Sunday, February 7, 2010

Five Videos of Kevin’s interview at AMCTV.COM……

Silverado: Costner’s Break Out Role – Kevin Costner discusses his breakout role in Silverado, and how grateful he was to Lawrence Kasdan for putting him in the film at the following link:

Silverado: To Hang or Not To Hang – Kevin Costner relates a story of how a scene change in Silverado taught him to put the viewing public and children first.

The Genesis of Dances With Wolves – Kevin Costner explains how the script for Dances With Wolves grew out of his frustration with his friend, writer Michael Blake.

Costner on the Small Battles of Shooting Dances – Kevin Costner talks about going 28 days over schedule and trying to keep the budget down while shooting Dances With Wolves.

Costner Believes in Human Moments – Kevin Costner discusses some of the truly human moments from Dances With Wolves, and how language can divide us or bring us together.

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