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Quotes from Kevin Costner about his “day job”…..

From the interview entitled: Former OC resident Kevin Costner swings for the fences The actor put up his own money to make the political comedy 'Swing Vote' By BARRY KOLTNOW, dated July 24, 2008, Kevin says: ”My record isn't unblemished, but my way was steady. I had no contacts in the business, and I had no compass, and I came in as na├»ve as you could be. The first acting audition I went on, I wore a suit. It was kind of embarrassing but it's all I knew. I learned everything the hard way, but once I learned it, I never went backward. I didn't repeat the same mistakes.” You can see the entire interview and 3 pictures of Kevin at the following link:

From the interview entitled: Costner happy to play characters on the fringe By Jay Stone, dated July 23, 2008, Kevin said: “I enjoy the fun quotient in life. I know what work's about because I've had to work all my life, but I've always tried to make sure that my work had fun in it." You can read the entire interview at the following link:

From the interview entitled: Kevin Costner analyzes his most memorable scenes By Brett Johnson, dated July 24, 2008, Kevin said, "I'm known as being off-book,' meaning I'll know all my lines before a movie starts.” Kevin said of the movie ‘Field Of Dreams’: "I knew when I read it that there was magic in that script." "I also knew we had to run a thin razor's edge to pull it off — I mean, we have guys coming out of the corn and a guy having a catch with his dead father." "I'm very proud of it. I think it's our generation's ‘It's a Wonderful Life.'"The entire interview can be seen at the following link:

From the interview entitled: Kevin Costner stars in ‘Swing Vote’ by Ruthe Stein, dated July 25, 2008, Kevin said: "People just think my acting was natural. They don't realize how hard I actually work at it to make it look natural. Certain actors that people think of as great, with great range, I imagine those same actors playing the roles I play. That's my own little exercise." "My life is just an absolute journey, and I have been unafraid to live it," "I've been bruised. I've had bites taken out of me. But I have taken some pretty big bites out of life. And I will keep on until the point I don't want to do it. I'll be pretty clear about what that is, I'm sure." You can see the entire interview and 2 pictures of Kevin at the following link:

And from the interview entitled: Kevin Costner: Actor, father, rock star By Michael Janusonis, dated July 27, 2008, Kevin says: “I can walk down a street anywhere in the world and people will say, ‘Hey, Kev.’ But I have always been able to walk down any street in the world and have my life, although there are certain countries where they just won’t leave you alone. Italy is one of them. It’s relentless. But I end up finding a way of [going out in public unnoticed] because I want to do it. Otherwise, I would be surrounded by bodyguards.” ….…“My life, it’s been interesting. It’s been really . . . interesting. It’s been as adventurous as the movies.” You can find the entire interview at the following link:

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Some recent VIDEO Interviews with Kevin Costner….

(This posting was edited on June 24, 2012 to remove the CMT Countdown videos that are no longer available online and add ones that are available.)

Top 20 Interview 1 Uploaded by watchingkevin on Nov 25, 2008

Top 20 Interview 2 Uploaded by watchingkevin on Nov 25, 2008

Top 20 Interview 3 Uploaded by watchingkevin on Nov 25, 2008

Top 20 Interview 4 Uploaded by watchingkevin on Nov 25, 2008

Y108's Stoney Richards attended a press conference with Kevin Costner - Uploaded by wookiey108 on Nov 13, 2008:

Kevin Costner Press Conference on the Grand Ole Opry - Uploaded by steph9890 on Nov 10, 2008 - To see more, go to

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Some more KC quotes and a concert review…..

Quotes from Kevin to John Gerome of the Associated Press:

"This is as close to my personality as I ever get, playing live.”
“When I'm making a movie I'm playing whoever I'm playing.”
“But my personality comes out on stage when I play live.”
“That's when you see me the clearest."
"I never intended to make a record, I just wanted to play live again, but I wanted to do original material.”
“People heard the songs and approached us about it."
“I'm real confident of how we sound with an audience.”
“I'm real confident that an evening with us will be real fun and will be remembered."

And from the interview by Beverly Keel, dated November 11, 2008, at the following link:
Costner ranks playing 'Opry' with Oscar win
"It all goes under the banner of a real huge life experience,".… "And that's what I wanted in life, all my life. It has marked me somehow in a positive way. As you look at your life, you say, 'What have I done in my life? What have I been able to do in my life?' "There's a few things that would leap, I would guess, to the public consciousness — directing a movie, an Oscar, pitching a perfect game in Yankee Stadium, even though it was a movie, ride with buffalo that somebody hasn't been able to do in 150 years. And singing on the Opry, you have to know, is a moment. I know what it was; it is in my heart now, it's in my brain. "Then there's a whole list of things that no one will ever know what marks your life, like children… But this week has been a highlight."

And a concert review from Craig Alderman, dated July 22, 2008 from Modern West Who? My family and I found the concert one of the best we have ever attended because it revealed so much about an entertainer, a superstar, and in more attributes, just an American and very proud of it. He opened himself up to us through his music, and the crowd felt it. There is nothing more anyone could expect from any singer. Costner and the Modern West Band played for almost two hours, along with entertaining stories of Americana from his life experiences that we all can relate to. Keep your eye open for the Modern West Band; you will truly get more than you bargained for at their concerts.

A TV Alert, a photo gallery, and a KC quote….

GAC 484 - That’s Great American Country TV has “Top 20 Country Countdown”, found it at the following link:
When you click on the link it just says Blake Shelton & Kevin Costner and gives the dates of November 28th and 29th, 2008 and the times. The episode description at the GACTV link says: This week Nan Kelley has two guests to be thankful for: her talented country music brother, Blake Shelton and movie-star-turned-country-singer, Kevin Costner. Check your local listings!

There’s a Photo Gallery at GACTV at the following link:,3028,GAC_26071_5939330_,00.html
Click on the thumbnail and then click on the larger picture for the largest picture! Picture Caption: Host Suzanne Alexander and special guest Kevin Costner on the set of GAC Nights. There’s also some great CMA Kickoff Concert pictures!

And here’s another quote from Kevin about the reason he started singing with the band again, from an interview with Calvin Gilbert, dated November 21, 2008 and entitled: Kevin Costner Takes a Musical Route A Cinematic Modern Truths Blends Roots Rock With Country: "I find myself all over the country, and when I want to go out, a lot of time it ends up being a lot of handshaking and autographing. I thought, 'How about when I get to all these places, why not just go play music. And if you want to be around me, you can be there and I can be here, and by the end of the night, we'll have talked on some real level.' And that's where that started." You can find the full interview at the following link:

Friday, November 21, 2008

More Kevin Costner and Modern West Concert Dates….

More concert dates have been added, according to their site at the following link:

01-17-09 Reno, Nevada Silver Legacy Resort and Casino 21+

01-24-09 Regina, Sasketchewan, Canada Casino Regina $80 ADV, $85 DOS. 19+ Tickets: or by calling 1-800-555-3189

01-27-09 Minneapolis, Minnesota The Cabooze
$25, all ages. Tickets: Locally: The Joint Bar Treehouse Records Know Name Records or by calling 1-651-989-5151

01-29-09 Omaha, Nebraska Slowdown $30, all ages.
or at all Homer’s Music locations

01-30-09 Des Moines, Iowa People’s Court $25 DV, $30 DOS. 21+ Tickets:

01-31-09 Lawrence, Kansas Liberty Hall
$26 ADV, $30 DOS. All ages.
Tickets: or the Liberty Hall box office

02-02-09 Columbia, Missouri Blue Note $25 ADV, $30 DOS. 21+ Tickets:

02-03-09 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Wormy Dog $25 ADV, $30 DOS. 21+ Tickets:

02-05-09 Austin, Texas Antone’s$25. 18+ Tickets: or by calling 1-512-389-0315

02-06-09 Dallas, Texas Granada Theater
$39, all ages Tickets:

Also this special one:
Costner’s Modern West heads West Metro Edmonton 10-29-08 Excerpt: Kevin Costner and Modern West will be rocking the Shaw Conference Centre with the sounds of rootsy rock January 23, 2009, for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce 2009 Chamber Ball. Each year, the Chamber Ball boasts a guest list of influential Edmontonians, with show-stopping performers, who have included Huey Lewis and The News, and the Blues Brothers in past years. For tickets to the gala event, which cost $209 each, call 780-426-4620

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

VIDEO of Opry Live, Two KC Interviews and New Concert Date…

You’ll find two Videos at the following link:
Article entitled: Costner at the Opry By Jeff DeDekker – He says the band played “Long Hot Night” on the show and that he’s not a big fan of KC’s music. “The crowd appeared to enjoy the effort” KC&MW’s scheduled to appear at the Casino Regina Show Lounge on January 24, 2009, at 8pm. Jeff’s planning on being there to check out the band first hand and suggests “if you want to attend, you better buy your tickets sooner than later.” Ah, so he knows KC’s concerts sell out!!
The Casino Regina Show Lounge - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Link:

Also there’s an AUDIO Interview at:
The Q's Chrisi Brooks talked with KC. You can listen to the interview and rate the song “Long Hot Night” at the link.

Monday, November 17, 2008

December 13th, 2008, another movie narrated by Kevin…

CMT Films and NASCAR Media Group Produce Ride of Their Lives- according to the following link:

It’s a new film premiering December 13 on CMT that tells the story behind NASCAR through first-person accounts by the people who helped create the history. The two-hour film is narrated by Kevin Costner and features new, exclusive interviews with NASCAR drivers Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, Bobby Allison and Darrell Waltrip and features never-before-seen footage spanning NASCAR's entire history from the archives of NASCAR Media Group, as well as the final interview with Bill France Jr., NASCAR president from 1972-2000 and son of NASCAR founder Bill France. Other drivers spotlighted in the film include Dale Earnhardt, Kyle Petty, Tim Richmond and Wendell Scott.

Kevin Costner was asked by Beville Darden, “The album is a great mix of rock and country, but one of the countriest songs, if you will, is 'Backyard' – a song about broken down cars left out in the yard. Kevin responded, It's funny -- NASCAR just bought that song. I don't know what they're planning on doing with it, but we got a call and they said, 'We just love this song. Can we put it on our documentary?' That song came out of [my movie] 'Swing Vote.' I think all neighbors hate the people that have their cars out in the yard ... You're thinking, 'This guy's never gonna get this piece of s--- running.' [laughs] But it just needs a fan belt!”

You can read the full interview/article entitled: Kevin Costner Reveals ‘Untold Truths’ by Beville Darden at:

Friday, November 14, 2008

New KC&MW Concert date, Videos links and some other links….

According to the following link and article by Joe Lawler:
Kevin Costner and Modern West plays People’s Court, 216 Court Ave. Des Moines, Iowa at 8pm on January 30, 2008. Cost: $25 in advance through Iowatix, $30 day of show. Tickets on Sale Nov. 21 Info:
A quote from Kevin from the article:“I’ve always thought that music could build a stronger, more personal moment for me. It would create the opportunity for a genuine exchange much greater than the movie, TV interview or magazine. It would be real, full of mistakes and without apology.”

Check out another KC&MW’s website that has been updated:

There’s a personal VIDEO message from Kevin and the guys at their myspace blog, dated November 11, 2008:

I’m not sure about this next link, whether it’ll be on their site or whether this is a radio program but here’s the link and what it says:
American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks: “And get this, Kevin Costner, yes THE Kevin Costner, yeah ‘Dancing with Wolves’ Kevin Costner- is also a special guest! Betcha didn't know he was in to music before he ever did any acting! Yeah, that's right Kevin's got a band and they've got a new CD out. And we're gonna talk to Kevin about it on this very exciting edition of American Country Countdown!”

Another website has 3 KC&MW CDs to give away:
You can enter every day until 11:59pm, December 11, 2008

There’s a small picture of Kevin at the Grand Ole Opry at the following link:

Ticket sales for the Kevin Costner and Modern West concert, December 3, 2008, at 8pm at the Blender Theater at Gramercy, Manhattan, New York are on sale, $34.50 to $39. Ticketmaster.

According to KC&MW’s myspace page the December 1st concert at the Rams Head in Annapolis, Maryland is SOLD OUT!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Even more from Colorado University visits & some KC quotes…

At the following link, 3 more pictures of Kevin at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley:

The following link has a VIDEO of Kevin’s visit to Colorado College in Colorado Springs:

Some quotes from Kevin….

“America needs someone who’s bigger than their speeches.”– Kevin Costner in Swing Vote
Kevin Costner: Actor, father, rock star By Michael Janusonis BOSTON Excerpt: As for himself, Costner calls himself an independent voter.“Aren’t we all independents really?”he asks.“Doesn’t that seem where we all should start, at ground zero, and then lean toward who we think is the brightest?”
Costner Gets Political By Rick McGinnis 07-25-08 Excerpt:“We’re dependent on these guys and women to lay their egos down and sometimes take our country in a tough direction,”Costner says about politicians.“Not the easiest direction, a tough direction. And often they don’t do it — they can’t do it. They can’t lay their ego down. They can’t be satisfied with just serving one term, doing the right thing, knowing that so many enemies will be made that they won’t be re-elected.”
Lakewood seeing stars this election season By Ryan Parker Excerpt:"At the kitchen table politics was something that was talked about in my family all the time so I understood the passion. My parents are very Republican, so politics were a part of my life, and I had to figure out my own way to look at it,"Costner said. He said he is an Independent and that he listens to both of the political parties before he makes a decision on an issue or candidate.
Actor Costner rallies support for Barack Obama By Cara O’Brien 10-29-08 Excerpt:“I’m determined to make good on the promise of my generation,”he said.“We were going to make this a better world, but we haven’t. We can change the world, we must change the world. We have to change the world.”….. “I think people standing up for what they believe in is important."
Celebs Working On The Campaign Trail By Lauri Martin 10-27-08 Excerpt:"I think the fabric of America is to participate in this democratic process."
Costner campaigns for early voting at CSU By Johnny Hart Excerpt:"A united youth of America can be one of the strongest groups in the world,"Costner said."There are those who observe and those who participate."
Kevin Costner rallies for Obama at CU Actor leads march to Rec Center to encourage early voting By Molly Maher Excerpts: "The country is in trouble. People are in trouble,"…"Americans - our friends and neighbors - are falling through the cracks."…. "The world is in troubled times and in troubled times, we look for someone who can bring us together."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Walmart was for real!! PICTURE LINKS & Other links...

I went to Walmart today and got my copy of KC’s and Modern West’s new CD with the EXCLUSIVE DVD and it was only $11.88!!! From what I’ve seen in the past it seems that Walmart usually has a sale price for the first week on new CDs and after that raises the price to $13.88

The DVD is about 44 minutes long, with songs from concerts and behind the scenes….It’s really great!!! If you love their music you’re going to LOVE THIS DVD!!!

According to the following link:,3037,GAC_26156_60404,00.html

Opry Live has additional TV Airtimes listed for the Opry Program that Kevin and Modern West played.

November 15, 2008 9:00 PM ET
November 16, 2008 1:00 AM ET
November 16, 2008 12:00 PM ET
November 16, 2008 7:00 PM ET
November 18, 2008 8:00 PM ET

The following are links to pictures of Kevin at the CMA Kickoff Concert on Nov 11th and The Stage Concert on Nov 10th,,20239529,00.html

Pictures and a VIDEO:

The following link has 3 copies of Untold Truths to give away! Check out link for the details:

The following link is for the Great American Country TV Celebrity Q&A Videos. I’m watching it to see if they’ll post those questions they had people email for Kevin…

Monday, November 10, 2008

Before you buy KC&MW’s New CD....

Check out WALMART! I found online:

Walmart is advertising a "Wal-Mart exclusive" which includes a DVD featuring 25-30 minutes of live shows, behind the scenes, interviews and more. Price listed online is $12.88 and listed as: CD: Untold Truths (with Exclusive DVD)

Hope this is for real and not a mistake of some kind!!!

4 Items worth checking out........

Check out the following link:
LIVE Chevy CMA Awards Kickoff Concert Tuesday, November 11th from the Sommet Center Plaza in downtown Nashville, it's the kickoff to the 42nd Annual CMA Awards! This concert is FREE and open to the public – but if you can't make it to Nashville in person, you can hear it LIVE exclusively on XM's Highway 16
Scheduled To Appear (All Times EASTERN):
5-5:30 PM - Heidi Newfield

5:45-6:30 PM - Rodney Atkins
6:45-7:15 PM - Rodney Atkins
7:30-8:00 PM – Kevin Costner and Modern West

Also, at the following link, a chance to win a copy of Kevin Costner and Modern West’s new CD:

There are pictures posted of Kevin from The Grand Ole Opry at the following link:

And there’s a VIDEO of Kevin from The Grand Ole Opry at the following link:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Send Us Questions for Kevin Costner".......

Not to me! But (that's Great American Country TV) is giving the opportunity for some lucky people to have their "most thought-provoking, unique and even off the wall questions" asked of Kevin Costner (and Blake Shelton and Billy Ray Cyrus too).

Check out the following link for all the details:,3034,GAC_26063_5847885_,00.html?nl=GAC_110608_11

You'll be able to watch him answer the questions via their special streaming video and there's a deadline to get your questions in: deadline for accepting questions is Sunday, November 9!

They don't want the question of whether he'll be playing in your city or not!

Good luck!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Kevin Costner and Modern West's Ryman concert....

on November 8, 2008 at 8pm - The Grand Ole Opry's first weekend of their winter run in the Ryman Auditorium - the concert also features Randy Travis, Josh Turner, and Billy Currington.

The appearance will air on Opry Live on GAC on Nov. 15th, 2008. (at 10pm on channel 484 in my area - check your local listings on

At Nashville News Channel 15 you can check out two VIDEOS of Kevin, at the following link:

Some of the quotes from Kevin during their interview:

"I'm trying to paint a picture musically."

"I went into this because I wanted to play live, just be in front of people and play my music."

"Our expectations are, I think, really reasonable."

"Our hope is that whoever buys the record enjoys it."

"I continue to try to tell stories both through music and in the world of movies."

I know I'm going to enjoy the CD! I often listen to the 4 song CD I got from their myspace page. I really like the sound of his voice and the band is musically very good! And I like all the songs too!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two “urban legends” regarding Waterworld……

Some online reviewers of the movie (2-Disc Extended Edition now for sale) have included the “fact” that the movie was “a flop” financially, stating that it lost money because it had a $175 million budget and only made $88 million in the U.S. It’s true that it only made $88 million in the US theaters but it made over $175 million overseas, according to

and that doesn’t include VHS and DVD rentals, VHS and DVD sales, and the movie showings on TV. (and on airplanes?) I haven’t discovered where to find that info yet except The Hollywood Reporter seems to have that info but I’d have to pay for a subscription just to see it.

Also, one article brought up the “fact” that Kevin’s ex-wife; Cindy “divorced him after catching him with a married hula dancer.” This isn’t true! It’s an urban legend that isn’t even necessary to bring up in talking about the new release of the extended version of Waterworld. I call them urban legends because they keep being added in to articles about Kevin and about Waterworld as if they are true and they aren’t true! The definition, according to is: a modern story of obscure origin and with little or no supporting evidence that spreads spontaneously in varying forms…

Both “urban legends” were answered by Kevin recently in an interview by David Giammarco in the August 2008, Cigar Afficionado magazine. David Giammarco writes: Despite the erroneous mythology that's surrounded the film ever since, Waterworld was actually a box office hit, grossing well over $400 million worldwide. And those tabloid reports about family man Costner cheating on his then wife, Cindy Silva, during the Waterworld shoot were also incorrect. "The real story is that within three days of landing in Hawaii, my wife served me through her lawyer." Costner explains. "So I was effectively divorced for the four months I was over there shooting. And when I finally did have an interaction with somebody, it was five months after I had been effectively divorced from my wife. But the press have always made it seem like I was still married at the time. See, I didn't want to fall into a 'back-and-forth' with them, so I remained quiet about my divorce and didn't engage. And the press never really corrected the record."

According to a People Magazine article by Pam Lambert, dated November 7, 1994, and entitled “Trouble in Paradise” which can be found at the following link:,,20104315,00.html

Pam writes: “Such speculation was rife even before the reports of Costner's alleged dalliance with 35-year-old Michelle Amaral, a married mother of three who performs at the hotel. Amaral's husband, Albert, denies any affair took place, and the hula dancer shimmied around questions concerning the star before disconnecting her phone last Tuesday.” The husband said there was no affair! That should have been the end of it, don’t you think? Why was she being harassed to the point of having to disconnect the phone? The couple actually befriended Kevin and both spent time with him, together. Ah, but “an affair” makes for a “better” story even if it’s not true!

People are always spouting, “freedom of speech” and “people gave their lives for our freedom of speech”, like it’s in defense of them being able to say whatever they please! But I don’t think anyone gave their precious life so that lies could be told about someone or something! I know I wouldn’t give my life so people can lie about me or about others and profess those lies to be the truth!! I would give my life so that lies couldn’t be told. And I long for a day when that can be so, when lies can’t be told, if I could have my wish!

Waterworld 2-Disc Extended Version on sale….

as of November 4th, 2008. 1 disc includes the original theatrical version of the movie and the theatrical trailer. The 2nd disc has the version with another 41 minutes included back in. No other Extras. The following are links and excerpts from the new release reviews:
Waterworld – 2-Disc Extended Edition By Brian Orndorf 10-28-08 Excerpt: Regardless of faults, I embrace "Waterworld" as the pure matinee escapism it was intended to be, readily devouring the sci-fi excitement both Reynolds and Costner are happy to dish up. The new extended cut only accentuates the film's positives, broadening the material to dramatic satisfaction that was never available before. In either incarnation, "Waterworld" is a gas. However, in longer form, the picture is finally the full meal it was meant to be.
Waterworld Posted by Alan Bacchus 11-01-08 Excerpt: “Waterworld” is a guilty pleasure of mine….. With most of its $175million actually on the screen, Reynolds’ production team were allowed to surmount the production nightmare of shooting action on water and craft some visually stunning action set pieces.
Waterworld: 2-Disc Extended Edition by ED JOHNSON-OTT Nov 4, 2008 Excerpt: Though the holes in logic are huge, “Waterworld” isn't bad at all. Costner is fine as a mutant outcast, the action scenes are tres cool and the relationships work well enough. This DVD release showcases Reynolds' original version of the film, before it got chopped down from 177 minutes to 136 by the powers-that-be.
This Week in DVD By Adam Quigley WATERWORLD (2-DISC EXTENDED EDITION) I have a soft spot in my heart for Waterworld. I’m fully aware of what an awful movie it is, and yet I still find it enjoyable. That’s all the justification I have for being psyched to see the extended edition of the film, which I never caught when it aired on network television.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Upcoming Shows for Kevin Costner and Modern West....

Upcoming Shows have been posted to Kevin Costner and Modern West's myspace page:

I like to check out the places, online, where they'll be playing, so I’ve added the links below the concert dates, plus anyone fortunate to be able to go can get ticket information from these sites and it’s interesting to see who else is playing at the venues:

Nov 8th @ 8:00PM @ The Grand Old Opry - Nashville, Tennessee
On the list for the night: Randy Travis, Josh Turner, Kevin Costner & Modern West, Craig Morgan, Billy Currington, Randy Houser, Riders In The Sky, Jack Greene

Nov 10th @ 7:00PM @ The Stage - Nashville, Tennessee

Nov 11th @ 8:00PM @ The Chevy Stage – Nashville, Tennessee
Chevy CMA Awards Kickoff Concert

Dec 1st @ 8:00PM @ Rams Head - Annapolis, Maryland

Dec 2nd @ 8:00PM @ The Birchmere - Alexandria, Virginia

Dec 3rd @ 8:00PM @ The Blender, Grammercy - NYC, New York

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kevin Costner and Modern West in Nashville.....

for a FREE CONCERT on the Sommet Center Plaza at Fifth Avenue and Broadway on Tuesday, November 11th at 6:30pm for the 2008 Chevy CMA Awards Kickoff Concert. Their performance will celebrate the Nov. 11 release of their Universal Republic/Universal Records South debut album, Untold Truths.

PICTURES of Kevin at the Colorado Universities.....

at the following links:,0,4962367.story

See VIDEOS of Kevin at the following links…

And this excerpt which I think speaks for many, if not all, of the students who attended: Obama visit provides PR boost for Fort Collins, CSU By Trevor Hughes Excerpt: For CSU student John Huemoller, the week has been an exciting one. Huemoller, a senior in social sciences from Castle Rock, said he attended the Obama rally and got his picture taken on Tuesday with Costner and then Ritter. “Man, this has been just the greatest week," he said. "Shaking hands with the governor, Costner, 20 feet from Barack Obama. I'm amazed people are paying so much attention to this university."