Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kevin's schedule for Tuesday, October 28, 2008

University Of Colorado Early Vote Rally 10 AM
University Memorial Center, South Terrace, Broadway & Euclid, Boulder, Co

**Updated Location**
Colorado State University Early Vote Rally 12:30 PM
Johnson Hall, Room 222 Ft. Collins, CO

University Of Northern Colorado Early Vote Rally 2:45 PM
Student Center Columbine A Room 11th Ave & 20th St. Greeley, CO

University Of Denver Early Vote Rally 5:15 PM
Driscoll Center The Commons 2055 E. Evans Denver, CO

Events are free and open to the public. Events are open press.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kevin and I...

are supporting the same candidate for President! The news online is that Kevin is planning to attend a rally in Greeley, Colorado to "stump" for Barack Obama, on Tuesday. Kevin will hold an "early voting rally", Monday, at Colorado College, at 4pm, at Womer Center, Perkins Lounge. Kevin will also attend a sign making party in Colorado Springs and the signs will be used for the rally on Tuesday for Michelle Obama. Also on Monday evening, Kevin will visit Obama's campaign office in Castle Rock and meet with female voters at a home in Lakewood. On Tuesday, Kevin will lead a march at the University of Colorado, in Boulder, Colorado, starting at the University's Memorial Center's South Terrace to the CU Recreation Center's polling station at 10am. Kevin will also be attending rallies in Fort Collins and Denver on Tuesday. How exciting! What a busy schedule!!

I haven't been to a sign making party since High School. Too bad I don't live in Colorado.

I have actually voted already. My state makes it very easy to vote. I get the ballot in the mail. I fill it out and I can either mail it in or drop it in a ballot box at any local library. With a system like that it would be rather lazy not to vote, I think.

I hope some who get to attend the rallies and get to meet Kevin will blog about it! I'd love to read about their experience!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kevin's first band, Roving Boy...

Picture above is Kevin with John Coinman (right) and Blair Forward (front) (not sure who the third guy is but would like to know) and below is the Roving Boy CD Cover.

The following link at amazon.com has user reviews but the CD is no longer available there.

Track Listings:

  1. On the Great Divide
  2. Simple Truth
  3. Victor
  4. By the “U” in Buick
  5. Jenny I Know
  6. Tokyo Convertible
  7. Chad to Botswana
  8. Ghost of Hollywood
  9. Love Among the Ruins
  10. Porch Song
A couple of these songs have been played at Kevin's and Modern West's concerts. There are samplings of the live music at YouTube:


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kevin Costner and Modern West.....

According to the press release:


Universal Republic/Universal Records South will release the debut album from Kevin Costner & Modern West, titled Untold Truths, on November 11. Though best known for his acting career, Costner is no stranger to the art of making music and songwriting. The band’s history goes back some 20 years when Kevin first met band mate John Coinman in Los Angeles during an acting workshop. The two began playing and writing music together and soon after started a band called “Roving Boy.” As Kevin’s star began to rise, he was unable to devote much time to the band. However, he and some of the band members continued behind-the-scenes playing, writing, and recording anytime they could throughout the years. A few years back the itch became stronger for Costner to start performing on a more regular basis. Costner recalls a performance back in August 2005 and remarks, “I remember looking out into the crowd, thinking ‘this just feels right’.” And with that, his passion continued to grow with the end product of that passion being the debut album, Untold Truths. The album is comprised of 12 original tracks all written or co-written by Kevin Costner & Modern West (Modern West is John Coinman, Blair Forward, Teddy Morgan, Larry Cobb and Park Chisolm). Untold Truths is produced by Teddy Morgan and John Coinman

Track Listing:

1. Long Hot Night (Coinman/Morgan)
2. 90 Miles An Hour (Chisolm/Costner/Morgan)
3. Hey Man What About You? (Coinman)
4. Superman 14 (Coinman/Morgan)
5. Don't Lock'em Away (Coinman/Costner/Morgan)
6. Down in Nogales (Coinman)
7. Every Intention (Coinman/Rigby)
8. 5 Minutes From America (Coinman/Costner/Morgan)
9. The Sun Will Rise Again (Chisolm/Coinman/Costner/Morgan)
10. Backyard (Coinman/Costner/Morgan)
11. Leland Iowa (Coinman)
12. Gotta Get Away (Coinman/Costner/Morgan)

They have a Myspace Page: http://www.myspace.com/kevincostnerandmodernwest

And there’s information about the band at: http://www.kevincostner.com

They sold a 4 song CD from their Myspace page which must have done well enough for Universal Records South’s interests. And everyone who bought the 4 song CD is probably really looking forward to this full CD. I know I am!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lately I've been watching.....

...his movies again:  Bull Durham / Dragonfly / Fandango / JFK / For Love Of The Game / Message In A Bottle / Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves / Rumor Has It / Silverado /The Bodyguard / The Untouchables / The Upside Of Anger / Tin Cup / Waterworld. I own all these. And I own 11 more that I may be watching again soon:  American Flyers / A Perfect World / Dances With Wolves / Field Of Dreams / The Guardian / 3000 Miles To Graceland / Wyatt Earp / The War / No Way Out / Revenge / Thirteen Days.(I have Testament and Night Shift too but he's barely in those 2). There's only 7 of Kevin's films I haven't seen and I expect I'll be seeing them within the next few months. Each of these movies that I watched again recently I enjoyed just as much as the first time I saw them. I still had the same reactions - the same feelings that I had the first time I watched them.When I find bad comments about Kevin’s movies that I love, it’s hard not to take offense because it’s my taste in movies that is bashed, also, not just his! I mean, that’s how it makes me feel. It makes me feel like I’d like to know what those people’s taste in movies are so I can post bad things about their favorite movies though I know that is impossible and I certainly don’t have the time to do that! But that’s how it makes me feel. It makes me think of that adage, “If you haven’t got something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” and wish I could make that be the reality, not just my wish! LOL!! Where did that saying come from anyway? I like it!!

It's not that I have only KC movies - no, I have a collection of 61 other DVDs and 90 VHS. More importantly, my WISH LIST is hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of movies long! Maybe thousands, actually. LOL! So I like a lot of different movies and actors, from the past and in the present. The first movie I ever saw of Kevin's was Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. I belonged to Columbia House Movie Club (still do) and I had neglected to send back the selection card and got the movie in the mail. (Don’t have to mess with those selection cards anymore.) It wasn't one I would have ordered because I knew nothing about it or him but since it was my mistake I kept it and paid for it and I watched it. Well, it became one of my favorite movies from the first time I watched it! It doesn’t matter whether Kevin had an English accent or not - I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! And the scene after the Sheriff and witch are killed, Robin and Marian come together and she says, “You came for me” and he says, “I would die for you”, well, that’s my favorite scene! And the theme song, Everything I Do (I Do It For You) became my most favorite of all my favorite songs. (And I have a LOT of favorite songs!!) From that point on I wished I could have a man in my life who could say the words of that song to me and mean it!!! In searching the internet I’ve found that there are many others who love this movie and song just like I do. According to Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everything_I_Do,_I_Do_It_For_You
It spent seven weeks at number one in the United States Billboard Hot 100, sixteen consecutive weeks at number one on the UK Singles Chart (the longest in British chart history), and nine weeks atop the RPM singles chart in Canada. The song’s been recorded by at least 30 other artists. According to Box Office Mojo:  http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=robinhoodprinceofthieves.htm
The movie had a Domestic gross of $165,493,908 and a Foreign gross of $225,000,000 for a total of $390,493,908. Impressive! Clearly I’m not the only one who loved it!! I can’t help but wonder what the sales and rentals netted. I have both the VHS and the DVD Extended Version. It can sometimes still be seen on TV. This is a very good link to check and see what Kevin Costner movies are going to be on:
http://www.tvguide.com/celebrities/kevin-costner/tv-listings/160571 One thing I’ve noticed, in searching the Blogs through Google, there are a very large number of “Free Full Movie Download” sites for Kevin’s movies. How can this be? How can they give away a movie that should be paid for? This must be illegal but is rampant! And some of them are now using the word “safely”. Hmm…! I have to wade through pages and pages of all these download links just to find the true blogs!! If I could have my wish these illegal download sites wouldn’t exist at all!!

I have a lot of wishes………

Monday, October 20, 2008

For a few years now...

I've been spending time online, searching for news, articles, interviews, blogs, pictures and videos of Kevin Costner. I save what I find for myself and I also post the links in a private group of about 70 KC fans. I love finding great stuff about him! And it takes up most of the time I spend online. But I am astonished and saddened by the sites I find where people have spent their time online saying bad things about Kevin and I can't help but wonder what drives them to spend what must be precious time (since I'm sure they don't have as much time to spend online like I do) to go on about him like they do. Do they not have enough to do with their lives? Do they do the same with other actors they don't like or just Kevin? Are they really that unhappy in their lives that they need to show themselves as jealous or envious or just plain mean? I'm sure they don't realize what they are showing of themselves by what they do. They don't see it! I mean, what is so deficient in their lives that they have to go on so negatively about someone they don’t even know? And someone whose movies they don’t have to watch? Or why they are compelled to let it be known that they don’t like him as an actor or don’t like any of his movies? Why do they think anyone would care what they think about him? Surely they could easily surmise that his fans don’t want to read their negativity. I don’t think they care about that. The only ones who would want to read what they rant about are those who think like they do. I’ve even seen a couple sites dedicated to bashing Kevin Costner.

I decided to start a blog of my own, putting some of the things I find about Kevin on it. Good things, of course! I am a fan of his movies and I am a fan of the man but I am more than a fan. I have a personal connection to Kevin that I won't get into here and now but I will say that it is a very unique connection. I would still be a fan of his movies and a fan of the man even if I didn't have that personal connection to him.

More coming soon.....