Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tweets about CMT's Artist Of The Year...

*cmtcody - Cody Alan tweeted: Tmaro I'm interviewing Alan Jackson, Kevin Costner, Rodney Adkins, taping TV show and doing radio at nite- so xcited I can't sleep! #fb. Cody's website:
You can listen to Cody, from 7pm to Midnight, on Nashville's 95.5, The Wolf, at the following link:

*fanofcountrym - karen pac tweeted: @cmtcody: Hey there! Hope u had a nice holiday! Can u do me a favor & suggest to Kevin Costner that he do a movie with @reba Mcentire? Thanks.
*conleyblack - Conley Black tweeted: There is someone in my office talking about how they're gonna spend their day looking for Kevin Costner. That is all.
*kaslie - Kasi Peel tweeted: Kevin Costner is hosting CMT Artists of the Year- cue me squealing. I have officially decided I'm strange. DVR set to record Friday night!

*mallorytrice - Mallory tweeted: kevin costner sighting at burger up. right after we left. THIS CLOSE to awkwardly staring at a major celebrity. dang it. (about 9pm Nashville time, November 29th)
*NikkiliciousP - Nikki P tweeted: Other hotel sighting...Kevin Costner... (also about 9pm Nashville time, November 29th)

*lilirishgf - Nicola Loughran tweeted: My 2 dreams: 1 to meet Kevin Costner & 2 to meet @cher. 1st dream came true; fingers still crossed for the 2nd what's a girl with her dreams
*no1kobefan - Jon Garcia tweeted: So I just met Kevin Costner. He plays a Gibson acoustic guitar; coolness confirmed. (November 28 - Los Angeles)

*NashLifestyles tweeted: Covering CMT Artist of the Year Awards hosted by Kevin Costner today. Look for online highlights...

See the picture from a 2008 Fallsview, Avalon Theater concert for PR about the CMT Artists Of The Year program:

More pictures and an article from Bauru.....

See the three pictures and the article entitled: (translated) Behind the scenes of the presentation of Kevin Costner in Bauru, at the following link:

*LaryBM - Larissa tweeted: (translated) Kevin Costner is toasting the crowd!:

*LaryBM - Larissa tweeted: Kevin Costner e Modern West:

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Two videos from Dyersville, Field Of Dreams....

These are two videos from 2008. I had seen Part 1 but recently found the Part 2. Sometimes people post one video that shows up in a search but for some reason their other video(s) don't show up in the search so I've taken to clicking on their name to see the rest of their videos, in case there's one or more hiding.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Band/ Dyersville Iowa/ Field of Dreams/ Part 1 Posted by montegoodyk Uploaded February 1, 2008:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Band/ Dyersville Iowa/ Field of Dreams/ Part 2 by montegoodyk Uploaded February 1, 2008:

Videos and pictures....

Pictures: (CT-AZ-10) Kevin Costner - Arizona 2010 - April 16, 2010:

VIDEO: KCMW and Sara Beck by Carme Posted August 15, 2010 Palau de la Músi­ca. Barcelona. 18/02/2010:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner live in Gothenburg 2010 Posted by ZamyraW Uploaded June 13, 2010 Kevin Costner live at Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg, Sweden 10-02-25:

Videos from Bauru concert...

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West em Bauru - SP Onlive Posted bu alcidesbauru Passagem de som no dia 20/11/2010 as 15 hs , no Recinto Mello de Moraes em Bauru -SP-Brasil:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner e Modern West Sp onlive bauru Posted by Fer3Li Uploaded November 27, 2010 O japinha Toca e Dança muitooo:

VIDEO: Ensaio Kevin Costner Sp onlive bauru Posted by Fer3Li Uploaded November 27, 2010:

Videos from KC & MW Bratislava concert...

VIDEO: KEVIN COSTNER & Modern West - Bratislava 25.3.2010 Posted by Renkafb Uploaded November 26, 2010 Kevin Costner & Modern West Tour 2010 - Bratislava 25.3.2010:

VIDEO: KEVIN COSTNER & Modern West - Bratislava 25.3.2010 Posted by Renkafb Uploaded November 26, 2010 Kevin Costner & Modern West Tour 2010 - Bratislava 25.3.2010:

VIDEO: KEVIN COSTNER & Modern West - Bratislava 25.3.2010 Posted by Renkafb Uploaded November 26, 2010 Kevin Costner & Modern West Tour 2010 - Bratislava 25.3.2010:

VIDEO: KEVIN COSTNER & Modern West - Bratislava 25.3.2010 Posted by Renkafb Uploaded November 26, 2010 Kevin Costner & Modern West Tour 2010 - Bratislava 25.3.2010:

VIDEO: KEVIN COSTNER & Modern West - Bratislava 25.3.2010 Posted by Renkafb Uploaded November 26, 2010 Kevin Costner & Modern West Tour 2010 - Bratislava 25.3.2010:

VIDEO: KEVIN COSTNER & Modern West - Bratislava 25.3.2010 Posted by Renkafb Uploaded November 26, 2010 Kevin Costner & Modern West Tour 2010 - Bratislava 25.3.2010:

VIDEO: KEVIN COSTNER & Modern West - Bratislava 25.3.2010 Posted by Renkafb Uploaded November 26, 2010 Kevin Costner & Modern West Tour 2010 - Bratislava 25.3.2010:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Costner and Affleck interview on "World Cinema Pro"...

According to this translated article at the following link:
Kevin Costner and Ben Affleck are other guests of the show "World Cinema Pro" of 28 November, both "victims" of the economic crisis drama "The Company Men." The film is a drama rooted in the realities of the American economy still gloomy, and explores the lives of several employees fired from work. Kevin Costner plays a little smaller than usual, but, as he himself says in the interview which can be viewed at the World Pro Cinema", having played a minor character not bothered at all. Ben Affleck is the one who monopolize scenario, the role of Executive Director with the job, loses his entire fortune. "The Company Men" is the debut film of director John Wells, who has made series "Emergency Hospital" and "The West Wing."

The World Cinema Pro - Lumea Pro Cinema - website:

Doesn't look like this is viewable online but maybe they'll put something about online after it's shown on TV there. We can only hope!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Kevin interview for 'CMT's Artist of the Year'.....

See the interview by Jay Bobbin, at the following link:

More pictures and video from Bauru....

See the pictures by Rosana Sarnaglia, at the following link:

See the picture by murilocardoso, at the following link:

See the picture: Kevin Costner, Hottie at Brazil, at the following link

VIDEO: Kevin Costner in SP Onlive Posted by MsSilviaRosa Uploaded November 24, 2010:

VIDEO: Show Kevin Costner - SP Onlive 20/11/2010 Posted by sir1001 Uploaded November 24, 2010:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New message from KC & MW and more Bauru....

See the new message from KC & MW at their website, entitled: SP Online Fesitval, Bauru, Brazil: Midnight Show:

Michael Colby commented on KC & MW's BandPage: saw you guys on the flight back to LAX from ORD. You gentlemen looked tired. welcome back. November 22 at 12:18pm:

See the pictures of the Bauru concert by Paulo Macarini, at the following link:

See another concert picture, at the following lnik:

See the picture of Kevin with Cesar Menotti and Fabiano, at the following link:

VIDEO: SP OnLive - Kevin Costner 2 Modern West - 20/11 Posted by revistatag Uploaded November 23, 2010 Trecho do show de Kevin Costner e sua banda Modern West no SP Onlive Bauru:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More videos from Bauru Music Festival....

VIDEO: - Festival SP Onlive Atrações de peso como Caetano Veloso e Kevin Costner and Modern West levaram diversas pessoas a Bauru (SP)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West Posted by dawvilla Uploaded November 22, 2010 No festival de musica SP ONLIVE em Bauru:

VIDEO: SP Onlive Festival - Show do Kevin Costner Posted by sponlive Uploaded November 22, 2010 SP Onlive Festival Show do Kevin Coster Bauru:

VIDEO: SP Onlive - Oito atrações musicais agitaram o Festival Posted by sponlive Uploaded November 22, 2010:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Modern West Posted by MsSliviaRosa Uploaded November 22, 2010:

VIDEO: Kevinho Posted by MsSilviaRosa Uploaded November 22, 2010 Show do Kevinho no SP Onlive, Bauru, SP, Brasil:

VIDEO: kevin costner bauru.wmv Posted by patygrec Uploaded November 21, 2010 Kevin Costner and modern west em Bauru no SP ONLIVE Festival! Eu e o Beto estávamos lá!

VIDEO: SP Onlive - Matéria no Fantástico Posted by sponlive Uploaded November 22, 2010:

VIDEO: #123 cqc rafael cortez entrevista kevin costner 22 11 2010 mircmirc Posted by MIRCMIRC15 Uploaded November 22, 2010 (CQC persegue Kevin Costner)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Even more from the Bauru Music Festival....

See the picture at the following link:

See the eight pictures at the following link, with the two videos following below:

VIDEO: MVI 1482 Posted by portalbomdia Uploaded November 20, 2010:

VIDEO: MVI 1503 Posted by portalbomdia Uploaded November 20, 2010:

VIDEO: fantastico Kevin Costner se surpreende com recepção calorosa 21 11 2010 mircmirc Posted by MIRCMIRC15 Uploaded November 21, 2010:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

From KC & MW in Bauru....

Picture: Beautiful crowd, beautiful night in Brazil:

Picture: Just left the stage...thanks Brazil!:

*saralynbeck - Sara Beck tweeted: Weather in Bauru, Brazil was perfect ~ 80 & breezy when we played at midnight. I wore green & grinned like Brazil just won the World Cup.

Videos from the Bauru Music Festival...

VIDEO: SP OnLive - Kevin Costner e Modern West - 20/11 Posted by revistatag Uploaded November 21, 2010 Trecho do show de Kevin Costner e sua banda Modern West no SP OnLive Bauru:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner -SP OnLive Posted by Andersonpaes Uploaded November 21, 2010:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner e Modern West SP Onlive Posted by RenataGiaretta Uploaded November 21, 2010:

VIDEO: Final da Música Long Hot Night - Kevin Costner & Modern West (SP ONLIVE - Bauru/SP) Posted by carolinhacury Uploaded November 21, 2010 Bom, simplismente emocionante Kevin Costner & Modern West em Bauru no SPONLIVE ... Os caras mandam Muito no som e Bobby Yang o violinista, toca demais! É de arrepiar e eu estava láááá uhuuuullll

More from Brazil's Bauru Music Festival...

See the article entitled: Organization of SP OnLive reveals details of pioneering event by Camila Turtelli and Júlio Penariol, at the following link:

See the Q&A entitled: Dancing with the Wolf, at the following link:

See the article entitled: Kevin Costner thrills fans at music show in Bauru by Ana Carolina Okubo, at the following link:

See the picture and article entitled: Kevin Costner delivers smiles on show inside SP, at the following link:

See the picture and article entitled: Marathon SP Online by Camila Turtelli, at the following link:

See the twelve pictures by Renata Giaretta, at the following link:

See the seven picture slide show at the following link:

See the three pictures, at the following link:

See the three picture slide show, at the following link:

See the pictures at the following two links:


Pictures from the Bauru Festival concert.....

See the picture of Kevin leaving the hotel for the show, at the following link:

See two more pictures of Kevin leaving the hotel, at the following link:

See the five pictures of the concert and the description, at the following link:

See the two pictures of the concert and the description, at the following link:

See the three pictures of the concert and the article entitled: Also a musician, Kevin Costner surprised with safe operation, at the following link:

Articles and videos from Bauru Festival....

See the article entitled: Costner dances with wolves. Bauru by Jotabê Medeiros, at the following link:

See the article and VIDEO: Kevin Costner comes to Brazil to play at Music Festival in Bauru (SP):

VIDEO: Ator americano Kevin Costner faz show em SP:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner vai fazer show em São Paulo:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner participa de festival de música em Bauru:

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pictures and video from Sao Paulo, Brazil....

See the pictures of Kevin on the rooftop of the hotel and that's Sara with her arm around him, not a "fan" (she cut her hair):

See the pictures of Kevin arriving in Sao Paulo, at the following link:

See the interview and the pictures from the sound check at the Bauru music festival, at the following link:

See the article and picture of the sound check, at the following link:

The guy in the two following videos was, obviously, trying to be humorous. Don't think he succeeded much!
VIDEO: SP ONLIVE BAURU - Chegada de Kevin Costner ao Howard Johnson Hotel Bauru Posted by marcelogsantos Uploaded November 20, 2010 Rafael Cortez quase apanhou dos seguranças!!!! Hua Hua Hua!!!!!

This next video shows a glimpse of the loyalty Kevin's bandmates have for him!
VIDEO: SP ONLIVE BAURU - Rafael Cortez entrevista músico de Kevin Costner no Howard Johnson Hotel Bauru Posted by marcelogsantos Uploaded November 20, 2010 SP ONLIVE BAURU - Rafael Cortez entrevista músico de Kevin Costner no Howard Johnson Hotel Bauru:

KC arriving in Brazil and MAYBE listen online....

Picture: Kevin Costner arrives in Brazil to show in Bauru - Kevin Costner, who performs Saturday at the Festival in Bauru SP OnLive arrived on Friday in the state capital. Along with his band of folk and country, Kevin Costner & Modern West, Costner will play at Recinto Melo Moraes on Saturday:

The SP Onlive website has the following radio station listed on it so I'm hoping we can listen online:

KC & MW play at 7pm Saturday, the 20th, and they are only 6 hours ahead of my time (PST) so I'm planning to tune in to the following link to see if they are broadcasting live:

To see what the time difference is for your area, check the World Clock, at the following link:

It wouldn't record with RealplayerSP or Orbit Downloader so I will try using my speakers and Sound Recorder if they play the concert live.
NOTE: The concert wasn't broadcast on this radio station after all. I was so hoping they would!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

A picture and tweets from Sao Paulo...

See the rooftop rehearsal in Sao Paulo picture at KC & MW's Facebook page:

*bobbyyang - Bobby Yang tweeted: Impromptu pool day playing acoustic on the rooftop of the epically epicentered Unique Hotel in Sao Paulo.
*saralynbeck - Sara Beck tweeted: Watched the sun set over Sao Paulo from a rooftop bar with a guitar in hand. Started a song about birds & skyscrapers and Brazilian kisses~

Unique Hotel, Sao Paulo, Brazil's website:

*nayschall - Nayra Schall tweeted: RT @ PrixxSchall my mom got mad when he found out that Kevin Costner would be in Bauru today! I found cute! ^ ^ Haha
*doelio - Doélio Bergamo tweeted: translated: OK, then I'll listen a little bit of Kevin Costner & Modern West to know and enjoy the best SP OnLive.
*Gabriela - GabiOrlandi Orlandi tweeted: translated: wanted to see Kevin Costner singing festival in Bauru uashuas
*Luciana - uedagrill tweeted: translated: I am soon going to see Kevin Costner singing and tell him to come on ...
*felipetwist - Felipe Camargo tweeted: Celebrities, Kevin Costner will be in Bauru on Saturday with his band!?! Wow ...
*Julia - julialourencao Lourenção tweeted: translated: @ _gaboliveira Ahhh I'm poor, I'll just one day mimimi takes a photo of Kevin Costner for me, please? UHEAUIEHUIUEIA
*This matheus_isso - Matheus Lopes tweeted: translated: great thing that Kevin Costner will come to Brazil

Kevin interview at the IEBA....

See the interview, conducted by Suzanne Alexander of GAC, October 4, 2010, at the IEBA convention, and two pictures posted by Bev Moser, at the following link:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

KC & MW headed to Sao Paulo, Brazil....

On KC & MW's Facebook page: Kevin Costner & Modern West Flying the friendly skies today--36 hours from now we will be live in Brazil: SP Onlive Festival

*saralynbeck - Sara Beck tweeted: It is summertime in Sao Paulo, Brazil, & I am content to be a bird, flying South for a few days of this winter to make some music with KCMW~

*bobbyyang - Bobby Yang tweeted: off to Brazil to play a show, keeping a low profile, only wearing my @BALLWatchCo Fireman Night Train on stage #watch

See the video and article at the following link:
Video also at:

According to the article at the following link the SP Onlive is expecting 35,000 visitors a night throughout the festival

Kevin confirmed for AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am 2011...

According to the following link:
The celebrity field for the 2011 AT&T Pro-Am is starting to take shape. Among those who have already confirmed are ESPN's Chris Berman, actors Kevin Costner, Chris O'Donnell, Josh Duhamel, Don Cheadle and Ray Romano, former 49er lineman Harris Barton and soccer star Brandi Chastain. The 2011 tournament will be played the week of February 7-13 at Spyglass Hill, the Shore Course at Monterey Peninsula Country Club and Pebble Beach. Tickets are now available through the tournament website at http://www.attpbgolf.com or by calling 831-644-0333 or 800-541-9091.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New video from KC & MW.....

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Modern West -- "Gulf Of Mexico" Posted by sfvrugby Uploaded November 16, 2010 Footage of Kevin Costner and Modern West writing and recording "Gulf Of Mexico." Proceeds from the song go toward the clean-up and protection of Louisiana's wetlands.

You can also see the video at KC & MW's website:

And at their Facebook page:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Short phone interview for Sao Paulo concert.....

Monica Bergamo interviewed Kevin by phone preceding KC & MW's November 20th concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the following link:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Another SP Onlive video of Kevin....

VIDEO: SP Onlive - Kevin Costner fala sobre expectativa para o Festival Posted by sponlive Uploaded November 14, 2010

KC & MW message, Friday, November 12th, on their Facebook page: This time next week...Brazil! Looking forward to taking Modern West to the Southern Hemisphere...

*Bobby Yang tweeted: Nabbed seat 7D + 7F + Hindu Vegetarian meals roundtrip to Sao Paulo in November! (on October 13th)

More pictures from Wisconsin Country Thunder....

Wisconsin Country Thunder pictures by CountryThunder1, at the following link:

Kevin at Le Petit Four for lunch....

See the pictures of Kevin at Le Petit Four Restaurant, on the Sunset Strip, November 11th, at the following link:

Even more pictures from the AFI screening.....

More pictures from the AFI screening of 'The Company Men' at the following links:


See the picture and article entitled: Kevin Costner looks after his crews, at the following link:

Four more pictures at the following link:

And more at the following link:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

More on "CMT Artists of the Year'....

*FrankTown tweeted: Kevin Costner coming the Franklin,TN to host the CMT's Artists of the Year. Taping is Nov 30 at the Factory.

The Factory at Franklin website:

See all the details at CMT.com:

See article: CMT Artists of the Year, Sponsored by Ram Trucks:

Friday, November 12, 2010

More pictures from 'The Company Men' screening....

More pictures from 'The Company Men' screening at the following links:




See the picture and article entitled: Costner: Hard work doesn't scare me, at the following link:

Didn't know this till last night, too late to use it but turns out there's a live webcam at the Grauman Theatre we could have watched:

YouTube videos from 'The Company Men' screening....

VIDEO: The Company Men Posted by pressassociation Uploaded November 11, 2010 Kevin Costner at the LA premiere of The Company Men - a film about three men trying to survive after being made redundant

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & His Lovely Woman @ The Company Men Screening in Hollywood! Posted by PopCandiesTV Uploaded November 11, 2010 No autographs tonight better luck next time

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Craig T, Nelson at The Company Men Screening in Hollywood Posted by PopCandiesTV Uploaded November 11, 2010 Wow we can't wait to see this awesome flick!

VIDEO: Kevin Constner Posted by starpainter4u Uploaded November 10, 2010 Kevin Costner with my painting at the AFI premiere of The Company Men

Thursday, November 11, 2010


"Oil field of dreams" by Mark Venables....

See the interview/article entitled: Oil field of dreams Published on 8 November 2010 Issue 17, 2010 By Mark Venables, at the following link:

More from 'The Company Men' screening....

More pictures from the event at the following link:

Tweets about the event:
*Matt Donnelly tweeted: Ok, no ben affleck :( Kevin Costner and a gorgeous date, however
*Matt Donnelly @ AFI Fest premiere of The Company Men -- Kevin Costner and Luke Wilson in tandem on the carpet
*Thebritishladyv - Victoria Hervey(LV) tweeted: Kevin Costner right behind me,I'm dancing with wolves#companymen
*pattyluv - Patty B. tweeted: Enjoyed the AFI Fest screening of "The Company Men". Cool seeing John Wells, Kevin Costner, & Craig T. Nelson at the screening! =)
*StaceysTweets - Stacey tweeted: @gypsygirl75 yes, Evan is @ Kevin Costner movie premier tonight!
*Clarisonic Now it's showtime! Tonight's movie is The Company Men starring Ben Affect and Kevin Costner #AFIFest
*Roger M Halecky Jr. tweeted: Just met the shit outta Kevin Costner...one off my kinda smile men!!!=)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 10th: 'The Company Men' Premiere...

On KC & MW's Facebook was the message: In California writing and rehearsing, and heading to LA tonight. Kevin will be on the red carpet for the premier of "The Company Men" tomorrow...

The Premiere announcement: The Weinstein Company's "The Company Men" (Starring: Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner, et al.) Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - 6:30 p.m. ( part of the AFI Fest ) at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre 6925 Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood

See the picture of Kevin and John practicing, at the following link:
The next picture is of a part of a guitar and the 'Gulf Of Mexico' lyrics and guitar chords.

The AFI Film Festival website:

'The Company Men' page:

Brazilian TV crew interviews Kevin....

According to the article at the following link:
The TV crew has been to the ranch of actor and singer Kevin Costner, in California, to interview him. Kevin revealed he will win the Brazilian audience with this first performance. Kevin said he heard the sound of Cesar Menotti & Fabiano, another attraction of the festival, and liked their sound. See the video:

See the picture of Kevin with interviewer, Luciana Martins, at the following link:

See the VIDEO at the following link:

VIDEO: translated: Kevin Costner is one of the most anticipated attractions of the festival SP OnLive Music of various styles for all tastes and will be in one place

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New message from KC & MW.....

See the new message from John Coinman at KC & MW's website, at the following link:
Besides announcing the new song download at Voice Of The Wetlands, John says that they will play a charity show for a hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia, on December 10th and a private show in Slovenia on December 13th.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Download KC & MW's new song....

From KC & MW's Facebook page: The Gulf Coast continues to deal with the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and Kevin is still involved on a daily basis. If you would like to help in some way, please download our NEW SONG "Gulf Of Mexico" from the following site. Proceeds benefit Voice Of the Wetlands, an organization involved with the ...preservation of wetlands in southern Louisiana. And feel free to post the link on your Facebook page. Thank you!
The link for VOW, 'Voice of the Wetlands' where you can download the song:

Another YouTube video, Part 2.....

VIDEO: Bull Durham - CityLights 1988 interview with the cast of Bull Durham (2) Posted by nsicanada Uploaded November 5, 2010 Bull Durham - In part 2 of this 1988 interview Brian Linehan talks to Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins about the film, the advent of VCRs and what they can mean to an actor's career, Susan Sarandon's role as the "first lady of baseball," and Susan and Kevin's unique love scene.

The first video was posted at the following link:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

KC & MW news from John Coinman....

According to the following link:
In the interview/article, John says that KC & MW will have two concerts in Russia next month (December). KC & MW will "kick off the new year with a month of U.S. dates to promote the release of the band's second album "Turn It On," releasing the CD on its own in the States and is considering a digital download in addition to the hard-copy CDs." John also said, besides working on their third album, KC & MW are "talking about another five years setting up shows."

Two videos on YouTube....

The first part of this inteview was online previously.
VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West "Turn it On" Official Trailer Posted by earMusicTV Uploaded November 3, 2010 "Turn it On" is the second album by Kevin Costner´s band Modern west, launched by the single "Let Me Be The One". This trailer has been filmed in Spain and all over Europe during the recent tour, around the album release (Top20 in Germany).

I believe the following is the 'Tattoo' song that KC & MW played on the beach in the Cayman Islands in that video I wish I had!
VIDEO: Kevin Costner Singing At The Field Of Dreams!! Posted by itsallaboutroy Uploaded November 3, 2010 Kevin Costner and his band played a concert in The Field of Dreams. After the songs, we got to watch the movie The FIeld of Dreams while sitting in the field!! I got Kevin Costner to autograph a baseball before he went on stage. It was an incredible time!! He actually isn't too bad of a singer. What do you think?