Sunday, February 22, 2009

More on Kevin as NASCAR 2009 Spokesperson….

The NASCAR Foundation Welcomes Kevin Costner As NASCAR Day Spokesperson see really nice pic at link:

NASCAR Nation Is Coming Together To Celebrate KEVIN COSTNER, 2009 OFFICIAL NASCAR DAY SPOKESPERSON Keep an eye out during the Daytona 500 for the premiere of the 2009 NASCAR Day Commercial featuring Kevin Costner & Modern West, along with their single "Backyard." LINK to download "Backyard!"

KC & Kyle Petty Commercial:

How To Get Involved:
Visit WWW.NASCAR.COM/nascarday to donate $5 and receive your 2009 NASCAR Day collectible pin / Stop by the brand new NASCAR Foundation-branded Champion Tire & Wheel hauler at the track to donate $5 and get your pin / Become a NASCAR Day Crew Chief for your corporation, school or organization / Sign up for The NASCAR Foundation Volunteer Network / Help spread the word by telling a friend / For more information on NASCAR Day 2009 visit WWW.NASCAR.COM/nascarda

Kevin Costner and Modern West’s “Backyard” Video:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interview and pictures in the THY Skylife Magazine….

See the large picture of Kevin on the cover of the THY Skylife February 2009 Magazine:

And see the really great interview by Ardan Zentürk and some pictures from the commercial at the following link:

Also see two pictures and two videos posted by Barbaros Kalin at the following link:

January 11, 2009 Kevin at THY Press Conference in Turkey

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Myspace Picture links of KC & MW concerts….

Photos from the Omaha concert:

Photos from the Austin concert:

Photos from the Leland concert:

Photo of KC with fan in Phoenix:

Photos from Dallas concert:

Photos from Oklahoma City concert:

More photos from Oklahoma City concert:

Photo of fan with KC at Columbia concert. Her comment: Feeling great after meeting Kevin Costner. Got to meet Kevin Costner after his concert with his band Modern West. He is a very personable celebrity.. very gracious & kind to his fans….

Several various pictures of KC with fans:

CMA Kickoff Concert November 11, 2008

Sunday, February 15, 2009

And just because.........

July 24, 2008 Swing Vote Post Premiere Concert

Article and Picture links for the Tomball Texas Charity concert….

According to the article entitled ‘Movie star Costner sings to make ‘dreams’ come true for hospital’ by Anna Schumann, “a live auction raised more than $70,000,” including posters signed by KC and “a surprise package donated by Costner himself was announced near the end of the auction and was the evening’s best seller at $30,000. What Costner donated was priceless: a trip for four to visit him on-set for a day at the filming of his next movie, wherever it takes place, then join him for dinner that evening. More than 100 fans paid to meet with him after the show, when he signed autographs and took pictures with fans.” Kevin said, “I am so pleased to be here tonight in the name of charity. I can’t think of a better reason to play music.” See the article and picture at the following link:

See two pictures of Kevin at the following blog:

Article and picture links from Dallas concert……..

At the following link, article by Joy Tipping:

At the following link:
Picture Show: Kevin Costner and Modern West at the Granada by Pete Freedman Yes, Kevin Costner is a musician. No, we weren't kidding. Yes, he played the Granada Theater on Friday night. And, yes, out of sheer curiosity, you will click this link, which will take you to Gloria Levario's slideshow of the evening. Because you're a complete sucker, really. LINK:

Pictures of the Dallas Concert at the following two links:

Article, Picture and Video links from the Austin concert……..

VIDEO and Picture: Kevin Costner Brings Band to Austin AUSTIN:

VIDEO: Full Interview with Kevin Costner:

Picture at link…‘Kevin Costner, Jeff Bridges in Austin’ by Michael Barnes:

Some pictures of the Austin Concert at the two following links:

I thought this excerpt was kinda cute, from the Concert Review by Peter Mongillo, of Will Johnson playing at the Mohawk: “My name’s Will,” he said, thanking the audience as he began a set in which he bobbed around on stage with his guitar and poked fun at the fact that “Dances With Wolves” star Kevin Costner was playing across town with his band at Antone’s (“What the hell is going on in there,” he asked)

Article, Picture and Video links from Oklahoma City concert………

See article By Brandy McDonnell about Paula Nelson opening for KC & MW for the three Texas concerts:

See KC & MW concert review by Brandy McDonnell, with pictures, at the following link:

See another concert review by Brandy McDonnell with a picture, at the following link:

See Photos of Kevin Costner at the Wormy Dog Saloon, posted by Brandy:

At the following link, see ‘Kevin….at WalMart?’ posted by Annb:

At the following link, see ‘Welcome Kevin Costner!’ posted by KC Shepard:

VIDEO: ‘Kevin Costner at Wal-Mart with King Count’:

At the following link, see blog ‘My night with Kevin (the Novel)’ and pictures at link:

Article and picture links of Columbia Missouri concert….

See KC interview by Amelia Waters of KRCG, entitled ‘Costner and his band Modern West rocked The Blue Note to a sold-out show’ and 4 pictures at link:

See article by Brynn McIsaac entitled, ‘Kevin Costner plays The Blue Note’:

See the Photo Gallery by Jakob Berr at the following link:

Friday, February 13, 2009

More article and picture links from the Super Bowl Saturday Night Spectacular….

See article entitled, ‘Kevin Costner Rocks For Charity’ by Delinda Lombardo:

See article and picture at the following link:

See 3 pictures at the following link:

Article, picture and video links from Omaha concert….

At the following link, see article, picture and video of Kevin signing autographs at the Omaha Wal-Mart:

Another link to an article and video of Kevin at the Omaha Wal-Mart:

A blog, entitled: ‘My brush with Kevin Costner’, with pictures:

See article, by Ken Coffey, and picture at link, about the concert at Omaha’s Slowdown:

See the Live Review by Kevin Coffey, of the KC & MW concert at the Slowdown:

See Andrew Robinson’s blog entitled, ‘Kevin Costner gets April Showered’:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Article and picture links from the Minneapolis concert………

At the following link, an article by Bryan Miller, entitled, ‘Costner kinda rocks Cabooze”:

The following link is a slideshow of the concert…..

The following link is a blog, entitled ‘My Big Kevin Costner Encounter’ with pictures:

The following link is an article, by Jon Bream, about KC & MW playing The Cabooze, with 2 pictures aby Ben Glass:

Another blog, at the following link, from two more who were at the concert:

A concert picture and comment at the following link:

Articles and pictures from the Regina concert….

At the following link:
Jeff Dedekker wrote an article entitled, ‘Costner and the curiousity factor’ and in it wrote: “Although Costner is the most expensive act brought in by the Casino -- he also has the venue's highest ticket prices at $85 and $80 -- the concert sold out in early January.”

At the following link is Jeff Dedekker’s review of KC & MW’s concert, entitled ‘Costner concert interesting, entertaining.’ There are also comments posted:

At the following link are 6 pictures from the Regina concert:

At the following link, Jeff Dedekker is asking for a response from Misty who posted a comment to his review…

And at the following link, “Misty checked in!”:
At the above link is ’Misty’s missive’ by Jeff Dedekker – he’s posted Misty’s recap of the concerts which you can read from her blog at the next link below….

And now, the link to Misty’s Blog about her trips to 4 of KC & MW’s concerts, with pictures:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Article, picture and video links from Edmonton concert….

I love the way Graham Hicks described it, when KC & MW played the Edmonton Ball per the following link:
“The ladies fell all over themselves when Kevin Costner made his entrance by nonchalantly strolling the length of the hall to join his band the Modern West on stage.” And “But he dripped with gentle charisma and the ladies did swoon over the guy ... all night long.”

At the following link, VIDEO - Kevin Costner was at the Shaw Conference Centre on January 23, playing with his band:

Article by Jenny Feniak, entitled ‘Edmonton cheers a Modern West’:

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kevin Costner To Serve As 2009 NASCAR Day Spokesperson….

The NASCAR Foundation announced yesterday that actor/musician Kevin Costner will serve as the 2009 NASCAR Day spokesperson. Celebrated on May 15, NASCAR Day is an opportunity for fans, corporations, schools and organizations across the country to make donations to The NASCAR Foundation to raise funds for its Family of Charities in an effort to help thousands of children live better lives. Costner will appear in print, radio and television advertising to promote the industry’s charitable initiative.

Past celebrity supporters for NASCAR Day include Will Ferrell, Kelly Clarkson, Garth Brooks and several NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers.

Costner recently announced a year-long partnership with NASCAR that includes an appearance in a NASCAR Day commercial with NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Kyle Petty that debuts at the Daytona 500; narration of the CMT documentary The Ride of Their Lives; the NASCAR film and music video debut of Backyard, the newest single by Costner’s band Modern West on NASCAR.COM that also serves as the theme song for the NASCAR Day campaign this year.

“We are thrilled to have Kevin be the spokesperson for our NASCAR Day efforts,” said Betty Jane France, chairwoman of The NASCAR Foundation. “Kevin has been welcomed into the NASCAR family over the last year with the number of events he has participated in and he will be a great ambassador for NASCAR Day and The NASCAR Foundation.”

“Having long been a NASCAR fan, it’s a great honor to serve as this year’s NASCAR Day spokesperson,” said Kevin Costner. “Through this event, NASCAR fans can make a difference in their own backyard and just as the theme of this year’s event states – help those in need to chase their own dreams.”

In 2008, The NASCAR Foundation donated nearly $1.3 million to more than 50 organizations from funds raised during NASCAR Day.

For some details on donations:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Links from Kevin at the Super Bowl Spectacular…..

See article entitled ‘Kevin Costner hosts the Saturday Night Spectacular’ by Marvin Tarver, with picture and video, at link:

See article, entitled ‘Athletes, Movie Stars Turn Out For Bryant Foundation Party’ by John W. Allman, at link:
And a link to the Super Bowl XLlll Party Photos – There’s one of KC on page 1 and page 2. Click on picture for larger version…

The following are all picture links of KC on the Red Carpet and in Concert….

At the following link, see what “Miss Attitude” had to say about KC on the Red Carpet, along with a picture….

See article, entitled, ‘Costner’s party heats up on a cold night’ by Steve Persall, with a picture….

More pictures of Kevin on the Red Carpet at the following link…..

Monday, February 2, 2009

More Leland concert and Des Moines concert links….

At the following link, an article by Sophia Ahmad, entitled, ‘Costner’s unlikely concert venue honors tiny town’ with pictures and video:

At the following link, entitled, ‘Videos of, pictures with Kevin Costner’ by Sophia Ahmad:

Another article by Sophia Ahmad, ‘Costner’s unlikely concert venue honors tiny town’:

Kevin Costner Q & A by Sophia Ahmad:

A brief comment by Sophia at link:

Article by Sophia Ahmad, entitled ‘Costner’s rock-country mix delights 900 fans’, about the People’s Court Concert in Des Moines, Iowa, January 31, 2009:

Check out the comments by Sophia on Twitter at the following link:

Check out The Spring Standards who opened for KC & MW at The People’s Court Concert:

Check out the following link….
….to see Kevin Costner VIDEO from his tour bus! Kevin Costner was in town (Des Moines, Iowa) Friday night, and we got on his bus! The YouTube Video link:

VIDEO: WJBF News Channel 6’s Felicia Snider brings the latest from the world of entertainment. Included in this report: Kevin Costner the rock star?