iTunes ‏Verified account @iTunes tweeted: Kevin Costner plays cowboy in TV's newest western. Watch #Yellowstone with a Season Pass on iTunes. cc @yellowstone_tv (Posted June 27th)    http://apple.co/2KqSR7Z

Bloodshot Records ‏Verified account @BSHQ tweeted: Tune in to @yellowstone_tv (yeah, the one with Kevin Costner) on @paramountnet tonight at 10/9c to hear @WhiteyMorgan's version of Johnny Cash's "Bad News" from Whitey's 2010 Bloodshot album! (Posted June 27th)

Gold Derby ‏Verified account @GoldDerby @yellowstone_tv In honor of the new TV series #Yellowstone, here are the Top 15 greatest #KevinCostner films of all time. Our photo gallery is ranked from worst to best. Agree or disagree? (Posted June 27th)    http://www.goldderby.com/article/2018/kevin-costner-greatest-films-ranked-worst-to-best-dances-with-wolves-field-of-dreams-jfk-news/

Cannes Lions: Kevin Costner Talks 'Yellowstone' and Why He Stays Away From Franchises by Rhonda Richford June 21, 2018    https://cmun.it/e/bpg8qe/news/kevin-costner-yellowstone-why-he-stays-away-franchises-1122293?t=1530174713

How Kevin Costner's Yellowstone Premiere Did In The Ratings by Nick Venable

‘Yellowstone’ boasts Costner, strong Native American co-star By LYNN ELBER Jun. 20, 2018

Pictures and interview: Kevin Costner: Actor, musician and nature lover by Barbaros Tapan June 29, 2018

AUDIO: ‘Yellowstone’ Gave Kevin Costner The Best Of Both Worlds Jun 28, 2018

‘Yellowstone’ Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: “Kill the Messenger” By Rebecca Murray on June 27, 2018

flanaholics - Šäräh: #KevinCostner has it down where he can make one cry like that - this clip via Yellowstone ep 2 ending I think this #Yellowstone #YellowstoneTVSeries is some of @kevincostnermodernwest's best ever acting. x (Posted June 30th)

chrispyoahu - Chrispy Hastings: #kevincostner #dannyhuston #yellowstone #paramountnetwork #extra #western #yellowstoneseries (Posted June 28th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/Bkl5naeANp4/

ERoz ‏@EdRonline tweeted: #KevinCostner #Yellowstone (2018) #western #cowboy #hunk (Posted June 29th)

Pictures: Kevin Costner A King at Cannes Lions Entertainment

June 23, 2018 Press conference for 'Yellowstone' at the London Hotel, West Hollywood, California:

Pictures:    https://peggusen.tumblr.com/post/175466356725/rookercomesaveme-kevin-costner-in-yellowstone

scotts_show_and_tell - Scott: Long live the cowboy #kevincostner #yellowstone #land #paramountnetwork (Posted June 23rd)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkYMcCYglth/

cachorramaria - Maria de los Angeles Casola: #Kevincostner #kevincostnerfandom #kevincostnerlovers (Posted June 23rd)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkYiVX7AwMm/

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: What a start.... tune in tomorrow Wednesday 10/9c to see if John Dutton’s week gets any better. #yellowstone #paramountnetwork #kevincostner #cowboys #rancher #taylorsheridan (Posted June 25th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkfutZ6BZho/

thekimturner - Kim Turner: Awesome building board #Yellowstone #KevinCostner #Paramount #LA (Posted June 26th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkfveAwg1G_/

claudiamahlau - Claudia Mahlau: #kevincostner#love# (Posted June 26th)

Kevin Costner by Joe Leydon June 18, 2018:

yellowstonetvfans - Yellowstone TV Fans: Kevin Costner as John Dutton in #Yellowstone 1x02 “Kill the Messenger”. Airs Wednesday, June 27 on @paramountnetwork. @yellowstone #kevincostner (Posted June 25th)

emersonmiller - Emerson Miller: Kevin Costner - Yellowstone Who’s ready for this weeks episode? 1x02 “Kill the messenger” Airs Wednesday, June 27th on @paramountnetwork yeewhaw! @kevincostnermodernwest @yellowstone @nicsheridanofficial @yellowstonetvfans (Posted June 25th)

emersonmiller - Emerson Miller: MY FRIEND JUST SENT ME THIS. My billboard! It’s around Los Angeles! Words can’t describe how happy I’m to see this. I feel so alive. So blessed!!! I just had a flashback of my whole life in this moment. Happy Memorial Day! (Posted May 28th)

tvinsider - TV Insider: Tonight we’re in Denver for @seriesfest and the centerpiece presentation of @yellowstone! Stars Wes Bentley and Gil Birmingham interdicted the screening and @ladyantebellum will perform after. @jimhalterman . #seriesfest #television @paramountnetwork #kevincostner #drama #tv #celebrity #ladyantebellum (Posted June 25th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkeIw6fF11X/

Visaa Education & Consultant @vissa_Academy tweeted: Kevin Costner brings Western cred to ranch drama 'Yellowstone' (Posted June 25th)    https://twitter.com/vissa_Academy/status/1011180104393936897

Why You’re Going to Love Kevin Costner’s New Paramount Network Series ‘Yellowstone’ By Josh Eells

Kevin Costner Gushes About Fatherhood: "I'll Be Rewarded My Whole Life" June 27, 2018 By Closer Staff

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More from Cannes Lions and 'Yellowstone' with Kevin...

Salvatore Sagone commented: I hate diversity. So, after Naomi is the turn of Mr. Kevin Costner, host at Cannes Lions Festival, invited to talk about his new tv serie Yellowstone. And finally he gave me the privilege of a picture... (Posted June 21st)    https://www.facebook.com/salvatore.sagone.1/posts/2206740982699805

360 Medias commented: American actors Kevin Costner attends a conference during Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on June 21 ,2018 - Photos published in Lions daily News / boutique Edition UK - ©Yann COATSALIOU/360 MEDIAS    https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1934800143258692&id=113803205358404

Kevin Costner Talks ‘Yellowstone’, Varied Roles & A Venice ‘Fandango’ Lesson – Cannes Lions by Nancy Tartaglione June 21, 2018    https://deadline.com/2018/06/kevin-costner-interview-yellowstone-career-fandango-cannes-lions-1202415156/

Cannes Lions: No 4º dia, Festival tem Google, Kevin Costner e Ouros para o Brasil by Meio&Mensagem Published on Jun 21, 2018 (Kevin at 00.28)    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRXCil90NII

Michel Johner commented: CANNES LIONS 2018 - JUNE 21, 2018 / Kevin Costner (actor, director, singer & producer) Conference "Yellowstone", Paramount Network - Palais des Festivals - ©Photo Michel JOHNER - Lions Daily News - 360 MEDIAS    https://www.facebook.com/michel.johner/posts/10216512960886601

Rolf Scheider commented: I shot some selfies with Simon Le Bon and the super charming and charismatic Kevin Costner. He turned my head with his charisma, but unfortunately Kevin is not gay... Otherwise I would marry him right now, although I'm not into older man than me … And then we would ride together on a horse to the sunrise in his new TV series Yellowstone (Posted June 22nd) (Kevin at 0:03, 2:52 and 6:30)

Palais des Festivals, Cannes At Palais des Festivals, Cannes. (Posted June 17th)    https://www.facebook.com/palaisdesfestivals/photos/pcb.10156481525577292/10156481518232292/?type=3&theater

Jamil Zakaria‏ @zakajam tweeted: Kevin Costner talking about his career and his new project @paramountnet’s @yellowstone_tv in #CannesLions! Packed house! (Posted June 21st)

Palais des Festivals ‏Verified account @CannesPalais tweeted: Kévin Costner, @NaomiCampbell étaient présents à #Cannes cette semaine pour le #CannesLions ! (Posted June 22nd)

Klaartje Galle commented: Kevin -Dances with Lions- Costner (Posted June 21st)

Check out the Hottest Celebrities This Week by Photodesk: Kevin Costner traveled in style while in France for the Cannes Lion Awards!    https://cdn-ami-wordpress.heartyhosting.com/www.nationalenquirer.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/kevin-costner-cannes-lions-F.jpg?fit=1380%2C880&ssl=1

Viacom ‏Verified account @Viacom tweeted: That’s a wrap for #Viacom at #CannesLions! This year was another jam-packed week filled with thought-provoking conversations, inspirational leaders speaking about gender equality and insights into what’s to come from the media industry. Can’t wait until 2019’s @Cannes_Lions! (Posted June 22nd)    https://twitter.com/Viacom/status/1010153555544731649

Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan YELLOWSTONE Interview! (JoBlo.com Exclusive) JoBlo TV Show Trailers Published on Jun 19, 2018 - JoBlo.com sits down for an awesome interview with the the stars of the Western drama series YELLOWSTONE including Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan.

Kevin Costner outside Good Morning America in New York Hollywood Paparazzi Published on Jun 20, 2018

Kevin Costner Signs Autographs For Fans Outside Good Morning America In New York 6.19.18 The Hollywood Fix Published on Jun 20, 2018    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syRj3TSDxno

thehollywoodfix - TheHollywoodFix.com: #KevinCostner Signs Autographs For Fans Outside Good Morning America In New York 6.19.18 (Link In Bio For Full Video) (Posted June 20th)

Kevin going in to 'Good Morning America':

Kevin Costner opens up about Whitney Houston, new show 'Yellowstone' Good Morning America Published on Jun 19, 2018 The star dished on "The Bodyguard" 25 years later and his new series appearing on Paramount Network.

Kevin Costner opens up about Whitney Houston, new show Yellowstone content - Celebrity Latest Published on Jun 19, 2018    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LIOA5nDOw4

Kevin Costner Talks Immigration Crisis At Border, New TV Series 'Yellowstone' | The View - The View Published on Jun 19, 2018    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2UP341PbGg

sierra_misstt - Sierra Hooshiari: About today at the VIEW. Kevin Costner voices the current policy separating illegal border crossers from their children. This harsh treatment toward children doesn’t support American values. (Posted June 19th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkO05kElIwJ/

Yellowstone commented: Let's go to work. (Posted June 20th)    https://www.facebook.com/yellowstoneparamount/photos/a.2006281299444057.1073741829.1580456995359825/2059549377450582/?type=3&theater

Yellowstone commented: The past catches up to everyone. Yellowstone continues Wednesdays at 10/9c on Paramount Network. (Posted June 20th)    https://www.facebook.com/yellowstoneparamount/videos/2059616810777172/?hc_ref=ARS91Tgo3W_F7OFU99fNI5UHswr80-RlQFsrBsrprX-aq53iUoa0Q5bviR7xRPRczv0&fref=nf

Meet Jamie Dutton - Brother, lawyer, plotter, mediator, pleaser, ambitious. Wes Bentley is Jamie Dutton. (Posted June 19th)    https://www.facebook.com/yellowstoneparamount/videos/2056889784383208/

Kelsey Asbille is Monica Long - Mother, survivor, teacher, fighter, sister, protector. Kelsey Asbille is Monica Long. (Posted June 18th)    https://www.facebook.com/yellowstoneparamount/videos/2055701097835410/

Jefferson White is Jimmy Hurdstrom. Welcome to the ranch, hold on tight. (Posted June 20th)

Gil Birmingham is Thomas Rainwater, the new chief preparing for battle with the Dutton family. (Posted June 20th)    https://www.facebook.com/yellowstoneparamount/videos/2057576934314493/

Cole Hauser is Rip Wheeler, a loyal ranch hand to John Dutton. (Posted June 20th)

Father, leader, sinner, enforcer, patriarch, protector. Kevin Costner is John Dutton. Yellowstone, an original series, premieres tonight on Paramount Network. (Posted June 20th)

"Kevin Costner is at his finest." Yellowstone, an original series, premieres tonight at 9/8c on Paramount Network. (Posted June 20th)    https://www.facebook.com/yellowstoneparamount/videos/2059462287459291/

Jimmy Kimmel Live Schedule for Week of 6/25/2018 By Jimmy Kimmel Live | Jun 22nd, 2018 Thursday, June 28: Kevin Costner (Yellowstone), Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why), musical guest Weezer

‘Yellowstone’ Premiere Draws All-Time High Viewership For Paramount Network by Nellie Andreeva June 22, 2018

Kevin Costner On His Career, Athlete Movie Roles & More w/Dan Patrick | Full Interview | 6/19/18 Dan Patrick Show Published on Jun 19, 2018 Kevin Costner joins Dan Patrick to talk about his acting career and some of his more iconic roles playing an athlete.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0g5NRw49UI&t=110s

Yellowstone: 'Horse Tamer' Official Sneak Peek ft. Kevin Costner & Luke Grimes | Paramount Network Paramount Network Published on Jun 19, 2018 John Dutton (Kevin Costner) offers his son Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) a lesson in breaking a recently acquired horse.

Hot video news Kevin Costner rides into new drama series, Yellowstone Sergey Kamenev Published on Jun 19, 2018    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y55ZJJTr65E

Hot video news Kevin Costners field of films Sergey Kamenev Published on Jun 19, 2018

Costner's 'long days' on set Associated Press Published on Jun 20, 2018 - Kevin Costner, who stars in new television show "Yellowstone," says filming the gritty drama was a lot of work, while show creator Taylor Sheridan and co-star Gil Birmingham discuss the series' themes. (June 20)

'Yellowstone' Behind The Story w/ Wes Bentley, Luke Grimes & More | Paramount Network Paramount Network Published on Jun 21, 2018 Take a deeper look into the premiere episode of Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner. New episodes of Yellowstone air Wednesdays at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Kevin speaks about 'Yellowstone' at Cannes Lions...

Kevin Costner’s résumé is more than projects with horses by Mara Siegler June 21, 2018

Cannes Lions: Kevin Costner Talks 'Yellowstone' and Why He Stays Away From Franchises 6/21/2018 by Rhonda Richford    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/kevin-costner-yellowstone-why-he-stays-away-franchises-1122293

starmaninseoul - Starman: #KevinCostner #CannesLions2018 (Posted June 21st)

mickey_curtis - Michael Curtis: Up close & personal with #KevinCostner @cannes_lions (Posted June 21st)

emhmjansen - Esther Jansen: Kevin Costner talking about ketchup @cannes_lions ***Total legend... 4 down, 1 to go!    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkTJmWnleCG/

alexandre_vilela - Alexandre Vilela: I’m Kevin Costner. I’m American. #cannes #palaisdefestival #kevincostner #cinema (Posted June 21st)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkTH3ULlY_x/

lionsdailynews - Lions Daily News: ‘I couldn’t be mistaken for anything but American’ 🦁 #canneslions (Posted June 21st)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkTHmUtAXRe/

vmhmagazine - VMH: Actor, Producer Kevin Costner @kevincostnermodernwest & Niels Schuurmana, CMO of #ParamountNetwork discuss new show #Yellowstone for #viacom photo by Bord Richard #kevincostner #vmhmagazine #neilschuurmans (Posted June 21st)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkS-EjDlwTs/

vmhmagazine - VMH: “We all want to stand for something when it’s on the line.” - Kevin Costner @kevincostnermodernwest at #cannes also discusses new show #Yellowstone for #viacom photo by Bord Richard #kevincostner #vmhmagazine . (Posted June 21st)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkS7q5VFt_4/

nielswuzhere - Niels Schuurmans: Truly an honor to sit with Kevin Costner here in Cannes to talk about his incredible career, the art of storytelling, marketing and his new series Yellowstone on the new Paramount Network. (Posted June 21st)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkS021LgVqc/

jwalterthompsonmea - J. Walter Thompson MEA: #kevincostner talking about standing tall in your storytelling - great seminar at @cannes_lions #Entertainment stage (Posted June 21st)

sassyclax - Susan Claxton: What a day for @viacom @cannes_lions . @nielswuzhere talking to the legendary Kevin Costner about his new @paramountnetwork show (Posted June 21st)

zenahr - žena.hr: Kevin Costner na Cannes Lions festivalu (Posted June 22nd)

qetouua -Qetou: handsome guy #canneslions #kevincostner (Posted June 22nd)

Pictures of Kevin at Cannes Lions:

slpcannesphotos - #kevincostner était à cannes pour les #canneslions2018 #actors #cannes #cotedazurfrance (Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity) (Posted June 21st)

Is ‘Yellowstone’ On Netflix? y Lea Palmieri @littleleap Jun 21, 2018 Is Yellowstone on Amazon? Yellowstone is available to purchase by episode or buy a season pass on Amazon, but it is not included in a Prime Video subscription. Where can I watch Yellowstone? Yellowstone is a Paramount Network original series so you can watch it on that channel Wednesdays at 9pm, on the network’s website, or purchase episodes on Amazon.

How to Watch ‘Yellowstone’ Live Online By S.M. Walsh Jun 20, 2018

VIDEO: Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner on How They Approached ‘Yellowstone’ Like They Were Making a Movie by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub June 20, 2018

tmaldo3 - Tommy Maldonado: #kevincostner #yellowstone #paramountnetwork #cowboy #fatherandson #rancher #livestockagent (Posted June 21st)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkToBF6nH0e/

flanaholics - Šäräh: #KevinCostner - @kevincostnermodernwest #Yellowstone Phenomenal.... (Posted June 21st)

fivearrowsphotography - Cynthia Hauser: So proud of my honey @colehauser22 and his incredible team of talented actors. Please tune into the premiere of @yellowstone @paramountnetwork tonight 9/8pm central @mzkellyreilly #kevincostner #WesBently #TaylorSheridan (Posted June 20th)

hugesoundpostproduction - HUGEsound Post Production: Tune in to the @paramountnetwork tonight, and get ready to pop some popcorn 🍿 to support another exciting Utah film production. @yellowstone premieres tonight! (Posted June 20th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkQ4lOkH0O8/

formartists - FORM Artists: New work for @paramountnetwork for #Yellowstone staring #KevinCostner photographed by our @kevinlynch represented by @formartists (Posted June 20th)

jeffkatzphotography- - Jeff Katz: “I’m a big fan of dreams. Unfortunately, dreams are our first casualty in life - people seem to give them up, quicker than anything, for a ’reality.” - Kevin Costner (Posted June 20th)

Kevin Costner Saddles Up for His Latest Project, Yellowstone By Mara Reinstein June 15, 2018

View and/or download Parade Magazine with Kevin Costner on the cover:

westonryderus - Weston Ryder: #Yellowstone - Fight for what's yours. Yellowstone, an original television series, premieres tonight on @paramountnetwork. . .We were lucky to get tapped to custom engrave these premier gift bags for the cast! #OpeningNight #ParamountNetwork #RanchLife #Ranchers #WestonRyder #DuttonRanch #kevincostner (Posted June 20th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkQzk1XhdAv/

utahfilmstudios - Utah Film Studios: Yellowstone premier day is here! Tune in tonight at 9/8c on @paramountnetwork We wish the entire Cast & Crew the absolute best tonight! So many talented people have worked tirelessly on this show! (Posted June 20th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkQwycMljQg/

sidewalkstvshow - Sidewalks Entertainment: #KevinCostner is back on SIDEWALKS! This time, he brought his co-star #LukeGrimes as the two men discuss @paramountnetwork's new original series, #Yellowstone, which premieres tonight. Watch our interview on our TV show and online at SIDEWALKSTV.COM. #interview #celebrityinterviews #celebrity #tvshow #paramountnetwork #western #drama #online (Posted June 20th)

Interview: Luke Grimes and Kevin Costner Kevin Costner is back on SIDEWALKS! This time, he brought his co-star Luke Grimes as the two men discuss The Paramount Network’s new original series, “Yellowstone.” SIDEWALKS host Sonia Lowe interviews Luke Grimes and Kevin Costner, the lead stars of Paramount Network’s first-scripted drama series, “Yellowstone.”

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The latest from 'Yellowstone' premiering June 20th....

Christopher May commented: image from the premiere party for Kevin Costner's new show Yellowstone. A magical night at Paramount Studios. I'm in the first episode in a scene with Kelly Rilley and Michael Nouri.

Variety ‏Verified account @Variety tweeted: #Yellowstone stars Kevin Costner and Gil Birmingham celebrated the series premiere with creator Taylor Sheridan Monday night. (Posted June 12th)

ExtraTV ‏Verified account @extratv tweeted: Kevin Costner is saddling up for a new Western TV series! He’s talking #Yellowstone with our @MarkWright_, tonight on #ExtraTV! (Posted June 12th)


Montana Life‏ @missoulalife tweeted: Premiere of Kevin Costner's "Yellowstone" at the Wilma June 14. Set visit to Darby location by Brian D'Ambrosio. (Posted June 12th)

Nora Gonzales ‏@NoraGon93416294 Replying to @extratv @YellowstoneFans @MarkWright_ tweeted: I’m happy to say Kevin Costner came to my business in Texas and tried my Burger! Lovedmy burgers told the morning talk radio in California, a friend heard it ! Now my place in a small town in Texas. People come in because Kevin was here! Thank you for you! I have more customers! (Posted June 12th)
VH1 Save The Music ‏Verified account @VH1SaveTheMusic tweeted: #SaveTheMusic teachers and administrators from Wellpinit School District in WA met the @yellowstone_tv cast including Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, @gilbirmingham, and show creator, Taylor Sheridan. (Posted June 12th)

Talking Pictures TV @TalkingPictures tweeted: #talkingpictures #celebrityinterview just chatted with #KevinCostner and #LukeGrimes for their new TV series #Yellowstone. I’ll post it soon. (Posted June 12th)

PradoNews @WillPrado1 tweeted: Kevin Costner was eating at my restaurant...think his movie is premering at Paramount Studios tonight (Posted June 11th)

Jacob Toone™ / Missoula MT ‏ @JacobToone406 tweeted: I am excited to go see the premiere in Missoula!! @yellowstone_tv @YellowstoneFans @paramountnet @TheWilmaTheatre #Missoula #Montana #KevinCostner (Posted June 13th)    https://twitter.com/JacobToone406/status/1006961369168609280

Viacom ‏Verified account @Viacom tweeted: The cast of @paramountnet's new drama series @yellowstone_tv celebrating at the premiere party! Tune in Wednesday, 6/20, at 9/8c to watch the first episode of #Yellowstone. (Posted June 13th)    https://twitter.com/Viacom/status/1007019236940607488

KayBDay @IndieArtSouth tweeted: Kevin Costner lights up new TV series as Paramount takes on competition (Posted June 13th)    https://twitter.com/IndieArtSouth/status/1006927613422657536

Minor League Baseball ‏Verified account @MiLB tweeted: Kevin Costner (@modernwest) joined @JimmyKimmelLive to show off @GoTourists' upcoming Crash Davis bobblehead giveaway! #MiLB (Posted June 13th)    https://twitter.com/MiLB/status/1006888348898811904

Asheville Tourists ‏Verified account @GoTourists tweeted: ICYMI: Last night @JimmyKimmelLive gave Kevin Costner (@modernwest) one of the Crash Davis Bobbleheads we will be giving away to the first 1,000 fans through the front gate this Saturday! (Posted June 13th)

Jimmy Kimmel Live ‏Verified account @JimmyKimmelLive tweeted: Tonight on #Kimmel Kevin Costner @ModernWest #Yellowstone, Katherine Langford #13ReasonsWhy & music from @Weezer on the @MBUSA outdoor stage #WeezerCoverAfrica (Posted June 12th)

Jimmy Kimmel Live ‏Verified account @JimmyKimmelLive tweeted: The great Kevin Costner! @ModernWest #Yellowstone #CrashDavis (Posted June 12th)

Jimmy Kimmel Live ‏Verified account @JimmyKimmelLive tweeted: Backstage at #Kimmel with Kevin Costner @ModernWest #Yellowstone (Posted June 12th)

Photos:    https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/kevin-costner?family=editorial&phrase=kevin%20costner&sort=best#license

Kevin Costner & Luke Grimes Talk New Movie “Yellowstone” KTLA 5 Published on Jun 12, 2018 - Catch “Yellowstone” June 20 at 9 p.m. on Paramount Network. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Tuesday, June 12, 2018.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw4FpTK3QUU

Hollywood - Yellowstone: Behind The Screen: Actors Kelly Reilly and Luke Grimes speak exclusively to Vanity Fair Studios about their upcoming roles in the new epic drama series Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner and premiering 6.20.18 @ 9/8c on the new Paramount Network. Released on 6/7/2018

Yellowstone Soundbyte - Star Kevin Costner on his Old West fascination Film Review Online Published on Jun 12, 2018 - Hear Kevin Costner, star and Producer of the new epic tv series Yellowstone, talk of his Old West fascination    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6emIf0-Pbhw  

Yellowstone – Kevin Costner on his fascination with the old west… and great scripts By Judy Sloane - June 12, 2018    https://filmreviewonline.com/2018/06/12/yellowstone-kevin-costner-on-his-fascination-with-the-old-west-and-great-scripts/

richeisenshow - The Rich Eisen Show: Great visit from #AcademyAward winner #KevinCostner yesterday. Kevin discussed his new series @yellowstone, as well as his classics like #BullDurham, #FieldofDreams, #TheUntouchables and more! (Posted June 14th)

Kevin Costner wants thought-provoking conversations for Father's Day - Kevin Costner wants thought-provoking conversations for Father's Day. Stars of new family saga "Yellowstone" say they are looking forward to some quality time with their kids on Father's Day. (June 15) / Associated Press

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chrispyoahu #fathersday #yellowstone #kevincostner #paramountnetwork #yellowstoneseries (Posted June 17th)

dannyhustononline - Danny Huston Online: Confirmed ! @barretswatek will be portraying Dan Jenkins's(played by Danny Huston) wife - Victoria Jenkins ! We still dont know in how many episodes they will appear ! Hopefully more than one ! #yellowstonetvshow #dannyHuston #yellowstone #barretswatek #kevincostner #kellyreilly (Posted June 13th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/Bj_s3pknFP1/

Lodge Grass to host screening of Kevin Costner drama 'Yellowstone' June 18, 2018 LODGE GRASS - The city of Lodge Grass and Crow Tribe are hosting a screening of the Kevin Costner television series "Yellowstone" at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Lodge Grass High School. The premiere of the show set in Montana will be introduced by Michael Friedman, a producer of "Yellowstone." Lodge Grass Mayor Quincey Dabney and Crow Tribe Chairman Leroy Not Afraid will also speak. Yellowstone airs on the Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV) and centers around a Montana ranching family in the late 1800s. According to the Montana Film Office, this is the first scripted network TV drama to be filmed in Montana.

Yellowstone: A Place, A Drama - 'Yellowstone' presents a sweeping tableau of family, money, and tradition with some of the West’s most stunning mountains and valleys as a backdrop. Photos and video by National Geographic Photographer David Guttenfelder