Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some various items of interest…..

See the article about an actress who was able to meet Kevin in Athens. He gave her tips on the craft and wants her to audition for a project he is working on at Treehouse Films. See the picture of Kate Hallam and Kevin at the following link:

See a picture of Kevin talking to students in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and the article that says Kevin’s being there led to a larger attendance and national exposure and that the festival contributed and estimated $225, 000 of local economic impact to the community, at the following link:

See the article about Scotland’s Cloud 9 private jet firm that “flew Kevin Costner to Europe for his tour here with his country and western band Modern West” and the picture of Kevin with musician Iggy Pop, at the following link:

See a nice concert picture at the following link:

See photos from the August 1, 2008, Atlantic City, NJ, House of Blues Concert. You can choose the size picture you want to view, at the following link:

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