Saturday, February 13, 2016

KC & MW LIVE acoustic performance and Q & A...

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Tune in on Tuesday for an acoustic performance and live Q&A! (Posted 1:02pm February 13, 2016)

You can use the World Clock Time and Date website to see when to view in your city:

Thursday, February 11, 2016

First trailer of Kevin's 'Criminal' movie out April 15th...

Criminal ‏@Criminal_Movie tweeted: See the first #CriminalMovie posters with Kevin Costner, @GalGadot, Gary Oldman, and Tommy Lee Jones, only on @IMDb! (Posted February 10th)

Critical Movie News ‏@CriticalMovies_ tweeted: New banner for 'Criminal'. Cast: #KevinCostner, #GaryOldman, #TommyLeeJones, #AliceEve, #GalGadot & #RyanReynolds. (Posted February 10th)

First trailer for 'Criminal' out today:

Ariel Vromen ‏@vromen tweeted: The trailer is out! I'm so excited - Kevin Costner Gary Oldman Tommy Lee Jones & @GalGadot are amazing in this film. (Posted February 11th)

Watch: First Trailer For Thriller 'Criminal' Starring Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Alice Eve & Gal Gadot By Kevin Jagernauth | The Playlist - February 11, 2016 Excerpt: ... if you need your annual quota of brain/body switching movies filled, then the good news is that "Criminal" is on the way, and it boasts a surprisingly deep cast. (See picture)

Criminal Trailer: Kevin Costner is the Right Man in the Wrong Body By Max Evry - See picture:

Kevin Costner gains Ryan Reynolds' memories in Criminal trailer by Jonathon Dornbush Excerpt: Kevin Costner’s Jericho Stewart can’t remember a thing, but the government desperately needs him to recall certain key memories. But to make things even more troublesome, those memories aren’t his own....Ryan Reynolds’ Bill Pulp, a husband, father, and supposed CIA intelligence officer who is the only man who knows where to find a Dutch programmer (Michael Pitt) who might be the key to stopping a terrorist attack.

'Criminal' Could Be the Next 'John Wick', but it Depends on Kevin Costner By Justin Andress Excerpt: There’s still a lot to know about this April film, but the first footage and the pedigree hint at something that may be, at the very least, a welcome surprise.,0,2136,1068&w=1024&dpr=1&auto=format&q=75

Bad Guy Kevin Costner Gets a Good-Guy Brain Implant in Action Thriller Criminal By Cheryl Eddy - See picture

Official synopsis: The story of the right man in the wrong body. In a last-ditch effort to stop a diabolical plot, a dead CIA operative’s memories, secrets, and skills are implanted into an unpredictable and dangerous death-row inmate in hopes the he will complete the operative’s mission.

Brian Tyler Verified account ‏@BrianTylerMusic tweeted: My new movie #Criminal w/ #GaryOldman @GalGadot @VancityReynolds #KevinCostner I scored w/ @keith_power for @vromen (Posted February 10th)
RTn #Cine ‏@RTn_Cine tweeted: #Noticias #Cine Kevin Costner: Bourne Majete - See picture:

trlyn ‏@fuurmom tweeted: CRIMINAL Official TRAILER (Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner - Action)

Emerson ‏@emersonsouza932 tweeted: Criminal Official Trailer #1 (2016) Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds Action Movie HD

Sunday, January 31, 2016

CSUF Titans Baseball Dinner and Alumni game...

Dinner With the Titans Sold Out; Alumni Game Set for Saturday January 27, 2016

Eric Sorenson ‏@Stitch_Head tweeted: At the Dinner w/ the Titans w/ @BaseballTitans. I requested "All along the watchtower" to the pre-show singer. (Posted 7:36pm January 29th)

Tonantzin Oseguera ‏@DeanOseguera tweeted: @csuf Titan Baseball Alumni event, in the presence of @redturn2 and Kevin Costner (Posted 7:46pm January 29th)

Jamie Deacon ‏@jaaaaaadeac tweeted: When Kevin Costner and Justin Turner are a table next to you (Posted 8:19pm January 29th)

Jordyn❥ ‏@jordyn_pav4 tweeted: my whole fam met Kevin Costner tonight:) (Posted 8:51pm January 29th)

Chris Robinson ‏@tophrobinson22 tweeted: Kevin Costner at Dinner with the Titans! (Posted 9:36am January 29th)

Eric Sorenson ‏@Stitch_Head tweeted: Dear Mr. Fire Marshall The @BaseballTitans sold 750 tickets for tonight's Diamond Dinner (Posted 9:21pm January 29th)

Eric Sorenson ‏@Stitch_Head tweeted: Kevin Costner talking to the @BaseballTitans crowd about his early Titan years in the 70s (Posted 9:36pm January 29th)

csufdos - CSU Fullerton Dean Of Students: So fortunate to be @csufofficial Alumni event to raise funds for #csufbaseball #KevinCostner #fieldofdreams (Posted 9:37pm January 29th)

fullertontitans - Cal State Fullerton Athletics: Our friend #KevinCostner waxing poetic about #Titan Baseball. So good. (Posted 9:53pm January 29th)

Eric Sorenson ‏@Stitch_Head tweeted: Kevin Costner: "When players ask if I played at Fullerton I say 'no but I threw perfect game at Yankee Stadium & bathed w/ Susan Sarandon' (Posted 10:01pm January 29th)

Cal State Fullerton ‏@csuf tweeted: #CSUF alum Kevin Costner was the keynote speaker at the annual Dinner With The Titans. #KevinCostner (Posted 10:10pm January 29th)

Hayley M. Slye ‏@hmslye tweeted: Hearing Kevin Costner talk about baseball and @BaseballTitans was truly an honor as a baseball fan (Posted 10:11pm January 29th)

Titan Baseball ‏@BaseballTitans tweeted: Thank you to Kevin Costner @modernwest for being the keynote speaker tonight at Dinner with the Titans! (Posted 10:16pm January 29th)

Titan Baseball ‏@BaseballTitans tweeted: Kevin Costner on tomorrow's Alumni Game at Goodwin Field: "I will suit up." First pitch is at 1 pm #TusksUp (Posted 10:17pm January 29th)

cali4niamie - Amie Louise Noel Zeoli: "This wasn't a school with ivy on the wall....but it was all I had when I began" Kevin Costner knocks it out of the park with another superb speech, making all us CSU Fullerton Titans proud alums. #calstatefullerton #titans #tusksup #kevincostner #honored (Posted 10:19pm January 29th)

Tyler Cotter ‏@Tylercotter8 tweeted: Kevin Costner is the freaking man. (Posted 10:23pm January 29th)

Kaylie McGrady ‏@KayyMaac tweeted: Kevin Costner will be at the alumni game tomorrow... Therefore I need to be at the alumni game tomorrow (Posted 10:45pm January 29th)

sarahfenton - Sarah Fenton: CSUF Baseball raised over $150,000 tonight and I got to meet Kevin Costner, who also had a hard time finding parking when he went to CSUF . Tune in to Titan Sports Recap for highlights from Dinner With the Titans and other #CSUF athletic events and games. #KevinCostner #CSUFBaseball (Posted 11:30pm January 29th)

fullertontitans - Cal State Fullerton Athletics: You're gonna have to learn your clichés. You're gonna have to study them, you're gonna have to know them. They're your friends. Write this down: "We gotta play it one day at a time.” #crashdavis #dinnerwiththetitans (Posted 12:25am January 30th)

Dinner with the Titans (Jan. 29, 2016, Irvine Marriott) The Titan baseball program shattered its own fundraising record with Kevin Costner leading the way with an exceptional keynote address. Photos by Matt Brown. (Posted 12:26am January 29th)

ossiginac - Danny Ossiginac: What an experience tonight was getting to listen to one of my all time favorite actors speak about the great Titan baseball tradition. One heck of a story teller and great event that Cal State Fullerton put on tonight. #kevincostner #csuf #greattime (Posted 12:38am January 30th)

Jaz ✨ ‏@Jaaayy_marie tweeted: Last night at Dinner with the Titans ���� Kevin Costner and Justin Turner (Posted January 30th)

Titan Baseball ‏@BaseballTitans tweeted: What a great night for Titan Baseball. #DinnerWithTheTitans 2016 is in the books.

Titan Baseball ‏@BaseballTitans tweeted: Kevin Costner @modernwest digging in for some BP here at Goodwin Field before the alumni game at 1 pm. #TusksUp (Posted 11:44am January 30th)

fullertontitans - Cal State Fullerton Athletics: #KevinCostner in uniform for today's baseball alumni game at #GoodwinField. Before #homecoming2016 come on out for a free 1 o'clock game with many, many familiar faces in house. #HitTheBull (Posted 11:53am January 30th)

Scott Hurst Sr ‏@HurstScott tweeted: Fullerton Titan's Alumni game getting ready to begin. Kevin Costner starting for alumni. (Posted 12:54pm January 30th)

Christina ‏@dancegirl3697 tweeted: So Kevin Costner is at my school right now. That's pretty awesome. #CSUF (Posted 1:05pm January 30th)

Titan Baseball ‏@BaseballTitans tweeted: Anthem time. Play ball just moments away! Thank you to all alumni for your participation! #TusksUp #AlumniWeekend (Posted 1:10pm January 30th)

Titan Baseball ‏@BaseballTitans tweeted: Top 2, and Kevin Costner is up to bat! #TusksUp #CrashDavisAlert #HitTheBull (Posted 1:33pm January 30th)

Robert Juarez ‏@ROB_23 tweeted: Kevin Costner ftw.. (Kinda) @BaseballTitans (Posted 1:34pm January 30th)

Titan Sports Recap ‏@CSUFSportsRecap tweeted: Former Titan, Kevin Costner, up to bat! (Posted 1:35pm January 30th)

Titan Baseball ‏@BaseballTitans tweeted: Kevin Costner @modernwest in his at bat. Freshman Colton Eastman records the strikeout. #GotHeem #TusksUp (Posted 1:37pm January 30th)

Matthew Wagner ‏@MatthewSWagner tweeted: KevinCostner @csuf #AlumniGame #Omaha #94Squad #Augie #Horton #Hook (Posted 1:37pm January 30th)

Christina ‏@dancegirl3697 tweeted: Kevin Costner everyone. #CSUF alumni baseball game! @csuf #titanpride (Posted 1:50pm January 30th)

See the play-by-play here:

Eric Sorenson ‏@Stitch_Head tweeted: Hey Kevin Costner, nice funny, wistful speech @BaseballTitans Diamond Dinner last night. You done well. (Posted January 30th)

Ross Newhan ‏@RossNewhan1 tweeted: Kevin Costner's speech at the CSFU baseball banquet last night was the best speech I have ever heard at any banquet of just about any type. (Posted January 30th)

Eric Sorenson ‏@Stitch_Head tweeted: Kevin Costner wields a mighty @Easton_Baseball bat at today's @BaseballTitans alumni game (pic: Matt Brown) (Posted January 30th)

ryanbanderas: Kevin Costner Can State Fullerton Alumni game,#calstatefullerton,#Titans; #alumni,#baseball (Posted January 30th)

rickyro24 - Ricky Romero: Always good to come back to my roots and be part of our Alumni game at Cal State Fullerton. This year we had this guy come out and play with us. Once a Titan always a Titan. #KevinCostner #CrashDavis #BillyChapel #Titans (Posted January 30th)

abc_hopes: Chris met Kevin Costner last night at the Cal State Fullerton Baseball Dinner. Great guy #titansbaseball #calstatefullerton #baseball #downsyndrome #extrachromosomes #enjoyinglife (Posted January 30th)

Ashley Carter ‏@softball4ac tweeted: Welp this the moment I am missing my school lol oh hi Kevin Costner #csuf #fullerton #softballalumni (Posted January 30th)

britxcosta - Brit Costa: This guy is a gem . He is praying for our #costababy #ivf #KEVIN #otherfilterhadtogo #dinnerwiththetitans (Posted January 30th)

Pat Phillips Severe picture:

Fullerton Baseball Fanbase: Kevin Costner surrounded by redheads: Justin Turner (left) and Thomas Eshelman (right).

Fullerton Baseball Fanbase: with guest speaker Kevin Costner

Cal State Fullerton Athletics commented: Titans keep the winning streak alive with a 7-4 comeback victory over Kevin Costner and the Alumni Saturday afternoon at Goodwin Field. Thank you again to all the Alumni that came out today! #TusksUp #AlumniWeekend #TitanPride

Cal State Fullerton Athletics commented: Costner from the left side

Cal State Fullerton Athletics commented: Kevin Costner

Picture slideshow and article: CSUF baseball gets financial boost, pep talk from fan and alum Kevin Costner By MIRIN FADER

Mr. Bucketlist: Dinner invitation bring up Titan-ic memories Jan. 21, 2016 BY DAVID JEROME

Friday, January 29, 2016

All the latest found about Kevin...

Sound Off Films commented: Thanks for the interview,! Producing documentaries in or about nature is pretty much the best job in the whole wide world. With Annie Costner

The following is an interview by with Annie Costner.

Five Questions with Andy Hampshire By Rose Marthis Excerpt: 417: Tell us one of the most memorable meals you’ve ever made. A.H.: There are a few, but one that stands out in my mind is when I met Kevin Costner at Dogwood Canyon with Johnny and Jeanie Morris. We fried some morels that Johnny brought, we grilled some steaks, we smoked some trout, and it was just a good time. Johnny told me to come over and sit down with him and talk. I had a picture of me and Kevin Costner on my fridge for years. It’s pretty cool. We did quite a few cool things like that working at Big Cedar.

Roddy Chong ‏@roddychong tweeted: Happy Birthday to the man: Kevin Costner! #KevinCostner

Roddy Chong commented: Happy Birthday to the man: Kevin Costner! #KevinCostner — in Aspen, Colorado.

Travis H. Brown ‏@pelopidas tweeted: #TBT That time #KevinCostner & #ArtLaffer joined me at #FirstRule #STL @modernwest @LafferCenter (Posted January 21st)

Producers Passion ‏@producerpassion tweeted: Football #kevincostner #thebest #bestman #bestband #bestmusic #bestmovie #bestofall #beautiful #beautifuleyes #beau…

Anna Smith ‏@annasmithjourno tweeted: My @MetroFeatures 60 Seconds with Kevin Costner. Things got surprisingly moving at the end there. #Metro60Seconds.

The Explorers Guild by Jon Baird, Kevin Costner, and Rick Ross by wgoralski November 16, 2015

the_explorers_guildKevin and Rick deep in conversation. #kevincostner #agitainment #explorersguild #readbooks #novel #epicadventure #AtriaBooks #art #jointheguild (Posted January 28th)

estylojewelry - Sandra Callaú Designer, Artis: I received this picture one year ago and this is how I met Hillary from @theatkinreport She got my earrings at an event just a few days before and wore them for the Critics Choice award that year. Love this picture of her with Kevin Costner! #estylojewelry #atkinreport #kevincostner

bthomasson8 - Brittany Thomasson: Happy 61st birthday to my dear friend, Kevin Costner! Had to post a little throwback of us in honor of him. Wish I could be there to celebrate, but I have to work tomorrow . #kevincostner #happybirthdayKev

Albuquerque Isotopes ‏@ABQTopes tweeted: Remember that time Kevin Costner suited up for the #ABQTopes in 2007? #TBT (Posted January 28th)

Bill Wood ‏@WildBillWGNO tweeted: Academy Award winner Kevin Costner tells @wildbillWGNO.... Let's go for the gold! @modernWest #kevincostner @abc

Producers Passion ‏@producerpassion tweeted: Good Morning and a nice Weekend everyone! #kevincostner #thebest #bestman #bestband #bestmovie #bestmusic #bestofal… (Posted January 28th)

Billy The Kid: New Evidence DVD - Now available for purchase

WALL E ‏@laJolla_Loya tweeted: @timkawakami @JRAM_91 My fave Clambake story. 15 years ago Kevin Costner bought me a beer. @PGATOUR (Posted January 26th)

Teagan Daner ‏@TeaganDaner tweeted: Throwback to God Costner at Brian's in Fullerton? Yorba Linda? Placentia? #throwbacktuesday #kevincostner #fullerto… (Posted January 12th)

Made in Louisville: Butch Polston is "The King" Maker By Josh Moss January 13, 2016 Excerpt: For "3000 Miles to Graceland", Polston and his team made 29 costumes — including three for Kevin Costner and two for his stunt double — in eight weeks. “Hollywood is a bunch of procrastinators,” he says. The job paid $60,000

Monday, January 11, 2016

The latest items of interest about Kevin...

A special message from Lily Costner with a picture of where they are: Old Fort Bay, Bahamas: with Kevin in the foreground, posted January 1, 2016:

Picture of Annie with Kevin in the Bahamas:

Sound Off Films:

ENTREPRENEUR OF THE MONTH: DECEMBER 2015 Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, and Rick Ross offer a splendidly designed, action-packed, globe-trotting adventure in “The Explorers Guild.” By Hope Katz Gibbs, Publisher

robhud - RobHudson: Nice to meet you @kevincostner_ Looking good for your years, better than me! #kevincostner #hollywood #bodyguard #robinhood #danceswithwolves #mcfarlandusa #waterworld (Posted October 30th)

Picture by @sweden / Nille ‏@sweden:

Nese Sapmaz ‏@nesesapmaz tweeted: Bir #tbt de benden.. #turkishairlines #kevincostner (Posted January 7th)

kingleesh - HeavyIsTheHeadDatWearsTheCrown: #tbt Wit OG #KevinCostner gave me alot of wisdom... crazy that he got love for a lil ol hood dude like me. I got the utmost respect for him (Posted January 7th)

Kristoffer Triumf ‏@triumf tweeted: Det går bra för Kevin Costner nu. Riktigt bra. (Posted January 8th)

Tessa ‏@ichiban2592007 tweeted: ARQUEONAUTAS & Partner Kevin Costner - Fall / Winter Collection 2015 Published November 3, 2015