Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some miscellaneous items….

From twitter: ericcalderon: I don't normally name drop, but holy crap I just met with Kevin Costner! We talked about animation! Craziness!!! (about 12 hours ago – which would be 2pm, 01-21-09 in L.A.)

Also from twitter: KellyBergin: Kevin Costner at the W hotel! I'm here (about 4 hours ago, which would be 9pm PST)

See the Waterworld, 1995 Gottlieb picture – “This is, surprisingly, not the most expensive pinball machine ever made. But boy does Kevin Costner look heroic in the backglass art” at the following link:

See the photo from the Edmonton Ball concert, I think, at the following link:

A nice story about a Chef at Le Cirque, Benjamin Lambert, whose grandfather told the story: “Benjamin invited Kevin Costner to go golfing but due to work obligations he was unable to, however, he (Costner) later came back to the restaurant with a very expensive bottle of wine which he shared with the kitchen staff.” See the article at the following link:

See the video of several celebrities for M6Tv. Kevin is shown about 3 times, at the following link:

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