Saturday, July 31, 2010

Several items I found....

See the poster for the Fallsview Casino concerts, August 5 & 6, Niagara Falls, Ontario, at the following link:

hollyfanz tweeted: Blogged 2009 - 8 - Kevin Costner + Roadie:

Another CNN imagesource video from Port Fourchon Press Conference, June 18, 2010, at the following link:

See Kevin with a couple of Ottawa Police officers, at the following link:

See two pictures of Kevin with Pete, a sound technician, in Ottawa, at the following link:

Kevin lands in Edmonton.....

See article entitled: Kevin Costner returns to music festival where wind killed a woman in 2009 by Lisa Arrowsmith, at the following link:

See the picture, video and article entitled: Kevin Costner returns for music festival, at the following link:

See the five pictures of Kevin arriving in Edmonton, at the following link:

See the three pictures of Kevin arriving in Edmonton, at the following link:

VIDEO: Exclusive interview with Kevin Costner 07-30-10 Kevin Costner talks to Global News about the moment the stage came down on him and his crew at the 2009 Big Valley Jamboree. In addtion to his memories of the disaster, Costner talks about his work on the Gulf Oil spill cleanup, his trip to Alberta's tarsands, being a father of seven - with three children still in diapers, shooting movies in Alberta, and how he'd like to play Stampede. At the following link:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Video and articles about Camrose Big Valley Jamboree.....

VIDEO: New video posted by KC & MW, July 29, 2010 Kevin Costner and Modern West take a look back a year after the tragic stage collapse at The Big Valley Jamboree.......Camrose, Alberta. Special thanks to Don Sinclair and Mike McGuire for their footage from the concert.

See the interview/article by Jamie Hall, entitled: Costner: 'Nobody guarantees this life' at the following link:

See the picture and article by Angelique Rodrigues, entitled: Kevin Costner arriving in Edmonton's dog jet, at the following link:

Excerpt from the press release: On Friday July 30th, Kevin Costner, accompanied by his loyal pup Daisy, will be flying from Aspen, Colorado to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada aboard the private "dog rescue" jet, in support of the dog rescue efforts of The Orange Dog. WHEN & WHERE: The media is invited to participate a photo and interview opportunity on Friday July 30th at the following location and times: Departure from Aspen, Colorado – Friday July 30th at 10:00 AM (local time) at Atlantic Aviation Services, 69 E. Airport Road, Aspen. Arrival in Edmonton, Alberta – Friday July 30th at 12:00 Noon (local time) at the Executive Flight Centre located north of the Edmonton International Airport at 1020-8th Ave. At the following link:

The Orange Dog website at the following link:

See "Return To Camrose" by Sara Beck, at the following link:

CamroseAB RT @ChevyOnScene tweeted: CC- its confirmed we hang with Kevin Costner @ BVJ on Sat! Photos and vids from the weekend on the way! #fb

New KC & MW message and Aspen Environmental Forum....

See the new message from KC & MW posted by John, entitled: Country Thunder Twin Lakes, WI at the following link:

See a total of thirteen pictures of Kevin from the Aspen Environmental Forum 2010, at the following links:

KC & MW Kewadin Casino concert postponed.....

According to the following link:
The August 3, 2010 KC & MW concert at the Kewadin Casinos Hotel & Convention Center, in Sault St. Marie, Minnesota, has been postponed due to "conflict with personal obligation." No new date has been set. See the announcement at the link.

KC & MW to play KOKO in London....POSTPONED

Just announced: Kevin Costner and Modern West at KOKO on Thursday, 16th Sep 2010 £25.00 Tickets will be available on Friday 30th July at 9:00AM, at the following link:

The Koko, London website:

Message at KC & MW's website, by John, dated August 13, 2010:
Sadly we have to tell you that we’re not coming to Europe this September as we had announced. Those shows have been moved into next year.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More on Kevin at Aspen Environmental Forum 2010....

Excerpt from article by Joel Achenbach: Costner talked about his invention for separating oil and water, with many of his devices now being deployed in the gulf. You know how actors are shorter in real life? He's taller. Tan, looked great, like a movie star, but easy-going and lingered afterward to shoot the breeze with anyone and everyone. At the following link:

See the picture and article by Andrew Travers, at the following link:

See the two pictures and article by Troy Hooper, at the following link:

See the article by Michael Conniff, at the following link:

VIDEO: In "Drills and Spills," former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt, actor and activist Kevin Costner, Shell Oil's Elizabeth Cheney and others discuss the post-BP oil spill future. More videos from the Forum at the following link:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kevin at the Aspen Environmental Forum 2010.....

The Aspen Institute And National Geographic Proudly Present Aspen Environment Forum July 25 - 28, 2010. Their website, at the following link:

Pictures of Kevin at the Aspen Environment Forum 2010, July 26, 2010, at the following link:

Tweets about Kevin at the forum:
Adenvn tweeted: Kevin Costner at #aef10 @AspenInstitute. He'll talk abt "rhetoric & reality of offshore oil"
TerynNorris @Adenvn tweeted: go find him!

liraluis tweeted: Kevin Costner's take on the oil spill #aef #sustainability at Aspen Environment Forum now

liraluis Kevin Costner is in the house. #aef10

crazeeHeads RT @aimeerc tweeted: Kevin Costner at Aspen Environment Forum, if 20 of his machines would have cleaned up 90 pct of Exxon Valdez within one week.
ysfp Costner is calling out EPA for making it more difficult to help clean up the coast and mashing oil companies for their moneyhoarding #aef10
BPGulfLeak RT @Mathew_Petersen tweeted: Costner - we can't let oil companies on their own decide what technologies and response to use in future spills.
JenCMyers RT @ysfp tweeted: Kevin Costner has said what no politician can: oil industry can't be trusted to regulate itself. Room burst into applause. #aef10
mlavellestweeted: Costner: "Safety is never a profit center. " #aef10 #oilspill
mlavelles tweeted: Costner re oil industry new marine safety corp: "It would be a fundamental mistake to let that group decide" response #aef10
Mathew_Petersen tweeted: Costner - we can't let oil companies on their own decide what technologies and response to use in future spills.
nijhuism RT @hillaryrosner: Costner: Sad that my oil-and-water-sep equip sat idly on shelf for 12 yrs. BP finally realized cd help resell oil. #aef10
hillaryrosner Costner: oil industry grps shouldn't be able to decide what is safe. We need an overwhelming $ response for raising safety bar. #aef10
aimeerc tweeted: Kevin Costner to Shell: what would give us warm+ fuzzy feeling about what ur doing? Need indep org to determine best response, not industry.
aimeerc tweeted: Kevin Costner: experts don't always know best. Don't just need to meet bar of safety but hurl ourselves way over. Safety never a profit ctr.
aimeerc tweeted: Costner's machine does better to separate oil and water without dispersants, and oil so pure after, can re-sell the oil. Got BP's attention.
aimeerc tweeted: Kevin Costner put $24m into his technology: separates oil from water at high speeds, takes only oil out, ships keep working, less waste.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Four links....

More Country Thunder, Twin Lake, Wisconsin pictures, at the following link:

VIDEO: GAC's Country Thunder Road Report - Part 2 By Jason Mease Saturday, July 24, 2010 – Suzanne Alexander and team survived another hot, fun-filled day at Country Thunder. Stay tuned for interviews with some of Saturday’s featured artists like Kate & Kacey, Gloriana, Collin Raye, Craig Morgan, Kevin Costner & Modern West and Miranda Lambert on the July 30 episode of Top 20 as well as upcoming episodes of GAC Nights. At the following link:

JulieRappe tweeted: Mike just got to escort Kevin Costner in from LA on his way to Aspen. (about 6 hours ago so about 10:30am, July 25th)
thrivewelathome tweeted: Met Kevin Costner this weekend at a baseball event in Lake County, IL -- what a great guy.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Country Thunder Twin Lakes, Wisconsin...

See the article and pictures #2 and #5, at the following link:

See the eighteen pictures of Kevin and five of the other band members, at the following link:

FM1061 tweeted: Ladies and gentelman.. Kevin Costner

CountryMusicChi tweeted: From the silver screen to the stage, actor/musician Kevin Costner takes the stage with Modern West.

More tweets:
saralynbeck tweeted: Tonight-Kevin Costner & Modern West @ Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. This is the festivval where I first saw Willie Nelson... :)
Spicyboy84 tweeted: Just finished great interviews w/ Blackberry Smoke, Craig Morgan and Kevin Costner at Country Thunder!! :-)
missmandajones @thomasgossin tweeted: I'm so jealous. I would kill to open anything for Kevin Costner!
angrymerchguy RT @AaronDLuke tweeted: Not too often you get to watch Kevin Costner perform before you.
mandastarrz tweeted: seeing kevin costner! i woulld twitpic but my phones broken! lovvvve country thunder!
jemphoto21 tweeted: So confused right now. Kevin costner is seriously singing!! And he's decent. Hmm
todaycountrymag tweeted: @Modern_West with Kevin Costner throwing it down tonight @countrythunder!
pumathehero tweeted: No mud here! And Kevin Costner is playing Awesome. at Country Thunder East
CountryMusicChi tweeted: A picturesque sunset closes Costner's set, fans await for Miranda Lambert.
unc_kc @thomasgossin tweeted: I thought u were with Kevin ur with jealous!
CJlovesJD tweeted: Thunder time! Gloriana, Kevin Costner, and Miranda Lambert! Yay!
pumathehero tweeted: Super long day. Saw Kevin Costner walking around backstage a bunch. That dude is cool. Might watch The Body Guard tonight. Hells yea.

Two KC & MW items. Zion and Ottawa.....

See the article and two pictures, at the following link:,fielders-costner-072410.article

New KC & MW Ottawa Bluesfest picture slideshow, at the followingl link:

New press items added, at the following link:

More pictures from Ottawa Bluesfest, at the following link:

Message from KC & MW and other items...

See the message by John Coinman, at the following link:

A little blurb from Yogchick regarding 'The Company Men' trailer, which very well speaks for al of us fansl: Another Movie I Can't Wait to See: The Company Men - Yes, Kevin Costner's in it. Comes out in October. Holding my breath. At the following link:

Excerpt from Joshua Brunsting: Trailer for The Company Men is impressive, even in the face of cliche - The film looks gorgeously composed by cinematographer Roger Deakins, the cast (including Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper and Kevin Costner) actually look compelling, and director John Wells seems to have crafted a really fantastic film here. Overall, hopes are super high for this film, but not without a bit of caution. The trailer’s final moments do really have me thinking that this film could dissolve from the very outset. That said, I really dig this trailer. At the following link:

More Ottawa Bluesfest pictures at the following links:

Picture of Kevin from the Senate Hearing, at the following link:

Some tweets:
tastingbuds tweeted: RT @ATXfoodnews: Pretty nifty! RT @TRIOAustin: TRIO's wine wall includes bottles signed by Kevin Costner, Jerry Jeff Walker & Lance Armstrong
CBSMom tweeted: Watching Robin Hood Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner, I'll always love him....
Rockergirl75 tweeted: I LOVE Kevin Costner's voice...that is all...
hannicat2012 tweeted: Dear Kevin Costner, Have I ever mentioned how incredibly good looking you are?
TeamUrie tweeted: RT @siskybusiness: In which movie starring Kevin Costner do you find him to be the most sexually attractive? My pick: Waterworld
Canadian_heart_normal CanuckVIRGO tweeted: Kevin Costner is timeless. Watching For the Love of the Game! He's the best!
CharlyDena tweeted: Watching The Bodyguard and falling in love with Kevin Costner all over again.

Kevin in Zion at Fielders Stadium Friday night....

VIDEO: Kevin Costner visits his team's suburban ballpark July 23, 2010 (ZION) (WLS) -- Actor Kevin Costner turned the lights on for his own "field of dreams" in the north suburbs. Costner is part-owner of the Lake County Fielders, the newest team in the independent Northern League. Friday night, he flipped the lights on at the team's stadium in Zion for the first time, and he talked about his decision to join co-owner Rich Ehrenreich in the venture. "My first instinct was, no I'm not from there, it's not appropriate - but Rich convinced me it was," said Costner. "I'd made three movies about baseball and it was part of the fabric of America, and it was appropriate." Costner's team is not playing in Zion Friday night. This was his only chance to visit the field before the first night game on Monday.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Posted by tinarocker uploaded July 23, 2010 Kevin on the news 7/23/10 talking about the Lake County Fielders.

See picture and article, at the following link:

See picture and article, at the following link:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Kevin seen Monday in Frisco, CO.....

According to the following link:
At Backcountry Brewery on Monday noon, movie star, oil spill solution investor, and rock ‘n roller Kevin Costner and a buddy were grabbing a to-go lunch, report Woody Van Gundy's staffers. Kevin is also spotted in the Cindy and Barry Abramowitz' Butterhorn Bakery for breakfast now and then, when he's headed to Aspen or back to DIA. (Denver International Airport) My note: Frisco, Colorado and is about halfway from Denver to Aspen.

The Backcountry Brewery website:

The Butterhorn Bakery website:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ottawa and Craven videos....

VIDEO: ARC The.Hotel - Kevin Costner and Modern West Posted by crashlake Uploaded July 22, 2010, at the following link:

VIDEO: ARC The.Hotel - Kevin Costner and Modern West Posted by crashlake Uploaded July 22, 2010, at the following link:

VIDEO: Craven 2010 Kevin Costner Posted by stinkstick17 Uploaded July 21, 2010 Kevin Costner and his band @ Craven sask,Canada. 6:45 p.m. Sun July 18 2010, at the following link:

'The Company Men' trailer and what's being said about it.....

'The Company Men' Trailer, at the following link:

Excerpt from Owen Williams: ....and Costner, in another of his rough-diamond, blue-collar roles a la The Upside of Anger, is Affleck's carpenter brother-in-law. At the following link:

Excerpt by Travis Leamons: I must say that Wells has recruited a hell of a cast – a cast that is likely to appeal to older audiences who want see elder thespians like Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Costner, who is also in the film. The cast also includes Maria Bello, Craig T. Nelson and Rosmarie Dewitt. It looks good, but you can definitely see that The Weinstein Company is pushing the “Oscar Bait” hard with this one. Hopefully, Wells’ film debut doesn’t disappoint. The Company Men will arrive in limited theaters beginning October 22nd. At the following link:

Excerpt by Brad Brevet: The film is the feature directorial debut of "ER" producer/writer/director John Wells and while it received decent reviews from Sundance earlier this year, it was also compared to Up In the Air, which means it's going to have to play really well on October 22 if it wants to stick around for award consideration. Plenty of potential Oscar contenders are getting their first looks recently, how does this one stack up for you? At the following link:

Excerpt by Perri Nemiroff: Now this is a trailer that actually makes me want to see the film when it his theaters in New York City and Los Anegles on October 22nd. Rather than just relying on happy vs. sad faces to get a feel for what’s going on, this one reveals a nice chunk of the plot and gives us a much better taste of who these guys really are. I for one am very curious as to how they get out of this rut. At the following link:

Excerpt by Peter Sciretta: I’ve heard complaints that the story is very dry, and that the film isn’t very thrilling, but I don’t believe it should be. This is the reality of downsizing, and the depressing nature of our current economic situation. If a 30 year old sales manager can’t find a new job, how is someone older, a senior executive, supposed to survive once his company abandons him? At the following link:

Excerpt by Alex Billington: The film stars a bevy of great actors, lead by Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, Maria Bello and Rosemarie DeWitt. I saw this at Sundance and really enjoyed it, despite being quite bleak and depressing. Brandon reviewed it and gave it 9 out of 10. This trailer definitely stays away from the bleaker side of things, but it's a fantastic trailer, I love the music and build up. I really hope this gets a few of you to see it. And ohhh Rosemarie DeWitt, love her! At the following link:

Excerpt by Owen Williams: ...and Costner, in another of his rough-diamond, blue-collar roles a la The Upside of Anger, is Affleck's carpenter brother-in-law. At the following link:

A few items....

More about the 'Bad Day' movie, by Jim Simpson, at the following link:

OttawaJantine RT @ArcTheHotel tweeted: ARC The.Hotel was treated to acoustic set w/Kevin Costner & Modern West during Sat. brunch

Excerpt from article by Jim Bender: The Fielders are partly owned by Kevin Costner, the star of Field of Dreams, but the players have yet to meet him. “The word on the street is that we’re supposed to be meeting him Monday,” Homer said.

HeyDeannaDeMay tweeted: My uncle is having dinner with Kevin Costner this weekend... I'm so upset I can't be there. There was a promise of a meeting in the future though (She's in Chicago)

StoliShirtBot RT @Krystih Tweeted: You saw Costner drinking Stoli? What? RT @Amanda1104: @nextstopSF I just thought that was funny considering u seen Costner drink sum too!
elvis_child tweeted: oh man Bluesfest rocked this year..Kevin Costner and Modern West and Keith Urban what more can you ask for?.
SarcasticKliker tweeted: I saw Kevin Costner at Bluesfest last Saturday! He is sooo hot! I loved his music too. He had a great fiddle player!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Ottawa and other items....

VIDEO: Kevin Costner @ Ottawa Bluesfest. Posted by brianbasically Uploaded July 20, 2010 Lynn Saxberg interviews Kevin Costner about his band Modern West. At the following link:

AUDIO CLIP and picture of Kevin with Wicked Wendy Daniels, talking about his OTS machines, at the following link:

A real life good samaritan story about someone who enjoyed KC & MW's and Keith Urban's concerts and then a mishap, at the following link:

Saralynbeck tweeted: 5am at the Ottawa airport en route to Regina. Someone said their slogan is "Regina: the town that rhymes with fun!" I don't believe it. (July 18th)
saralynbeck tweeted: Hanging at the airport w/ a Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich, coffee, & my new favorite musician~ (July 19th)
I added this link: (LOL!)

Found out that Bobby Yang is in Aspen this week for a show at The Belly Up on Thursday.

See the article and two pictures, from when Kevin testified at the House Committee hearing, at the following link:

'Bad Day' Movie short being released....

According to the following link:
The filmmakers Modi Frank and Exene Cervenka have decided to release the black-and-white, silent short online 25 years after it was made, and a portion of the proceeds will go to charities benefiting the Gulf, inspired by Costner's efforts to build a machine that could accomplish the clean-up after the oil spill. See the article for more detail.

The Bad Day Movie website:

The Trailer:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Craven Country Jamboree item and other links.....

See the picture and article from the Craven Country Jamboree, at the following link:

AUXTV Photos tweeted: Taking a break from saving the world, Kevin Costner visits @BluesfestOttawa w/ The Whigs, The Hold Stead & more. See the pictures at the following link:

A tweet from Craven:
Def3 tweeted: Did a meet and greet with kevin Costner today and asked Him to do a mixtape drop.... he said no... Cmon man

Tweets from Ottawa:
HeatherLMac @SaraJRKnight tweeted: jealous you saw Kevin Costner! Was he hot in person??
SaraJRKnight @NKottawa tweeted: Totally cheated on @NKOTB last night with Kevin Costner and Keith Urban lol
ThePloughboy I've said it before & I'll say it again -- Sara Beck is something else. Her duet with Kevin Costner was great
ThePloughboy Interesting start to Kevin Costner's -- no buildup or intro, he just walked on stage and started playing

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Modern West at Bluesfest 2010 Posted by jskinner Uploaded July 18, 2010, at the following link:

Syncwinnipeg tweeted: Kevin Costner feeds at the ARCHWAY with Darth Vader in the Cornerstone Field of Dreams. See picture at link:

Another picture from the Port Fourchon Press Conference, at the following link:

More from the Ottawa Bluesfest....

See the second picture of Kevin and the band, at the following link:

One picture of Kevin from the Ottawa Bluesfest, at the following link:

See Kevin at #5 through #10 in the picture slideshow, at the following link:

More pictures of Kevin from the Ottawa Bluesfest, at the following link:

See the article by Aedan Helmer, at the following link:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Videos from Ottawa Bluesfest....

VIDEO: Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest - Kevin Costner Posted by ottawabluesfest2010 Uploaded July 18, 2010, at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Modern West (live 2010) Posted by Metalchopz Uploaded July 18, 2010 This is Kevin Costner and Modern West playing the Ottawa Bluesfest on July 17th, 2010, at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Modern West 2010 Posted by xtina235 Uploaded July 18, 2010, at the following ink:

VIDEO: Greatest actor alive Posted xtina235 Uploaded July 18, 2010 Bluesfest 2010.I love this man! Kevin Costner and Modern the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner bids Ottawa Bluesfest fans farewell--Superman14--Live 2010-07-17 Posted by backpackdave2010B July 17, 2010, at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner--Cleo at the Wheel-Live @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2010-07-17 Posted by backpackdave2010B Uploaded July 17, 2010, at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West & Sara Beck --Let Me be the One-Live @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2010-07-17 Posted by backpackdave2010B Uploaded July 17, 2010, at the following link:

Picture tweets from Ottawa Bluesfest....

annebrugger tweeted: Kevin Costner not dancing w/wolves @OttawaBluesfest
MargeVallee tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Bluesfest ...
giny33 tweeted: Kevin costner cantas del nabo!! Haha
DanielleMcGee tweeted: Omg Kevin costner!!!
stuntmanstu tweeted: Kevin Costner...and the girls go wild
SaraJRKnight tweeted: Kevin costner
Maria8912 tweeted: Met kevin costner at bluesfest! yesss!
SEPC tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West @ claridge stage @ottawabluesfest

Tweets from and about the Ottawa Bluesfest.....

bobbyyang tweeted: Festival shows in Ontario and Saskatchewan today and tomorrow with oil-man Costner. Looking forward to going to Aspen on Monday
those2girls tweeted: WOW & yikes RT @cbernardi: So I don't go to Bluesfest with my husband tonight and as luck would have it he meets Kevin Costner tonight.

Diaspora3 tweeted: Heading with madre Williams for some Westboro fun, and tonight we shall dance to Kevin Costner. I'd only see him for you mom. :)
ClaudiaPetrilli @byronalley tweeted: well, there's Kevin Costner and also Keith Urban. Very sad I have to miss them both
eikcaJK tweeted: so....who's joining me in a hoe-down tonight?? Kevin Costner's band & Keith Urban are at Bluesfest tonight....
linzferg tweeted: last saturday night at THe Bluesfest!!!! Gonna take in some CURRENT SWELL and some Kevin Costner and perhaps some Keith Urban, among others!
GraveDancer40 tweeted: Headed to Bluesfest!! Kevin Costner's band (yeah you read that right) and then Keith Urban!!
terrenceFTW tweeted: At blues fest chilling with kevin costner all night. Come hang out yo!
NailaJ tweeted: Really enjoyed Matt Schofield's show... Gonna try to get my CD signed :O Also, Kevin Costner's on stage!
ArmstrongTeam tweeted: Kevin Costner on stage now. Ladies think he's hot, but a better actor than singer
StephVivier tweeted: Should spend less time with social media and more time saving society like new friend Kevin Costner!
nikpanter tweeted: Kevin Costner performing at #Bluesfest - it's better than Waterworld!
littlejennywren tweeted: bluesfest night 3... listening to kevin costner (super handsome!) and waiting for keith urban...
peterdcowan tweeted: Kevin Costner now on stage at #bluesfest #tatonka
eastscene tweeted: Taking photos of Kevin Costner rocking the acoustic is a once in a lifetime thing.
LoNotarianni tweeted: I'm watching kevin costner perform country. Awesome and hilar start to the evening.
nikpanter tweeted: Giving credit where it's due. Not a country fan, but Kevin Costner put on a really good show at #Bluesfest. Caught 1st 2 and last 4 songs.
Paulysworld tweeted: Kevin Costner was good, Keith Urban better. #bluesfest

Pictures and articles from Ottawa Bluesfest.....

See the picture and article by Lynn Saxberg, at the following link:

See four more pictures from the Gallery, at the following link:

See the picture from the Ottawa Bluesfest, at the following link:

See the article by Allan Wigney, at the following link:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

From Nashville to Ottawa...

saralynbeck tweeted: Thursday, July 15th. The Basement in Nashville. 9pm. Ben Cameron/Sara Beck/Jeremy Lister. See you there!
RockinRondal @saralynbeck tweeted: rocked the house, not just The Basement, the whole world. Kevin Costner in da house. Yours truly looked like "a mall cop." huh?
crossroadnash tweeted: Met Kevin Costner at band rehearsal last night ... nice guy. (July 15th)
saralynbeck tweeted: Ottawa at dusk is picturesque...tomorrow Kevin Costner & Modern West hit the Ottawa Bluesfest! Lovely to be back out with these guys...

More tweets:
slackergrrl tweeted: Ugh at tonight. Ill probs feel better after sleep. At least I won a cool shirt. Thanks Kevin Costner
DanielleMcGee @brucemp tweeted: I have no idea. But Kevin Costner is tomorrow!!!
jennybarelyaliv tweeted: Selling my #Bluesfest ticked for July 17. $30. Keith Urban, Kevin Costner, The Hold Steady. @ or DM me. Pls RT.
burymyshell tweeted: i hope i meet kevin costner this weekend so i can thank him for solving the oil spill
VervaliciousVal @SaraJRKnight tweeted: Well, if he is showing his face you know i will be there, no way I will Keven Costner! bringing my Dances With Wolves DVD !!
VervaliciousVal @SaraJRKnight tweeted: I know!!!!! We are gonna have LOTS of fun, i am SOOO excited to see Kevin Costner's band too!! (he's my fave actor!!)

EZBreakfastShow tweeted: Kevin Costner - for the full hour - starting at 7 this morning! And after 8, Lisa LaFlamme - a woman making Canadian history! (on July 13th)
EZBreakfastShow tweeted: We have Kevin Costner tickets! We have backstage passes to Bluesfest when Kevin Costner is there!The winning happens before 8! (on July 16th)

SpicyLaura tweeted: One step closer to bringing Kevin Costner and Modern West to perform in Winnipeg.
niagarafallsvue tweeted: "Eye Candy Alert! Kevin Costner & Modern West will rock the stage at Fallsview Casino Resort August 5 & 6. Visit:"

Friday, July 16, 2010

'The Company Men' release date.....

According to the following link:
'The Company Men' is due out in the US on October 22, 2010.

According to the following link:
Also being released October 22nd: Paranormal Activity 2 / Saw 3D: The Traps Come Alive / Prisoners / Hereafter

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Video from 1990 'Rock N' Jock' Softball All-Stars.....

VIDEO: Keanu Reeves - Rock 'n Jock Derby 1990, at the following link:

I became aware of this video through an article on by James Montgomery. I didn't care for what he wrote about Kevin so I'm not posting it but if you want to see the article, I'm including the link. He made a point about MC Hammer and Kevin being at that event so I commented that it almost happened again, Sunday, July 11, 2010, 20 years later at the Taco Bell All-Star Celebrity game in Anaheim but obviously Kevin had to withdraw due to how busy he's been helping to clean up the Gulf!

'Field Of Dreams' to be shown in Boston.....

According to the following link:
Friday, July 16, 2010, 'Field Of Dreams' will be shown, at dusk, about 8:30pm, under the stars at the Boston Harbor Hotel. "Snag a patio table at the Rowes Wharf Sea Grill for dinner and a movie, or bring your own snacks and sit on the steps behind the hotel." Free.
Sounds like a really great time!!

'The New Daughter' to be at Spain's SITGES....

According to the following link:
Spain's SITGES International Film Festival of Catalonia "will play countless exciting and titillating films spanning nations and genres, broken down into official catagories." 'The New Daughter' is on the list. The film festival runs from October 7 through the 17th, 2010. calls the SITGES "Europe's biggest genre confab." At the following link:

The SITGES International Film Festival website:

Kevin's in Nashville now....

saralynbeck tweeted: The gentlemen of Modern West are trickling into town for rehearsals....I'm excited to see them! Sharing a bus for six weeks will do that! (about 14 hours ago, July 14, 2010, so about 2:30pm Nashville time)

hutton1045 tweeted: Costner at the family hotel?? RT @brentdougherty: Just saw @hutton1045 in the Hutton Hotel lobby, very strange. Oh, also Kevin Costner... (about 9 hours ago, July 14, 2010, so about 7:30pm Nashville time)

The Hutton Hotel website, at the following link:

Some more on Ella G being deployed.....

VIDEO: The Ella G is a High-Tech Vessel for Oil Cleanup Posted by BPplc Uploaded July 14, 2010 The spill response vessel Ella G combines three capabilities - skimming, sync units, and storage capacity -- for increased efficiency when responding to oily water. The vessel is outfitted with an advanced oil skimmer, tanks for oil decanting, and the processing technology advocated by Kevin Costner. With these three capabilities, it can skim almost 25,000 barrels of liquid per day, store of more than 6,000 barrels, and utilize four centrifuges to process what is collected. At the following link:

More tweets:
samibarnaik tweeted: Hey everyone google kevin costner oil machine! This thing might be a huge factor in saving the gulf and our oceans!
njallsop tweeted: Glad to see that K Costner's oil skimming vessel is finally going to the cost. (Nice to see the results of the Senate hearing I went to)
jenniferliu tweeted: Crossing my fingers. Hoping Kevin Costner's ship will add some relief to the Oil Spill. #oilspill
shuttupjerk tweeted: hah, thats awesome. RT @katystoll: Kevin Costner is a goddamn American hero!
thtswhtshesd tweeted: I am so happy that Kevin Costner will be saving the Gulf Coast.
shuttupjerk tweeted: Kevin Costner is the new Chuck Norris. Cleaning Up the Oil spill with Awesome.
LAMcEachran tweeted: Celebs doing good: Kevin Costner's company has sent their oil-skimming vessel to help clean up some of the oil from the Gulf of Mexico.
SamOropesa @gridmia tweeted: I think Kevin Costner's new machine is gonna try to clean up the mess. Let's hope & see if it works.
TheRedOwl @friedpixels tweeted: Heard of what Kevin Costner's doing for the spill? It's quite cool.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

KC phone interview for Craven Jamboree....

ThePloughboy tweeted: Just had an interesting conversation with Kevin Costner about his music and his band Modern West (about 15 hours ago, July 12th, so about 10:30am Aspen time.)

See the phone interview by Jeff Dedekker, at the following link:

There will be a concert review for KC & MW and others in Monday's newspaper, according to the following link:

A blast from the past - Stagecoach 2009.....

VIDEO: Kevin Costner - Interview - Stagecoach 20 By KSONpromo Uploaded April 25, 2009, at the following link:

Audio Interview By watchingkevin Uploaded April 27, 2009 Short radio interview, at the following link:

VIDEO: KC & MW - Stage Coach and Reno tour diary Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded May 1, 2009 Kevin and the guys behind the scenes April 24 & 25, at the following link:

VIDEO: KC & Head West - The Sun Will Rise Again - Live at Stagecoach Music Festival 4/25/2009 Posted by JustyGyee Uploaded January 11, 2010, at the following link:

VIDEO: KC at stagecoach 09 Posted by caser204 Uploaded May 2, 2009 this is kevin costner and the wild west band at stagecoach 2009, at the following link:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kevin movies on AMC and Gillznfinz video.....

See the "Kevin Costner Ultimate Fan Quiz" at the following link:

Picture slideshow: Kevin Costner - Defining America View Photos Kevin Costner is AMC's Hollywood Icon for July. Catch Tin Cup, JFK, and For Love of the Game all month long. At the following link:

Video: Gillznfinz TV and Dangermuffin band fishing the Roaring Fork River and at Kevin's lake. Kevin shown at the very end. At the following link:

Still more on Ella G being deployed.....

About the Ella G on BP's website, at the following link:

VIDEO: The Costner Creation Takes on the Spill - Costner's skimmers have been sent to pull out 20,000 barrels of oil a day. At the following link:

Monday, July 12, 2010

New message from KC & MW and four items....

John writes that they're getting ready for the concerts in Canada, and about the heat waves they've been enduring, that Kevin's exhausted and is relaxing in Aspen, and that in September they'll be doing a couple of shows in Armenia; a couple in Austria; one in England and maybe a few more. See the message at the following link:

Kevin is on the list, with a nice picture, of the "Top 5 Eco-Friendly Celebrity Dads" at the following link:

A picture slideshow of Kevin, at the following link:

Excerpt from article by Marney Rich Keenan: We set up camp next to a man who taped a white bed sheet, which acted as a screen for his DVD player, on the side of his trailer. As we crawled into the tent, exhausted at 11:30 p.m., our movie buff started to watch "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Ever the optimist, our middle child piped up, as we tossed and turned, trying to shut it out: "This is actually not a bad movie." We were still awake by the time the credits began to roll at 1:45 a.m. At the following link:

A blast from the past: VIDEO: Kevin Costner performs for the Tampa Bay Rays Added 04-28-08, at the following link:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kevin to be at Fielders game....

According to the following link:,fielders-baseball-071010.article
Kevin will be on hand to greet fans, Monday, July 26, 2010, at 6pm. That home game will start at 7pm.

The Zion Fielders website:

More on Ella G being deployed.....

VIDEO: Port Fourchon 7-8-10, at the following link:

Port Fourchon 7-8-2010 from Ocean Therapy Solutions on Vimeo.

See the article: Edison Chouest Offshore and Ocean Therapy Solutions Debut Oil Spill Cleanup Vessel Equipped with "T-Rex" Skimmer for Greater Capacity, at the following link:

VIDEO: Oil Disaster In The Gulf Day 81 Aired: 07-09-10, at the following link:

Picture: Oil Recovery by David L Teska, at the following link:

Excerpt from article by Laurent Belsie: Government and BP officials are also testing 32 centrifuges that can separate oil from seawater, devices being championed by actor Kevin Costner. Some experts, such as Norman Guinasso, director of the geochemical and environmental research group at Texas A&M University in College Station, believe such machines hold promise. He can envision a fleet of 100 or so boats equipped with the devices that could be quickly dispatched to the site of a major spill. "That's what I would like to see," says Mr. Guinasso. At the following link:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

More on Ella G introduced at Port Fourchon....

Another picture of the Ella G, at the following link:

Picture slideshow at the following link:

Estimates of the spill to date: between 86 and 169 million gallons of oil

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Skimmer Takes on Gulf Oil Kevin Costner's "dream" machine that separates oil from water more effectively has gone to work on the Gulf oil spill. Betty Nguyen reports. At the following link:

Watch CBS News Videos Online

VIDEO: New Oil Skimming Technology Posted by louisianahometown Uploaded July 9, 2010 Kevin Costner, BP's Doug Suttles, Plaquemines Parish President Bill Nungesser and local community leaders will viewed skimming and oil/water separation technology to be deployed on the Chouest offshore supply vessel Ella G. at the following link:

VIDEO: BP CEO Doug Settles, Billy Nungesser, Kevin Costner Press Conference Pt. 1 Posted by rockstarRVP Uploaded July 9, 2010 An invite only press conference at Edison Cheoust to announce the 1st of 3 Costner inventions to clean the oil in the gulf. At the following link:

VIDEO: BP CEO Doug Settles, Billy Nungesser, Kevin Costner Press Conference Pt. 2 Posted by rockstarRVP Uploaded July 9, 2010, at the following link:

VIDEO: BP CEO Doug Settles, Billy Nungesser, Kevin Costner Press Conference Pt. 3 Posted by rockstarRVP Uploaded July 9, 2010, at the following link:

Excerpt from article by Ann Delphus: At the first reports of Kevin Costner having a solution for removing the oil from the ocean, there was widespread ridicule and disbelief among the general public that someone in the entertainment field would have anything serious to contribute. How wrong that initial reaction was. How much we need to remember that passion and an attitude of service are two very important – if not vital – aspects of innovation and invention. At the following link:

Friday, July 9, 2010

Kevin in Port Fourchon again with Ella G.....

See the article about Kevin being in Port Fourchon, again, with the barge named Ella G, at the following link:

See pictures of the July 8, 2010, press conference at Port Fourchon, at the following link:

See two more pictures of the Ella G barge at the following link:

VIDEO: More 'Over-Promising' From BP? Angry gulf coast residents criticized BP of "over-promising" after the oil company claimed their relief wells will be finished three weeks early. Mark Strassman reports. At the following link:;lst;2

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Thursday, July 1, 2010

More on Moonlight at the Ranch IV……

Excerpt from the article by Peggy Kelly: The Honorary Chairman for Moonlight at the Ranch IV, said MacKinnon, is acclaimed actor and Academy Award winning director Kevin Costner. “I’m sure a lot of people know he has ties to this community,” and Costner, a former elementary school classmate of Araiza, “also has a very strong sense of public safety; he was one that strongly supported the foundation” initially. MacKinnon said it is not guaranteed Costner will be able to attend Moonlight, as he had film obligations, but he has stated he will try. At the following link:!_92_plans_underway__.html
The annual event, to be held September 18 at historic Limoneira Ranch, benefits the Santa Paula Police & Fire Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce. For more information: