Sunday, January 31, 2010

Four items to check out….

Sara Beck, on January 30th, tweeted: The snow is making me excited about hitting the road with Kevin Costner & Modern West in February....snow in Berlin sounds pretty memorable~ and on January 31st Sara tweeted: Braving the snowy streets to go in search of winter socks. Traveling with cold feet gets me down, and I hear Germany is chilly! reported that Kevin announced that he’s getting ready to start shooting a World War II drama and while in Germany on tour he will cast four or five German actors. They quoted Kevin on his singing as saying, “I am always totally nervous before I go on. And that's not because I am not prepared, it's because I am scared that the people have certain expectations for the evening which I cannot fulfill. Or that my voice won't hang on."

Another Turkish Airlines ad poster at the following link: (Note: the article is not worth reading)

Excerpt: Twelve hundred men sat silently inside New Hope Community Church on Saturday morning watching Kevin Costner plunge from a helicopter into a churning sea. Playing a Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Costner fought powerful waves and a desperate, frightened man to save two lives in the clip from "The Guardian." Earlier Mike Silva, a Christian evangelist based in Portland, had reminded participants in the Northwest Men's Conference of the rescue swimmers' motto: "So others may live." When the clip ended, the lights came back on. The room was still quiet. See the article at the following link:

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