Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kevin Costner Modern West Tour news video…..

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Modern West Tour Posted by kevincostnermodwest Upoloaded February 18, 2010 Kevin talks about upcoming Tour and new album at the following link:

Saralynbeck tweeted: Just played the most beautiful concert hall I have ever been in. Hope we did it justice. (February 18th)
Hopped on the bus and slept the night away. Woke up in Madrid, which I haven't been to since I spent a semester here in college. Good vibes~ (February 20th)

Quecuatsa tweeted: Thanks 4 all @saralynbeck This 2 days have been the best! I´m happy to have met you, Sara! I love it, you're incredible. I'll never forget! (February 19th)
Saralynbeck tweeted: @quecuatsa Wonderful meeting you as well! Thanks for making our show so special, and for coming back for more! (February 20th)

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