Sunday, July 31, 2011

More from Cheyenne Frontier Days....

*Sara Beck commented: 6am in Cheyenne: There is a country & western party outside my hotel window. Awesome live music. Alabama. Dwight. Ghost Riders. Surreal... (July 29th)
*Wade Dolphin commented: Kevin Costner opened for Darius Rucker last night. Rucker was outstanding. If I could sing, I would want it to sound like that. Costner and his band were skilled. I wanted to like it but it wasn't for me. Dances with Wolves, Bull Durham, Tin Cup, For Love of the Game and Field of Dreams buy a lot of good will from me. If I could act or direct, I'd be happy if the only movie I ever made was Dances With Wolves.
*Monique Stewart commented: just got home from cheyenne wy. rodeo. saw kevin costner and darius rucker in concert it was amazing had so much fun best anniversary ever
*Debbie Campbell commented: ...Kevin Costner's band Modern West opened for Darius Rucker. Great show all around. Kevin Costner and Modern West was a great opener for Darius Rucker last night.
*Brittany Garcia commented: Last night was AMAZING!!! Darius Rucker was awesome and who knew Kevin Costner sings country music now!?!?! But he rocked!! Thanks to my best friends!!! It was a blast!!
*Bj Ireland commented: Kevin Costner rocked my socks last night! WOO HOO
*Todd Strickler commented: Kevin Costner can actually sing... They put on a good show lats night. Darius had a great show and I had a blast. Doing my homework before going to the Zac Brown Band concert tonight. Should be another good show...
*doctork4u2 - david starkey tweeted: And for all my followers not following @Modernwest, Kevin Costners band, they follow me and are seriously talented. Kevin Costner rocks.

See two photos of Kevin from the Cheyenne concert by 1000words by me, at the following links:

*cfdrodeo commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West put on a great show last night. Here's Kevin's take: #CFDRodeo11 #botwrodeo #rodeo
The video can also be seen on YouTube: Kevin Costner excited to return to CFD after last night's show Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded July 29, 2011

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Concert - Cheyenne WY - 28 Luglio 2011 Posted by bufalotta Uploaded July 30, 2011 K. Costner band concert - frontier days Cheyenne Wy 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tweets and pictures from Cheyenne concert....

*cwandybb commented: Cheyenne day 7. Come out tonight for Darius Rucker and Kevin Costner. Dances with Hootie! See ya at the beer tent!
*Marlo Ward commented: I just saw Kevin Costner at the rodeo here in Cheyenne. He even looked like he could have been entered. Just walking around looking at the stock. (about 3:20PM MDST, July 18th)
*J Michael Malloy commented: Goodbye Jackson...hello Cheyenne. Time to get into Frontier Days. Gonna see Darius Rucker and Kevin Costner tonight.
*Renate Panian Burington commented: Had our first Kevin Costner sighting. He was on his cell so we didn't approach him. and of course once he was done talking in his cell a security guard ran us off - dislike! (about 6:40PM MDST, July 28th)
*samksil: Oh yeah that is Kevin Costner. DANCES WITH WOLVES 8:00PM MDST, July 28th)
*mdconrad commented: Would you believe me if I told you Kevin Costner is opening for the guy who was the lead singer of Hootie & the Blowfish? (8:00PM MDST, July 28th)
*aPurpleFish - Purple Fish tweeted: WOW! Can I just say that @modernwest /Kevin Costner's band is entertaining! Too bad if you aren't here @CFDRodeo for this concert!
*TheHulseman - The Hulseman tweeted: Sitting in Cheyenne, WY watching Kevin Costner's band rip some country! #redneck
*Steve Morrow commented: Pleasant surprise this evening! Up. In Cheynne, Wyoming for the Darius Rucker Concert and who walks out as the opening act? Kevin Costner and his band and they are rocking this place!!!!!!!!
*Brad Tippets commented: Kevin Costner opening for Darius Rucker, what's better?
*Drew Kurtz commented: Kevin costner has a country band, I just watched then open for darius rucker
*Linda Weppner commented: @ the CFD night show. Kevin Costner can actually sing!! Sounds pretty darned good. Warm up act for Darius Rucker formerly known as Hootie. Bring it on!!
*redkitedesign commented: Watching Kevin Costner's band at Frontier Days in Cheyenne! (8:00PM MDST. July 28th)
*Renate Panian Burington commented: You guys rocked Cheyenne!!! See you tomorrow night at Belly Up. Rock on! (10:20PM MDST, July 28th)
*Sean Bales commented: So I'm sitting here watching Kevin Costner sing at Cheyenne Frontier Days and I just can't help but feel like I've now seen everything... Darius Rucker was astounding! That guy has such a pure and amazing voice. It was inspiring. It was also cool that he got out a few Hootie songs too... Kevin Costner's songs were original, definitely different, and he seemed genuinely humbled to be playing in Cheyenne. Over all it was a really fun show and evening!
*Tyler Free commented: Darius Rucker and Kevin Costner put on a great show
*Heath Rainbow Kevin Costner at Frontier Days... really?!/photo.php?fbid=663371251983&set=a.661296225353.2147032.45207933&type=1&theater
*Katrina Gowing Netcher commented: kevin costner!/photo.php?fbid=143254299089888&set=a.143155505766434.36237.100002159550053&type=1&theater
*Renate Panian Burington commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West were awesome!! We scored one of the 3 guitar picks Kevin threw in the crowd after the show. I feel so like a teenager tonight lol. ..After the show a shuttle took the band back to their hotel so no luck tonight in getting any autographs or pics - Boo!!/photo.php?fbid=248919075132459&set=a.232850126739354.68198.100000431062700&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=248918921799141&set=a.232850126739354.68198.100000431062700&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=248918411799192&set=a.232850126739354.68198.100000431062700&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=248914671799566&set=a.232850126739354.68198.100000431062700&type=1&theater
*Sarah Berry Cutteridge Just got done watching Kevin Costner open for Darius Rucker. If Kevin asked me to run away with him I would totally leave brandon...sorry babe.
*Cheyenne Frontier Days Facebook:
*themeparkman25 - Jordan Darrington tweeted: Kevin Costner is actually a pretty good band. #cheyennefrontierdays
*Rob Miner commented: Bought these cheap tickets that turned out to be front row seats and saw "Hootie" or what most country fans know him by Darius Rucker. I have to say I'm not much of a country boy, but the show was pretty good. The opening act....KEVIN COSTNER was pretty good too. I enjoy when musicians tell the stories behind the music.... I feel as though I get my money's worth.
*Karen Mcculloch-Gagliardi commented: Went to see Kevin Costner and Darius Rucker, three words to describe the concert- Awesome and damn Sexy!!!!! Both of them!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

KC & MW in Cheyenne and other items....

*Lindsay Best commented: My bro just met Kevin Costner!!! Man I love CFD, Cheyenne turns into Hollywood for 10 days :) (4:30PM MDST, July 27th)
*AngiHarper - Angi Harper tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner- actually an ossum sauce singer- at The Plains. (4:30PM MDST, July 27th)
The Historic Plains Hotel:
*Mandy ONeal commented: Can't believe my sister just met Kevin Costner! Yes! At the Capital Grill in Cheyenne! He went to their table and talked to them! she didn't get a pic of him, didn't want to be rude so she took a pic of his famous derriere instead! (10:00PM MDST, July 27th)
*Andy Gienapp commented: Coolest Wyoming Moment Yet: As I am walking into the lobby of the Plains Hotel with Kelli Perrotti: Kelli: "Hey! I think that guy is somebody famous! Me: Who? What? What are you talking about? Kelli: That guy outside on the phone! He looks like a movie star or something! ...Me: Shut up. No way. I'll go check. So I step outside for a closer look... Imagine my surprise to realize I was looking at Kevin Costner. (9:30PM MDST, July 27th)

See Sara Beck's photos: KCMW July 2011 Minneapolis/Nakusp/Calgary/Cheyenne/Aspen:!/photo.php?fbid=10150246826513366&set=a.10150246826168366.321813.617993365&type=1

See the picture of Kevin from Brian and Carrie Highfill from the Starkey event:

See more photos from the Starkey Hearing Gala and Red Carpet:!/photo.php?fbid=2041630875346&set=o.93175889719&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=2041629275306&set=o.93175889719&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=10150264798704720&set=a.10150264797009720.335614.93175889719&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=10150264799969720&set=a.10150264797009720.335614.93175889719&type=1&theater

VIDEO: Kevin Costner singing! Posted by mariettacarezzi Uploaded July 27, 2011:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kevin partners with ARQUEONAUTAS lifestyle fashion brand....

According to the following link:
Translated: When Hollywood glamor meets maritime adventure creates a unique combination: Kitaro Fashion Group brings Kevin Costner on board. "ARQUEONAUTAS - Saving the maritime heritage" - as stated on the shirts, sweaters and jackets for men and women of the brand from the house of Kitaro. With every collection Part 1 € sold goes to the rescue of the world's maritime heritage. ARQUEONAUTAS designers find inspiration in the experiences and impressions of treasure hunters from Arqueonautas Worldwide. The unique blend of casual fashion and maritime adventures and convinced Kevin Costner. The Hollywood star is an experienced and avid divers, the protection of the environment at heart. For 15 years, the actor engaged in advanced technologies for cleaning oil-contaminated waters. These were used by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. As of fall 2011, fans of Costner and ARQUEONAUTAS in the new online shop:

More Nakusp photos and other items....

*nothingmanphoto - Aaron Snyder tweeted: My first batch of photos from @NakuspMusicFest are up and they feature Kevin Costner

See the two photos of Kevin from Nakusp Music Festival's Facebook album, at the following links:!/photo.php?fbid=10150263824722332&set=pu.81848562331&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=10150263824832332&set=pu.81848562331&type=1&theater

See the six photos of KC & MW in the Spirit of the West Facebook album at the following link:!/media/set/?set=a.236385093048452.60344.232396440113984

*donnaM13 - nightMair Creative tweeted: #Nakusp Kevin Costner and @modernwest --- yoi guys are really really good!

Excerpt from the article by Alex Cooper: On my way to meet up, I saw Kevin Costner and his band jamming on the second floor balcony of the Kuskanax Lodge, where I enjoyed a delicious curry. Costner was the headliner and he had the now-packed crowd eating from the palm of his hands as he and his band, Modern West, played some rollicking country-rock tunes. He talked up the beauty of Nakusp as a near-full moon rose stage left.

*Chris Rehnke, Esq. | crehnke Kevin Costner performing after party - @PearlServat is dancing as I take this- u c this @B_Twice?

Shawn Lawson commented: his band wasnt to bad - he told some quick stories before singing - I stood about 15 feet away from him, I was tent security for the night - as he walked past I got a shoulder thump from him and a 'thanks' - it was a fun people watching night!! he looked pretty good - you could recognize him as Kevin Costner - didnt look like he gained a lot of weight, lighting was bad so I cant tell you if he went with gray - but it was still nice:)

See the KC & MW photos by Reno Clement from PNE'S 100th Anniversary Summer Nights Concert opener Vancuver BC 2010

See photos of KC & MW in Roddy Chong's albums at the following links:!/media/set/?set=a.10150304281476928.378521.502921927&type=1!/media/set/?set=a.54620236927.87659.502921927&type=1

See some pictures of Kevin in Moscow, Russia, at the following link:

See Kevin with Charley Pride, posted by Patricia Christmas, at the following link:!/photo.php?fbid=165382620178004&set=a.157665407616392.27477.140568162659450&type=1&theater

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - live - Superman 14 Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded July 24, 2011 live at the AVO Session Basel 2009 ,Switzerland

Photo montage: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Let Go Tonight / Red River Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded July 25, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More from the Starkey Hearing Gala.....

See the press release for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which says this years event raised $7.2 million dollars, at the following link:

*RobVaka - Rob Vaka tweeted: My unreal wife Angie and I at the #StarkeyGala after party with Kevin Costner and @Modern_west in background:
*ColinDeval - Colin Deval tweeted: Best thing today? @MarianneDale's account of running into Gary Busey, Kevin Costner and Verne Troyer at a bar in St. Paul, MN this weekend.
*kylemassey1991 tweeted: Kevin Costner!!!
*pdhmix1: Meatloaf, Kevin Costner, Gary Busey

See the pictures from the 2011 VIP Sponsor Party, at the following link:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner signing autographs Posted by mhalltheway13 Uploaded July 25, 2011 kevin is always a class act and i was really happy when i got a jersey from bull durham signed by him when he was in town for the 2011 starkey hearing foundation gala

VIDEO: Kevin Costner on Starkey Hearing red carpet Posted by peprmintpty Uploaded July 26, 2011

VIDEO: Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala Highlights Posted by peprmintpty Uploaded July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

AUDIO: KC & MW featuring Nena....

'Let Go Tonight'

I have added the lyrics to 'Let Go Tonight' to the KC Scrapbook Comments Forum:

Tweets, pictures and video from Starkey Hearing Gala....

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Excited and honored to be a part of the Starkey Hearing Foundation's "So the World May Hear" Awards Gala this evening. We were fortunate enough to spend time with Bill Austin and staff at their facilities in Minnesota this morning--they are doing amazing things:

*Sara Beck commented: Inspiration: Playing a benefit for the Starkey Foundation in Minneapolis- they provide hearing aids to kids in need all over the world. Wow- (3PM CDST, Jully 24th)
*Jason Matheson commented: Getting ready to handle the red carpet at the Starkey Gala! Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Costner, Miley Cyrus, Justin Morneau and President Clinton are just a FEW of the big names! You can watch the red carpet arrivals at 3pm at RiverCentre in St. Paul!
*Lesley McDonald commented: Went to the Starkey Hearing Foundation Red Carpet Event @ the St. Paul River Center today and saw Reba, Garth Brooks, Miley Cyrus, John Rich, Marlee Matlin, Gary Busey, Whoopi Goldberg, Love&Theft, Kevin Costner and so many more, It was Awesome!!!! (8PM CDST, July 24th)!/media/set/?set=a.10150319011735535.383578.587465534&type=1

See the picture and article entitled: 'St. Paul gala attracts stars' by Sara Glassman, at the following link:

VIDEO: Stars Come Out in St. Paul for Starkey Foundation Gala 63 millions kids around the world suffer from hearing loss. The Starkey Hearing Foundation distributes hearing aids to kids in almost 90 countries around the world:

VIDEO: Stars shine at Starkey Gala in downtown St. Paul:

See two pictures of Kevin on the Starkey Hearing Gala Red Carpet, at the following link:

*Le Kieger Lane commented: Today was a fun day! Jaxon and I at went to the red carpet at the River Center to see all the famous and not so famous people arrive for a black tie dinner for the Starkey foundation Benefit. We saw a lot of sports figures and stars like Whoopie Goldberg, Reba Mcentire, Garth Brooks, Miley Cyrus, Amy Tan, Kevin Costner....something different to do! Jaxon liked taking pictures of Jordan Sparks
*Kimberly Haines commented: We are staying in a celebrity filled hotel pic with Kevin Costner!!!! Everyone thinks my husband is Garth Brooks!!! (July 24th)
*somarleematlin tweeted: St. Paul gala attracts stars: Kevin Costner appeared at Starkey Hearing Foundation's "So the World... #MarleeMatlin (10PM CDST, July 24th)
*lindseyjlee - Lindsey Lee tweeted: About to see Kevin Costner's band play at the after-party for the #starkeygala! Excited. (11:00PM CDST, July 24th)
*mikeschmid Mike Schmid tweeted: Afterparty music provided by Kevin Costner and his band. I've slipped into an alternate universe. (10:20PM CDST, July 24th)
*crehnke - Chris Rehnke, Esq. tweeted: Kevin Costner performing after party - @PearlServat is dancing as I take this- u c this @B_Twice ? (11:40PM CDST, July 24th)
*RealMeatLoaf - Meat Loaf tweeted: Sittin' in with Kevin Costner and his band at the gala party. "Tamborine Man" -- great way to close the event! (12:10AM CDST, July 25th)
*lindseyjlee: Kevin Costner band! (12:10AM CDST, July 25th)
*Blake Hanson commented: I just saw Gary Busey and Meatloaf sing with Kevin Costner's band about 30' from me. (1:30AM CDST, July 25th)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

More from Starkey Hearing Gala Pre-Party....

*Roddy Chong commented: In more positive news: Because of KCMW, I get to learn about the STARKEY HEARING FOUNDATION—helping children hear around the world. What a lineup for tomorrow night too! (July 23rd)
*starkeyhearing tweeted: Kevin Costner is on his way to the #StarkeyGala pre-party. RT if u want him & @ksorbs to take a pic in the photobooth together (July 22nd)
*Michelle Hebert Kollander commented: Starstruck at Bill Austin's party!!! Loving Kevin Costner's band!! (10:00PM CDST, July 23rd)
*Merrill Osmond commented: This evening at the Starkey gala pre-party was amazing – I met Kevin Costner there and he and I had a really good chat. I told him I was a big fan of his and he in turn said he was a big fan of mine and had known of our music since he was a kid. Everyone was gathering around and wanting to get a photo with him and he still wanted to talk to me so that was an incredible moment. I had a wonderful warm chat with him. (12AM CDST, July 23rd)
*Christine Feige commented: Kevin Costner & Band entertained us last night at the private party & it is True- he winked at me - i have witnesses & we were side by side for photo after the band finished, loved the music! what was i thinking grabbing a beer bottle from the stage for the picture..i don't drink beer! then i was babbling like an idiot..galpal Candi pulled me to the front of the stage & i got lost in his eyes!! (12:00PM CDST, July 24th)
*Shawn Lawson commented: Rubbed elbows with Celebs last night @ Starkey Hearing gala - Kevin Costner, Marlie Maitland, Jordan Sparks, Miley Cyrus, Kevin Sorbo, Amy Tan, Gary Busey, Pro Football players(Jared Allen is the only one I recognized), Pro Poker Players - interesting night!
*Christine Bingen Zahler commented: Gol dang it! I am in love with Kevin Costner! Tell me details, about him, of course!

*firstresponse tweeted: Only at Bill and Tani Austin's house will you find Kevin Costner playing guitar in the garage #fb:

See the pictures from the Starkey Hearing Gala Pre-party at the home of Bill & Tani Austin, Eden Prairie, Minnesota:

See the picture of KC & MW with Missi Whittington at the following link:!/photo.php?fbid=2224794548469&set=a.2224793868452.2130851.1505928103&type=1&theater

See the three short videos of KC & MW by StarkeyHearing, at the following link:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

From the Minneapolis Starkey Hearing event....

Tweets and Facebook comments:
*Sara Beck commented: Hopping on a plane to Minneapolis with @Modern_West...and I just got word I'll be opening for them in Aspen, CO on the 29th...smiles~ (about 12:15PM, CDST, July 22nd)
*Roddy Chong commented: LAX to Minneapolis Today.. (10:00AM PDST, July 22nd)

President Bill Clinton to be honored at Starkey Hearing Foundation ‘So the World May Hear Gala’:

*Joanna Swiers commented: Oh my gosh. I just brushed with fame. Kevin Costner two feet away. Wahoo! Cool. Golfing at the fundraiser. It's a beautiful start to a fun weekend. (1:15PM CDST, July 22nd)
*Jae Ruebke commented: Kevin Costner here in MN for celebrity Golf Tourney- Starkey Hearing (Go SteveO) 100 degrees again and how many of our legilsators and senators are in denial about global warming? Ethics in Capitalism and OXYMORON! (about 5:30PM CDST, July 22nd)
*BrandonSawalich - Brandon L. Sawalich tweeted: Golfed with Kevin Costner today at Starkey charity event. He can play. He's in town for our annual Gala Sunday at River Ctr. (July 22nd)
*WalserAutoGroup - Walser tweeted: Kevin Costner just signed our golf cart for a silent auction item for @Starkeyhearing! #StarkeyGala (July 22nd)

Play with celebrities during the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s weekend golf tournament:

See the 2011 Gala Golf Tournament pictures:

*starkeyhearing - starkeyhearing tweeted: Sure way to shave strokes. A Kevin Costner signed golf cart in #StarkeyGala Silent Auction

*Sharon Hattenbach Sievers commented: Love the Starkey Gala!! Kevin Costner is AWESOME!!! He asked for a hug and of course I obliged!!! Then realized I better let go before I am taken away in cuffs!!!! (about 12:15AM CDST, July 23rd)

*JoelBryant - Joel Bryant tweeted: Opening for the Kevin Costner Band tonight. If I intro him, he will come. (about 5:15PM, July 23rd)
*MarleeMatlin - Marlee Matlin tweeted: Got my cowboy boots & on my way to #stakeygala night before party. Kevin Costner & his band playing & @kenpaves just arrived! Yay! (about 7PM CDST, July 23rd)
*kylemassey1991 - T.M.B tweeted: Front row! Keven Costner is performing right now! Let's GOO!!! (9:45PM CDST, July 23rd)
*starkeyhearing - starkeyhearing tweeted: Kevin Costner and @Modern_West performing at the #StarkeyGala Open House. (9:45PM CDST, July 23rd)
*RayHughesLA - Ray Hughes tweeted: Kevin Costner playin with his band at Bill - Tani's house @starkeyhearing (9:45PM CDST, July 23rd)
*phil_hellmuth tweeted: Fun, author Amy Tan on right, Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo on left, "Wild" Goalie Josh Harding + Tad Agolia across + Kevin Costner + band onstage! (9:45PM CDST, July 23rd)
*roywilliams31 - roy williams tweeted: Kevin Costner doing his thing one the ones & twos! (9:45PM CDST, July 23rd)
*melliemroszak - Mellie Mroszak tweeted: What up Kevin Costner (10:12PM CDST, July 23rd)
*LesleyFarnham - Lesley Farnham tweeted: Kevin Costner performs at Austin's @Starkey #StarkeyGala (10:15PM CDST, July 23rd)
*chadm - Chad Martin tweeted: Kevin Costner's band @Modern_West is a ton of fun! #StarkeyGala (10:15PM CDST, July 23rd)
*starkeyhearing tweeted: Kevin Costner and @Modern_West rockin out at the #StarkeyGala Open House (10:45PM CDST, July 23rd)
*DustinRThompson tweeted: @VerneTroyer jammin out to Kevin Costner and his band @Modern_West (10:47PM CDST, July 23rd)
*crehnke - Chris Rehnke, Esq. tweeted: Kevin Costner at @starkeyhearing Pre party! (10:48PM CDST, July 23rd)
*AndreaKopfmann tweeted: Kevin Costner rockin at the @StarkeyHearing Sponsor Party! #StarkeyGala (10:59PM CDST, July 23rd)
*BrandonSawalich - Brandon L. Sawalich tweeted: At Austins pre-gala party. Great night and Kevin Costner entertaining. (10:19PM CDST, July 23rd)
*DustinRThompson tweeted: Kevin Costner's band @modern_west rocks! #impressed (10:26pm CDST, July 23rd)
*DustinRThompson tweeted: Kevin Costner & his band @Modern_West performing at the #starkeygala open house (11:11PM CDST, July 23rd)
*chadm - Chad Martin tweeted: Kevin Costner wrapped his show tonight with @Modern_West singing "Superman" and joking he is playing Superman's dad in upcoming movie. (11:30PM CDST, July 23rd)
*michelle_lau - Michelle Lau tweeted: What an amazing night @starkeyhearing party. Kevin Costner rocked the stage. #StarkeyGala #fb (12:37AM CDST, July 24th)

*mariannedale - Marianne Dale tweeted: Um. Kevin Costner is at the bar we are at. And Verne Troyer. For real. (12:33AM CDST, July 24th)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pictures from different events and some tweets....

See the pictures of Kevin in Moscow, Russia, at the Ritz Hotel, at the following link:

See the fan named Anna, happy about having her picture with Andy Garcia and Kevin Costner, at the following link:

See the picture of Kevin from The Calgary Stampede, at the following link:

*Jaydealicex - Jayde Alice Hassett tweeted: Btw I sat next to Kevin Costner yesterday in earls (July 12th)
*areeltoronthego - christine richard tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner and Modern West last night at Stampede He is a great musician and songwriter. Got to meet him (July 15th)
*Barbara_Journal - Barbara Journal tweeted: I just scored a VIP Ticket to see Kevin Costner and Modern West in September. Life is sweet! Hugs, xo

See Kevin with his Turkish makeup artist when he made the Turkish Airlines ad, at the following link:

See the picture of Kevin with Mark A. Wilkins in his VIPs in Washington DC album, at the following link:

See the sixteen photos of KC & MW at the Munchen 2009 concert by Nachrichten_muc's, at the following link:

See the Diners Club of Slovenia concert pictures by Sandi Fiser, at the following link:

See the pictures from the 2011 AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm by Darryne Agar, at the following link:

See Kellie Walshaw Evans pictures of Kevin's Midnight Star, at the following link:!/media/set/?set=a.2246300481451.2132461.1366337612&type=1

Photo montage: Kevin Costner & Modern West - live ,long ,loud & great Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded July 21, 2011:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

More pictures from Calgary Stampede and Nakusp....

See the picture of Kevin from the Calgary Stampede, at the following link:

See the picture of Kevin on page 27 of the 07-14-11 Metro online magazine, at the folllowing link:

See the picture of Kevin on page 29 of the 07-15-11 Metro online magazine, at the following link:

See the Calgary Stampede concert pictures by J&J Lawrence Photography, at the following link:

See the four pictures by JosieN2010 of Kevin at the Calgary Stampede, at the following link:

See the five pictures by The Calgary Stampede of KC & MW, at the following link:

From the blog of teresanovy: Kevin Costner in Concert at the Calgary Stampede - Just got back from seeing Kevin Costner and his band in concert! We had an excellent view...he even signed my CD! Thank you Body Guard! : ) See the picture of Kevin at the link:

See the picture of Kevin from the Nakusp concert, at the following link:

Excerpt of comment posted on KC & MW's Forum by marialaki who worked as security at Nakusp: Saw Kevin & MW on Sat night, were amazing! I was working as a Security Officer and got to escort him off stage then to their "green room". We stood and talked a bit. I told him I was from Hungary he said they`re going to Bucharest...I hope he`ll come to Budapest one day Then "rescued" him from a native guy who claimed his indian name was dance with cougars...Kevin didn`t exactly know what to say, me neither I just got him to leave K alone! No pic or autograph since we`re not allowed to ask for anything from band members....what a nice guy Kevin is!

Kevin answers fan mail from The Denver Post....

See the questions and Kevin's answers at the following link:

First picture of KC & MW's new CD cover...

See the picture and article by Dirk Neuhaus about KC & MW's new CD, 'From Where I Stand' at the following link:
According to the article some of the songs on the CD are: 'Let The River Carry Itself' / 'Find That Girl' / 'Indian Summer' / 'The Angels Came Down' / 'Let Go Tonight' with Nena. The CD will be available September 16th in CD + Digital format at Amazon and JPC.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

KC & MW's new single 'Let Go Tonight' with Nena....

Today Kevin Costner & Modern West verified: The rumors are true! The first single off our upcoming European release features NENA!! The song is called "Let Go Tonight" and the CD will be titled "From Where I Stand."

Yesterday I found an article saying that the German singer Nena would be featured in a song called: 'Let Go Tonight' by Kevin Costner & Modern West on their new album: "From Where I Stand" out September 16, 2011, initially in Germany. See the article after translating:

Several different items....

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: What an amazing night at the Nakusp Music Festival --- Thanks to all who were there!!! See the 11 new photos added to the album: KCMW July 2011. (Austin Gilmore and Bob Bailiff photos)

*MacyGraysLife - Macy Gray tweeted: @TrgdyAnn noooo. I missed him. But I met kevin costner. He was cool.
*chels_meikle - chelsea meikle tweeted: you can read a digital copy of the latest lifestyle agazine featuring kevin costner at:...

See the picture of Kevin from the Calgary Stampede at the following link:

Excerpt from Marmite Man of Nakusp's blog: Kevin Costner and Modern West were spirited – I admired him for getting up on a stage which can so easily go horribly wrong.....Meanwhile, our suite guests left happy this morning - over the weekend they had bumped into a certain Mr Costner coming out of our local food shop without knowing he was in the area.

See the Introduction to Augie Garrido's book: 'Life If Yours To Win' written by Kevin Costner, at the following link:

See the picture of Kevin from 'The New Daughter' at the following link:

See the picture of Sarah Orlando Grizzaffi who got a picture with Kevin, at the following link:

See another photo of Kevin from the Paussa photo shoot at his Aspen ranch at the following link:

See the pictures from Netflix Roadshow @ the Field of Dreams site, at the following link:

See nice pictures of Kevin at the following links:\

See the pictures of Kevin and his Aspen house, at the following link:

See the pictures by Claudia29xx of the 2010 Leipzip concert, at the following link:

Photo montage: Kevin Costner & Modern West - tour snapshots July 2011 Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded July 17, 2011 tour July : Russia ,St Petersburg / Calgary Stampede / Nakusp Music Festival:

Monday, July 18, 2011

KC & MW's presentation of their DVD 'Unseen Truths'....

VIDEO: UNSEEN TRUTHS Part 1 of 3 Posted by kevincostnermodwest Uploaded July 15, 2011 From Kevin Costner & Modern West's debut release 2008's "UNTOLD TRUTHS" comes the accompanying special addition disc Documentary "UNSEEN TRUTHS" Take a look at how it all began. Directed by Mark Gillard. part 1 of 3:

VIDEO: UNSEEN TRUTHS Part 2 of 3 Posted by kevincostnermodwest Uploaded July 15, 2011 From Kevin Costner & Modern West's debut release 2008's "UNTOLD TRUTHS" comes the accompanying special addition disc Documentary "UNSEEN TRUTHS" Take a look at how it all began. Directed by Mark Gillard. part 2 of 3:

VIDEO: UNSEEN TRUTHS Part 3 of 3 Posted by kevincostnermodwest Uploaded July 15, 2011 From Kevin Costner & Modern West's debut release 2008's "UNTOLD TRUTHS" comes the accompanying special addition disc Documentary "UNSEEN TRUTHS" Take a look at how it all began. Directed by Mark Gillard. part 3 of 3:

Kevin Costner Joining Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained'....

According to the following link:
From the EXCLUSIVE by Mike Fleming: Kevin Costner is in negotiations to play Ace Woody, the sadistic trainer of the male fighting slaves who entertain the white patrons of Candyland as well as the female slaves who are forced to be prostitutes. Also in the cast: Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio. The club and ranch are owned by Calvin Candie (DiCaprio) and Ace Woody is the one who pits the "mandingo" fighters against one another, and has little qualms about mistreating and even killing the slaves who don't measure up. The roles that DiCaprio and Costner will play are every bit as sadistic as the one that Waltz played in Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds, and while Costner is still doing fine work, this could shine a light on him the way that Pulp Fiction did for John Travolta.

I hate to say it but this doesn't sound like a movie I'd like to see...I didn't like 'Pulp Fiction'...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Audio Podcast at WCCO NewsRadio 830...

Listen to the Audio Podcast with Mike Max: 7-15-11 Sports to the Max: Kevin Costner July 16, 2011 Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner joins the show to discuss his enthusiasm for sports, his music, and his band's upcoming performance at the 2011 Starkey Foundation event:

Tweets and Facebook comments from Nakusp....

*Austin Laanstra commented: in nakusp, bc. sleeping in the front seat of a freekin van. wuddup wilderness (10:45PM, July 15th) Just dropped off Mr Kevin Costner's band equipment. Dopest road trip ever. (9:45AM, July 16th)
*stownsend_31- Stephanie Townsend tweeted: Anybody just see that private jet that flew into castlegar?? Potentially kevin costner? #ithinkso
(My note: Castlegar is about 90 miles (145km) south of Nakusp, about an hour and a half drive)
*Alicia Whyte commented: So Kevin Costner was in Castlegar today....I didn't but my friend did at the airport and he took a photo.....Wish i could i have seen Kevin Costner though....oohlala. closest i would have been to a star! (July 16th)
*Teresa Anderson commented: I guess Joe is buds with Kevin Costner now!!! (about 11:30AM, July 16th)
*Rene C Stewart commented: Had so much fun last night at CowBoys! We seen Vince Vaughn, and his friends from the comedy tour. Kevin Costner was there too. The Cowboy Club website:
*Greg Doucette commented: ‎@Kristie bradbury are cooking for Kevin Costner! (Chef at Canadian Mountain Holidays - about 2:30PM, July 16th)
*Sara Beck tweeted: Enchanted by Nakusp, British Columbia...a little mountain town w/ 1 grocery store/2 motels/4 bars/1 beach & about 4000 concert-goers. (about 2:30PM, July 16th)
*Kyla Dagenais commented: Is eating an organic lunch on a patio..... Surrounded by the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen..... 4 feet away from Kevin Costner.....whom is eating his organic lunch.... He he he! my man and I are touring the kootneys on our bike. We seen old Kevin in Nakusp....(about 3:30PM, July 16th)
*chad_guy - Chad Guy tweeted: Kevin Costner is watching our set at #Nakusp...take notes #Waterworld (about 6:27PM, July 16th) (Chad Guy is Road Manager for New Kids On The Block)
*nightMair - Media Mgmt commented: Tonight we're at the Nakusp Music Fest for reviews and photos of Spirit of the West, Kevin Costner and Modern West and Soul Asylum. Slhould be interesting! A storm is heading in... fully expect lightning by the end of the night
*donnaM13 - nightMair Creative tweeted: #Nakusp Kevin Costner and @modernwest --- yoi guys are really really good!
*Georgina Kyllo commented: Oh yeah Kevin Costner! Turn it on!!! (12:AM, July 17th)
*bryanvgr - bryan rance tweeted: So much fun at the Nakusp music festival. Kevin Costner and his band just got off stage. Wicked fiddle player. Who knew kevin could sing?? (12:35AM, July 17th)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

More from Calgary and Spencerville....

See the picture and article by James Culic, about Spencerville being "very, very lucky" to have Kevin Costner and his band:

See the Calgary Stampede pictures: 2011-07-14 Kevin Costner & Modern West Posted by Donna McTaggart at the following link:

See the Calgary Stampede pictures by Ann Marie Brogan, at the following link:!/media/set/?set=a.10150314260514314.385895.627654313

See the two pictures of Kevin at the following link:!/media/set/?set=a.10150692995140158.695836.764385157

VIDEO: Kevin Costner's band in Calgary..... Posted by dhabte Uploaded July 16, 2011 Calgary Stampede concert by Kevin Costner's band 2011:

Photo montage: Kevin Costner & Modern West - flashback Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded July 6, 2011:

Behind the scenes with Kevin from Austin Lifestyle Magazine....

Found the link from the Facebook page of Tracy Stewart, VP Marketing & PR at AUSTIN Lifestyle Magazine:

See the 'Behind the scenes with Kevin Costner' - a letter by Daniel Ramirez and a photo slideshow, at the following link:

And some more photos:!/media/set/?set=a.10150312299398023.395706.222948068022

Kevin to answer Denver Post "Fan Mail"...

According to the following link:
Patrick Saunders writes: These days, Kevin Costner — actor, director, sports fanatic and part-time Colorado resident — has a new passion. He’s the lead singer and a guitar player for the country rock band Kevin Costner and Modern West....and will play the Belly Up in Aspen on July 29th....In anticipation of his upcoming concerts, Costner will answer readers’ questions in the next installment of The Denver Post’s “Fan Mail” feature. So send in your questions about his movies, his music and his passion for sports. Send your questions in an email to . Questions will be accepted through Monday.

VIP Meet & Greet Kevin Costner in Spencerville....

According to the following link:
There are a limited number of VIP tickets which include a pre-show wine and cheese reception with Kevin Costner, along with preferred seating at the Spencerville, Ontario, concert, on September 10th, for $100 each. Advance tickets are $30. $37 at the door. All tickets go on sale July 18th until September 6th. You can purchase at or call 1-888-222-6608. All tickets include admission to the fair after 4PM. Ottawa-based rock group Silver Creek will open for Kevin Costner and Modern West.

To listen to Ottawa-based Silver Creek Band:

Friday, July 15, 2011

More from Calgary Stampede concert....

KC & MW added new photos to their Facebook page:!/media/set/?set=a.10150230650048302.313200.152990408301

*lucynarthur - Victoria tweeted: Met Kevin Costner tonight...truly special! Outdoor concert with KC and the Modern West at Stampede Park was excellent & so much fun! (July 14th)
*MadiganOfStorms - Madigan tweeted: Didn't know what to expect from Kevin Costner & Modern West - but they rocked. And were a stellar group to shoot. #cokestage #stampede (July 15th)
*SheenaSnively - Sheena Snively tweeted: Cheaa! Kevin Costner & I practically hooked up No biggy! #calgary RT @brodiehello Robinhood just kissed Sheena ---) (July 15th)

See the picture of Billie Jo and Natasha of Lite 959 with Kevin at the following link:!/photo.php?fbid=249730768371788&set=a.198699180141614.52607.175729922438540&type=1&theater

Lite 959 Meet & Greet winner: Lori Klosch posted: What a rush! Mr Costner was kind, charming and funny (and very easy on the eyes!) See her picture with Kevin:!/profile.php?id=100002653895284

VIDEO: Red River Posted by cozyhollow Uploaded July 15, 2011 Kevin Costner & Modern West performing at the Coca-Cola stage during the Calgary Stampede, July 14, 2011:

VIDEO: Turn It On Posted by cozyhollow Uploaded July 15, 2011 Kevin Costner & Modern West performing at the Coca-Cola stage during the Calgary Stampede, July 14, 2011:

VIDEO: Let Me Be The One Posted by cozyhollow Uploaded July 15, 2011 Kevin Costner & Modern West performing at the Coca-Cola stage during the Calgary Stampede, July 14, 2011:

VIDEO: Stampede Fireworks Posted by cozyhollow Uploaded July 15, 2011 Fireworks display concluding the day's activities at the Calgary Stampede, July 14, 2011:

New videos by KC & MW uploaded....

VIDEO: (cover) Red River Posted by kevincostnermodwest Uploaded July 14, 2011

VIDEO: Where do we go from here Posted by kevincostnermodwest Uploaded July 14, 2011

VIDEO: The way that you love me Posted by kevincostnermodwest Uploaded July 15, 2011

Coming: KC & MW are have posted 1 of 3 videos of their 'Unseen Truths' DVD that was released in combination with their 'Untold Truths' CD. I'll be posting them here when all 3 are uploaded online. If you can't wait you can find the first one at their YouTube channel:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tweets from KC & MW playing the Calgary Stampede....

*calgarystampede - Calgary Stampede tweeted: Be at the Social Media Hub at 5:40 and tell us why you should meet Kevin Costner tonight, and you might just be able to. - In 10min we will be giving away a meet & greet with Kevin Costner at the Social Media hub. Come on down! #Stampede - Giving away a chance to meet Kevin Costner in 1 min at the Social Media hub! Who's here already? #Stampede
*blindingechoes - Stacey Lynn tweeted: My friend who's a reporter in Edmonton just met Kevin Costner at the Stampede, she got a picture with him, it's epic. #celebspotting
*jeffwaltersyyc - Jeff Walters tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Coca Cola stage! Good job so far! (8:56pm)
*larastone - Larissa F tweeted: Alright, it's almost time for Kevin Costner & @modernwest to take the Stage! @calgarystampede #excitementisbuilding #YYC (8:54PM)
*apex18 - AP tweeted: Watching Kevin Costner play at the #Calgarystampede (9:01PM)
*FiretruckFaith - Faith S tweeted: Blurry Kevin Costner (9:03PM)
*calgarystampede - Calgary Stampede tweeted: What does everyone think of Kevin Costner? Pretty great performance so far. (9:05PM)
*Dekepimm - Derek Pimm tweeted: At Calgary Stampede watching Kevin Costner, this guy can perform on any stage!!! Awesome! (9:07PM)
*CinnamonBear_85 - Neil Ross tweeted: Kevin costner nbd (9:08PM)

*btswithlindsay - Lindsay tweeted: I'm at the stampede eatin' hot wings and listening to movie star, Kevin Costner sing with his band. #sexualfantasy (9:08PM)
*donnamct - Donna McTaggart tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West on Coke Stage @calgarystampede #stampede (9:24PM)
*MorganMelnyk - Morgan Melnyk tweeted: Kevin Costner #calgarystampede (9:25PM)
*Perrytwin1 - Judi Gunter tweeted: Kevin Costner is getting us to sing Tambourine Man. Whoo hoo! @calgarystampede (9:25PM)
*XOjesXO - Jes tweeted: XOXO: OMG...Kevin Costner is kind of hot for an old dude. (9:28PM)
*Lydyzze - Faby M. tweeted: Apparently Kevin Costner is at the stampede? Is he still hot? He should come say hi to the lottery booths! #wishfulthinking (9:30PM)
*yumyumyummers - yumyumyummers tweeted: corndogs, cowboy boots & kevin costner at #stampede tonight. true story. (9:32PM)
*larastone - Larissa F tweeted: @itstara88 I can't get over the fact that it's THE Kevin Costner. I loved the movie 'The Guardian'...and he is HERE. Music is alright. :) (9:34PM)
*Cal9000 - Kyle Thomas tweeted: Kevin Costner! Doing what he doesn't do best. That being said this concert is better than Waterworld. (9:45PM)
*Kellettm - Mike Kellett tweeted: RT @MorganMelnyk: Kevin Costner #calgarystampede (9:52PM)
*RestlessJosie - Josie Boulding tweeted: Backstage@calgarystampede with Kevin Costner's band modern west (9:52PM)
*francisdelacruz francis delacruz tweeted: Kevin Costner!!! (10:08PM)
*mmmbutters - Michelle tweeted: Despite my failed attempts to get a 'Waterworld' chant going, just know I still love you, Kevin Costner. Especially in Dance with Wolves. (10:14PM)
*hypnoTy - Tyson Farrish tweeted: Kevin Costner was terrific!! #calgarystampede (10:24PM)
*CasadieJo Casadie - Jo Pederson tweeted: Another busy Stampede day in #yyc. Lots of music in my day... @sixwest, Kevin Costner & @modernwest ... #thatsalottawest #ilovemyjob
*kdkirby1965 - Kevin David Kirby tweeted: Kevin Costner and his Band did not disapoint the mostly 40+ crowd of adoring female fans tonight at the Calgary Stampede!
*StampedeQandP - Stampede Q and P's tweeted: Met Kevin Costner tonight at the coca cola stage!!! Just when we thought life couldn't get much better...
*clkbean - Christine Karlen tweeted: @Jill_Herman Check us out - just hanging with Kevin Costner in the saloon! @calgarystampede (11:42PM)

See the KC interview by Eric Volmers, dated July 13, 2011, at the following link:

Tweets, pictures and a video of Kevin in Calgary...

Citytv Video: Breakfast Television Calgary: Kevin Costner - July 14th Kevin Costner visits the BT Studio to talk about movies, music, the 2009 stage collapse at the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, and more:

*Sara Beck tweeted: YES to Calgary Stampede. Big&Rich/Gretchen/CBT & NKOTB/BSB all in one night?!?!? Haters beware: boy bands and cowboys are good clean fun....KCMW headlines the Coca Cola stage tonight at Calgary Stampede! I'll be tra-la-la-ing (and sampling the tiny donuts I keep hearing about...)
*Roddy Chong tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West: Tonight, 9pm, Coca Cola Stage, Calgary Stampede! Come join the fun tonight!
*660News - 660News tweeted: 660News morning show anchor Ted Henley with Kevin Costner at the 2011 Stampede Roundup at Fort Calgary July...
*Cdn_Redhead - Carolynne tweeted: Totally watching kevin costner live right now (about 12:30pm, July 14th)
*samanthanine - Samantha Nyenhuis tweeted: So close to kevin costner right noooow!!!!!! :D #calgarystampede #yyc (about 1:30pm, July 14th)
*ashley_spoon - Ashley S tweeted: I spy Kevin Costner playing the Coke Stage....must be his soundcheck! @calgarystampede (about 1:30pm, July 14th)
*AvenueMagazine - Avenue Calgary tweeted: It's another Kevin Costner sighting at the #stampede. Sound check at the Coca-cola stage. So random. (about 1:30pm, July 14th)
*crystal_kid - CRYSTAL KID tweeted: Going to @calgarystampede to check out Kevin Costner later tonight! Should be fun
*TravelABMedia - Travel Alberta Media tweeted: Ran into Kevin Costner and his band @modernwest with @RestlessJosie. #stampederoundup rocked!
*larastone - Larissa F tweeted: Tuning into @BTCalgary, some things DO get better with age....hello Kevin Costner! ;)
*aemalkin - amelia tweeted: Went to Calgary Stampede; saw livestock, lots of denim/plaid, and Kevin Costner's country band. My life is enriched.
*Cal9000 - Kyle Thomas tweeted: Will be heading down to the #stampede grounds this evening to check out The Costner. He's a big time hero.
*d2cphotography - DCoombe tweeted: Kevin Costner backstage at the Stampede Roundup. #yyc #calgarystampede (about 3:20PM, July 14th)
*cowboytroy tweeted: Met Kevin Costner yesterday in human being. (posted July 14th)

Tweets and pictures from Calgary, Alberta...

*Sara Beck tweeted: Good morning Calgary!!! This town is all about Stampede, and we have a little time off to check out the madness....NKOTB/Backstreet Boys??!! (July 12th)
*Roddy Chong tweeted: Lots of Cowboy and Cowgirl hat wearing going on here in Calgary. Must be Calgary Stampede time! (July 12th)
*Nick_Blakeney tweeted: I just shook hands with Kevin Costner!!! Oh MY GOD!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I just shook Kevin Costners HAND!! #nowthatsanOMGmoment (about 11am, July 13th)
*CameraguyRob - Robert Firlotte tweeted: Just ran into Kevin Costner in YYC for #Stampede (about noon, July 13th)
*michaelkalman - Mike tweeted: Am told that Kevin Costner is In the studio downstairs. Should I go down and say hello? (about noon, July 13th)
*XOjesXO - Jes tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Roundup. Love it! Watching Big and Rich. #calgarystampede
*XOjesXO - Jes tweeted: Omfg! did I just get my photo with Kevin Costner. Yes I did. #roundup (6:20pm, July 13th)
*Erintweetie - Erin Darroch tweeted: Kevin Costner is at the Round Up centre, I so have a running crush from him playing Robin Hood, swoooon! #stampede (at 6:10pm, July 13th)
*kathelemon - K├Ąthe Lemon tweeted: My latest celebrity sighting (Kevin Costner at the Round Up) was much better than seeing the Duchess's arm at the Parade (6:00pm, July 13th)
*AvenueMagazine - Avenue Calgary tweeted: Hey look who's taking in Big and Rich at #StampedeRoundUp pretty sure it's Kevin Costner. (6:00PM, July 13th)
*AvenueMagazine - Avenue Calgary tweeted: Yep it's definitely Kevin Costner at the #StampedeRoundUp His band performs tonight at the #stampede grounds.
*myownbiggestfan tweeted: Kevin Costner whispering sweet nothings to his friend. (6:00pm, July 13th)
*tedhenley - Ted Henley tweeted: Kevin Costner is at the Stampede Round-Up! #yyc #Calgary (6:27pm, July 13th)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

KC & MW new album news....

According to the following link:
Once again, Kevin Costner and Modern West and Edel's pop/rock label earMUSIC will be releasing their third studio album entitled, "From Where I Stand" on September 16, 2011, at the beginning of KC & MW's five city German concert tour. The ten song CD was recorded primarily at the infamous Blackbird Studios in Nashville where Bruce Springsteen, The White Stripes and The Black Eyed Peas have also recorded.

Article and pictures in Austin Lifestyle Magazine....

wildflowerpixie - Ashley Halligan tweeted: Here it is, friends: The July/August issue of Austin Lifestyle Magazine- featuring Kevin Costner.. @lifestyleaustin