Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kevin models for Energetix Bingen Katalog 2012...

See the pictures from the catalog at the following links:!/photo.php?fbid=2356915325022&set=o.136320393077915&type=3&theater!/media/set/?set=a.116787875089662.14106.114446358657147!/Magnetarmband

VIDEO: Bekennender Energetix Bingen Magnetschmuck FAN .avi Posted by MrDuesie Uploaded August 30, 2011:

VIDEO: Making of ENERGETIX Bingen Katalog 2012 Posted by MrDuesie Uploaded August 30, 2011 Translated: A short film by Santa Barbara Beach / California, where the famous photographer Mayk Azzato (including America's Next Top Model) for the new catalog Energetix photographed. With this the professing Energetix magnetic jewelry fans Ralf Bauer and Kevin Costner.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Videobotschaft an Energetix Bingen Posted by MrTitarus Uploaded August 30, 2011 Heinz Nawrath mit einer Canon Ixus 120IS Kataloglaunch 2011 in Mainz.

VIDEO: Kataloglaunch 2011 Energetix-Bingen.AVI Posted by copymaus70 Uploaded August 28, 2011 Translated: so here is the laser show with the cover of our new catalog (Kevin Costner) has been presented. It was a blast!....Energetix Bingen is the force!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A transcript of the KC & MW Twitter Q&A....

#AskModernWest - modernwest Kevin Costner & MW Just got online...thanks for the questions so far... (at 12:06pm PDST - August 30, 2011)

ChiTownTina: What is your favorite song to perform live and why?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @ChiTownTina--favorite song for us changes all the time, but two favorites are "Where Do We Go From Here" (Kevin) and "Cleo" (John).

ichiban250907: What do you all expect when you´re coming to Europe ??
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @ichiban250907--We're looking forward to the great crowds we've enjoyed on our past two tours in Europe. You guys are always great to us!

AdriannaTR Adriana: @modernwest if John is here, tell him Hello from Barcelona!! Hello to everybody from Barcelona!! I hope to see you live again!!
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @AdriannaTR--John is here--hello back to Barcelona! Also have Kevin, Teddy, and Park here.

BADnina69: hey guys thanks for that, it's fun :) why did you choose Nena for "let's go tonight" ? how went the rehearsals?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @BADnina69--Rehearsals were great, thx. Nena and John go way back--she recorded a song of his in '80. We love her on Let Go Tonight!

modernwest Kevin Costner & MW: Lots of questions about US tour dates--we are bookingfor early 2012 in the states...stay tuned...

AdriannaTR: @modernwest Get you nervous before your shows?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @AdriannaTR--Kevin says yes, he gets a little nervous still, but not because he's not prepared--only because he wants to do well for y'all.

modernwest Kevin Costner & MW Lots of questions about when the new record comes out--September 16 in Europe, but you can get it anywhere thru Amazon/iTunes.

Magster52: Who has influenced you the most in the music industry?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Magster52--some influences: Motown, Robbie Robertson, Dylan, Neil Young, Bodeans...too many to name...

sweetjeanet: @modernwest When you are on Tour whats your favourite food to eat? or have ever eaten
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @sweetjeanet--Teddy says coffee

healthybeth: @modernwestHow do you feel about outdoor concerts since the Sugarland incident?Big fan& I was@there concert the nite b4so sad
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @healthybeth--So sorry to hear about that concert. We love outdoor shows and will keep doing them, but it's definitely hard to forget.

MartinaB69: @modernwest Will Nena perform as a guest during the German shows?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @MartinaB69--Hopefully Nena will join us in Berlin...

Pesabo: @modernwest: i love The Angels Came Down but still don't know if its about the civil war or the war against native americans?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Pesabo--Thanks--'Angels' was written about the Civil War but hopefully speaks to all who have lost loved ones at any time.

KevsNetty: @modernwest so are you guys planning to tour the uk? Xx
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @KevsNetty we'd love to play there!

Magster52: @modernwest I love the cover on the new CD. Where were the photos taken?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Magster52 - We took the photos on a hill overlooking Santa Barbara and the Pacific ocean. We like the cover too!

Pesabo: will there be more tourdates for germany this fall? the ones listed are pretty far away from my hometown :(
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Pesabo this is all for now. kevin is filming a new movie in Oct

modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @iguane007 yes - only one :(

ashleym082: @modernwest I can't make any of the shows in Ontario! :( When are you coming back? Love you guys! Keep doin what you're doin!
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @ashleym082 thanks

ichiban250907: @modernwest thanks -Cheers -do you bring the new CD with on tour?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @ichiban250907 yes, for the dates in Europe

iguane007: @modernwest u looking for new crew members?? me looking for a new job!!! :) i'm cheap! gonna follow u around EU anyway! :)
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @iguane007 - It's great that you're coming! Is everybody coming or just you? If we need to get rid of one of our crew we'll talk.

Maxjmus: @modernwest Which country(or city) has been your number one favorite perform place? :)modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Maxjmus too many to name!

Anita_wicked_22: @ModernWest Any European dates in October I mean? :)
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Anita_wicked_22 No european dates in Oct. Kevin goes to Romania for a movie.

healthybeth: @modernwest What do u like 2 do before a concert? golf? bball game? video games? practice repeatedly?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @healthybeth we don't have much time before shows - esp Kevin. he's always has press and other things going on

(couldn't find this twitter account to get the question)
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @MWfan63 OOOOOOH OOOOH It's Saturday Night---We still play it

AdriannaTR: @modernwest a friend would like to know "why "Riders on the train" did not make it on the CD?"
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @AdriannaTR we love it too - it will be on an upcoming release. maybe an acoustic album.

healthybeth: @modernwest Do you have any "covers" on the new cd? #AskModernWest missed u kevin in sandwich-security to tough ;-(
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @healthybeth - No covers on the new CD - too many of our own songs.

iguane007: do u expect one of ur crazy fan to have a special haircut?"
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @iguane007 hope so!

Maxjmus: @ModernWest I've got a question for Kevin: Are you planning to film some westerners in the future? (despite current films)
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Maxjmus - I've got a new one I"m working on called "Horizon" about the settlement of the West

DesGhibli: @modernwest #AskModernWest Do you have any plan to visit Southamerica on tour?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @DesGhibli we have heard talk about brazil again and maybe other countries while there....

iguane007: @modernwest hey who's answering the tweets?? teddy?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @iguane007 Park was answering for a while but now I'm on one computer (John) and Teddy's on the other. Kevin's here too.

DesGhibli: @modernwest But you have to come to Buenos Aires!!!! Please try to incude Argentina on a tour!
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @DesGhibli we want to

AdriannaTR: @modernwest if John is here, tell him Hello from Barcelona!!
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @AdriannaTR ----- Hi Adrianna - John

Magster52: @modernwest Who composes the most lyrics for the band?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Magster52 Kevin, John, Teddy and Park.

rindy1: @modernwest What are your goals this coming year?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @rindy1 Our goals are to write, rehearse, play, and be good husbands.

Magster52: @modernwest Have you made any new music videos from the new CD?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Magster52 - We're working on some - Cleo and Angels

healthybeth: @modernwest Do your families enjoy touring with you or is it stressful especially in a foreign country? Teddy single?? HA
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @healthybeth its usually to hard to travel with our families :( im married (Teddy)

dionano: @ModernWest about the upcoming tour: Any plans of coming back to Finland?!!
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @dionano Sorry we're not coming to Finland this tour - We'll be in Denmark and Sweden

Anita_wicked_22: @modernwest Can i plays drums with the band sometime, just one song, pretty please? he he!!
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Anita_wicked_22 sorry - larry has it covered :)

wvridges: @modernwest Looking forward to your Falls show again. I think there will be 6 of us attending next week.... Nelson from WV
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @wvridges thanks!

(this person's tweets didn't show up)
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @RobinLynnS - No shows planned for CMA week - yet

(this person's tweets are protected:
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @SophieJovi none yet ---- but we want to!

catconnor: @modernwest Any plans for concerts in New Zealand? lol
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @catconnor nope - we want to - our main video guy in from NZ and has us cheering for the all blacks

catconnor: @modernwest Any idea when the new album will be available in New Zealand?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @catconner - We don't know about a release date in New Zealand but you should be able to get it on Amazon or iTunes

AdriannaTR: @modernwest Will you visit the Oktoberfest in Munich? It will be in the same time you will be there
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @AdriannaTR thats a great idea

ichiban2592007: @modernwest who of you wrote Let Go Tonight
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @ichiban2592007 - Park wrote LGT

modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @rindy1 thx

modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Magster52 - We'll be in Charleston SC - end of March - No Charlotte NC yet

virmatu: @modernwest Why you never come to Norway???
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @virmatu too cold.....just kidding. actually not sure why we haven't toured there yet. I've been there 7 times and love it!!! (from Teddy)

modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @catconnor :)

(this person's twitter didn't show up)
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW C_DeM2 My favorite place (John) is Leland Iowa at the barn there. Kevin's favorite is Ventura - felt like homecoming

healthybeth: @modernwest saw u guys in davenport IA/twin lakes WI--do u like smaller venues or stadiums?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @healthybeth both!

healthybeth: @modernwest What current band would you like to open for or have them open for you?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @healthybeth opening for Neil Young!!!

modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @BADnina69 - OK we'll keep that in mind

FrodeWerner: @modernwest @virmatu Just supporting that! This will be the second time we've got to go to Sweden for a concert with you...;-)
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @FrodeWerner thx

ChiTownTina: @modernwest What guest musician(s) would you like to work with on a song or live?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @ChitownTina - John's favorite would be Neil Young.

Weezy5444: @modernwest When I look at the tour dates I see you play across the country a lot and not so much in the states, Why?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Weezy5444 love to!

virmatu: @modernwest Why you never come to Norway??? It's not so cold at all! Hope to see you all in Oslo next year!!!
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @virmatu us too

daveybeck: @modernwest What is the best part to being on the road?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @daveybeck playing music every night! being with your best friends and meeting the fans!!! thx

(Teddy posts picture of his wedding ring and guitar)
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @healthybeth

wvridges: @modernwest What's the fastest time that your crew had to get ready for a show and where did it happen? Thanks!
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @wvridges - none of us can remember what the fastest set up time was or where. All festivals are fast and furious.

healthybeth: @modernwest When are you guys coming back to Illinois or Iowa??? Is Sara still going to sing with you? Miss you!
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @healthybeth we r excited the have the @thealternateroutes open for us in sept

teeley4: @modernwest I recently started to run and I love to listen to MW, you guy have help me lose 50+ lbs,thanks so much
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @teeley4 happy to help :)

healthybeth: @modernwest HA HA Teddy!! I believe you!! Cut your nails LOL!! nice guitar --Gibson??
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @healthybeth Gibson -yep

healthybeth: @modernwest XOXO Is the Superman song going to be in the new superman movie? (credits???)
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @healthybeth - More than likely Superman 14 will not be in the new Superman movie

iguane007: @modernwest who will be the fiddle player?? bobby? luka?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @iguane007 roddy Chong - he spend years touring with shania twain

iguane007: why only one date in france?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @iguane007 yep!!!

Weezy5444: @modernwest Do you write or get the inspirations of your songs on the road or at home
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Weezy5444 we write mostly at home

(Michelle_48 tweets didn't show up)
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Michelle_48 No plans to come to Colorado again but we'd like to - We played in Aspen a few weeks ago

ashleym082: @modernwest I can't make any of the shows in Ontario! :( When are you coming back? Love you guys! Keep doin what you're doin!
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @ashleym082 No plans yet for Canada after this run - but we'll definitely be back

ciccio27: @modernwest Will Sara Beck join you on Europe tour?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @ciccio27 not on this tour. @thealternateroutes the alternate routes will be opening and nena might be a surprise guest at a show!!!!!

teeley4: @modernwest Loved seeing you guys at the Calgary Stampede, any new dates for Calgary?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @teeley4 - No new plans for Calgary yet

KevsNetty: @modernwest is Kevin on the pc yet answering? Xxx Could Kevin please, please, please say hi and make my day? Xx xxx
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @KevsNetty Kevin had to take his son to school - so he's nit here any more. sorry

iguane007: @modernwest u'll find some familiar along the way!! me and sis doing 6 shows! :) some join us on the road be prepared! :)
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @iguane007 We'll be prepared for you

sweetjeanet: @modernwest What's your favourite song on the album?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @sweetjeanet Teddy says "River" John "Angels" Park "Indian Summer"

FrodeWerner: What kind of animal would you wanna be if you could choose?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @FrodeWerner - a Jaguar

healthybeth: @modernwest Still waiting to hear if Teddy is single?????
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @healthbeth Teddy is VERY happily married and has a daughter named Lillie

Pesabo: @modernwest: do you have time to visit some of cities you're touring? did you discover some great new places yet?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Pesabo Park "Nakusp" Teddy argees

iguane007: @modernwest i can't beat the superman haircut!! Mmmmm what can i do
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @iguane007 - Spike your hair and dye it purple

Pesabo: @modernwest: what is for you the most stressful part of a tour?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Pesabo missing - worrying about family back home

tanjatd80: @modernwest @iguane007 good to see roddy chong then, I remeber him from shanias show, he rocked!
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @tanjatd80 @iguane007 yep!!!

modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @PeliNNy @ichiban250907 love to

iguane007: @modernwest hey john is Will joining u on this leg of tour?? thought he was part of last US one! ;)
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @iguane007 No Will won't be with us. He got hit by a car on his bicycle and hurt his shoulder. He'll be in a ling for another 6 weeks

Magster52: @modernwest I love th song "Top Down" who wrote it?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Magster52 park did

TXPennyLane: Do you still have that sexy kiwi camera man?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @TXPennyLane Our Kiwi man won't be with us sorry to say. I don't think he's all that sexy

Weezy5444: @modernwest When I look at the tour dates I see you play across the country a lot and not so much in the states, Why?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Weezy5444 nothing has been confirmed yet and Kevin has a busy schedule! we love touring the usa

ciccio27: What about Italy, will your album be released here,too?I've ordered on amazon but just in case it won't arrive...
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @ciccio27 The CD should be released in Spain

ciccio27: @modernwest Teddy is a great giutar player I'm an expert!I'm a disaster on twitter but I'm good at music
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @ciccio27 thank you, teddy

Weezy5444: going to go to Daytona and sing again?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Weezy5444 No new plans for Daytona - too noisy

silkewienand: @modernwest Hi guys, great to see you. Your lyrics are just great. who writes in the band actually the most lyrics?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @silkewienand - we all write lyrics
(silkewienand: @modernwest You're just a cool band. hope you are there for a long time. see you in September just chillin with y music.)

bellamdlc: @modernwest Hi from Canada - See you all in Fallview, can't wait
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @bellamdlc hi back!

Weezy5444: @modernwest Just to say thanks for you guys hard work, know you guys are appreciated and we hope to see you soon In Florida
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Weezy5444 thanks

Mikarlsson: @modernwest Did you guys enjoyed your stay in Sweden last year?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Mikarlsson We loved Sweden - can't wait to come back next month

rmarialaki: @modernwest what is your mailing address for private letters quetions please thank you
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @rmarialaki sorry - we dont have a band mailing address. we need one.

twjrs: @modernwest any chance for Nashville?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @twjrs nothing scheduled yet

iguane007: @modernwest any changes in the gear u'll use this tour? goldtop and fender and other gibson acoustics will be in the party?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @iiguane007 yes I (John) have a new electric - a black Fender Telecaster.

healthybeth: @modernwest Do u feel that the band will evolve into a different genre, perhaps some hard core electric guitar ROCK?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @healthybeth nope

Myrislava: @modernwest Kevin had to take his son to school - so he's nit here any more. sorry--He will return here?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Myrislava prob not - we need to get back to rehearsing soon

Nel69Rid: @modernwest Is Bobby going to comeback to your team?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @Nel69Rid maybe - right now he's busy with his own music and we enjoy playing with roddy and luke.

AdriannaTR: @modernwest where are you chatting from, right now?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @AdriannaTR Kevin's house

Myrislava: @modernwest What inspired you to create a song "Superman 14"?
modernwest Kevin Costner & MW @myrislava My son Will when he was very young was telling me about a dream and said "I felt like Superman flying over muddy rivers

modernwest Kevin Costner & MW thanks everyone for the online twitter hang. let's do again, cool?? we gotta get back to work. (Ended at 1:44pm PDST)

Monday, August 29, 2011

LIVE Q&A with Modern West on Twitter....

According to KC & MW's Facebook page and website:
Live Chat With @ModernWest Tomorrow (8/30) on Twitter!
Hey everyone… Do you have questions for us about the new album? Now is your chance to get some answers! Tomorrow, we’ll be participating in a live chat on Twitter at 12PM PST / 2PM CST / 3PM EST. Here’s how it will work:
1. Login to Twitter and visit our profile (@ModernWest). Go ahead and follow us if you haven’t already.
2. Come up with several questions about the new album, our songs, the upcoming tour, etc.
3. Use the hashtag #AskModernWest and tweet us your questions. For example, @ModernWest When is the release date of the new album? #AskModernWest.
We’ll be answering your questions as they come in, so keep them coming! Feel free to ask us anything you want to know. Help us spread the word and tell all of your friends. We hope to hear from all of you!

Bid for a Charity Meet & Greet with Kevin....

According to the following link, translated:
Backstage with Kevin Costner: Meet & Greet before his concert, September 19, 2011, in Offenbach. The bidding started August 26th and closes September 13, 2011 at 17:30. The estimated value is : € 1.200,00. Only 2 bids right now.

The nice big picture of Kevin they put at the link:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New messages from KC & MW and a video....

If you are on Kevin Costner & Modern West's email list then you received this message on August 26th: Next week, be sure to keep an eye out for more updates and special announcements! We'll give you some hints on the things coming up... 1. Start thinking of some questions that you may have for us about the new album, upcoming tour, or whatever else you would like to know, and 2. Get familiar with the new track listing below as we'll be giving you the back story on all of them:
"From Where I Stand"
1. Indian Summer
2. Hurricane Rain
3. Where Do We Go From Here
4. Let Go Tonight Featuring Nena
5. Find That Girl
6. The Hero
7. Let The River Carry Itself
8. No Fences
9. Lights To Change
10. Cleo At The Wheel
11. The Angels Cam Down (Remastered)

There was also this message on their Facebook page on August 25th: We had a great week of rehearsals in Nashville! We are excited to have Roddy Chong playing violin with us and The Alternate Routes (as a duo) opening all the European dates.

The Alternate Routes:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - "Let me be the one" with Sara Beck Posted by rustybuell Uploaded August 25, 2011 Cheyenne Frontier Days 7/28/2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some KC & MW videos I haven't posted before....

VIDEO: Kevin Costner meets people at the Field Posted by dmann11 Uploaded August 12, 2006 Kevin Costner returns to the Field of dreams and is surrounded by media and fans:

Netflix Live! On Location Posted by netflixprnetflixpr Uploaded on May 21, 2007 This video is from last year, when Kevin Costner and his band played live music just before everyone got to watch Field of Dreams -- right where it was filmed!

VIDEO: Kevin Costner-Mr.Tambourine Man Posted by panto1115 Uploaded June 28, 2007 6/25/2007 Potowatomi Casino in Milwaukee:

VIDEO: Superman - Kevin Costner and Modern West Posted by dmh1314 Uploaded August 25, 2008 Kevin Costner and his band singing in Ventura, California to promote his new movie, Swing Vote:

VIDEO: Saturday Night - Kevin Costner and Modern West Posted by dmh1314 Uploaded August 25, 2008 Kevin Costner and his band singing in Ventura, California to promote his new movie, Swing Vote:

Tambourine Man - Kevin Costner and Modern West Posted by dmh1314 Uploaded August 25, 2008 Kevin Costner and his band singing in Ventura, California to promote his new movie, Swing Vote:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Modern West Posted by SingNdrum Uploaded February 5, 2009 Kevin Costner and Modern West at Antone's Feb 4. I'll admit I was pleasantly surprised that he and his band sound quite good...

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Modern West Posted by sunkissedone9 Uploaded July 6, 2008 Kevin Costner and his band Modern West came to Durham, North Carolina on July 4, 2008 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie Bull Durham:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Devil Rays Posted by AngelPam49 Uploaded November 9, 2007 Kevin Costner singing with his band at The Rays (New Uniform) fashion show in Straub Park, St. Petersburg, Florida. The Devil Rays dropped the "Devil" from their team's name and got new uniforms. Kevin was there to help them celebrate their new beginning. It was followed by fireworks. It was a fun night!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A KC video interview and two photo slideshows....CORRECTION!

See the picture, article and video of the interview Kevin had with Johannes Fonnesberg when KC & MW did their concert in Denmark, February 28, 2010. (CORRECTION: I was informed that the woman interviewing Kevin in the video is Puk Elgaard. Johannes Fonnesberg wrote the article.)

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Let Go Tonight feat. NENA & some short adds Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded August 25, 2011 CD " From Where I Stand " & the single "Let Go Tonight " ( release in Sept. 2011 Europe):

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - From Where I Stand - preview Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded August 20, 2011 " From Where I Stand " ( release in Sept.2011 Europe) short music preview from all songs of the upcoming new CD:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Drawing for Belleville KC & MW concert tickets...

According to the following link:
Tickets purchased for Cougars for Cancer 2011 between August 29 and September 2 will be entered in a drawing to win two tickets to see "THE cougar-licious Kevin Costner and Modern West in concert at the Empire Theatre on Friday, Sept. 9th!!" Winners will be notified September 6th. Call 613-962-0686, or pick them up in person at The Cat’s Meow Salon (20 Victoria St, Belleville) or Kimberly’s Deja Vu Boutique (6835 Hwy 62 ~ one mile north of the 401, Belleville).

Monday, August 22, 2011

'From Where I Stand' new album release dates....

This time around those who want to buy Kevin Costner and Modern West's new CD, 'From Where I Stand' won't have to wait too long...

Available September 16, 2011 from

Available September 19, 2011 from

Available September 27, 2011 from

Available September 27, 2011 from

Sunday, August 21, 2011

KC & MW to play Gratz, Austria...CANCELED!!!!

According to the Events Dates at EAR-Music, Kevin Costner & Modern West are scheduled to play the Helmut List Halle, in Gratz, Austria on September 27, 2011:

The Helmut List Halle website:


Friday, August 19, 2011

Some pictures of Kevin and Modern West....

See the pictures: July 14, 2011 - Kevin Costner band at Calgary Stampede - Coca-cola stage by wendyandchad:

See the picture of Kevin pitching a ball at The Fielders stadium:

See the nice big picture of Kevin:

See two pictures Kevin at the Cubs game at Wrigley Field: August 7th By Mike Oliveri:

Picture of Kevin with Bill Austin on Starkey Hearing red carpet by Todd Buchanan:

Another Pausa/photo:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The latest from the 'Superman' filming....

See the picture of Kevin in front of the 'Superman' logo:!/photo.php?fbid=196703573727772&set=a.189717247759738.50058.154834911247972&type=1&theater

Warner Bros Releases Detailed MAN OF STEEL Movie Synopsis:

*Superman: Man of Steel (2013) commented: Green screen staircase, helicopters on set... a LOT is going down at the Kent Farm today! (August 18th)
*Superman: Man of Steel (2013) commented: From our Twitter fan Matt 2 all of u: "looks like kent farm is being prepped for filming today. Big green staircase on a truck out front, launchpad for flight?" (August 18th)
*Patti Schwartz Schobert commented: Did anyone get a picture of the truck that they had crashed upside-down into the farm house yesterday? (August 17th)
*Patti Schwartz Schobert commented: I could not tell. All I saw was a big hole in the corner of the house and wheels sticking up in the air. This morning it was covered with a tarp. (August 17th)
*Tracey J Nelson Sokolowski commented: Wrapping on funeral scene pretty sure I saw Diane Lane and of course the big Z :-) looks like they are heading to farm (August 17th)
*Tracey J Nelson Sokolowski commented: Luck perfect timing???? I was first car stopped by sheriff and I could see them rich in front of me getting in vans limo ect very cool
*Superman: Man of Steel (2013) commented: Tracey S is "pretty sure" she saw Diane Lane and Zack Snyder when they wrapped on a "funeral scene." Amy Adams was behind her in limo. Lucky her! Anyone else have a film / celeb spotting today? (August 17th)
*Adam Holmberg commented: I was at the cemetery not too far down the road from the farmhouse Tuesday, and they were prepping for shooting there. I wanted to get out and ask the builders who were working on the tombstones, but the guard was staying away and I thought approaching them might change that, so I stayed back...but they were running cables and definitely looking ready to firm there.(August 17th)
*Diane Henry-Lynch commented: kevin costner sighting in plano today. may have to camp out tomorrow....I was at the BP when a woman came in and said she had just seen Kevin Costner downtown. So, naturally I was a stalker and went down there to check it out. I went three times, (August 16th)

Picture of cemetery head stones: they think the one on the right is for Jonathan Kent, Kevin's part in the movie:!/photo.php?fbid=234898176555392&set=a.223222067723003.62032.221774371201106&type=1&theater

More photos of the Kent Farm filming:!/photo_search.php?oid=221774371201106&view=all

More Kent Farm pictures and of the tornado scene:

Excerpt from article entitled: 'Sandwich residents keep eye out for 'Super' stars' by Curtis Clegg: Kimber Dolan drove from Rockford to Sandwich to Plano on Monday in hopes of spotting her favorite movie star, Henry Cavill, who was cast in the leading role of Superman and his alter ego, Clark Kent. Plano’s downtown has been reconstructed to resemble the nostalgic, fictional town of Kent’s hometown of Smallville, Kan. During her stop in Sandwich, Dolan received a glimpse of Costner as he was riding in one of the vans, but she was not close enough to photograph him or get an autograph.

See the blog entry: 'I Met Superman (for real!)' by Pastor Scott Hodge whose church complex was used for the 'Superman' base camp:

From the article by Katya Holloway: Man of Steel is holding open casting calls in Nanaimo and Ucluelet on Vancouver Island this weekend (Aug. 20 & 21), according to a Superman blog. Producers are seeking local people to work as background artists in scenes to be filmed in early October. For specific details of the type of people required, and how to apply, click here. Filming begins Sept. 21 in B.C. and is scheduled to continue until Jan. 21, 2012.

Two KC & MW videos and a photo slideshow....

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - "Indian Summer" Posted by rustybuell Uploaded August 16, 2011 Belly Up Aspen 7/29/2011:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - "Hero" Posted by rustybuell Uploaded August 15, 2011 Belly Up, Aspen, 7/29/2011:

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - band snapshots Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded August 17, 2011:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The latest on the 'Superman' filming...

*Kimber Dolan commented: Just saw Kevin Costner and Zack Snyder!!!! Some newspaper guy wants my shot of Snyder, gave me his card. (Posted 1:45PM, CDST, August 15th)
Tim Nolan commented: My wife saw Kevin Costner playing catch with a football at the hospital today! Then saw the ball sitting on his chair later on! (August 15th)
*Andrew Medley commented: in the comic pa Kent used play ball with his son Clark.
*Tim Nolan this was between shooting, he was just relaxing with a football, lol.
*Traci Doppelhammer Griffin-Lappe Inside the hospital not much to see outside just some OLD cars (Posted 2PM CDST, August 15th)
*Joe Sperandeo commented: Well, just booted from downtown Plano. They allowed ppl on the street til 1 then made everyone leave. Heading to Sandwich, and not to eat. ;-) Ok, Sandwich, again closed off, can't get that close. But Kevin Costner & Diane Lane are there. Filming of some blown out windows. Ok, so if its just a "tornado" why is it happening in different locations? I still think its Zod attacking Smallville. (Posted 2PM CDST, August 15th)
*Rich Indelicato Todays news: two man crew using a crane w/ Laser camera high above the street. I'm told it's used for 3D modeling. It runs for four hours scanning the area and feeds to laptop. Ive been told of two shoots on Monday, the hospital but also a preliminary shoot in Plano. Source reliable. Also confirmed Aug 22 - Sept 2 ...Plano shoot......Alderman was sporting a nice new Smallville Plano ball cap. They can be purchased at the BP gas station on Rt. 34 near the shoot. I stopped in and they also have about 5 different Smallville T-Shirts available.....Tried to get a picture of the Kents mailbox at the Farmhouse. When I arrived it was gone. I'm told it's only up at the end of the driveway when they're shooting. I'm told they are returning to the Farmhouse for one more day of indoor shooting. They are leasing the land for two years in case Synder wants to come back to film anything.
*Regina Jorgenson commented: i worked at WDW a friend she had been server at Narcoossee's 15 yrs, served many famous, Bea Arthur and Kevin Costner were her fave stories, they were real, respectful, talked and tipped good! lol

'Superman' set photos by Kimber Dolan:

'Superman' set photos by Tim Nolan:

'Superman' set photos by Gregory Zonsius:

See the blog entitled: Summer of Superman: Filming Stirring Talk Around Plano by Patch:

*Rich IndelicatoI commented: I got a shot of the green pickup parked across from the Kent Farmhouse on Rt 126 on a gravel apron. He was told it is signficant in the film if anyone wants to get a shot of it.!/photo.php?fbid=233536596691550&set=a.223222067723003.62032.221774371201106&type=1&theater

Monday, August 15, 2011

More KC & MW videos and pictures...

See the Cheyenne concert picture by Becky at the following link:

See the two pictures of KC on the 'Celebs with Cotton Candy' page at the following link:

See the picture of Kevin with his guitar at the following link:

See the nice page about KC & MW 2009 Germany concerts at the following link:

VIDEO: Lon.mp4 kevincostnermodwest Uploaded January 21, 2010

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Let Go Tonight feat. NENA Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded July 25, 2011

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - tour snapshots July 2011(1) Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded July 17, 2011 tour July : Russia ,St Petersburg / Calgary Stampede / Nakusp Music Festival

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - tour snapshots July 2011(2) Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded August 4, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

'Superman' filming on the 'Kent Farm'...

See the pictures of the 'Kent Farm' all lit up for night time filming at the following links:!/photo.php?fbid=232490616796148&set=a.223222067723003.62032.221774371201106&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=232565080122035&set=a.223222067723003.62032.221774371201106&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=232565116788698&set=a.223222067723003.62032.221774371201106&type=1&theater

*Superman: Man of Steel (2013) commented: Filming at Kent Farm tonight, then over to Sandiwich, IL to film on Pleasant at the hospital... leading into the BIG shoot in Plano starting 8/22! Plano, you will never be the same! Anyone make it by the Kent Farm on 126 yesterday or this evening? (August 12th)
*Ed Larom commented: I just went by the Kent Farm! I'll post my pics when I get home. There's evening filming going on. You can tell by the lighting. I kept trying to stop and take a pic but the state troopers have it as a one lane right now. (August 12th)
*Tina Wade Kott commented: Passed by the hospital a few minutes ago and security is already set up there. (August 12th)
*Amy Elliott Spooner commented: I passed by the farm around 7pm. There was a green Smallville newspaper delivery truck out front on 126. My kids thought the huge white round things with lights in them above the house were suppose to be the moon! (August 12th)
*David Scott commented: The School is set for High School scenes..assuming we will see Henry possibly on the football team..I think Smallville Series fans will really appreciate this film then (August 12th)
*Superman: Man of Steel (2013) commented: The new info for filming is this: Mon 8/15 for movie trailer footage 1pm-8pm in Plano & the streets will be closed and simultaneious shooting of hospital scenes in Sandwich on Pleasant. Plano tentavely extended filming 8/22-9/2 w/ the helicopter scenes on 8/25 and backup heliciopter scenes on 8/27, D'town Chicago 9/9-9/11 for exterior shots, crew and ppl that work in city said Superman, Zod and Faora will show up during Plano filming. Ok, that about covers it. (August 13th)
*Gregory Zonsius commented: Filming update: Filming in Plano, IL (Smallville) has been extended. New tentative filming schedule is 08-22-2011 - 09-02-2011. (August 13th)

See the calendar of filming created by Gregory Zonsius at the following link:

See the article entitled: 'Superman flying in stealth mode in West suburbs' by Luis Gomez at the following link:

See the video and article entitled: 'Chicago Suburb Morphs into Smallville' by Phil Rogers at the following link:

See the article entitled: 'Summer of Superman: Stand Touts Fruits, Veggies - and Kryptonite' by Erin Sauder at the following link:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

More KC & MW videos and photo slideshows....

VIDEO: Modern West jam session. Posted by tiek24tiek24 Uploaded July 30, 2011 This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Modern West Posted by 1rindy Uploaded August 10, 2011 Cheyenne Frontier Days 2011

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - live - Superman 14 Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded July 24, 2011

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - rocking pics Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded August 10, 2011

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - live snapshots Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded July 21, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

More on 'Superman' filming....

Andy Schein - The video I posted yesterday gives people a better look at Cavill, but this one gives you a better look at Costner moving around from the 22-32 second mark. (Posted August 10th)

Amanda Rothwell-Ponce de Leon commented: Crew were still there today. The jet engine was going while we were at the park. You could see the people going back and forth on set. Not sure who all was down there, but definitely still action going on earlier today. People were actua...lly in a group standing at the corner of Barnes and Orchard facing the church where base camp is hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the stars as they were coming out from their lunch break and getting into the big white vans shuttling them from the base to the set. (August 10th)!/video/video.php?v=10150264224227341&oid=221774371201106&comments

New Details Regarding Man Of Steel's Shoot In Illinois:

Superman: Man Of Steel” Bridge Set Location Pictures From Sugar Grove, Il – Aug 11. Kevin's chair in one picture:

Superman: Man of Steel (2013) commented: Filming update: shooting at Kent Farm today and Fri night. This coming Monday 8/15 shoot at Valley West Hospital with Mt. Pleasant closed 7am to 7pm. meant to type 6am to 7pm the road will be closed. last listed at 9/21 to 2/20 for Vanouver shooting, the I guess to Edwards AFB to begin shooting in late Feb.

From an extra in the film: Elizabeth Brulc: (August 8th): Long but fun day...2 hrs spent at extras hq, 10 1/2 hrs spent on set. Hot day, but the crew really took care of us! Shooting our scene tomorrow. Pay rate for an extra is $75 for 8 hrs of work. Extra given for own car used, physical exertion and overtime. (August 11th): I've wrapped (for now). May have opportunity to do some more scenes in another location later. What an experience! Actually out near Aurora. Next op if selected again will be Plano. This was so cool! I will never watch a movie the same way again. You don't realize how much and how many behind the scenes people are involved in making a movie. There had to be about 60-75 crew members. I got to talk to some of them while waiting to film. Learned about rigging, wardrobe, fascinating! It was also so fun being in a scene with 3 big stars

*Trena Smith commented: Heard a rumor that Kevin Costner & Russel Crowe are in my subdivision looking at houses to rent while they film Superman in the area. They have been spotted at local eateries, wonder if they get along? Met Costner years ago, too short but I would like to party with Crowe :)
*Eric Schreiber commented: Pretty sure I saw Kevin Costner this morning at the Man of Steel filming location near Yorkville.
*Teresa Gibson commented: You probably did. Monday night Electric Mouse posted that it was reported he was spotted at Two Brothers Brewery.
&Sue Binter- Swanson commented: You are just saying that cause I had today off and you know I am looking for him (August 11th)
'8Stefanie Sterling commented: on the hunt for Kevin Costner & Russell Crowe with Alyssa Gio then dinner & J. SHORE!!!!!! (August 11th)
*Sharon Goddard i doubt authenticity of the bank part of story. the "old bank" he is referring to is a historical building i believe and can't beleive it would be blown up. one of the "new buildings" they are constructing is a bank reportedly. that must be what is being blown up.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

More KC & MW videos I hadn't found before...

VIDEO: Kevin Costner - superman 14 - Vienna Posted by Calogeroooh Uploaded March 22, 2010 Kevin Costner rocked Vienna on friday the 19th of March 2010. Superman 14 was the last song of the show. Unfortunately due to bad quality the middle part of the song had to be replaced by the album version. Enjoy anyway!

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West at Antones, Austin, TX, February 5, 2009 - The Sun Will Rise Again Posted by bladerunneronmyspace Uploaded February 12, 2009 Kevin Costner & Modern West sing The Sun Will Rise Again at Antones in Austin, TX, February 5, 2009. Set List: Red River, 5 Minutes, Long Hot Night, 90 Miles, Every Intention, If You Don't Want Me Too, Nogales, Back Yard, Maria Nay, Saturday Night, Hey Man, Superman 14, The Sun Will Rise Again, Tamborine Man.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West at Antones, Austin, TX, February 5, 2009 - Red River Posted by bladerunneronmyspace Uploaded February 12, 2009

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West at Antones, Austin, TX, February 5, 2009 - 5 Minutes Posted by bladerunneronmyspace Uploaded February 12, 2009

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Modern West Wormy Dog Feb 2009 Posted by tifandco999 Uploaded February 18, 2009

Kevin Costner and Modern West Posted by marieshawilliams Uploaded February 6, 2009 Antones Austin TX

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pictures of Kevin filming 'Superman' tornado scene....

See the picture and article entitled: Keeping Superman's secret safe By Eric Schelkopf:

See pictures of the scene being filmed at the following links:!/photo.php?fbid=230904373621439&set=a.223222067723003.62032.221774371201106&type=1&theater/a>!/photo.php?fbid=230904453621431&set=a.223222067723003.62032.221774371201106&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=230904516954758&set=a.223222067723003.62032.221774371201106&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=230904600288083&set=a.223222067723003.62032.221774371201106&type=1&theater

See the pictures and article at the following link:

VIDEO of filming on highway with Kevin:!/video/video.php?v=10150263585422341&oid=221774371201106&comments

*Amanda Rothwell-Ponce de Leon commented: They were letting you stand right on the path where they were filming for awhile, but eventually made us all leave b/c the crowd got too big. They are filming right now...Costner's scene should be coming up any time now! We were nearby during the practice run and saw the extras doing the "running scene" and then when we went back, a person there said they had just done the practice of Costner's scene...he's going to save someone in a car I guess?
9 hours ago · LikeUnlike Oh - and if you're looking for of the people that saw him this morning said he's wearing a long sleeve blue shirt w/ the sleeves rolled up a bit and Dockers!;)
*Andrew Connell commented: Saw Kevin Costner fight a tornado and almost got our cameras confiscated like 4 times in Plano of all places
*Chris Woeltje commented: Superman filming on 56 bypass today. Filming a tornado scene, and Kevin Costner was there, I guess. We didn't see him, but we saw lots of people running away from the "tornado". All it was were 2 giant jet engines that were very load!
*Bethsy Johnson-Kraabel commented: This morning I'm on my way to work and Kev calls and tells me not to take my normal way. Traffic is bad. I go my other route and see that its closed to get on to 88. I go to the next on ramp and its blocked with armed state troopers. I thought they were on a man hunt or something. Not the case. They shut down for filming of the new Superman Movie. Would have loved to see Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe. It was kinda cool to see construction signs that were not real. They were filming at the IHOP about a week ago at Orchard and 88 too. Its cool to know that they are filming so close to home.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More from Kevin in the Chicago area....

*lindsaymeow - lindsaymeow tweeted: Kevin Costner is at my work right now. #socool (Posted about 7:15PM CDST, August 8th)
*lindsaymeow - lindsaymeow @thejc3 yup tweeted: :) left about 20 mins ago. I guess he's filming superman in west chicago. (Posted about 8:15pm CDST, August 8th)
Brauer House 1000 N Rohlwing Road #13 Lombard, IL 60148

See the article entitled: Dernier enjoys chatting with Costner by Carrie Muskat:¬ebook_id=22936330&vkey=notebook_chc&c_id=chc

*Anne Schoenneman commented: Dear Kevin Costner, I really wish I would have jumped up and taken your picture as you walked right next to me on your way out of Wrigley, but apparently my ass had melted to the metal seat...... see you in Superman! (August 7th)
*Katrina Machado commented: 99.9% sure we just walked past Kevin Costner!!! Luis was wondering why I was pushing him aside!!! LOL!!! (About 6:30PM CDST, August 7th)
*Jaci Jasnoch commented: So Kevin Costner showed up at the Cubs game to celebrate with us today!! (posted 4:30PM CDST, August 7th)!/photo.php?fbid=2119841449954&set=a.1673313327030.86833.1663336616&type=1&theater
*Gilda McCurdy commented: Even though the Cubs lost it was alot of fun. We both enjoyed the time we spent together. I even saw Kevin Costner at the game I quess he's a Cub's fan. Of course he was in the VIP reserved boxes, from our seats we saw them coming and going.
*Donna McGriff commented: Went to the CUBS game - sorry they lost but what a game! lots of first for me in person - not one but two dropped fly balls in the outfield, some guy falling in the basket in the outfield to catch a home run, bad calls by the umps (oops that always happens, lol) the home plate ump had to leave the game and Kevin Costner just happen to be there and happen to walk right in front of our seats - It was an adventure! :-)

Lollapalooza, Grant Park, Day Three, August 7, 2011 By Althea Legaspi Excerpt: 3:59 p.m. The Cars hit the stage one minute early and drew a massive crowd. They also drew Dave Grohl and his kids along with Kevin Costner (wha?) and Graham Elliott to the side stage to watch.

*Jayson Michael Polad commented: I watched Coldplay with Winona Judd, Eminem with Lindsay Lohan and Foo Fighters with Kevin Costner... I wonder if their statuses say they all watched those bands with me :) Well, it wasn't so much "meet" as it was just standing next to... (Posted August 7th - Foo Fighters played at Chicago's Lollapalooza from 8 to 10PM)

See the article entitled: Residents in watch as sets for Superman movie take shape by Matt Hanley:

*Tami Reilly commented: Oh man, should have gone to Sullivan's for $5 martini night tonight! Just read that Kevin Costner was there! (August 7th)
*Diane Henry-Lynch commented: they're currently fiming portions of the new superman man of steel movie about 2 miles from my house. i'd drive down there & hang out if i thought i'd get a chance to meet kevin costner. he's a hunk!!! ;-0
*Sheila Hoskins Simpson commented: OK Diane listen carefully...get your little tail in your car and drive as close as you can and get out and just get as close as you can...take camera/video, binoculars, water and don't leave until you have pictures to it!!!!!!!!!

Photos by Corey R. Minkanic: Activity at Reputed Superman Movie Farm Site identified the location along Route 126 east of Yorkville near the Whitetail Ridge Golf Club, on Wednesday, August 3rd:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kevin spent his day off at Wrigley Field...

*chitownsports tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Cubs game today (Posted 2:00PM CDST, August 7th)
*rcamardo1587 tweeted: Kevin Costner! (Posted 4:40PM CDST, August 7th)
*meCOUGHLIN - Michael Coughlin tweeted: met Dave Grohl and Kevin Costner in a five minute window (Posted 9:00PM CDST, August 7th)
*caitgreenwood - Caitlin Greenwood tweeted: us and Kevin Costner at Wrigley Field. No biggie....But he was very nice. (Posted 10:00PM CDST, August 7th)
*PCz911 - paul czaplicki tweeeted: Just spoke to kevin costner. He's in the suite next door (Posted 10:08PM CDST, August 7th)
*SullivansSteak - Sullivans Steakhouse tweeted: The Scene at Sully's #Naperville - Kevin Costner in the house. Sat outside with a guest enjoying the weather on our patio. (Posted 10:55PM CDST, August 7th)

Sullivan's Steakhouse of Naperville, Illinois:

Kevin was sitting just to the right of the Cubs dugout. He was seen in two videos of the plays of the game. I made a video of just where he's seen and a picture of where he's at. Don't blink or you'll miss him!! LOL!!

More about 'Superman' filming...

According to Mick Swasko at the following link:,0,5490003.story
Film crews already have been spotted setting up equipment at a farm in an unincorporated area of Kendall County near Yorkville.

*Vivian Clayton commented: my two nephews are playing in the movie there twins i cant wait lol there names are landon and lane gunderson im so happy for them

*Superman: Man of Steel (2013) From Joe: "Filming in W Chicago, best seen on Rt 28 just west of Fabyan Pkwy. Big white tents and big cranes seen in distance. Can't get close enough." Cops are there and at Innovation Dr and Fabyan.
*Joe Sperandeo commented: My lovely wife, Jennifer, writes for Yahoo and put together this "super" article on filming near our house. Check it out and take a look at some of her other stuff. She's a bit of a Disney freak, but I still love her anyway. ;)

See the article entitled: Superman Man of Steel Filming in My Backyard by Jenny Sperandeo, at the following link:

Two pictures of the Saturday, August 6th filming site by Joe Sperandeo:!/photo.php?fbid=2133223102572&set=o.221774371201106&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=2133223942593&set=o.221774371201106&type=1&theater

A map of filming sites created by Gregory Zonsius:

Photographer Andy Schein Kent farmouse. Barn and windmill. Quite picturesque:!/photo.php?fbid=229468343765042&set=a.223222067723003.62032.221774371201106&type=1&theater

For the latest filiming news and pictures:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kevin filming in 'Superman' movie in Chicago area....

*Michael Lastofadyinbreed Burt commented: Sitting in my backyard watching Warner brothers filming for the new Superman this shit in my backyard wow!!!! (Posted 2:27PM CDST, August 1st)
*Michael Lastofadyinbreed Burt commented: Kevin Costner in the baby blue kneeling down (Posted 1:58PM CDST, August 2nd)!/photo.php?fbid=243611292337862&set=a.186432211389104.42497.100000669780112&type=1&theater
*Michael Lastofadyinbreed Burt commented: Kevin Costner just walked thru my backyard (Posted 2:02PM CDST, August 2nd)
*Michelle Murphy Licht commented: At catch and just made eye contact with Kevin Costner!!!!! I can't get over that I hugged frank farmer tonight!!! (Posted by 5:43PM CDST, August 2nd)
*Nate Ivetic commented: Saw Kevin Costner at dinner tonight (Posted 6:30PM CDST, August 2nd)
*Celia Albright Hochstetler commented: Well I just missed Kevin Costner by a matter of minutes tonight at my old home in Plano.There filming superman and piece of it at my old house. (Posted 8:30PM CDST, August 2nd)
*Jill Johnson commentd: OMG Kevin Costner was literally in my back yard filming - Ill post a pic n a min ahhhhh n he said hi to me :) (Posted 10:06PM CDST, August 2nd)
*Rich Schiradelly commented: MISSING: my wife is missing last seen in the area of TK's around an hour ago stalking some guy named Kevin Costner. you don't think I have anything to worry about do you? (Posted 6:31PM CDST, August 3rd)
*Ryan Donahue commented: The one night I don't work the dinner shift and Kevin Costner shows (Posted 8:48PM CDST, August 3rd))
*Diane Ceren Jackson commented: I know where Kevin Costner will be at 630....Playing golf at white tail ridge here in yorkville (Posted 4:30PM CDST, August 4th) Whitetail Ridge Golf Course website:

First look at Zack Snyder and Kevin Costner on set currently filming the Smallville and Kent Farm scenes in Plano, Illinois. Also check out the Kent family automobile of choice!:

From the following link:
On Saturday, Aug 6 “Superman: The Man of Steel” will be filming in West Chicago on Innovation Drive for a big tornado scene. Kevin Costner is supposed to be on set, as well as other cast members. Filming starts early, and should be an all day shoot. If you go check it out, we would love set location pictures. You can email us at See the map of Innovation Drive, West Chicago, DuPage, Illinois:

"Looking for Superman?" See article and map by Mick Swasko of the Plano road closures for 'Superman' filming:

Friday, August 5, 2011

More concert pictures and video....

See the KC & MW picture at Nakusp by Aaron Snyder:!/photo.php?fbid=10150276700097332&set=a.10150276698742332.349045.81848562331&type=1&theater

See the Cheyenne Frontier Days picture by Deb Sanchez:!/photo.php?fbid=2010519347597&set=a.1662779814326.2084024.1382156881&type=1&theater

*misstrishshoes commented: Cheyenne Frontier Days listening to Kevin Costner's Band! I love my western roots!

*Shirley Johnson commented: We got to meet Kevin Costner at the Cheyenne Rodeo. Pretty Cool!! I know, he acted so thrilled. WE felt honored to meet him. It was pretty cool on our part.

Photo montage: Kevin Costner & Modern West - tour flashback July 2011 Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded August 4, 2011

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - "Red River" Posted by rustybuell Uploaded August 4, 2011 Cheyenne Frontier Days: