Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two interviews and a picture…..

Another poster, on a pole, of the Barcelona concert at the following link:

From the Swedish interview by Victor Johansson, translated, Kevin says, “We are a bit afraid, we do not know what we can expect.. We do not know if the Swedish people to come and check. But those who turn up, we are excited to play for.. I hope that they get value for money.” “I will do a comedy in Italy and later in the year I'm directing a film set in America during World War II…. But my plans are to direct more, I write a lot while I'm on the road and playing music.” See the interview at the following link:

From the Polish interview by Robert Ziębiński, translated, Kevin says, “Personally, I do not regret anything, I was at the top, now I'm not on it. But my life was and is magnificent.” Kevin also talks about the band, ‘Dances With Wolves,’ ‘The New Daughter’ and ‘The One.’ See the interview at the following link:,52939,1

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