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Special screening of 'Yellowstone' at SeriesFest in Denver...

Lady Antebellum will make its Red Rocks debut as part of this year’s SeriesFest - The fourth annual TV-pilot festival will also screen Kevin Costner’s “Yellowstone” for its Centerpiece program By John Wenzel May 15, 2018 See the details at the link.

nicsheridanofficial - •Nic Sheridan•: Day 3 @yellowstone 💙🎬💚 #backatit #yellowstone (Posted May 9th)

Dale Swan Jr.‏ @TheDaleOrtiz tweeted: Kevin Costner's crew is across from the Heber Valley Railroad again. #YellowStone (Posted May 11th)

'Yellowstone' filming on Historic 25th Street again by Jessica Kokesh May 15, 2018 Excerpt: The 200 block and part of the 100 block of Historic 25th Street will be closed until at least 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 15, to shoot scenes for the Kevin Costner-led western, Caren Werner with the Visit Ogden Film Commission said. Portions of Wall Avenue may also be closed intermittently during filming. “Yellowstone” is set to premiere on the Paramount Network on June 20. Cast and crew from the show were in Ogden in November 2017, also filming on 25th Street and other locations. The show also filmed in at least 20 other locations throughout Utah, including Park City and Spanish Fork.

Yellowstone commented: "This is America. We don't share land here." - John Dutton (Posted May 15th)

Brooke Mackintosh‏ @brookemackmusic tweeted: After a last minute #shopping trip for the right outfit to wear in #KevinCostner's new #movie series, my boy gets a #stomachbug. #momsworld (Posted May 15th)

ᴍᴏʟʟʏ ᴡᴏʟʟʏ ᴅᴏᴏᴅʟᴇ ᴀʟʟ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀʏッ @msmollywilliams tweeted: Yeah I just ran into Kevin Costner while he was filming 😂 I was literally 2 feet away (Utah) (Posted May 15th)

Rudy Ramos commented: I am back in Utah again filming the season ending 90 minute special of YELLOWSTONE with KEVIN COSTNER written and directed by the amazingly gifted TAYLOR SHERIDAN!! It airs June 20 on the Paramount network. (Posted May 15th)

Esteemed Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter Is The Keynote Speaker At The 2018 NYU Tisch School Of The Arts Salute by BWM News Desk May 17, 2018 Excerpt: Last fall, she completed work on Season 1 of Yellowstone(2018), an upcoming television series starring Kevin Costner and directed by Taylor Sheridan. She is currently working on Dolemite, starring Eddie Murphy, and Season 2 of Yellowstone.


breckenmerrill - Brecken Merrill: Bedtime stories with Grandpa Dutton (Posted May 1st)

breckenmerrill - Brecken Merrill: tishaarterberryThat’s when you know you’re legit—when you get you get a chair back with your name on it (Posted March 12th)

Gallenson's commented: #gunshoplife (Posted December 14, 2017)

New Series ‘Yellowstone’ Starring Kevin Costner Is Casting Background By Cameron Stuart | Posted May 7, 2018 The Paramount Network, formerly Spike TV, is casting background actors for a new show shooting in Utah....The production is casting background actors for a day shoot in Utah. Roles are open for men and women, aged 18–25, to play college students of all types. The production is seeking fresh faces—if you’ve worked on the show before for the campaign scene, please do not submit. Shooting is scheduled for May 9 in Park City, Utah. Applicants should be local to the area. Compensation for the 12-hour day is $101.50 plus $35.60 for Ogden mileage.

Elizabeth Robbins commented: Bella Muse Gallery not accessible today because Kevin Costner is here filming Yellowstone. Yep. That’s right. Our street is in the show. This is the second time they’ve filmed outside our gallery (Posted May 15th)

K-Money‏ @karsonwright tweeted: Not many get to chill with Kevin Costner.. consider myself lucky (Posted May 18th)

Rudy Ramos @RudyRamosActor tweeted: I have just finished my sixth episode of YELLOWSTONE with Kevin Costner. The nine episode miniseries premieres on the PARAMOUNT NETWORK JUNE 20. (Posted May 18th)

ichadlowe - Chad Lowe: Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife @kimlowe! You are such an incredible mom! Our girls are so lucky to have you as their momma! (And @kevincostnermodernwest was lucky to be in this picture!) #bestmomever #raisingdaughters #kevincostner (Posted May 13th)

Sunday, April 29, 2018

The latest various items I found about Kevin...

Gallenson's commented: Throwback, Kevin Costner came through to check out my dirty ass back room full of old guns. He'll be back in a couple months, I started the discussion to do a meet and greet with our local customers! (Posted March 1st)

Lloyd Marsh commented: Me and Kevin Costner hanging out at the SLC airport! — at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). He asked for a booth in the back. (Posted September 1, 2017)

Momma Ann's Bakery and Bistro commented: Movie...Yellowstone has been approved for the second season! Bad hair day, of course the day Kevin Costner and his team came in for breakfast...and yes, he's still a hottie. Visit our bakery and you can see where he sat for breakfast. — with Robbins On Main Hallmark. (Posted April 5th)

The Gangster Museum of America commented: Build it, and they will come! (Posted April 1st)

Mansions & Millionaires: Inside Kevin Costner’s Aspen Compound April 27, 2018 “Extra’s” Michael Corbett recently took a tour of Kevin Costner’s Aspen retreat, which is available to rent for weddings and special events! Coldwell Banker agent Amy Mottier shared, “It’s very private, exclusive, and you’re one with nature.” The compound, which has a main house, lake house, and river house, sits on 160 acres of land.

Whitney Houston's Friends and Family Share Previously Unseen Stories in Whitney Trailer by Andrea Park April 27, 2018 Excerpt: The trailer, which made its debut Friday morning, gives a preview of these revealing interviews, which were conducted by the filmmakers with everyone from former husband Bobby Brown to record producer Clive Davis and her The Bodyguard costar Kevin Costner. Spliced between the interviews are "previously unreleased recordings, rare never-before-seen footage and live performances recorded by Houston at various stages her life, as well as original studio recordings and a cappellas of some of the late singer's greatest hits," according to a March 2018 statement from Houston's estate, which provided much of the documentary's footage, per Rolling Stone.

farrellis - Farrelli's Pizza - DuPont: #TBT to that time Kevin Costner stopped in at our DuPont location!

1991 - Kevin Costner Talks with Patty Spitler About 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' by TheClassicSports Published on Mar 4, 2018 - Spitler is an Indianapolis-based entertainment reporter and regularly flew to the coasts to interview movie stars during press junkets. Here she shares a few minutes with Costner.

Kevin Costner and Christine with Mickey Eskimo, creator of eskyflavor brand hats. (Posted December 26th, 2017)

A night in the life of a Boulder Baked cookie delivery driver during CU finals By Elizabeth Hernandez December 25, 2017 Excerpt: The need for an air freshener is void when piping hot chocolate chip cookies are riding in the back seat. Kevin has had his fair share of exciting deliveries. There was that time Kevin Costner's son ordered cookies as a CU student. "I saw the name 'Costner' come up on the delivery name, and I was curious, so I Googled it," Kevin said. "And it was him! I showed up and was like, 'Yep, that's Kevin Costner's son, all right.'"

Darrell Luebbe commented: The hits just keep on coming. Kevin Costner is here too. We didn't get to interview him because my wife elbowed him a few years ago at an ice cream store in Aspen. (Posted January 31, 2014)

yannloic31 - Yann: #kevincostner #costner #actor #acteur #bodyguard #robindesboisprincedesvoleurs #robinhood #danseaveclesloups #usa (Posted February 1st)

love_your_movies - Tom Barnes: The Gunrunner 1989 #kevincostner #actor #americanactor #movie #film #bestmovie #filmography #cinematic #cinematography #moviestar #star #costner #oscar #academyawards #80s (Posted February 15th)

Susan Clary @susanclary tweeted: @PuddlesPityP and his idol #kevincostner @modernwest (Posted February 17th)

claudioporcarelli - claudioporcarelli: #kevincostner #portraitphotography #claudioporcarelli #archivio #masterofphotography #icon (Posted February 16th)

georgopoulosjohnny - Johnny Georgopoulos: With #Hollywood legend and #Oscar winner Kevin Costner #kevincostner (Posted February 19th)

marian_li_ - Marian Li: Remembering the shooting of “3 Days to Kill” starring #kevincostner and #amberheard written by #lucbesson • #paris (Posted February 21st)

kaseyplaysbass - Kasey Williams: When your hotel has a Kevin Costner fetish... #kevincostner #waterbedworld (Posted April 20th)

Lilith Lingo @LilithLingo tweeted: Ur lucky2have a good surgeon. 4 of my immediate fam have metal in their body. My bro had motorcycle accident had2have face reconstructed around eye, cheek area. He was in Kevin Costner movie The Postman. He wasn't cut either. Kevin liked his looks&R name. He said"very old" it is. (Posted April 15th)

Janine Bordonaro Venezia commented: Photo from 6 years ago hanging out with Kevin Costner in New Orleans. It was such a fun day and he is a really nice person. (Posted July 12, 2010)

Hong A. McGill commented: In a throwback to 1987 and a tribute to my Delta Chi fraternity brother Kevin Costner's new movie Draft Day, here is a photo of us together in New Orleans at the fraternity's National Convention. (Posted July 15, 1987)

Doug Lagendyk commented: Kevin costner and myself in new orleans (Posted September 8, 2010)

Sassafrass commented: Kevin Costner and Sassafrass Backstage at the House of Blues in New Orleans where we were a warm up band for his band Modern West. — with Donita Madamin. (Posted November 6, 2013)

Photo of Kevin by Bob Shaw for JFK movie:

Michael Reynoso commented: Down in the new orleans warehouse district with our New Orleans friends . That's Kevin Costner in the lime green shirt (Posted July 20, 2013)

Robert Blakely commented: Mom and dad with Kevin Costner in new Orleans (Posted May 27, 2012)

Andy Welker commented: Kevin Costner! — in New Orleans, Louisiana. I caught some beads he threw (Posted February 4, 2008)

Greg Whalen commented: Endymion Grand Marshall Kevin Costner (Posted February 5, 2008)

Sandra Erickson: KEVIN COSTNER! (Posted February 10, 2008)

Kyla Gonsoulin Tardie commented: KEVIN ... Kevin Costner (Posted February 28, 2008)

Michael Badeaux commented: Kevin Costner (Posted May 8, 2008)

Al Tello commented: That’s my brother with Kevin Costner a few years ago. (Posted February 26, 2015)

Trish Raisor commented: Kevin Costner. What a super nice man. And still as good looking as ever. (Posted November 10, 2012)

Amore commented: So excited!!!! Guess who hanging out at Amore???? Kevin Costner!!!!! Such a nice guy!!!!! (Posted April 5, 2017)

Amore! 213 1/2 marine ave Newport Beach, CA:

Matt Larson commented: Guiding Kevin Costner today, nice guy very fun (his dad is here too) (116 birds today there was a group) (Posted October 3, 2016)

Matt Larson commented: Fun day (Posted October 3, 2016)

Mayola West Worked along side of Kevin in the making of "DANCES WITH WOLVES"!!! You are Right, He was a Gentleman, & yes Fun, sometimes he rode back to camp with us "Pony Wranglers, -"Quiet Time"!!!! Nice To RIde Beside Him!!! (Posted October 4, 2016)

One More Thought by Debbie Shick commented: Kevin Costner...great actor...good guy! (Posted February 11, 2015)

Alex Filipos is with Nico Positano commented: Throwback to when Kevin Costner got to meet me and Nico Positano (Posted January 15th)

SilverspoonGaming @SilverspoonG tweeted: Waterworld ad from 1995 with #kevincostner #blockbuster #movie (Posted February 28th)

Eric Salazar commented: Cabbage picking lessons with Mr. Kevin Costner! Super nice guy! (Posted October 15, 2013)

claudioporcarelli - claudioporcarelli: #kevincostner #portraitphotography #claudioporcarelli #archivio #masterofphotography #icon (Posted February 16th)

Lorena N. White commented: I met 'Mr. Dances With Wolves' at the airport travels home Kevin Costner. (Posted June 23, 2015)

WNBA Fan's Page I got to meet Actor Kevin Costner at a private corporate event I was invited to this week in Boston, and he was kind enough to take a picture with me and have a nice chat about Sports (Posted October 26, 2016)

Linda Webb commented: OMG!! Just met Kevin Costner in SD at a Native American museum that he started! He was here with his wife n 2 young children ... He hasn't been here on 4 years n actually spoke to our tour group.. Which he has never done ! Got to shake his hand m pat him on his shoulder for the great job he did with the knees r still shaking ! (Posted July 22, 2015)

Joshua Beddie commented: Yup met Kevin Costner at the bar and gave him my favorite movie line and he said "ya that was a good one wasn't it" haha so stoked (Posted September 2, 2017)

Chuck Masad commented: I am on a cloud right now.. met my favorite Actor Kevin Costner.. as great in person as on the screen. at Bay Arcade. (Posted March 30, 2017)

Bay Arcade, 706 E Bay Ave, Newport Beach, California:

Kevin Costner at CinemaCon on What's Up Orange County by What's Up Orange County - Published on Jul 29, 2014

Lina Shaffer commented: That time Aunt Dot met Kevin Costner on set. (2011) (Posted June 9, 2017)

Larry DiMayuga commented: With one of the greatest actors of all-time, Kevin Costner — meeting at 20th Century Fox. (Posted November 13, 2016)

AD McClure commented: I just met Kevin Costner and I'm in love ❤️ He was so nice (near Atlanta, GA) (Posted April 30, 2016)

Rubi Ali commented: No big deal, I just met KEVIN COSTNER. Possibly the best day ever. (Posted October 24, 2015)

Rodolfo Fonseca Kevin Costner en Michael Jordan Flight School 2017. #sueñocumplido — at The Thunderdome. (Posted August 3, 2017)

Rapid City Municipal Government commented: The Airport is sending long-time employee Charlene Smith off tomorrow. No, she is not flying away with Kevin Costner. She is retiring after 27 years of service with the City. Congratulations Charlene and thank you! — at Rapid City Regional Airport. · August 20, 2015

Sold Out commented: Actor Kevin Costner in the media center (Posted February 1, 2014)

esrayaral - Esra Yaral Özkan: #tbt #kevincostner #turkishairlinesshooting #shooting #hollywoodstar #turkishairlines #kevincostnermodernwest (Posted April 18, 2018)

andreifedechko - Андрей Федечко: У каждого свой телохранитель,часть вторая.

Atul's Earth‏ @atulsearth tweeted: Network premiere of #Criminal on @Film4 on now with #KevinCostner (Posted April 19th)

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New Official trailer for 'Yellowstone' series with Kevin...

'Yellowstone' Official Trailer Starring Kevin Costner | Paramount Network Paramount Network Published on Apr 26, 2018 - Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner stars in ‘Yellowstone,’ an original television series following the violent world of the Dutton family, owners of the largest ranch in the United States. 'Yellowstone,' from Taylor Sheridan, the writer of 'Hell or High Water' and 'Sicario,' also features Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Gil Birmingham, and Cole Hauser. Premieres June 20th 9/8c on Paramount Network.

Yellowstone: The official Instagram account for Paramount Network's series, Yellowstone. Premiering June 2018.


Page58‏ @Page58Scoop tweeted: All Men are Bad but Some Try Hard to be Good in TV Drama Series ‘Yellowstone’ (Trailer) starring Kevin Costner (Posted April 26th)

Cinemaniaco‏ @cinemaniaco_fb tweeted: Yellowstone – Trailer dello show western con Kevin Costner (Posted April 27th)

nicsheridanofficial - •Nic Sheridan•: @paramountnetwork @yellowstone #studs #buds #june20th @colehauser22 (Posted April 20th)

Paramount Network sponsored the 'Yellowstone Rookie Shootout' at the NRBC (National Reining Breeders Classic) in Katy, Texas and was attended by Taylor and Nic Sheridan and Cole Hauser.

Kevin Costner & MW ‏Verified account @modernwest tweeted: Great photo taken by @emersonmillerph on set of season 1 Yellowstone. #yellowstone #paramount #taylorsheridan #kevincostner #cowboys (Posted April 3rd)

Yellowstone TV Fans @YellowstoneFans tweeted: Official character portrait previews of the Dutton family from Paramount’s new series #Yellowstone #KevinCostner #WesBentley #KellyReilly #LukeGrimes (Posted April 3rd)

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Kevin as "Enzo" in 'The Art of Dancing In The Rain'...

Kevin Costner to Voice the Dog in 'The Art of Racing in the Rain' (Exclusive) by Mia Galuppo , Borys Kit 4/18/2018 Excerpt: Kevin Costner is in talks to play man's best friend in The Art of Racing in the Rain. If the deal makes, the actor would voice the dog that is central to the story in the Fox 2000's adaptation of Garth Stein's bestselling novel. The project focuses on a family dog named Enzo who evaluates his life through the lessons learned by his human owner, a professional race-car driver named Denny Swift, who will be played by This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia. Simon Curtis, who helmed last year’s drama Goodbye Christopher Robin, is set to direct the adaptation. Neal Moritz is producing the feature along with Tania Landau and Patrick Dempsey, who at one point was attached to star in the project.

George Pennacchio ‏Verified account @abc7george tweeted: Did you read "The Art of Dancing In The Rain"? I loved it! We've known @MiloVentimiglia is starring in the movie version. Today, @THR says #KevinCostner is in talks to voice "Enzo," the dog that's so central to this story. @modernwest (Posted April 18th)

YVRShoots @yvrshoots tweeted: Kevin Costner to Voice the Dog in #TheArtofRacingintheRain (Exclusive). Movie starts filming in Vancouver on April 30th. (Posted April 18th)

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Looks like PR for 'Yellowstone' may start next week...

nicsheridanofficial - •Nic Sheridan•: Rock. 🤘🏼 @yellowstone #yellowstone @paramountnetwork @emersonmiller 📸 #hellyeah #youready #nrbc (Posted April 15th)

colehauser22 - Cole Hauser commented: Badass... see y'all next week.

National Reining Breeders Classic commented: Excerpt: "For me it's fantastic to marry my passion with my profession and selfishly I found a way to make someone else pay for a horseshow," Sheridan said with a laugh in regards to "Yellowstone's" partnership with NRBC..."I wanted to show off the sport and put it in a positive light in as many households as I could and so I wrote a scene where Kevin Costner ("Yellowstone's" lead role) needs to buy a new stallion for the ranch and I had Tim (McQuay), Tom (Foran) and Andrea (Fappani) come out ... and they just put on a clinic." "Yellowstone," starring Kevin Costner, premieres on Paramount Network Wednesday, June 20 at 9:00 pm ET/PT. (Posted April 16th)

Kevin Costner & MW ‏Verified account @modernwest tweeted: Great photo taken by @emersonmillerph on set of season 1 Yellowstone. #yellowstone #paramount #taylorsheridan #kevincostner #cowboys (Posted April 3rd)

Yellowstone TV Fans @YellowstoneFans tweeted: Official character portrait previews of the Dutton family from Paramount’s new series #Yellowstone #KevinCostner #WesBentley #KellyReilly #LukeGrimes (Posted April 3rd)

Scot Free @ShermanSnE commented: Saw an advance screening of that new Yellowstone joint with Kevin Costner on paramount tv. Shit is hardcore it's gonna make Narcos look like romper room. The streets is NOT ready to get they wild, wild west on. @JordanPeele @donaldglover @WillSmith (Posted March 26th)

utahfilmstudios - Utah Film Studios: A behind the scenes look at the Bunk House set on the tv series Yellowstone! #yellowstonetvshow #tvseries #utahfilmstudios #bunkhouse #filmproduction #filmcommunity #setlife #filmmaking #utahfilm #cowboys #behindthescenes #sneakpeek #staytuned #kevincostner (Posted December 12, 2017)&nbps;

nicsheridanofficial - •Nic Sheridan•: #fbf with 3 of my #fav Guys ❤️❤️❤️ @dave_annable @yellowstone #myman #bts (Posted March 16th)

silviamangiacapra - Mario Michisanti: #mariomichisanti #kevincostner #big (Posted February 8th)

Momma Ann's Bakery and Bistro commented: Movie...Yellowstone has been approved for the second season! Bad hair day, of course the day Kevin Costner and his team came in for breakfast...and yes, he's still a hottie. Visit our bakery and you can see where he sat for breakfast. Such a polite gentleman! (204 N Main St, Darby, Montana) (Posted April 6th)

utahfilmstudios - Utah Film Studios: #tbt to the massive 16x70 Translight on the set of Yellowstone. Looking forward to the premier of Season 1 in June on the Paramount Network. #utahfilmstudios #translight #setlife #filmset #filmmaking #filmproduction #onset #tvseries #yellowstonetvshow #kevincostner #taylorsheridan #filmcommunity #paramount (Posted March 15th)

Kathy Readsthis @kathyreadsthis tweeted: Ooh, new trailer for Yellowstone, the Kevin Costner miniseries they shot in Utah last year. Both episodes I’m in are in the trailer but sadly I am not. 😂 Just look at all those people dancing (to no music) (Posted March 3rd)

Kathy Readsthis @kathyreadsthis tweeted: The other episode I’m in is the one where Kevin Costner stares all contemplatively at the camera. I’m wandering around as a waitress filling up water glasses in the background. I also got to see KC eat a chocolate chip cookie about 5 feet from me. He’s taller than I expected (Posted March 3rd) Damon Martin commented: Here's one I had fun working on too. (In fact, I'm just over Kevin Costner's shoulder in this clip) (Posted March 1st)

Westin Sampson commented: This is the film we worked on this last year! It was a blast and couldn’t of been a better time! Can’t wait to start season 2! (Posted March 1st)

Taylor Lee Cook commented: Excited to see this. I was an extra in this series, maybe you’ll see me (Posted March 1st)

Whitney Warren Schwab commented: Pretty cool to see Kevin Costner walking out of the doorway where Nate and I got married at Chief Joseph Ranch. Makes me curious to see more beautiful Bitterroot footage on this show. (Posted March 1st)

Celeste Hall commented: Spencer Henderson, the trailer for Yellowstone is up! I'm not surprised that scene with the bull made it into the final cut. That was pretty scary! I thought for sure we were going to be sending someone to the hospital after that. I'm thrilled we had the opportunity to work on this film together! I hope when the movie comes out they show that clown literally dragging the bull off his buddy. That was some freaky adrenaline crazed show of nerves and strength! (Posted March 1st)

LD Custom Fencing: Yellowstone: Summer of 2018 Paramount Network TV series photos:

Antler Chandeliers & Lighting Company commented: I'm finishing up some custom wall sconces this week for the upcoming mini series 'Yellowstone' starrring Kevin Costner. This is one of them. for more of our chandeliers! (Posted February 27th)

Antler Chandeliers & Lighting Company, 4486 Rathbun Lane, Stevensville, Montana:

Cindy Schroeder Garthwait commented: Many of the antiques you will see in the Yellowstone series were purchased at the Creamery Antique Mall in Stevensville, MT. The Creamery staff enjoyed helping create the scene with their unique Montana treasures. (Posted March 1st)

Kalli Eighorn commented: Casual day in Melrose. Kevin Costner is on the run again. Technically “the Kevin Costner” stunt double. (Posted September 28, 2017)

Stefanie Keele Richardson commented: Don’t be jealous but I met Kevin Costner today! — with Stefanie Keele Richardson. (near Heber City, UT) (Posted November 29, 2017)

Cast Photos:

Nico Prat ‏Verified account @nicoprat tweeted: Kevin Costner on the billboard of Yellowstone, the new series of Paramount Network (Posted March 2nd)

YELLOWSTONE Official Trailer (2018) Kevin Costner, TV Series HD by ONE Media Published on Feb 28, 2018

Cowboys & Indians ‏Verified account @CI_Magazine tweeted: C&I reader favorite Kevin Costner will be riding tall in June on the @paramountnet (Posted February 28th)

Collin DeClerk commented: Very excited for this! I was able to work on this multiple days doing Background work while it was filming in Utah. Looks like it will be a very entertaining show! (Posted February 28th)

Arthur Veenema commented: Looking forward to June when we can see all that hard work pay off. For now, this trailer looks great -- (Posted February 28th)

Jessica Steenhoek commented: Super grateful for the chance I had to work on this set! Can’t wait to see the show 🙌🏼 A must see if you liked Sicario or Hell or High Water (Posted February 28th)

Sam Polifka commented: So excited to finally share this. Yellowstone is going to be a crazy ride (Posted February 28th)

Sammy Hammett commented: This is what I’ve been working on everyone super excited looks amazing. (Posted February 28th)

Janica Cline Petersen commented: This is the show I was able to be apart of. So grateful for the opportunity and I seriously can't wait for it to come out!!!! (Posted February 28th)

Maegan Tanner Davis commented: Here it is party people the official teaser for Yellowstone! Such an amazing project to be a part of! Watch it! It’s so good! (Posted February 28th)

Keith Shepro commented: Heyo! I loved this set and meeting Kevin Costner! Here is the trailer! (Posted February 28th)

Andrew Wheeler commented: So stoked to share what I was working on since I moved up to Salt Lake City!! Can't wait for everyone to watch this it's going to kick ass! (Posted February 28th)

Austin R. Grant commented: OH BABY!!! The first look at Yellowstone for Paramount Network I'm SO grateful to have worked on this and to have worked with Taylor Sheridan again since working on Wind River. It's gonna be epic! (Posted February 28th)

Betsy Schur commented: Yaaaasss, so excited to see this!! I was lucky enough to be part of the crew out here in Montana last fall. Such beautiful country (Posted February 28th)

Terry Holker commented: Lol... my arm and black cowboy hat made the trailer at the 1:07-1:09 mark while I was doing my cowboy rodeo dance. The director came by me after one of the takes and said, “Chill out a little bit on the dancing” But of course I didn’t listen and continued to dance like an idiot... so I’m pretty sure you won’t miss me in that episode when it aires. (Posted February 28th)

Aimée E. McCue commented: Here’s a sneak peak at the show I worked on in Utah and Montana half of last year. Special shout out to KC for making all our outfits look so good. Enjoy! (Posted February 28th)

Eric Christian Campbell commented: My brothers built this fence for this show. Great looking fence Bryan. I am proud of you. (Posted February 28th)

Holden Garrison commented: They filmed parts of this in melrose by our family ranch, looks bad ass!! (Posted February 28th)

Nate Blaine commented: Shawn M Wetzel how weird is it that they left us out of the trailer!?!? (Posted February 28th)