Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kevin visits set of ‘Castle’ TV show….

Found out from Twitter that Kevin visited the set of the TV show, ‘Castle’ - one of my favorite shows – today, January 20, 2010. It’s filmed mainly in Los Angeles and Armyan Bernstein is one of the Executive Producers.

TerriEdda tweeted: “Kevin Costner on the set of Castle. Just visiting, folks. And ME in the boots." With link to photo:

Venice4charge tweeted: “Kevin Costner and Stana Katic talk shop on the set of Castle." With link to photo:

Nathan Fillion who plays the part of ‘Castle’ tweeted today: “I just met a hero of mine today. I won't sully it by dropping a name, but DUDE! A hero!” The speculation on twitter is that he was talking about Kevin!

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