Monday, January 25, 2010

Some more ‘The Company Men’ reviews…..

Review by Brandon Lee Tenney – Excerpt: Well's nearly pitch-perfect screenplay captures the utter bleakness of our current economic recession and how it's effecting the people who can't afford a golden umbrella…..The three leading men (Affleck, Jones, and Cooper) all turn out splendid performances. Their characters are deep and real and all of them are able to bring what is ostensibly an internal turmoil to the forefront of the film's exterior. They're joined by a wonderful supporting cast including Craig T. Nelson, Kevin Costner, Maria Bello, and Rosemarie DeWitt, all of who are great. See the review at the following link:

Review by Bilge Ebiri – Excerpt: When Bobby takes a job with his contractor brother-in-law (a great Kevin Costner),….. Wells pulls back at just the right moment, making it clear that Costner's character doesn't have it any easier than anyone else….The existential gloom the film has charted never really dissipates. It feels a bit weird to call that a breath of fresh air in these days of artificial moral uplift, but, well, there it is. See the review at the following link:

Review by Karina Longworth – Excerpt: The Company Men is the kind of Oscar-ready adult drama that movie studios used to make, and now mostly don't. Just a few years ago, it would have been produced by a major conglomerate and released just after Thanksgiving…..But Hollywood has changed as the fortunes of the nation have, and now Sundance -- the film festival that has branded itself as a showcase for "cinematic rebellion" -- is also the only refuge left for the kind of film that used to fit comfortably in the middle of the movie industry. It's a new global economy after all. See the review at the following link:

Review by Noel Murray – Excerpt: The cast alone is reason enough to see The Company Men… See the review at the following link:,37439/

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