Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Kevin to be part of WW1 Centennial Commemoration...

On April 6, 2017, Kevin Costner will be part of the 'U.S. World War I Centennial Commission Announces Centennial Commemoration of U.S. Entry into World War' at the National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri. The official part of the program begins at 11am. Tickets will be available on March 23rd on the event website (link below). Only 4 tickets per person. Festival seating so no chairs but can bring a cushion or blanket. Event will be streamed online on the event website. See details and a video at link below talks about Kevin at 7:42 to 8:13:

Thursday, March 16, 2017

More 'Molly's Game' 'Hidden Figures' and various items...

New book-to-movie adaptation has connection to daughter of CSU faculty By Nate Day March 8, 2017

Anticipated Poker Movie “Molly’s Game” Expected in Theaters by Summer by John Reger March 12th, 2017

Marie‏ @melenamiller98 tweeted: First day back in California and sitting next to Kevin Costner in a restaurant haha (Posted 12:17pm February 24th)

Hidden Figures Just Surpassed Three 2016 Blockbusters In A Huge Way By Adam Holmes March 14, 2017

Why ‘Hidden Figures’ should win Best Picture By Justin Lyons - February 21, 2017

Why we must talk about Kevin (Costner) By Ernst Reinhart, 16 February 2017

VIDEO: Kevin Costner ci racconta il suo Al Harrison de Il diritto di contare 11 marzo 2017

The Last Emperor Wins Costume Design: 1988 Oscars by Oscars Published on Apr 9, 2015 - James Acheson wins the Oscar for Costume Design for The Last Emperor at the 60th Academy Awards. Kevin Costner and Daryl Hannah present the award. Watch more of the 1988 Oscars:

Oscars 2017: Which Best Picture Movie Trailers Generated the Most Engagement? by Greg Jarboe February 24, 2017    http://tubularinsights.com/oscars-2017-movie-trailer-engagement/

Picture:    https://sojo.net/sites/default/files/styles/hero_breakpoints_theme_sojod7_tablet_1x/public/blog/31663472365_9e40b2499d_k.jpg?itok=lbgr-4tU×tamp=1487881737

elke_spang - Elke Spang: #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostnerandmodernwest #kevincostner #kevinmichaelcostner #kcmw #bestactor #movies 💕 TBT 😊 Kevin in Fandango 😍 A Great Movie 🎥😘❤ (Posted March 2nd)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BRJd4LHANrx/

teamkevincostnerfanpage - Team Kevin Costner Fanpage: #fbf #Kevincostner (Posted March 3rd)

djreprise - Rigo Gonzalez: Excited for #kevincostner @janellemonae @therealoctaviaspencer @tarajiphenson & all behind #Hidden Figures, arguably one of the most important (untold) stories this #Oscar season, inspiring us ALL to achieve what seems like the unachievable. Especially now. Where was this in my history class? (Posted February 26th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ_YJiJAmg0/

reglarc - Regla: Dios mío #SOBRANLASPALABRAS #KevinCostner a(Posted March 2nd)

Brenda‏ @BrendaKennedy76 tweeted: @TurboTaxCanada was pretty exciting to meet Kevin Costner a few years ago #MyTurboTaxMoment (Posted March 6th)

Gowrav Shenoy‏ @gshny tweeted: If you have watched the movie Hidden figures then you know Kevin Costner is @TheZoiro man for he recognized talent #BeHerPlay (Posted March 8th)

Piss Off, Tim Tebow by Tim Marchman March 8, 2017 Excerpt: Kevin Costner looked far better—more fluid, more natural—when he got in on some spring training action four years ago.

VIDEO: Indians TV: MIN@CLE: Kevin Costner takes BP in Cleveland 06/23/13

kaili1963: #arqueonautas #buddies #friendship #kevincostner #aspen (Posted March 11th)

Kevin Costner a Roma, accoglienza da Re (FOTO) Pictures from 'Criminal' premiere by Erika Sciamanna

Pictures and article: Kevin Costner contributes to WHS Foundation event April 25, 2016 By: Sarah Elliott

kevincostner_greatest_man_ever: The greatest man Kevin Costner can do everything and is always the best!! #kevincostner #best #greatestman #handsome (Posted March 13th)

azzato_photography - Mayk Azzato: Nice Friday! @kevincostnermodernwest for @arqueonautas ! #hensel #nikon #shooting #arq #arqueonautas #kevin #kevincostner #modernwest #air #airplane #flugzeug #azzato_photography #maykazzato (Posted February 26, 2016)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BCPjKNwSKae/

MAYK AZZATO Photography commented: Backstage with @kevincostnermodernwest #shooting #set #campaign #photography #jungle #sun #beach #hollywood #oscar #fashion #mensfashion #style (Posted December 26, 2016)

MAYK AZZATO Photography commented: Kevin Costner by Mayk AZZATO #kevincostner #kevinmichaelcostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest #fashion #oscar #hollywood #photooftheday #california #action #acteur (Posted August 1, 2016)    https://www.facebook.com/380232678798873/photos/a.380244742131000.1073741828.380232678798873/694574760697995/?type=3&theater

kevincostner_greatest_man_ever: #kevincostner #best #greatestman #handsome (Posted March 15th)

Nicholas Guyatt‏ @NicholasGuyatt tweeted: Upside of having your computer break down in LA is that you get to take it to the place that repairs Kevin Costner's Macs. (Posted March 16th)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The latest items I've found pertaining to Kevin...

sebastienmicke - Sébastien Micke: Don't miss #KevinCostner this week in @parismatch_magazine interviewed by #DanyJucaud editor in chief @catherinetabouis #SebastienMickePhoto #Hiddenfigures movie (Posted February 20th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BQuN3zzAcqC/

Kevin Costner Fan Germany @kevincostner_fan_germany: There is no better man! #kevincostner #thebest #bestman #bestactor #bestmovie #bestofall #hero #legend #handsome #bestsmile pic by @sebastienmicke

Kevin Costner presentando Jacques Lemans para Watch Boutique en Perú by Promos Watch Boutique Published on Dec 21, 2016    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I425EOFaLcs

Picture:    https://twitter.com/PromiLounge/status/811549293278597123

Kevin on 'Today Show' for 'Criminal' pictures:

Kevin on 'Today Show' for 'Black Or White' picture:

Ariel Vromen commented: Today is the New York premiere of Criminal! Check out this interview with Kevin Costner, Alice Eve and me on HuffPo live! (Posted April 11, 2016)

Pictures: January 2015:    http://flashmafia.com/kevin-costner-greeted-fans-outside-abc-studios-manhattan/

Fusion Magazine: January 29, 2015:    https://www.facebook.com/fusionmagazinegroup/photos/pcb.589683504466743/589683367800090/?type=3&theater

Monokhromos Photography commented: Event: Draft Day Special Screening. Kevin Costner. October 11, 2014

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, Cal State Fullerton November 7, 2013 In 2007, Kevin Costner ’78 (marketing) returned to Cal State Fullerton for a special premiere screening of his movie "Mr. Brooks." #ThrowbackThursday

Elo Cinquanta - Acting & Arts commented: Special SAG (Screen Actors Guild) screening of movie "Black or White" with Kevin Costner. November 22, 2014 · Los Angeles, CA

Zoom In: The Black and White After Party Derick Chetty | September 9th, 2014

Barbara Hamilton Ross (feeling excited.) January 31, 2015 · Kevin Costner made a surprise appearance at the movies tonight for Black and White with the screen writer, Mike Binder. How awesome.

#1 FAN (Volunteering Service) Agency commented: #1Fan Volunteers attended last night special screening of black or white starring and produced by Kevin Costner. We also attended a meet and greet luncheon with STL community members and Kevin Costner. It was a great experience to hear from a producer about his movie. He was very genuine and personal. Kudos to Kevin Costner

Bay Area Black Journalists Association commented: Barbara Rodgers with Kevin Costner after his special screening of his new movie Black and White. #nabj14 August 2, 2014

Fayray's commented: Guess who ate with us today? Mr. Costner loved the shrimp tacos...so will you! (Posted July 22, 2016)

Helen Gyarmati Beitman commented: Look who we found outside the Gristmill after lunch! Kevin Costner! OMG!!! (Posted July 24, 2016)

Michelle Pie was eating breakfast with Kyne Marshall at Nashville Biscuit House. Hyper-American moment right now. Kevin Costner just walked in the Biscuit House. (Nashville, TN) (Posted July 27, 2016)
Michelle Pie asked: WHAT DID HE EAT
Brianna Ronemus commented: Biscuits and gravy, toast with strawberry jelly. He was dreamy.

Chefs For Hire Catering commented: Kevin and chef Mark Thompson (Posted July 2, 2013)

Betsy Luttrell commented: I had lunch today with Kevin Costner. And about 1,500 women. Way to go Katie Beauchamp Pedigo and NFNL. (Posted April 10, 2015)

Brandy Pacini Hutchison commented: Just a little lunch with Kevin Costner (Posted April 10, 2015)

Simone Bouvier Savedra commented: Enjoying lunch with Kevin Costner (Santa Barbara Four Seasons) (Posted October 3, 2015)

Michael Tackett Verified account ‏@tackettdc tweeted: Kevin Kostner signed a copy of The Baseball Whisperer for Clarinda A's banquet (Posted November 19, 2016)

The Kaweah Commonwealth commented: Award-winning actor Kevin Costner signed this baseball bat (and the Bull Durham poster in the background) specifically for the Woodlake High School Foundation's Spring Dinner (April 29). Here it is on the auction block; all dollars raised go to college scholarships for graduating seniors. (Posted May 5, 2016)    https://www.facebook.com/60542582474/videos/10153606405077475/

patty_sena - Patty Sena: Ay los celos.. #kevinkostner que por qué con Ricky... ok aquí mi #tbt de final del día (Posted February 16th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BQmDj0Wjuq-/

It's the 21-year anniversary of 'Happy Gilmore' release By T.J. Auclair, PGA.com February 16, 2017 Excerpt: - Kevin Costner was the producers’ first choice to play Happy Gilmore antagonist Shooter McGavin. He passed in order to make his own well-regarded (and very different) 1996 golf comedy, Tin Cup.

John Lee commented: The Great Kevin Costner & I last night at the cast party! #actor - Him and I had a couple scenes together. (near Cleveland, OH) (June 23, 2013)

Rob Vezina commented: Sharing a corner of the bar in Santa Barbara with Kevin Costner...Priceless!! (Posted August 1, 2016)    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1192535960767034&set=a.483868398300464.110206.100000319231788&type=3&theater

Claudio Porcarelli photographs Kevin Costner for Vanity Fair Italia 02.03.15

Picture:   http://countryclubgolgotha.tumblr.com/post/156051456064/rhubarbes-kevin-costner-by-claudio-porcarelli?is_related_post=1

Picture #24:   https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B61oAYRBUhEBYVNEbU14YVhBM2c/view

Picture for Silverlake Photography:   https://www.pinterest.com/pin/131519251594882804/

KEVIN KOSTNER Photographer: Claudio Porcarelli Written by Maurizio Catalani: Need to translate:

Kevin Costner: «La mia più grande paura? Dimenticare chi amo» Photo gallery:

johnhamiltoncollection Kevin Costner, "Revenge" (1990). On exhibit in "John R. Hamilton: Hollywood and the American West" at the @nationalcowboymuseum through May 24, 2017.

Pictures and need to translate article: TRANSLATED: Kevin Costner: "I have not the age (to retire)» "I am old, how come?". The actor celebrates 60 years with a movie where does the grandfather. But, in life, you feel the same as always. It has no intention of resting by Paola Jacobbi

la_blondie_99 - J O A N N A" Man Crush Marry Me #kevincostner#god#holy#thefuckingman (Posted February 21st)

glendale_dental_queens - Glendale Dental Dr. Robert Cukier: #lovelife #extrememakeover #chanel #kevincostner #celebrity #celebritydentist #smile #veneers#cosmeticdentist #plasticsurgery #makeup #nosejob #smileveneers#sale #free (Posted February 21st)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BQyGUJ7BLwW/

Kevin Costner Fan Germany @kevincostner_fan_germany: On the Set of Bull Durham! #kevincostner #thebest #bestman #bestactor #bestmovie #bestofall #hero #legend #handsome #bestsmile #bulldurham

Sunday, February 19, 2017

More 'MT Conference' 'Globetrotters' and 'Hidden Figures'...

WesTech ‏@WesTech_Inc tweeted: Kevin Costner checking out our display at the @AWWAACE Membrane Tech Conference. Seriously! He's got a strong interest in engineering (Posted February 17th)

kuriouz: Got to meet Kevin Costner. Cool dude, he's from Compton lol. #straightouttacompton #kevincostner #harlemglobetrotters #celebrity #santabarbara #california #westcoast #compton #thebodyguard #robinhood #danceswithwolves #actor #moviestar #hollywood #panarican #stagemanager #tourlife #blessed #whatsnext b (Posted February 17th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BQnvaERBV7h/

Exclusive: Kevin Costner on the ugly human nature faced in Hidden Figures - The actor talks about his role in Hidden Figures, and about working with Aaron Sorkin By Jon Lyus - Feb 15, 2017

Kevin Costner Interview - Hidden Figures by HeyUGuys Published on Feb 15, 2017 - James Kleinmann from HeyUGuys interviews Kevin Costner for his movie Hidden Figures based on the story of the ladies who helped NASA become the first space organisation to land on the moon.

The Top 28 Kevin Costner films As Hidden Figures arrives in UK cinemas, we update our look at the finest films of Mr Kevin Costner... by Simon Brew February 16, 2017

Director Theodore Melfi On Oscar-Nominated Hidden Figures by Nick De Semlyen February 15, 2017    See part about Kevin:

Paris Match ‏@ParisMatch tweeted: Kevin Costner: "Je suis un citoyen du monde"

Translated: Kevin Costner: "I am a citizen of the world" by Dany Jucaud February 18, 2017

Kevin Costner forgets Hidden Figures co-stars' names and talks The Bodyguard remake by ODE Published on Feb 19, 2017 - Hidden Figures has proved a massive hit, but when we sat down to chat about it, Kevin Costner tells us he almost turned down his role. Report by Victoria Nwosu-Hope.

A talk with Margot Lee Shetterly, the author of 'Hidden Figures' - Shetterly's bestseller is now an Oscar-nominated movie. She discusses the book, the film, her links to the true story and more. By Denise Johnson Star Tribune February 17, 2017  See part about Kevin:

Picture from December 8, 2016, Academy screening:

Everthing There Is To Know About Kevin Costner by Films & Stars Published on Feb 14, 2017 - With a role in the historical drama ‘Hidden Figures’ running in cinemas, now its time to take a closer look at the life and career of Hollywood icon Kevin Costner.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0C0GLE-BPg

Learn Luxembourgish commented: Well this is interesting! They're shooting Molly's Game with Kevin Costner in my lobby today 😊Pretty neat to see the amount of equipment and people needed for just this one scene. An estimated 60 people are buzzing around. Photos taken during their lunch break. Can't wait for the movie to come out so that I can see the lobby in action (Posted January 11th)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

KC & MW to play The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon...

Kevin Costner and Modern West are scheduled to play 'Live At The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon', 2158 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers, Florida, on Saturday, April 22, 2017, at approximately 9:00pm. Doors open at 7:00pm. This concert is part of the Sam Galloway Ford Concert Series and is presented by Gator Country 101.9. Tickets are $40.00 in Advance and $45.00 at the door. 18 and UP Concert, additional $5.00 at the Door for under 21.

Approved ticket outlets: