Saturday, February 6, 2010

KC & MW played in Nashville tonight…..

Lots of tweets tonight, February 5th, about Kevin being in Nashville starting about 4pm CST:
SIRTN SIR: would like to thank Kevin Costner and Modern West for being super cool and choosing us to rehearse before they head to Europe! They are our featured Artists of the week! SIR is Studio Instrument Rentals and have Rehearsal Studios and are located at 1101 Cherry Ave, Nashville, TN.
Their website:

sarajohnson08 tweeted: Going to see Kevin Costner's band tonight. I wonder if he'll play "I Will Always Love You"? (about 7 hours ago so about 7:30pm CST)
RockinRondal: I'm very excited to see my friend @saralynbeck perform with Kevin Costner in Nashvegas tonight. (also about 7:30pm CST)
Purpleflurp1289: Kevin Costner live! (about 5 hours ago so about 9:30pm CST)

kimmclean: Watching Kevin Costner rehearsal show at Douglas Corner. Rockin!!!! (about 3 hours ago so about 10:30pm CST)
GrattonS: @saralynbeck rocked the house with Kevin Costner and Modern West tonight. Big congrats to Park on his songs! (about 1 hour ago so 12am CST)
The Douglas Corner’s website:

jamesjammcmahon: Wow. Kevin Costner is coming to The Features show tonight. His band are playing down the road.
The Features myspace page:

jaydasgupta: Just had drinks with Mr. Kevin Costner at Sunset! What up world?! (about 1 hour ago so about 12am CST)
The Sunset Grill:

God_Father_: Kevin Costner is just chillin out here at Cabana... Talking to him about field of dreams! (32 minutes ago so about 1:35am CST)
The Cabana:

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