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Memorial Day Tribute.….

National Memorial Day Concert in Washington, DC:

Kevin Costner & Modern West – The Angels Came Down Posted by maxmeter2001 Uploaded May 18, 2010 at the following link:

‘The Company Men’ is being screened in Long Beach…..

wonderboylb tweeted: I have screening tix 4 "The Company Men" Ben Afflek, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner it's Tues in long beach. I can't go so their up 4 grabs

Saturday, May 29, 2010

BP’s true perspective and other comments….

According to the article, entitled: BP CEO: Gulf Of Mexico Is A ‘Very Big Ocean’, Amount Of Oil From Leak Is ‘Tiny’ by Frances Martel, at the following link, dated May 14, 2010:
BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward insisted that the leaked oil and the estimated 400,000 gallons of dispersant that BP has pumped into the sea to try to tackle the slick should be put in context. “The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume.”

According to the article, entitled: Sham Workers? BP Bussed In Clean Up Crews For President Obama’s Gulf Visit by Colby Hall, dated May 28, 2010, at the following link:
400 extra cleanup workers were bussed to Grand Isle during President Obama’s visit and after Obama left, so did the work crews.

VIDEO: Watch the oil spill as it changes from NASA – Satellites View Growing Gulf Oil Spill at the following link:

A blog worth reading, by panacea8, entitled: The Real Pelican Brief, at the following link:

Transcript of discussion on NPR entitled: Oil Spill Cleanup Technology stuck in 20th Century. Thirty-one years ago, the Ixtoc I well blew out in the Gulf of Mexico after its blowout preventer failed. Cleanup crews responded with oil booms, skimmers and detergents. Ira Flatow and guests discuss why, three decades later, oil cleanup crews still rely on the same technology. They only mention Kevin’s machines briefly. At the following link:

More tweets:
cncdgma: what's happening with kevin costner's invention-haven't heard much about it
stephaniexortiz: At least Kevin Costner is the only one trying to do something about what if he dances with wolves? Hellooo! He was in Waterworld! "/
Hwk765: If I was Costner I would still take my machines to coast and collect a much oil as I can and make a profit!
mystic23: what happened to the idea that Kevin Costner was gonna fix the Gulf disaster? i like that idea.
countrygrits: why can't they get some tankers out there to start catching what they can. Kevin Costner, "start your engines" get that crap, save wildlife
EcoRoadWarrior @scifri: It's about time that somebody finally mentioned Costner's equipment!
EcoRoadWarrior @scifri: Kevin Costner has developed technology that BP is embracing for cleanup - why no talk of this?
dreamincali: anyword on those machines from kevin costner???@TheRealMiaX
juliedraper: Let's get Costner & his equipment and every other ship out there SUCKING THAT SHIT UP! HELLO, if you're listening OBAMA you are in CHARGE!!
brainmuffin @ToddSullivan: Kevin Costner is there with a device to clean it up, if he can ever get gub'ment approval
oguzman: BP needs a new CEO. I nominate Kevin Costner!
tomhouslay @BPGlobalPR: Pretty disappointed Kevin Costner's rescue attempts are falling on your deaf ears
HugAndBeHugged @BarackObama: Plse check to see if BP is using Kevin Costner's 26m machines to help mop up the mess they created in The Gulf. Thank U Kevin!
jamesfitz86: Are Kevin Costner's Ocean Therapy Centrifuges working? Can't find anything about them being effective or not in the news...
ashbaby1804: Is Obama in slowmo..Kevin Costner made a $24 million investment that was tested and said to "work just fine" so lets move forward..
TaWandTalk: Huffpost - PLAN B! I support Kevin Costner & his team. Please advise what my listeners & I can do to help. ~Ta'Wand

Friday, May 28, 2010

Still no word on the "test" of the "KC Solution"......

Oil Spill Pattern Thursday graphic May 27, 2010 at the following link:

Excerpt from article entitled: Twitter’s fake BP spokesman too slick for the oil company by Mark Milian: As if the all-too-real BP oil spill weren't enough of a circus, a satirical Twitter account called @BPGlobalPR adds some dark humor to a sludgy situation. The fake BP Twitter page was created a week ago….the project has netted more than $3,000 for the nonprofit Gulf Restoration Network through the sale of $25 "BP cares" T-shirts (in green and black, a nice mesh of the colors of money and oil). At the following link:
See the T-shirts at the following link:

More tweets:
payguru @GStephanopoulos tweeted: do you think that kevin costner machine will work in the gulf. And why wouldn't bp at least try it.
richieuhuru @jimmyfallon tweeted: Fallon, have Costner do your show---have him explain his Ocean Therapy device for Gulf Aid. He has transcended Hollywood!
longbed11 tweeted: why aren't the kevin costner machines being used to get the oil out of the water
Campbellwil hey @whitehouse tweeted: why hasn't Costner's Centrifuge been tested yet, never happened b4 means think outside the box
aayinde tweeted: I love the president, but he is interfering with my Days of Our Lives!!!!!! They need to use Kevin Costner's Contraption he invented!!!!!
shirlsmor tweeted: Willie Nelson's haircut is getting more press than the possibility of serious oil spill clean-up via Costner's machines. Why?
WongoWoman tweeted: What ever happened to the oil separating machines Kevin Costner funded?
sjcabdriver @andersoncooper tweeted: We need costner's invention out there. Think of how many fisherman can make money cleaning up oil. U suck it up, its yours
tankmurdock tweeted: Anyone seen or read an update on Kevin Costner's oil separation solution?

Excerpt from blog entitled: Hey Kevin Costner, “If You Build It, They Will Clean It” by Dimitry Greentree: You may remember him as Ray Kinsella, the man who built it so they would come in “Field of Dreams”. Or, you might remember him as Crash Davis, the washed up minor leaguer from “Bull Durham”. Shoot, more fitting, you might even be one of the few cult fans of his mutant character, Mariner, from the post-apocalyptic “Waterworld”. Whichever Hollywood character you associate Mr. Kevin Costner with, you can now add real life environmental savior to the list.

VIDEO: RAW Footage Gulf Oil Spill Posted by TruthAndFreeNet Uploaded May 19, 2010 at the following link:

VIDEO: Exclusive RAW Aerial Footage of The Gulf Oil Spill Coming to Shore in Louisiana Thursday May 6 2010 Posted by IranContraScumDid911 Uploaded May 6, 2010 at the following link:

VIDEO: Arrest For Filming Oil Spill, By BP Contractors: BP’s Rules, NOT OURS Posted by HorseofPaulRevere Uploaded May 20, 2010 Journalists threatened with arrest by BP contractors for trying to film BP's mess at the following link:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More on the BP “delay” in using the “KC solution”…..

VIDEO: Sam Champion and Philippe Cousteau Jr. diving into the Oil Spill Posted by climatebrad Uploaded May 25, 2010 at the following link:

VIDEO: BP Oilpocalypse Creates Underwater Nightmare Posted by climatebrad Uploaded May 25, 2010 at the following link:

Excerpt from the article entitled: ‘More BS from BP’ by Ed Griffin-Nolan: “…..he (Kevin Costner) set out to build the machine, which he calls Ocean Therapy. He wanted it to be ready for the next big spill. And, as it turns out, James Earl Jones was right. He built it, the oil did come. It is a welcome development in a crisis like this when on good days they burn lots of crude oil off the surface of the sea, sending thick black smoke up into the open air, which is enough to make you want to pull your hair out” at the following link:

Excerpt from the article by Elisabeth Rosenthal: “In a tense standoff, BP continued to spray a product called Corexit in the Gulf of Mexico on Monday to break up a vast oil spill despite a demand by federal regulators that it switch to something less toxic. The Environmental Protection Agency had set a Sunday night deadline for BP to stop using two dispersants from the Corexit line of products. The oil company has defended its use of Corexit and taken issue with the methods the agency used to estimate its toxicity” at the following link:

Excerpt from the article by Mike Di Paola: “So far BP has focused on three offshore cleanup strategies: skimming the oil, burning it on site, or dowsing it with hundreds of thousands of gallons of chemical dispersants to hasten its breakdown” at the following link:

Excerpt from the article by Cheryl Hall: “Hurricane Katrina had Gen. Russell Honore. He came, took names and kicked butt. I pray for another Gen. Honore. God knows we need him now." One of the more plausible clean-up remedies comes from actor Kevin Costner, who got his idea while filming his 1995 post-apocalyptic film, Waterworld. Wouldn't it be incredible if he turns out to be that hero?” At the following link:

Transcript from Rush Limbaugh’s talk with Stephen Baldwin at the following link: Live Oil Spill Cam – what it looks like now, at the following link:

More tweets about BP’s delay:
TheRealCyber5 tweeted: Everyone rehashing the same story on Kevin Costner fixing the oil spill. Nobody saying HOW. Here's how.

kporeilly tweeted: Even if Kevin Costner's solution doesn't work, it's frustrating to think that he has been thinking more about oil spills than RIG or BP.

gresco tweeted: Wow. BP says it may take until August to stop the leak. And Kevin Costner's centrifugal oil separators are being deployed tomorrow.

Gregoriancant tweeted: Kevin Costner and his oil cleaning device is apparently having the same problem he gets on a film set: Victim of inept execs and delay.

Eyebetwitty tweeted: If Kevin Costner's machine only does 1/4 of what he claims get them there plug them in. Get something going already

otisvsnotbset tweeted: I've got someone that can help-KEVIN COSTNER! Of all the folks with passion, his brother and he seem to have a great solution for leak!

TJMVAUSA @joyvbehar tweeted: Get Kevin Costner on The View and or your HSN show to talk about his involvement with oil spill cleanup

John Houghtaling’s website at the following link:

Oil reaches Louisiana shores – pictures at the following link:
Picture caption: A dragonfly tries to clean itself as it is stuck to marsh grass covered in oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, in Garden Island Bay on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana near Venice on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Four items….

Saralynbeck tweeted: Just posted a groovy gallery of performance photos from the KCMW tour this spring – at the following link:

Bobbyyang tweeted: got 4 dinners to go from Cush's grocery in Shreveport. Randomly, Paul Cush tells me it's also Kevin Costner's fave food spot in the Shreve'. Cops showed up at the backyard party in Shreveport because of noise complaints. No citations issued - and we rocked for 5 straight hours! (May 24th)

Another Turkish Airlines ad banner at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner in Japan 1992 Posted by debandana Uploaded May 26, 2010 His first visit to Japan for “The Bodyguard” promo at the following link:

A little ‘A Little War Of Our Own’ news….

According to the following link:
Reliance Big Entertainment Ltd., a member of Reliance ADA Group, has acquired an undisclosed majority shareholding in the Los Angeles and London based international film sales company IM Global. In active pre-preduction with IM Global is the Kevin Costner starring and directing vehicle "A Little War Of Our Own"

Reliance Big Entertainment Ltd. website at the following link:

IM Global website at the following link:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

KC narrated documentary out on ESPN and DVD…..

According to the following link:
Creative Street Entertainment produces non-fiction entertainment programs for the cable and broadcast television markets. CSE will soon release "The Long Home Run: Omaha and the College World Series," which is narrated by Kevin Costner and will premiere on ESPN Networks this June.

”The Long Home Run: Omaha and the College World Series” Upcoming airings on ESPN at the following link:
Be sure to check your local listings.

According to the following link:
To commemorate the final College World Series at Rosenblatt Stadium, a documentary entitled "The Long Home Run" is being produced. The Long Home Run is a 60-minute journey capturing the rich history, incredible stories, magical moments and unforgettable memories of the College World Series in Omaha at Rosenblatt Stadium. The documentary will be available on DVD for purchase through and at Event 1 souvenir stands throughout the stadium and Fan Fest area throughout the Series. (Available in early June)

Shop NCAA:

Some more about the ‘Kevin Costner Solution’….

See the graphic of Kevin’s ‘oil spill solution’ at the following link:,0,843302.graphic

You can sign up for the news from the Ocean Therapy Solutions website is at the following link:

Excerpt by contributor001: We all hope and pray that Kevin Costner’s invention can do the trick, coz if we do not do anything now, who knows it might be too late tomorrow? At the following link:

Excerpt from article by John Harlow, dated May 24, 2010: Kevin said, “Oil companies have not been fully prepared for such ecological disasters: oil-separating machines, which do not use harmful chemicals to break up the oil, should be mandatory on all rigs.” In 1993 he channeled some of his profits from the film "The Bodyguard," with Whitney Houston, into a new company dedicated to more advanced ways of dealing with spills than booms, chemicals and casting bales of straw on the surface of the water. At the following link:

Excerpt from article by Ki Mae Heussner: As if BP didn't have enough to worry about, a new Twitter account making fun of the company's oil spill public relations efforts has gained popularity online. The mock BP Twitter account, @BPGlobalPR, launched last week and has already attracted nearly 20,000 followers, far outdistancing the follower count of BP's real Twitter stream, which has about 4,700 followers. About Kevin it tweeted: "Sorry Kevin Costner, if we were interested in what you had to say, we'd rent Tin Cup." At the following link:

Excerpt from article entitled: Gulf Oil Disaster Proves Easy Target For Lawmakers: “There's even an element of Hollywood. Having spent $24 million on developing a centrifuge device to drop into a slick to separate water from oil, actor Kevin Costner has been in New Orleans hoping to sell BP on the idea. Can it be long before he's invited to Washington to testify?” At the following link:;lst;2

VIDEO: Suggestion Box: How to Stop the Oil Leak? Everyone from average Joes to Hollywood stars have ideas from BP by Matt Gutman at the following link:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An example of the tweets in support of the ‘Kevin Costner solution’…..

JasonEscape: Kevin Costner is amazing, btw. If you do not know why just google him and "oil spill".

GulfOilSpillAct @BarackObama: pls expedite approval of Costner's centrifugal oil separator 2 clean the #gulf #oil #spill ( RT Pls!

ebertchicago: Kevin Costner's vacuum cleaner invention separates oil from water, works, and is being tested by BP. Top Tweet 100+Retweets

StevenSin @TiffLacey: I agree. It's been a week and a half and BP still refuses to let Costner get started on the clean-up. It's really a crime.

nhandcock: One of the strangest and most hopeful stories seen in awhile. Kevin Costner to the rescue to clean up after BP

DREAMBIGDREAMOF @andersoncooper: Hi Anderson, I heard things about Kevin Costner having a solution for BP's problem. Do you know something about that?

shadytubaman: Will Kevin Costner play himself in the movie of how his invention cleaned the Louisiana marshes? #oilspill

justicenet RT @JesusQueries: Whom shall I send & who will go for us? (Isa 6.8) // For the Gulf of Mexico, apparently u send Kevin Costner & his vacuum

BullardGuns @tstar08: kevin costner dId invent a pump that would. They just won't let him use them.

robprather @thenote: I'm surprisingly happy with Costner. Seems like a sincere effort and credible idea.

nonnia @kellabeck: me too...I'm crying on the outside and screaming my ass off on the inside! Could Kevin Costner be our saviour...I'm praying!!

WhatamanJackson: Kevin Costner has a possible invention to help with the oil slick...turn the Waterworld dude loose!

HConvair: I love Kevin Costner, he's going to rescue the Gulf from the oil spill.

jwipe: What's up with Kevin Costner? Are they finally gonna let him clean up the oil?

jwipe: ok just looked it up - they are going to try out Costner's company with only 6 units to start. Hope it works!

mollygloss @WestWingReport: Heard a report re K Costner's invention to separate oil/water, yet nothing in mainstream reports from Gulf. Do you know?

nov420: Thank God for Kevin Costner. Environmentalists Rock!!

citythatbreeds: if kevin costner saves us from this oil spill we should make him president or something

AvisioReport: Why so long b4 allowing solutions when Costner has been there saying, "We can help" for weeks?

ryanvantol @sigepcory: That Costner story is even more impressive if the oil is recoverable and usable

designergirla @danec: - That is absolutely amazing if it works. Good for the Costner brothers!

shirlsmor @johndickerson: Why won't BP/ the Feds test Costner's machines? RT @big_picture Oil reaches Louisiana shores –

willvalle @docmurdock: did you see the solution Kevin Costner and his team have developed...but so far ignored by the big wigs?

JanLNye @RickSanchezCNN: Why can't they let the Kevin Costner invention be tried? Can't be worse than toxic chemicals being dumped in the water.

BinaryGravy @BPGlobalPR: If you guys really DO care about the environment, you would stop using chemicals & use Kevin Costner's plan

Cannoy: Kevin Costner you are the man! These pictures from the gulf are horrific!

bixbee: does the fact that kevin costner made a machine that could clean the oil spill make "water world" the most important movie of all time?

BigFatTaxi: BP has stated that it wants to make sure that Kevin Costner's oil separators conform to EPA standards before they use them. Go figure.

wolfiemouse: Kevin Costner may hold key to oil spill cleanup Why can't we start testing good ideas this week! What is the hold-up?

movienation: Can Kevin Costner save our water world?

monicalynnevent: Kind of crazy that Kevin Costner come up with a real option for the oil spill. Hot and Smart!

micahconkling: Kevin Costner: star of my all time favorite movie and owner to the secrets of cleaning up the BP oil crisis.

Shhh529: Ridiculous to worry about output from Costner's pumps when BP is spewing toxic dispersant, oil continuing to gush. Deploy them! #oilspill

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I just had to post this....

More comments and video about BP and “Kevin’s Solution”…..

Excerpt: “Holy Shit! Kevin Costner Is Awesome! In absolutely the most bizarre news I've heard ever, Kevin Costner is helping to clean up the BP oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico” at the following link:

See the article by Angel Gonzalez, at the following link:

See the comments at the following link:

See the blog by Evan Kessler, of ‘If I Blog It’ fame, at the following link:

VIDEO: BP Oil, “Kevin Costner Solution” – May 23, 2010 Posted by TPFThePeoplesForum Uploaded May 23, 2010 'Top Kill' Technique Never Tried at Depth of 5,000 ft at the following link:

VIDEO: Blood of the Earth - The Gulf Oil Spill part 1 Posted by cureusall Uploaded May 22, 2010 at the following link:

NOTE: The following video has used the “F” word an extreme amount of times and I believe it distracts from the message of the video but it is worth viewing as it shows the “booming” process that’s done to combat an oil spill, which obviously is an archaic and quite unsuccessful method.

VIDEO: Blood of the Earth – The Gulf Oil Spill Part 2 Posted by cureusall Uploaded May 22, 2010 at the following link:

Picture: Reading “(Kevin) Costner may hold key to (oil) cleanup” newspaper by skaladdas at the following link:

Picture: 22 May 2010 “Kevin Costner may hold key to cleanup” by wellspring3_23 at the following link:

Large picture of Kevin with the Omnipeace T-shirt at the following link:

More on BP and Kevin’s oil-water separator….

See the article by Tom Raum at the following link:

Excerpt from article by John Harlow, dated May 23, 2010: This weekend six machines are being assembled on barges moored off Louisiana. They could cast off as soon as dawn tomorrow…..Costner has also teamed up with John Houghtaling, a New Orleans trial lawyer and chief executive of OTS, to finance a documentary about the disaster to keep BP “honest” in the clean-up operation. “Kevin warned oil companies seven years ago they needed technology like ours, but they said another Exxon Valdez scale disaster could not happen again. This devastation is potentially far worse, and Kevin wants to make sure the oil companies do not slacken off their efforts after the media leaves. This documentary will hold oil companies such as BP to account, and hopefully aid those who are now pressing for more safeguards built onto rigs and tankers.” At the following link:

Excerpt from blog by davide, dated May 22, 2010: Tony Hayward, the beleaguered chief executive of BP, has claimed its oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is “relatively tiny” compared with the “very big ocean”……It seems that Kevin Costner learned something important when he risked his fortune to make the movie Water World. He realized we humans were not ready to respond to the really big oil spill disasters, then. Costner and Ocean Therapy Solutions is ready now!…….True the Costner system hasn’t been proven on a scale this large, let us just hope it works…..What is so amazing when asked about making money off their inventions and response efforts, Costner said we haven’t talked money yet. Too bad we can’t get some guys like Costner and Cameron into the Congress, guys that use their wealth and power to do what needs to be done. At the following link:

Excerpt from article by Jim Hagerty, dated May 20, 2010: The six Ocean Therapy Solutions machines are being hauled by barge from California. Their voyage began Wednesday, May 19. Comment posted by John Ballard: Good for him. I am an engineer and this concept should work well. He isn't just another celebrity that knows everything and needs to teach us the err of our ways. Good luck Kevin. At the following link:

Excerpt from the article by Saul Relative, dated May 20, 2010: At present, Ocean Therapy Solutions are a bit behind, the oil spill having grown to over 46,000 square miles of polluted water since the accident last month in the Gulf of Mexico at BP's Deepwater Horizon drill ship. Eleven rig workers were killed, the drill ship sank, and the ruptured well began spilling thousands of gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico. Estimates range from 5,000 gallons to 70,000 gallons escaping into the Gulf waters per day. The potential of environmental damage is estimated to be catastrophically high. "Years before I got involved," Kevin Costner told reporters, "oil spills came and I would wonder why we couldn't clean this up." At the following link:

Excerpt from article by Mark Guarino, dated May 20, 2010: Costner said his decision to fund the technology was a result of needing to use the wealth he was “lucky” to accumulate instead of “piling it” for no real purpose. “We all make decisions about what we want to be a part of. I’m just one person focusing on a specific problem and throwing a little resources to a lot of talent and manpower … to come up with what is a [solution],” At the following link:

Excerpt from article by Joe Leydon, dated May 20, 2010: I've always been a Costner fan. (Not only do I think his performance in Mr. Brooks was criminally underrated — I've even had nice things to say, and write, about The Postman.) And if he can save my home state of Louisiana (among other places) from this disaster, I will gladly buy him dinner at the restaurant of his choosing. No kidding. At the following link:

Excerpt from the blog by Elizabeth Snead, dated May 20, 2010: According to the New York Times, BP officials is gonna give it a try and Ocean Therapy Solutions hopes to have the machines deployed and in action this week. OK, why does it take an actor to come up with this? What the heck is BP doing for emergency plans? God forbid they should spend some of their huge oil profits on saving the environment. And by the way, thanks, Kevin. We forgive you for "Waterworld." At the following link:

Excerpt from article by Starcasm, dated May 20, 2010: In a story coming way out of left field (of dreams) Kevin Costner might have the answer to how to help with the environmental nightmare BP oil spill that is wreaking havoc on the Gulf Coast region. No this doesn’t involve Costner evolving into a part human-part gill having fish-man like in Waterworld but real science. I know this is incredible! Costner is the star in so many movies where he is responsible for saving the day (The Postman, Waterworld, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Bodyguard) that maybe this shouldn’t seem so shocking. At the following link:

Comment by Bellalis: Thank you kevin costner, GOD BLESS YOU SO VERY MUCH for helping america we are extremely proud of you. You are a HERO for everyone and you deserve the best of everything. Comment by Noah: FLOP? Waterworld is the greatest movie of our generation. At the following link:

Excerpt from article by Michael Cerkas, dated May 21, 2010: Well, it's been proven once again; art mimics life. Revisiting a role he played in the 1989 blockbuster, "Field of Dreams", Kevin Costner is a present day Ray Kinsella, only this time, the field is the Gulf of Mexico, and the current oil spill situation is brutally real, dangerous and getting worse by the day. At the following link:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jim Ladd, KLOS-FM 95.9 wants to talk to Kevin…..

SpyderRogue tweeted: “ATTN-Kevin Costner – contact Jim Ladd Asap, His Sunday night radio show is all about the Ocean to raise awareness, he wants you. RETWEET Plz”

Jim Ladd of KLOS-FM 95.5, Los Angeles, has a Sunday night radio show from 9pm to Midnight (PST) called “Theme of Consciousness” and this Sunday’s theme is “Ocean or Sea” to create awareness for the oil spill in the gulf. If Kevin gets the message and is able to make contact and talk with Jim during this show, we can listen LIVE at the following link:

While we’re waiting impatiently for BP’s test……

I guess BP decision makers don’t work the weekends, even in the midst of a disaster! Here’s more articles and comments about the whole situation…..

Here’s the ‘Oil Spill Live Video Feed’ which BP had to be commanded to show, at the following link:

”Satellite image of the bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico. this sh*t is reeeeeeeeeal bad. costner better fix it quick!” At the following link:

From the article by Seth Borenstein and Greg Bluestein, “Ian McDonald, a Florida State University oceanographer and expert tracking the spill, said the spill's surface slick is now more than 14,600 square miles, larger than the states of Maryland and Delaware combined” at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & The Gulf Oil Spill – A Solution.wmv Posted by tycoongambler Uploaded May 21, 2010 at the following link:

VIDEO: “‘Waterworld’ Solution to Gulf Oil Slick? Actor Kevin Costner finances device to separate oil from water” at the following link:

This article by Tracy Staedter isn’t very good since the opinion about Kevin’s oil & water separator is from a guy who has 12 patents in oil spill cleanup technology and he doesn’t give the machine a very good critique but there are some good comments, at the following link:

”Does It Work? Kevin Costner’s Oil-Cleaning Machine” – see the article by Ian Yarett and comments, at the following link:

Excerpt from article by Chris Yogerst: “While British Petroleum and our own federal government appear to have been completely unprepared for the current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it appears that Costner is the only one who learned something from the 1989 Exxon Valdez accident. Sure, he could be appearing in commercials advocating clean energy like Robert Redford, instead he has been putting his own money into research that will help clean up oil spills” at the following link:

Excerpt from the article by Abby Wisse Schachter: “And one other important note, this is private enterprise at work. Costner is an avid fisherman and hunter and brought his considerable resources to bear on a problem he cares to solve. This wasn’t Washington, a bureaucrat or some government program. It’s an individual who is trying to do something constructive and may in fact have solved a serious ecological disaster. Let’s hope Costner’s machines deliver as advertised” at the following link:

Article entitled: “The Best Suggestions So Far for Gulf Oil Cleanup” by RP Siegel, at the following link:

Comments at the following link:

titleofmagazine tweeted: “Kevin Costner is saving the Gulf Coast with centrifuges (!) and I had to make the movie poster” at the following link:

AC4President tweeted: “BP spksmn Proegler says Costner fix will have to meet regulations, a pipe spewing oil into ocean has to wait for certification? Really?”
shirlsmor tweeted: “Still no word about Costner's machine, reportedly capable of cleaning up the Gulf's oil spill. Why is this so underreported?”
Dashobie tweeted: “Kevin Costner has a machine that with separate the oil and water,20 ready to go why isn't someone making BP/BIG POLLUTER use alternatives
vivowang tweeted: “Are reporters snickering at Kevin Costner's solution, when they can't even conceive of how to reduce the spill?”
torilennox tweeted: “Wow. Just saw Kevin Costner on the news. Didn't recognize him.” (about 12:50pm, May21st)
schachin tweeted: “Kevin Costner has an amazing device that cleans H20 of oil, but only has 26 (needs 100s). Let's get #BPOil to get him what he needs”
shirlsmor @ktumulty tweeted: “Whatever happened to Kevin Costner's oil/water separator machine trial earlier this week?”
smartiecat tweeted: “Why are we not hearing about #Costner water cleaning machine in media? He says he can clean up oil faster than it pumps out?”
bdgrabinski tweeted: “Please please god let Kevin Costner's device work. How awesome would it be if Kevin Costner saved the ocean?”
carlwatkins tweeted: “&%$# yeah Kevin Costner is going to clean up BPs mess. I don't care what people say, I liked The Postman. Do it Kevin!”

Friday, May 21, 2010

Why would it take so long for BP to test the Oil Separator???

I can’t believe my eyes! From the article by Louis Sahagun, LA Times, BP spokesman Mark Proegler is quoted as saying, “BP has agreed to test Mr. Costner's machines. Of course, they need to meet regulations with respect to discharge.” WHAT? BP is spewing gallons and gallons of oil in to our gulf every minute and have been for the last month and they are going to be sticklers about Kevin’s oil separator that can clean the oil out of the water to 97% clean? Unbelievable!! Don’t they see how asinine they are being? Guess not! What’s the delay? See the article at the following link:,0,6581272,full.story

Excerpt from the article by Marci Stone: “Doug Suttles, BP’s chief operating officer said that six machines had been approved for testing. "All boast centrifuge processing technology — giant vacuum-like machines that suck oil from water, separate the oil, store it in a tanker and send the water, 99.9 percent purified, back into the gulf." Article at the following link:

Excerpt from the article by Laila Morcos: “Using a small prototype of the machine, Costner demonstrated how it works for a group of stressed parish officials today. "We'll take this any day over the black oil that's covering south Plaquemines right now," says Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser.” Article at the following link:,0,3960250.story

Excerpt: “Many people are excited to see his machine put to use and hope that it will help in clean up efforts across the Gulf area. Some scientists have predicted the oil spill could affect shorelines as far away as the Northeast US if it isn’t contained. BP currently has 930 vessels working to contain the spill including skimmers, tugs, recovery boats and barges. The company reports that there are 19,000 people from BP, government agencies and other companies working on the disaster.” Article at the following link:

AUDIO CLIP: Can Kevin Costner Clean Up the Oil Spill? Aired 05-20-10 at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Shows Off Water Purification Invention Aired 05-19-10 at the following link:

Excerpt by Kimberly Ripley: “It makes me happy to see celebrities with the net worth of Kevin Costner invest in things that will potentially do good for mankind and the environment. I do hope that his latest investment is the success that he and his investees are claiming it to be.” Article at the following link:

Excerpt from article entitled: “Hero – Kevin Costner Is The Answer To Tragic Oil Spills” by Jennifer G: “I hope and pray that Kevin Costner’s invention can do the trick. Something’s gotta give, now. Good luck BP and thank you Kevin Costner!” Article at the following link:

Governor Bobby Jindal's office today released several up-close, disturbing photographs of heavy crude impacting Louisiana wetlands, taken on a boat tour of the Plaquemines Parish coastline today, at the following link:

Image gallery of oil that has reached the marshes, at the following link:

Excerpt from article entitled: “Kevin Costner to the Rescue” by Brian Sonenstein: “Compared to the in-situ burns and deployed booms, this seems to be the most effective way to get the oil out of the water, and could do a lot to address the underwater plumes. Let’s just hope he gets out there as soon as possible and that these devices work, because it’s getting uglier by the day.” Article at the following link:

Excerpt from the article by Lisa Derrick: “Full disclosure: My ex-husband was in the Waterworld and I’ve seen the Universal Studios stage and tank show based on the movie, too. That being said, I am really stoked that Kevin Costner has put his money where his heart and mind are.” Article at the following link:

”Attention, BP: It’s Time to Get Creative With Oil Spill Solutions” by Ariel Schwartz, see article at the following link….

New Video Shows Gulf Oil Rig Explosion By Tyler Gray 05-20-10 Video clip at link – From the National Geographic airing 10pm EST, May 27, 2010, at the following link:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"We've agreed to test it," BP spokesman Mark Proegler…..

Excerpt from the article by Ray Sanchez: “Costner and representatives of Ocean Therapy Solutions, the firm that developed the machine, demonstrated the centrifugal device for BP officials in New Orleans last week. "I believe they'll want to do the right thing," Costner told reporters at the time. "We've agreed to test it," BP spokesman Mark Proegler told today.” See article at the following link:

Hear the AUDIO CLIP of John Houghtaling II see the article by David Blake and Jay Vise, at the following link:

Excerpt from the article by David Chen: “Now, with the approval of the Army Corps of Engineers, British Petroleum has given the go-ahead for Costner to test six of his devices to help clean up the massive oil spill in the Gulf.” See the article at the following link:

Excerpt from the article by Newscore: “KEVIN Costner has been given the go ahead to fulfill another dream - using his own machine to help clean up the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. BP has approved a test of Costners Ocean Therapy device to help the company clean up the Gulf after its Deepwater Horizon drill rig exploded and began spewing oil into the water, officials said.” Article at the following link;

Excerpt from article by Liz Robbins: “Next week, BP will start testing six centrifuge machines that separate the oil from the water, a 15-year project that is funded by actor Kevin Costner, Suttles said. Costner has funded the $24 million project.” Article at the following link:

Excerpt from article by John Feeney: “The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues to worsen. Today, Florida was reporting that large tar balls were washing up on its beaches. Bp has designed a siphon to help with the oil spill, but it is only cleaning up about 40% of what is being leaked out everyday. Something has to change. Enter Kevin Costner.” Article at the following link:

Excerpt from article by Mark R: “If he really has been working on this device for 15 years, then he must have just started after he had finished the movie Waterworld. Most people bring that movie up every time they mention a bomb of a film, but I’m guessing that the environmental message of the film was enough to inspire Costner to do something. How many films have done that? Well, I hope that this device is as incredible as it claims.” Article at the following link:

See NASA images the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, where it is now, at the following link:

See the article by Eilene Zimmerman, entitled: “We Are Using Really Old Technology to Clean Up the Oil Spill” at the following link: (no KC mention)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who’s your favorite Robin Hood poll…..

Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner, or Russell Crowe? Fans of Kevin, he needs your vote! He’s in third place! At the following link:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BP OK’s Kevin’s oil separator to start clean up…..CORRECTION!

I read the article wrong - I thought they ok'd the equipment to start cleanup because I understood that there had already been a test on the water and it worked and so they were just waiting for BP to okay the clean up. If BP is just now doing a test, after 6 days, then I have to ask, "What's taking BP so long to make the right decision and get these machines out there to clean up the mess???" The oil has made land! Someone needs to TELL them to just DO IT!!

According to the article by Bradley Handwerger, BP approved Costner’s Ocean Therapy device to help the company attempt to clean up the Gulf of Mexico, this afternoon. See the article at the following link:

See the article with pictures that shows the possible flow of the oil and gives other information regarding the oil spill, at the following link:

See the article about Stephen Baldwin’s documentary that says Kevin is “perhaps the eventual narrator,” at the following link:

‘The New Daughter’ out on DVD and Blu-ray today…..

aaronhunt2008 tweeted: “Movie Review: The New Daughter. 7/10, costner v good role, 2 kids characters good. Story kept you on edge. Good ending. Worth a watch!”

DiscDish tweeted: “Kevin Costner stars in the creepy The New Daughter, on DVD next week. Read our review:”

ldmullen @Marshy00 tweeted: “wait, what? We were talking about the final shot of Costner's THE NEW DAUGHTER. Which has an AWESOME final shot”

Review by Suzie Lackey at the following link:

Review by Jared Roberts, at the following link:

Review by Brian Orndorf, at the following link:

Another review, at the following link:

Win one of three copies of the Kevin Costner thriller The New Daughter on DVD from FilmFetish at the following link. Contest ends May 28th:

Contest: Win ‘The New Daughter’ on Blu-ray! You have to register to enter at the following link:

Exclusive interview with Ivana Baquero in which she said of Kevin, “Kevin is a great actor, and it's always nice to work with someone of that magnitude. He was always there to give me advice and proved to be a great companion” at the following link:

See the pictures from the movie with the not so great review by Danielle Byington, at the following link:

A review by Mark H. Harris, at the following link:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Three videos about Kevin’s equipment to clean up oil spill….

VIDEO: Actor Kevin Costner partners with John Houghtaling to clean oil spill Posted by GHWLEGAL Uploaded May 17, 2010 at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and John Houghtaling back technology to clean oil spill Posted by GHWLEGAL Uploaded May 17, 2010 at the following link:

VIDEO: John Houghtaling partners with keVIN Costner to fight oil spill Posted by GHWLEGAL Uploaded May 17, 2010 at the following link:

The “oily” ball is now in BP’s court…..

On May 16th, normanrobinson1 tweeted: “Kevin Costner's oil extraction machine was tested in the gulf; It works. BP has a proposal in it's hands. See my report @ 10pm on WDSU”

There’s news that Stephen Baldwin is directing a documentary entitled, “The Will To Drill.” According to Pandora, at the following link, Stephen was able to capture the successful test of Kevin’s technology that has the ability to separate oil from water:

From the article by Chris Kirkham, at the following link:
Kevin said, "I'll put as many of these on the water to actually start cleaning up the water and taking out the oil, as opposed to surrounding it or watching it sink or hoping that it disappears, or blaming the next hurricane on dispersing it. We've been working in very crude ways. We see these images and we're going to see them tomorrow and we're going to see them the next day, and it feels feeble. It feels ineffectual."

Another article about Kevin and the technology with comments, at the following link:

More tweets about the oil spill and Kevin:
scha0974 tweeted: “So Kevin Costner has a solution to clean the water around the oil spill had a decent presentation in a kiddie pool so lets get him out there”
moonjuju tweeted: “heard the gr8 news about kevin costner unveiling a machine that separates #oil from water, achieving 97% purity in minutes!”
michaelcweir tweeted: “My concern is that BP will not even listen. Everybody, including Kevin Costner, are clamoring, to get BP's attention. Will you help?”
skirealestate tweeted: “Kevin Costner puts BP Oil to shame; if this existed for 15 years; BP did not know about it? or BP did not care?”
brookeashleyb @craftylildevil tweeted: “how absurd is it that Kevin Costner had the foresight to do something like this, while the oil companies did not?!”
AndyeIsTheNews tweeted: “Happy about Kevin Costner's new oil removing machine-he and his team- thinking he is the financier!? Great!”
jtravisbradford tweeted: “Will Kevin Costner be the one to save the Gulf of Mexico from the oil spill?”
Hwk765 tweeted: “KUDOS 2 Kevin Costner 4 DOING SOMETHING about the Oil Spill”
BelgianBoolean tweeted: “No worries everyone. Kevin Costner will save us from the oil spill. Also, Water World was a great movie”
ETodes tweeted: “I think we can all rest easy tonight knowing that Kevin Costner knows how to fix the oil spill”
southerntalker @jackhutton tweeted: “Kevin Costner assembled a team after the Exxon Valdez ~ He is a quiet Great man ~I am in love with him too now! LoL @Modern_West”
nowbentweets tweeted: “Costner in Waterworld 2: Taking back The Gulf”

From Louis Maistros, at the following link:
“According to Norm Robinson via Twitter, Kevin Costner’s oil extraction gizmo has been tested in the gulf and it really works. If this turns out to be true I swear not to tell another Costner-related mullet joke for as long as I live. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. How could I ever have doubted you? And comments:
by M Styborski: “…I’ll still make Costner jokes whenever the occasion calls, but never on Kevin Costner Day which I’m sure will be forthcoming.”
By Louis Masitros: “I wasn’t too hopped up about the Costner thing till Norm Robinson tweeted that they tested it IN THE GULF and it worked. Still awaiting details, but Norm usually shoots pretty straight. We’ll see.”
By Lord David: “If Dances With Oil works, I’ll even Praise the Mullet.”

Saturday, May 15, 2010

More on Kevin showing his machine in New Orleans…..

VIDEO: Raw: Costner’s machine makes oil cleanup proactive Actor Kevin Costner spoke with Eyewitness News reporter Bigad Shaban about a machine he has fabricated that will make cleaning up an oil spill proactive instead of reactive with booms and hairs” at the following link:

Video and article at the following link:

VIDEO: The Energy Report – 5/14/10 Susan McGinnis anchors this afternoon's Clean Skies News Energy Report from Washington, DC. At the following link:

See the VIDEO and article at the following link:

See the article that says that the reports of Kevin giving 26 million are wrong but rather Kevin invested 26 million to get the machines developed and ready for use, at the following link:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Will BP authorize Kevin’s equipment to clean up the oil spill…..

See the article and video at the following link:

See the article by Bigad Shaban and video at the following link:

iVIDEO: “Kevin Costner’s device for cleaning oil spill in action Actor Kevin Costner's company claims his device can suck 2,000-5,000 gallons of oil a day. He says they have have about 40 machines already made. If BP likes what they see during the demo, they say they'll make plenty more” at the following link:

BigadShaban tweeted: “Kevin Costner eating to talk about his invention to suck oil out of water.“ Picture at the following link:

BigadShaban tweeted: Costner: "it's not about talk, it's about work..i'm glad to be here and see passion of people wanting to mobilize." Picture at the following link:

BigadShaban tweeted: “Kevin Costner's oil machine could soon separate BP's crude from Louisiana's waters. BP still deciding on approval”

LailaMorcosWGNO tweeted: “Tonight on ABC26 @ 10 -- is Keven Costner's next role "Oil Clean-up Superhero?" It might be.”
RavenmichelleR tweeted: “Kevin Costner is coming to save the Gulf Wow Thanks Kevin u Rock!”
giascott @YatPundit tweeted: “I wonder if Costner's machine will REALLY work, in practice, not just a theory & test situation...and if he'll get the go ahead”
steph50 tweeted: “Way to go Costners. costner to save-gulf-with new oil-filtration-technology”
Mohner5 tweeted: “I was predicting that Bradgelina would be the first celebrities to show up at the #Oilspill. It was Costner. I owe myself a Coke.”
CHEAPTHRILL tweeted: “Prince of Thieves keeps giving back: Kevin Costner to save Gulf w/new filtration technology"

See the article that says Kevin got interested in the Louisiana area “through his friend, actor and director Stephen Baldwin, who is working on a documentary in Plaquemines Parish. Baldwin is the fourth and youngest of the famous show business Baldwins, after brothers Alec, Daniel and William” at the following link:

See the article that describes more about the oil-water separator Kevin demonstrated today, at the following link:

See the nice picture of Kevin at the following link: