Friday, January 22, 2010

More of the buzz about “The Company Men”…...

Excerpt by Movie Geeks: “Just looking at the cast list…that’s quite a lineup….The film sounds like UP IN THE AIR by way of TRAFFIC,…. Seems like the film is perfect fodder for a few of these actors to really show their stuff and possibly earn a couple of Oscar nominations come 2011. We’ll have to wait and see on that. For now, we’re just excited enough to be seeing it next week.

Kevin Williamson puts ‘The Company Men’ in the middle of the “Ten of the most buzzed-about films that will play at Sundance 2010” list, at the following link:

David Germain quotes John Wells, “The story was inspired by a job loss in Wells' own family, but he talked with many others in the same boat as unemployment soared during the recession. Rather than spinning a dreary drama, though, Wells aimed to capture the resilience that hard times can foster. "It actually has, I think, a very uplifting message. It's about these things we think are going to kill us, and they're actually things that make you stronger somehow," Wells said. "We imagine that our jobs define us, and the loss of a job is a death. I think at least for many, many of the people I've spoken to, that's the fear, and the reality is something actually very different."

Spencer Morton says, “Now for a film that many people will be able to relate to……This is director John Wells’ feature film debut. Let’s see if he can muster up enough originality and heart-felt emotion to do this all-star cast justice.”

Kevin C. says, “The trailer for The Company Men has dropped and it's an interesting first glimpse. No dialogue, no punchy exchanges, just a montage of scenes from the film. It has a teaser feel, without being too teasing. The music has a somber, droning, Mediterranean feel. In this first trailer, the filmmakers avoid those snap judgments many movie goers make when seeing the first glimpse of a movie hard to categorize or too real to grasp in one minute. And, they avoid the potential scorn of early exposure to faltering Boston accents (our famous local beef.)”

Larry Carroll says, “How does a first-time filmmaker land a cast like Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner, Chris Cooper, Maria Bello and Craig T. Nelson? With a really, really good script. The advance buzz on this corporate-downsizing drama is that it's "Up in the Air" meets "Traffic," which is a comparison that has us asking only one question: When can we start lining up outside the theater?”

Katie Campbell says, “The Company Men is also causing something of a stir amongst festival aficionados. Considering it is a very starry, on-trend corporate downsizing drama from West Wing and ER alumni writer/director John Wells, and features appearances from Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones, this is really no surprise.

Peter Howell reports, in an article entitled: Robert Redford’s festival declares war against mainstream, firing opening salvo in ‘the battle for brave new ideas’ – “Sundance director John Cooper, a 20-year veteran who recently assumed the top post……"There's always going to be a place for independent film, as long as there's an audience. And what Precious did is prove there's an audience……"We all looked each other in the eyes and we said, `We are only going to show a film if someone among us loves that film.'"…….Cooper's festival picks also include The Company Men….

John Horn interviewed John Wells and says, “Wells worked as a carpenter before making it in Hollywood -- Costner plays a contractor and is the film's voice of reason.” See the whole article at the following link:,0,3939195.story

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