Friday, February 19, 2010

More pictures, articles and videos from Barcelona…..

Video at the following link:

The second picture is of Kevin in the slideshow, at the following link:

Page of paper the article and picture of Kevin is on, at the following link:

raventos tweeted: (translated) Kevin Costner's performance reminded me of the bullfight Jesulín made just for women.

Fifteen pictures of Kevin from the concert and the pre-concert press conference, at the following link:

See the article by Esteban Lines, in which Kevin says, "I am quite sure that my music is viable and has a future." Also two pictures - click on them for larger version – and video, at the following link:

See picture and article, at the following link:

See the article in which Kevin says, "I feel a special feeling when I play and all the music starts playing behind me." "In my life I chose to go the way of acting, but the drama of the music is performing live, you can not hide there, but I have great confidence in our music." Kevin also explained that when he was in Madrid, Spain, for his movie ‘Thirteen Days’, "Seeing the faces of the people I waited outside and inside the courtroom at the screening of the film, I felt sad because I could not give them much more than my presence, and that's how the idea resurfaced again to music.” At the following link:

See article by Berny Diaz in which he says, “Everything in the show was ready for enjoyment of fans of the actor, from introduction to the staging. After an acclaimed anthology of some projection of his films, with scenes from Silverado, Robin Hood, A Perfect World and Waterworld, Costner broke into Hollywood-style in the auditorium of the Palace through the front door without skimping greetings, kisses and Interlocking hand.” At the following link:

See the picture and article by Monica Bergos, in which Kevin says, “The essence of my heart is acting. Music is the second miracle of my life." At the following link:

See the picture, video and article by Nuria Martorell in which Kevin says, "I know that many come to hear me out of curiosity." Nuria described Kevin’s entrance, “The sequence ended when Kevin Costner epic, the same, broke the back of the orchestra and made his way onto the stage surrounded by a divine aura. Flashes, kisses, hugs and some fainting.” At the following link:

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