Thursday, February 4, 2010

Five items of interest…..

A Swedish interview – Kevin says of the band, “We travel and have fun together…..the tour is about music, about giving the best show” – Kevin was asked it he’d seen the movie ‘Crazy Heart’ with Jeff Bridges and Kevin said he was offered to do the movie but declined because he’d booked another movie and thought he wouldn’t have had time. The article says that after the European tour with the band, Kevin will go to Italy to film “Learning Italian” which he also produces. The interview is at the following link:

From Brian of Nashville: “I really dig Nashville. Something is always going on…… Today, Jason went to eat at Baja Burrito (think Moe's) and Kevin Costner came in at the same time to have lunch.

repubblicatv tweeted about the concert in Italy on March 31st and linked to a video announcement about it at the following link:

MissSelector tweeted that she’s going to the Paris concert and linked to a poster about it at the following link:

Another picture of Kevin in concert. Not sure whether I’ve seen this one before or not, at the following link:

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