Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Stavanger, PNE and KC & MW message.....

See the picture at the following link:

See the article that goes with the picture above, at the following link:

*Jasse_Nielsen tweeted: Kevin Costner on #ONS Wonder if he will sign the Water World DVD. If I buy the one place.
*aOlaisen tweeted: Kevin Costner attend oil exhibition in Stavanger. Forgotten someone to also invite him to # film festival in Haugesund?
*Thorbjarnebore tweeted: Over nine colums in Rogaland Avis: “Kevin Costner loves Stavanger” – but remember Hamxu’s words: Love is a volatile substance

See the message from John at KC & MW's website, entitled: Five Years/Five Minutes/Vancouver, at the following link:

See the picture of Kevin with Riaz Meghji, at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Acts and SINGS! Posted by CitytvVancouver Uploaded August 31, 2010 Breakfast Television's Riaz Meghji caught up with Kevin Costner at Vancouver's PNE Fair prior to a concert starring his band Modern West. Guess what, they're actually really good. http://www.breakfasttelevision.caclick on Vancouver, BT Bites for more great videos

Monday, August 30, 2010

KC & MW to play the Grand Ole Opry again....

According to the following link:
The Grand Ole Opry will be celebrating it's 85th birthday with a series of events and appearances by various performers including Kevin Costner.

According to the following link:
In celebration of the Opry's 85th, celebrities will appear as guest announcers while the show will also launch an "I'm With The Band" series, featuring personalities from outside the country world who have an interest in music to sit in with the Opry band for a song on country music's most revered stage. Among those scheduled to visit are Oscar-winner Kevin Costner and actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

The Grand Ole Opry website: http://www.opry.com

Kevin Costner and Modern West are scheduled to play The Opry on Saturday, October 2, 2010, 9:30pm - along with Charley Pride, Craig Morgan, The Band Perry, and more, at the following link:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Five more videos from Camrose Big Valley Jamboree 2010.....

VIDEO: Modern West "Superman 14" (Kevin Costner) Posted by thatconradguy Uploaded July 29, 2010 Craven Valley Jamboree 2010

VIDEO: Modern West "Hey Man What About You" (Kevin Costner) Posted by thatconradguy Uploaded July 29, 2010 Big Vallee Jamboree 2010

VIDEO: Modern West (Kevin Costner) Posted by thatconradguy Uploaded July 29, 2010 Big Valley Jamboree 2010

VIDEO: Modern West “Ashes Turn To Stone” (Kevin Costner) Posted by thatconradguy Uploaded July 29, 2010 Big Valley Jamboree 2010

VIDEO: Modern West "Leland Iowa" (Kevin Costner) Posted by thatconradguy Uploaded July 29, 2010 Big Valley Jamboree 2010

Five videos from Camrose Big Valley Jamboree 2010.....

VIDEO: Modern West "The Way That You Love Me" Posted by thatconradguy Uploaded July 29, 2010 Big Valley Jamboree 2010

VIDEO: Modern West (Kevin Costner) Posted by thatconradguy Uploaded July 26, 2010 Craven Country Jamboree

VIDEO: backstage with Kevin Costner (Deliaz shotz) Posted by thatconradguy Uploaded July 26, 2010 Craven Country Jamboree

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Interview (Happy Delia) Posted by thatconradguy Uploaded July 29, 2010 Big Valley Jamboree 2010

VIDEO: Delia just met a movie star! Posted by thatconradguy Uploaded July 29, 2010 Big Valley Jamboree 2010

Two videos and a lot of picture links.....

See the picture of Kevin on the top row, third from the right, at the following link:
HPNOTIQ created a limited edition of their magnum bottle to be presented and signed by celebrities from the music, entertainment and sports industries. The signed HPNOTIQ special edition bottles are embedded with Swarovski Crystals and will be auctioned off over the next year to raise funds for the celebrity signer's charity of choice. Look for these bottles at select charity events.

See another picture from the Orange Dog, Edmonton airport arrival, at the following link:

See the seven pictures from the Press Conference held June 9, 2010, along with the House Hearing, at the following link:

Scroll down for the picture from the KC & MW's Chamber Ball concert at Edmonton's Shaw Conference Hall, January 23, 2009, at the following link:

See the picture gallery, some I hadn't seen before, at the following link:

See the picture from when Kevin was in New York doing press for 'Swing Vote' from an angle I hadn't seen before, at the following link:

See the picture from Amanda's Art of Kevin, lower right, at the following link:

See the portrait from 'Dances With Wolves', by Hoffman, at the following link:

See the portrait by Jim Pearson, presented as a gift, at the following link:

Scroll down to see the picture of KC with Nina Hagen and Lucas Alexander in 'Die Kerner Show', at Lucas's website:

See more pictures of Kevin, some I hadn't seen before, at the following link:

See the baseball signed by Kevin at the following link:

And here's one worth seeing again:

See the little videos of events from Getty Images, at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner in Italian Commercial for Valleverde Shoes Posted by yogchick Uploaded August 26, 2010, at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Accepts Oscar for Best Director at 1991 Academy Awards Posted by yogchick Uploaded August 26, 2010, at the following link:

And even more from Stavanger, Norway....

VIDEO: Wednesday at the exhibition and Festival - KC at 1:37 to 2:02

See the twelve pictures at the provided links from the Conference 2010 album slide show, at the following link: http://www.ons.no/?event=PhotoGalleryCategories

See the picture and article at the following link:

See the picture and article entitled: The search for Kevin Costner, at the following link: http://stavanger.p5.no/story.aspx?id=370736
Listen to audio: Listen to the hunt for Kevin Costner, at the following link:

See the two videos at the following link, though I was not able to view them, the article is the same "sour grapes":

VIDEO: Interview Kevin Costner & OTS Partners from Norway Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded August 27, 2010 Providing Global Solutions for Oil Recovery http://www.ots.org/ * John Houghtaling II * Patrick N. Smith * Kevin Costner * Eric M.V. Hoek, at the following link:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

TV ALERT in the S. Dakota PBS broadcasting area.....

MacSmiley tweeted: Just watched SDPB broadcast of Kevin Costner telling stories at the S.D. 2009 Film Festival Opening Session about Dances With Wolves. #PBS (Aug 26th)

I found that it will also be shown Sunday, August 29th, 3pm (2pm MT) Details at the following link:

South Dakota Public Broadcasting website:

Even more from Stavanger, Norway.....

See the two pictures at the following link:

See the one picture at the following link:

See the picture and article at the following link:

See the picture slideshow, Kevin is in pictures 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22 at the following link:

*Scanpartner ONS/Stavanger tweeted: (translated) ONS / Stavanger: Scan Partners issued, Katrine and Steinar, follow up our customer DetNorske, and listening to Kevin Costner.
*Hkisker Kevin Costner (actor+founder BlurPlanet) @ #ONS2010 ‘oil spill clean up/recovery is the higheast form of renewable energy’ excellent speech
*UCLAIoE tweeted: UCLA engineers & actor Kevin Costner helped refine technology to separate crude oil & water (Picture and article)


Excerpt from article by Laura Pierce: This was the same cash-rich industry that once turned its nose up at Kevin Costner’s company, Ocean Therapy Solutions, and the oil-separation technology the company was developing, in the case of a major spill. “What struck Kevin was that we had this same separation technology for years – how is it that we can to the moon in the ’60s, but we can’t advance our separation technology?” Costner’s business partner John Houghtaling told the New York Times. At the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner about his oil company in Norway Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded August 26, 2010 Providing Global Solutions for Oil Recovery http://www.ots.org/ * John Houghtaling II * Patrick N. Smith * Kevin Costner * Eric M.V. Hoek

Friday, August 27, 2010

More from the ONS 2010 in Stavagner, Norway....

See the one picture and article at the following link:

See the two pictures and article at the following link:

VIDEO: Travel to the moon is too smart for me. But the way we handle oil spills in the Kevin Costner wanted to do something with. At the following link:

See the one picture and article at the following link:

See the picture at the following link, there's nothing new in the article:

See the three pictures and article at the following link:

See the three picture slideshow at the following lin:

See one small picture at the following link:

See the picture slideshow, Kevin at pictures 1, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, and 50, at the following link:

See the one picture and article at the following link:

See the one picture and article at the following link:

See the two pictures and article at the following link:

See the one picture and article at the following link:

See the article, if interested, about Kevin's machines, at the following link:

See the blog by SharonInAVolvo, at the following link:

Video: Kevin Costner, thanks to an invitation he never received - evidently this video and article is saying that Kevin wasn't invited to ONS but had "taken the initiative" and contacted "a company with 4 employees" and they went to Louisiana and saw the machines and they invited him to Norway but the ONS put him on the program so this, to me, sounds like "sour grapes" by some people.

*chrleon @stigatle tweeted: Did you meet Kevin Costner :p
*stigatle @chrleon tweeted: tried to find him today, but no luck :)
*austin_bingham tweeted: Heading downtown for the ONS concert...maybe we'll see Kevin "tatanka" Costner.
*ScandiStar tweeted: I hope Kevin Costner can handle the norwegian hangover...I saw u drinking the local beer..Good luck! Hope u enjoyed the fireworks!!!!xx
*efsakariassen tweeted: good evening with Nina wrong and Vera Britt Summer, which resulted in that I was greeted both Hans Morten Hansen and Kevin Costner!
*jitle RT @hkisker tweeted: Kevin Costner surprised me @ONS A visionary who put his energy develop oil spill cleanup tech but met w ignorance by gov+industry #ONS2010
*Tveitdal tweeted: To protect this beautiful coast has to be a part of the Norwegians' DNA, "said movie star and entrepreneur Kevin Costner oil spill.
*JKaarstad @ hafskjer tweeted: Christine Koht mean. We put on spanderbuksene today and pork with Kevin Costner interview;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kevin's Press Conference in Stavanger, Norway.....

Time to use Google Translator again as almost all the articles are in Norwegian.

See the picture and article at the following link:

See the four pictures and article at the following link:

See the three pictures and article at the following link:

See the picture of the Rosenkilde House at the following link:

See the two pictures and VIDEO at the following link:

See the two pictures and article at the following link:

See the VIDEO (I couldn't get it to work for me) at the following link:

See the VIDEO at the following link:

See the two pictures and article at the following link:

See the VIDEO at the following link:

See the picture at the following link:

See the picture at the following link:

See the two pictures and article at the following link:

See the four pictures and article at the following link:

See the picture and article at the following link:

See the small picture and article, in English, at the following link:

See the article and a larger version of one of the pictures, at the following link:

*NBCrazyFan tweeted: Did I just read in the paper that Kevin Costner was in my town today?!?!?!? Why do I always get to know about things after it happened??
*FilanLover tweeted: omggg kevin costner is in stavanger!!! :O why didnt i know that, ive just been in town....hes one of my fave actors..
*Marystat tweeted: OK Kevin Costner is in Norway??? Wow...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two more items from Vancouver, BC.....

See the picture and hear the interview by Joe Leary, with Kevin at the PNE in Vancouver, BC, at the following link:

JoeFortesVan tweeted: Kevin Costner w/ Sean Lemckert, Maitre d' Frenchy & daughter Annie. Sablefish for dinner, steak and eggs for breakfast! See the picture at the following link: http://ow.ly/i/3oNp

Kevin evidently still in WADC Tuesday...

*DCCelebrity tweeted: Kevin Costner spotted in Willard Intercontinental Hotel Lobby this morning (Aug 24th) - The Willard Intercontinental Hotel, Washington, DC website:

*hegeasc tweeted: Off to Stavanger for the petroleum trade fair, and to meet Mr Kevin Costner!

According to the following link:
Excerpt: Partner at Nor PR, Trond Albert Skjelbred, says he looks forward to working with a personality that Costner,....Kevin Costner has a good reputation in Norway and will be welcomed by the Norwegian people. Here at home we know him best as an actor, but Costner is also a serious businessman in the oil industry. He is very involved in environmental work." Kevin Costner conducts a press conference at ONS on Wednesday 25 August at. 1600. Nor PR team consists of Trond Albert Skjelbred and Roger Holthe Olsen.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kevin in WADC, the PNE and two other items....

According to the following link:
Kevin Costner was seen lunching with friends at the Occidental Grill & Seafood in Washington, DC, on Monday, August 23rd and ordered the crab soup and halibut.

The Occidental Grill & Seafood website:

Posted by Red Robinson at the following link:
"I walked over....to the backstage area to do an interview for Global TV with Kevin Costner. I found him to be a very down to earth guy. I surprised him with three Vancouver connections. First, Bruce Greenwood, the Vancouver actor who played JFK in Thirteen Days, the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Second, in the movie Field of Dreams Costner played Ray Kinsella. I reminded him that the book was originally called Shoeless Joe written by B.C. writer William Kinsella. and third, the soundtrack of Kevin’s blockbuster movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves featured the music of Bryan Adams with the song 'Everything I Do' which became one of the biggest selling singles in history. I had heard that Kevin was in the media booth at Empire Field when Bryan hit the stage and sang the song."

Speaking of Bruce Greenwood, at the following link:
Hear the AUDIO CLIP of Bruce explaining what he learned from Kevin Costner, years ago on the set of Thirteen Days.

VIDEO: kevin costner 2.mov - The Simple Truth song sung by Kevin to a photo montage Posted by chelsmeikle

Monday, August 23, 2010

"Kevin Costner Spotting Week" at Norway's ONS 2010.....

See the blog by SharonInAVolvo entitled: Kevin Costner Spotting Week. She's listed everything you need to know about the ONS 2010, at the following link:

According to the following link:
Tomorrow, August 24th, Anne Marie Almedalen will sing for King Harald and Kevin Costner during the official opening of the Petroleum Exhibition in Stavanger. See her Myspace page at the following link:

AANESTY tweeted: Kevin Costner!!!!! #Stavanger #ons #prettywoman

Article, pictures and video from the PNE, Vancouver, BC....

See the pictures and article by Jamie Taylor at the following link:

See the two explanations about the two videos I already posted, by Ray Van Eng, at the following links:

See the part about seeing Kevin in concert, at the blog by NannaGramma, at the following link: http://nannagramma.blogspot.com/2010/08/learning-weekend.html

*CarineRedmond tweeted: kevin costner, just singing for me...i'm pretty sure just me http://twitpic.com/2h99o9

*greenpieces tweeted: Kevin #Costner is the anti-Billy-Bob. He kicked off his concert with a movie montage and joked men were only there 'cause date dragged them.
*drumjjdrum tweeted: watched Kevin Costner sing lastnight
*VancouverWoman How come Global didn't have even 30 seconds of coverage of Kevn Costner's band at the PNE? He's an Oscar winning megastar.
*letitiaenglund Great time celebrating the 100th PNE yesterday with fresh scones, Superdogs, gelato, horse show and Kevin Costner practicing with his band.

*rntmom tweeted: and the 3RD CONCERT OF THE NIGHT .... KEVIN COSTNER ,,,, YES HE SINGS TOO :0 HA AH

*saralynbeck tweeted: Blair the bass player brought his pugs to BC, & I am in love. Also, Kevin turned me on to Diana Ross/Marvin Gaye: Duets. In love times 2.

*Roddy Chong tweeted: August 8th: Just ran into friend Rockmond Dunbar: C-Note on Prison Break. Ate Lobster w Kevin & crew last night. Slept 8 hrs Halifax - LA flight. Happy! August 6th: Although I passed the test last night here at Niagara Falls ONT, I must continue to practice all afternoon cuz tonight will be here shortly!

VIDEO: Costner in Concert Posted by s03bf016 Uploaded August 22, 2010 Kevin Costner opening at the PNE

VIDEO: Costner in Concert Posted by s03bf016 Uploaded August 22, 2010 Kevin plays a song during the night

A machine that turns plastic back into oil.....

Pageling2 tweeted: This thing is awesome! I feel like Kevin Costner should invest...Links to a blog and video posted by Alec Liu, at the following link:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

YouTube videos from the PNE, Vancouver, BC.....

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Sings at 100th PNE Posted by TakeTwoFilms1 Uploaded August 21, 2010 Kevin Costner and his band Modern West turned a sound check into an impromptu performance at the 100th PNE

VIDEO: costner Posted by Scuzzoe Uploaded August 22, 2010

VIDEO: costner intro Posted by Scuzzoe Uploaded August 22, 2010

VIDEO: Oops! Kevin Costner Forgot Dylan's Mr. Tambourine Man Lyrics at PNE 2010 Posted by RayVanEng Uploaded August 22, 2010

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Five Minutes From America & All I Want From You at PNE 2010 Posted by RayVanEng Uploaded August 22, 2010

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West play the PNE Posted by thunderbird66613 Uploaded August 22, 2010 This is Kevin Costner playing at the 100th anniversary of the PNE. Modern West played backup.

Tweets and pictures from PNE Vancouver, BC....

*adamgoldenberg tweeted: Not even kidding, @M_Ignatieff and the #1pcx crew were walking through the PNE and we found Kevin Costner and his band rehearsing. Unreal.
*xczimi tweeted: Kevin Costner soundcheck mini concert
*hairbykatierose @BCBerrie tweeted: We caught him doing his sound check. He played a few songs. Pretty country. Weird to hear his voice on stage though!
*ntski83 tweeted: Saw him warming up earlier. He is sexy in his older age
*annecottingham tweeted: Kevin Costner doing soundcheck for his 9pm show... This is better than Chris Isaak last year, hah!
*News1130radio tweeted: Kevin Costner just did his soundcheck! It's Treena down at the PNE - come see me next to the prize home.
*ericfell tweeted: Kevin Costner's band to play at the PNE in Vancouver this month. Eat your heart out, everyone else in the world!
*nickymarcy tweeted: Omg I get to see Kevin Costner tonight... Is this real life?
*stephnav tweeted: Um, I get to see Kevin Costner in concert. Yeah, the guy from Dances With Wolves. Awesome!
*hairbykatierose tweeted: Stumbled across Kevin Costner and his band practicing for their gig later. What's next? Kevin Bacon serving me in the beer garden? #PNE
*bonnielouie tweeted: Off to watch Kevin Costner's band with a bag of mini donuts at the PNE. #fb
*manders3 tweeted: Opening day at the PNE is packed for Kevin Costner and Modern West
*cclarke012 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the PNE singing. 100 year anniversary! #PNE
*eternalcanadian tweeted: Holy bat crowds. I guess everyone decided to come see Kevin Costner sing #PNE #yvr
*Charlyla tweeted: is sitting, waiting, for...KEVIN COSTNER!!! HOOT! HOOT!
*royalashton tweeted: Waiting for Kevin Costner
*penelopedaviss tweeted: Kevin costner in half a freekin hour!! Stoked on life!!
*stephprinse tweeted: Just saw kevin costner :)
*manders3 tweeted: Opening day at the PNE is packed for Kevin Costner and Modern West
*annecottingham tweeted: Kevin Costner walked through the crowd to get on stage. After a 5 minute montage of all of his films. I somehow anticipated this.
*news1130radio tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West rocking out the PNE!
*VancouverWoman tweeted: As I type this, Mr. Kevin Costner and his band Modern West are rocking out at the PNE. Welcome to Vancouver, Kev.
*Rob_Oliphant tweeted: At the PNE in Vancouver with the Leader- watching and listening to Kevin Costner singing and looking sexy.

*David_W_Lemley tweeted: So, @msmithphoto says she's gonna flash this to Kevin Costner...
*David_W_Lemley tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West!!
*msmithphoto tweeted: Yay!! Dream come true seeing Kevin Costner & @modern_west tonight! I've been a kc fan since I was 8yrs old!
*RobbedMyHeart tweeted: Kevin Costner tonight @PNE_Playland. Great show!
*atleyking tweeted: Watching kevin Costner live!
*jwonet tweeted: Kevin Costner performing at the PNE. Wild.
*kyleschem tweeted: Little bit of Costner action
*kriktfaberdrive tweeted: Guess what? That's Kevin Costner and stage....and his singing is about as good as his movies are :P
*ZitaAstravas tweeted: Kevin Costner live during the #1pcx stop at the PNE
*jordanowens tweeted: Random moments in #1pcx: "OMG it's Kevin Costner!
*DJOlav tweeted: Kevin Costner at the #PNE. He plays music?
*rntmom tweeted: and the 3RD CONCERT OF THE NIGHT .... KEVIN COSTNER ,,,, YES HE SINGS TOO :0 HA AH
*nucksgrl tweeted: Kevin Costner
*Sumerstone RT @RobbedMyHeart tweeted: Kevin Costner tonight @PNE_Playland. Great show!

*Devid_W_Lemley tweeted: Just got his business rocked by Oscar winning actor Kevin Costner and his band Modern West at the Fair at the @PNE!
*David_W_Lemley tweeted: Sadly disappointed that Kevin Costner and @Modern_West didn't play Backyard :-/
*carsonchristie tweeted: Loved the Kevin Costner Concert at PNE. It was excellent!!!
*soliptik tweeted: #PNE has had Elvis, Beatles, Bryan Adams, and now...Kevin Costner? And yes, he tries to make epic songs too. Pyro show was sweet though.
*angus_j tweeted: Kevin costner put a good show on tonight
*Charlyla tweeted: yeah we did! cheered soo much they came out for two more songs! kevin costner and modern west are amazing! hoot hoot!
*msmithphoto tweeted: Kevin Costner & @modern_west were totally awesome tonight! Thanks for coming knowing most wouldn't even know your songs guys! I did though!

*JOHNNYBRAVO_CDN tweeted: Another covert pic of Kevin Costner chilling at #JoeFortes in Vancouver. Mr. Costner playing at the #PNE

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tweets from Vancouver, BC.....

*JoeFortesVan tweeted: celebrity sighting: Kevin Costner at Joe Fortes for Friday night dinner.
*msmithphoto RT @viawesome tweeted: Blog post: HIGH FIVING CELEBRITIES: KEVIN COSTNER!: Found Kevin Costner at Robson and Thurlow yesterday. I guess even Robin Hood has to wait for a patio seat at Joe Fortes.

*JoeFortesVan tweeted: back for more: Kevin Costner at Joe's for brunch at our rooftop patio.
*JOHNNYBRAVO_CDN tweeted: Kevin Costner is at Joe Fortes!
*othermeghan tweeted: I met Kevin Costner! @VIAwesome HIGH FIVING CELEBRITIES: KEVIN COSTNER!
*othermeghan tweeted: I am so stoked on my Kevin Costner encounter that I hearted my own post about it.
*lynneux Kevin Costner has invaded my neighbourhood. Well, not really...but he keeps showing up at my Starbucks.

*RobbedMyHeart @RockstarJedi tweeted: So...Kevin Costner and Modern West is playing in #Vancouver tonight. I guess I should go! :D
*nucksgrl @RobbedMyHeart @RockstarJedi tweeted: Kevin Costner is tonight?!?! I wanna go!
*RobbedMyHeart tweeted: Let's go! RT @mandysmind: Oooh! RT @RobbedMyHeart: @RockstarJedi So...Kevin Costner and Modern West is playing in #Vancouver tonight.
*sakura_iwagami tweeted: Kevin Costner in Vancouver? Did we have an oil spill or something?
*meamea119 tweeted: Nice afternoon at the PNE! Not as busy you will expect. Tonight: kevin costner
*taylorjukes tweeted: Did @virgin953 just see Kevin Costner? @ pne tonight at 8!
*nucksgrl @twoshoesx tweeted: I messaged you a while ago asking if you wanted to come over for dinner. Change of plans. Going to the pne to see Kevin Costner
*mattkward tweeted: hah. Kevin Costner is playing a concert tonight in Vancouver? Interesting.
*msmithphoto @VIAwesome tweeted: so awesome!!! I love Kevin Costner!! We're seeing him tonight! The 15 yr old in me is having a meltdown!! Haha
*David_W_Lemley tweeted: Heading to the PNE today to see Kevin Costner and Modern West!
*dan_santorelli tweeted: Bryan Adams, Beach Boys, Kevin Costner...not a bad line up #PNE. Will be fun
*alexandriasing tweeted: Off in a bit to see Kevin Costner and the Modern West play.

Several items....

*Miss604 tweeted: Who are you looking forward to seeing at the PNE? Costner? Newton? Jett? Lauper? Bolton?
*msmithphoto tweeted: We're going to see Kevin Costner & his band Modern West tomorrow. The 15 yr old in me is squealing. May be lame to you all, but I can't wait

*saralynbeck tweeted: Distressed bc there are entirely too many quirky little coffee shops/crepe stands/waffle bars/health food stores in Vancouver for 1 day. I am bananas for waffles, herbal infusions of spiced goodness, & locals selling stuff they made in stores with dogs. I feel you, Vancouver.

*vmilsom tweeted: support real action, failing that, just vote for the guy with an uncanny resemblance to Kevin Costner.


Another small Orange Dog picture at the following link:

A little blast from the past....
Costner and Modern West Rocks Rome - pictures at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner canta en Barcelona

KC interview from May 2002....

Yogchick shared her link to her blog with me, where she posted a video she found of a KC interview by Elaine Lipworth from 'The Heaven and Earth Show' that was on BBC1 at 10am on Sunday, 26 May, at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Interview with the BBC Posted by yogchick Uploaded August 20, 2010 More in-depth coverage than something you'd see on Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood. Costner talks about his spiritual beliefs, his relationships, his children, his opinions about how America was settled, and more. At the following link:

And here's the written interview, By Elaine Lipworth, that was in the UK Sunday Mirror, May 19, 2002, during the time Kevin was doing press for 'Dragonfly', at the following link:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Win Bull Durham on Blu-ray....

According to the following link:
Posted by Art: Gunaxin and Fox Home Entertainment have your chance to win the Bull Durham Blu-ray + DVD Combo. To be eligible to win, you just need to complete the following easy steps :
* Follow @FoxHomeEnt on Twitter
* Follow @Gunaxin on Twitter
* Tweet to both of us, the answer to the following question:
Name two other films Costner starred in that had a Baseball theme.

KC & MW headed to Vancouver and GAC TV Alert.....

*saralynbeck tweeted: Leaving for Vancouver early tomorrow to play a show with Kevin Costner & Modern West...it's only my second time there. I'm pretty pumped...(August 19th)
*torturedpotato tweeted: Also: Trooper! Loverboy! Huey Lewis! And Kevin Costner's band! I should get a job at the fair. That would solve so many problems.

Slippergirl2U tweeted: Kevin Costner country video on @GAC tv now!

GAC Nights is showing Suzanne Alexander segments from Country Thunder 2010 - check your local lisings: From Country Thunder, Suzanne Alexander brings you up, close, and personal with Gloriana, Craig Morgan, Billy Currington, Kevin Costner, and Miranda Lambert. It's on tomorrow, August 20th. At the following link:

See three pictures of Kevin from Country Thunder 2010, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, at the following link:

GAC’s Suzanne Alexander: Her Year in Review - December 28, 2009 Excerpt: There were so many other highlights, like interviewing Kevin Costner. I felt like I’ve known him my whole life. I guess we all feel that way, with all of his movies. At the following link:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

About upcoming PNE concert and four other items....

Excerpt from article by Andrea Warner: Kevin Costner & Modern West No matter how many actors moonlight as musicians, the novelty of seeing one’s favourite celeb up-close and rocking out never seems to wear off. This roots-rock outfit comes off as Springsteen-lite thanks to Costner’s croon, but the actor’s ability to charm an audience is undeniable. And with the band’s slightly honky-tonk vibe, a spontaneous line-dance is almost guaranteed. (Aug. 21) - There's a picture of Vancouver's skyline with the article at the following link:

See the article by Jeff Dedekker entitled: "Go see Costner really turn it on" at the following link:

Excerpt from article by By Stuart Derdeyn: Costner...considers his music more rock than country; he feels it's essential for a band to play live and not lock itself away in a studio; he didn't have to be talked into recording the second album; he was thrilled to perform "Let Me Be the One" on stage with his daughter Lily; and, he's confident the band's music can stand on its own merit. So where are Kevin Costner and Modern West going to be two or three years down the road? "It's a good question. I didn't come into this with any expectations," said Costner. "Sometimes the universe tells you what it wants you to do, and what I'm trying to do is be quiet enough in the ticking of my own heart to hear what the universe is telling me." At the following link:

Some pictures I hadn't seen before at the following link:

ETCanada tweeted: Attention dog lovers! On tonight's show we have Kevin Costner teaming up with an Edmonton woman to save pups from overcrowded pounds.
The video was "currently not available" for me and I figured it was because I'm not in Canada.

IMeanBzns @FloydMayweather tweeted: why does your pilot look like Kevin costner or that one guy from saturday night life

eAdd1013 @Pink tweeted: imagine sunsets are awesome at your house too. Found out Costner has a house few doors down from a friend on the beach(paps are jerks)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

KC interview, KC sighting and two other items....

See the interview by Marsha Lederman, entitled: "Mr. Costner's keeping busy, thanks" at the following link:

According to the following link:
Cuba's National Hotel is to offer favorite plates of personalities who have stayed at the Hotel during during the 11th International Wine Festival hosted annually by that facility, October 5-7. The favorite meals include those of Sir Winston Churchill, Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Steven Spielberg, Naomi Campbell and Kevin Costner.

According to the following tweets, Kevin is in Houston, Texas:
dangerousneil tweeted: Is @mikemangi still the mayor? (@ Monnalisa Bar) just saw kevin costner lol (about 3 hours ago so about 5:30pm PST - Aug 17th) Following up my kevin costner meeting with an orin swift red zin (cc @rcaggiano) @unterekless @rcaggiano apparently he's hanging out in houston this week. And we eat at the same restaurants.

The Monnalisa Bar is Inside Hotel Sorella, 800W Sam Houston Pkwy, Building 9

brandonstastny tweeted: "Costner ftw" and links to the following picture:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The KC Tribute Show on BlogTalkRadio today....

With over 40 films to his credit, Kevin Costner has given his fans many hours of film enjoyment in a variety of cinematic offerings. Costner is also the lead singer for a rock/country band called "Kevin Costner and Modern West." Recently, his invention for helping clean up oil spills has received national attention. Joining Movie Addict Headquarters in paying tribute to this fine actor are: noted film critic John P. McCarthy; award-winning blogger Fausta Wertz; and Story Lady Sharon Schafer, who worked as an extra on "Tin Cup," one of Costner's most popular movies. At the following link:
Listen to internet radio with Betty Jo Tucker on Blog Talk Radio

Video of Kevin's House Testimony on YouTube....

VIDEO: BP Oil Spill Clean Up Technology Ideas - Part 13 - Kevin Costner Testimony Part 1 (2010) Posted by thefilmarchive Uploaded August 16, 2010 at the following link:

VIDEO: BP Oil Spill Clean Up Technology Ideas - Part 14 - Kevin Costner Testimony Part 2 (2010) Posted by thefilmarchive Uploaded August 16, 2010 at the following link:

VIDEO: BP Oil Spill Clean Up Technology Ideas - Part 15 - Kevin Costner Testimony Part 3 (2010) Posted by thefilmarchive Uploaded August 16, 2010 at the following link:

VIDEO: BP Oil Spill Clean Up Technology Ideas - Part 16 - Kevin Costner Testimony Part 4 (2010) Posted by thefilmarchive Uploaded August 16, 2010 at the following link:

VIDEO: BP Oil Spill Clean Up Technology Ideas - Part 17 - Kevin Costner Testimony Part 5 (2010) Posted by thefilmarchive Uploaded August 16, 2010 at the following link:

VIDEO: BP Oil Spill Clean Up Technology Ideas - Part 18 - Kevin Costner Testimony Part 6 (2010) Posted by thefilmarchive Uploaded August 16, 2010 at the following link:

VIDEO: BP Oil Spill Clean Up Technology Ideas - Part 19 - Kevin Costner Testimony Part 7 (2010) Posted by thefilmarchive Uploaded August 16, 2010 at the following link:

Several items....

See Beth Bernabei's Photos - Country Thunder 2010 Twin Lakes, WI, at the following link:

Check out the new additions to the pictures at KC & MW''s Facebook page if you haven't lately, at the following link:

Excerpt from the blog of TBDbyTBA: In the end, it was all worth it, as I shared the flight with Kevin Costner, although apparently nobody else recognized him, including the lady I pointed him out to while awaiting our baggage in Halifax. (Yes, it was actually him. His band was playing in a Country Rock fest that weekend) So there ya go. Sometimes life throws curve-balls at ya, but in the end, Kevin Costner still has to sit on the same plane as you do. He does get his baggage first though. At the following link:

Posted by Gary: Lunenburg is a quaint, old fishing village about an hour south of Halifax, Nova Scotia. In addition to being a colonial town, it was also where Norwegian Sailors trained in WWII to take back Norway. From what I was told on Twitter, I just missed Kevin Costner by a few days. See the picture of Lunenburg at the link:

Posted by alyssanoel: Last year, as I have written approximately 4 million times in the last month, a massive plow wind hit the festival suddenly and knocked down the main stage. I had just been sent back from the festival to the office to work a night cop shift when it happened. It was mass chaos. We thought our photog was missing in the rubble. We thought dozens were dead, Kevin Costner and his band who were set to play next, possibly among them, and many more injured. At the following link:

*Mikaeltheangel tweeted: Halvorsen Røysland, next tuesday - in Stavanger -shall have a meeting with Kevin Costner ! You know the movie-star ! From the movie
*fanofcountrym @DomTweebs tweeted: I would just have 2 watch that over & over. @reba & Kevin Costner? Perfection. They should duet even if they dont do a movie!
*krishna_kumar_v If I were Jennifer Aniston in Rumor Has It, I would have lived my life happily ever after with Kevin Costner. #movies #fail #fantasy

Sunday, August 15, 2010

More videos and pictures.....

VIDEO: "Die Kerner Show" (3) Kevin Costner, Nina Hagen, Lucas Alexander, Gesa Kluth Posted by goasensation Uploaded August 14, 2010, at the following link:

VIDEO: "Die Kerner Show" (4) Kevin Costner, Nina Hagen, Lucas Alexander, Gesa Kluth Posted by goasensation Uploaded August 14, 2010, at the following link:

VIDEO: "Die Kerner Show" (5) Kevin Costner, Nina Hagen, Lucas Alexander, Gesa Kluth Posted by goasensation Uploaded August 14, 2010, at the following link:

Nine pictures from Ottawa Bluesfest by Josie Hobbins, at the following link:

One picture of KC & MW from the 2009 Bremen concert by Jürgen Grunau, at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner' 78 Posted by toto715982 Uploaded July 17, 2007 Kevin Costner ' 78 California State University in Fullerton (majored in Business Administration and Marketing) at the following link:

formerfatguy @EverywhereTrip tweeted: kevin costner was in Lunenburg a few days ago. My mother in law was there traveling and met him. She got pics (Nova Scotia)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Several videos to view....

VIDEO: Nina-Lucas-Costner-Kerner-2 Posted by goasensation Uploaded August 14, 2010 (Kevin introduced at 5:11 - doing press for Open Range) at the following link:

VIDEO: And the 18th Annual "Favorite Actor in a Dramatic Motion Picture" People's Choice is...Kevin Costner! Title:And the 19th Annual "Favorite Motion Picture Actor" People's Choice is…Kevin Costner! Tue, 17 Mar 1992 Description:Kevin Costner accepts the 18th Annual "Favorite Actor in a Dramatic Motion Picture" People's Choice Award. At the following link:

VIDEO: And the 19th Annual "Favorite Motion Picture Actor" People's Choice is…Kevin Costner! Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1993 Description: Also voted "Favorite Motion Picture Actor in a Drama," Kevin Costner accepts the 19th Annual "Favorite Motion Picture Actor" People's Choice Award. At the following link:

The other videos are of Kevin being nominated:

New KC & MW message, photos and other items....

Another new message from John Coinman on KC & MW's website, about the Niagara Falls and Halifax concerts and to say that the September European concerts have been moved to next year, 2011. See the message at the following link:

More photos have been added to KC & MW's website, at the following link:

John also mentioned that they played with a new fiddler/violinist by the name of Roddy Chong who plays with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and with Shania Twain. There's a lot of videos on YouTube where you can see him, at the following link:

From the article by Kimberley Massey: The Travelling Mabels played the Big Valley Jamboree "followed by Deric Ruttan, Bucky Covington, Ronnie Milsap, Kevin Costner and the Modern West, and finally headliner Martina McBride," and said, "It was a treat to experience the true talents of all these artists," adding the group was the most excited to meet Kevin Costner, but unfortunately were not able to due to schedule conflicts. At the following link:

liraluis @prsarahevans tweeted: Hope you visit Aspen (again). Kevin Costner talked abt his machine that can help mitigate gulf oil spill

*xsarahgilliam tweeted: So my grandma is walking down Bourbon St in NOLA & got to meet Kevin Costner. AND she's bringing me a shot glass home lol she's the coolest! (about 14 hours ago so about 11am CST, August 12th)
*MaryAwake @Kattennis @AZGrobie tweeted: and just something about Kevin Costner...*twinkly eyes* when he smiles...