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More from filming in Romania....

See the pictures of Kevin with Loredana Groza at Poiana Brasov-Hotel Sport Spa.:!/photo.php?fbid=297267873620658&set=o.184283259844&type=3&theater


See the three pictures of Kevin when he checks in to his hotel Copos:

More behind the scenes pictures and article about the food service. (Evidently the one taking the pictures thought it was Kevin with gray hair):

VIDEO: Kevin Costner filmed in Romania in a History Channel production actor Kevin Costner began filming in Romania. The first scenes for TV miniseries, produced by History Channel station in collaboration with Castel Film, were filmed in the village Dragoslavele Arges county. The series describes the rivalry between two families, after the U.S. Civil War. September 27, 2011

VIDEO: Kevin Costner filmeaza in Romania Excerpt: Kevin Costner....will be accommodated at a hotel on the outskirts Leresti, rented especially for the crew, informs Antena 3. The shooting about 200 people attend and the team and players are Romans, some scenes will be filmed and Bran Castle in Brasov. Villagers in the area say they have not heard of actor Kevin Costner, but he hopes to help, because they are poor.

Translated: Actor Kevin Costner comes in Romania. The actor and the History Channel team will shoot in the hills and mountains of the Arges few scenes from his new film. Kevin Costner...will accommodate a hotel on the outskirts Leresti. All hotel rooms have been reserved for the crew, and for a few days, this will accommodate the great American actor Kevin Costner. He asked for nothing special, only crew members had few complaints. Around 200 people will participate in the filming. Technicians, and Romanian foreign actors will make a TV miniseries about the rivalry between two families. Most people are happy in the area. Villagers do not know who is Kevin Costner, but if it will meet, hoping that will enhance their pensions. Filming will take several weeks and will shoot scenes in the film and Bran Castle in Brasov.

See pictures and translated excerpt: The six Romanian stuntmen working with U.S. producers were prepared to do absolutely anything when it comes to ways: it can cause to roll or may be to skip any obstacle. Team leader, Razvan Puiu, will replace Kevin Costner during the stunt. One of the scenes in which Hollywood star will appear is when his horse is shot, and he will have to fall and roll. But the scene is performed by a 22 year old from Bucharest who is a stuntman and working on projects with Castel Film production house. Razvan has many sports - from motorcycle speed, polo, martial arts and horse riding - and is considered in the 42 years of his stunt one of the most appreciated in our country. Romanian has already got to know Kevin Costner and he said it's a special man, and in addition, a very good rider. The actors are now at Meadow Gârţii in common Dragoslavele Arges. Here are just seven minutes of filming the movie "Hatfield and McCoy's", a love story between children of two rival clans of the eighteenth-century America..

See pictures and article: Actor Kevin Costner has won the respect of employees of the hotel in Poiana Brasov where he stayed during filming for the production "Hatfields and McCoys The". They say that American is a very modest and friendly with everyone. Kevin Costner...stayed for almost two weeks. "They make one order in the room. Collect their garbage in the morning and leave it to the apartment where he lives. He is not picky about food, tried all Romanian dishes, and when going to the bar, pay their own meals," said a hotel employee....Sets for the film,...which now shoots Cheişoara area, near Rasnov cabanierul were made by John Adam, mountain rescue. It works in film production designer since 1997, when he began his apprenticeship under his wing Sergiu Nicolaescu. "Everything is made only from wood treated to look like and how it was done 150 years ago," says Adam, who worked on "Cold Mountain".

Translated: Kevin Costner lead ... a Duster - Until October 5, the crew of the production "Hatfield and McCoy's" is located Cheişoara near Râşnov installed on a forest road. Here were located a few houses, but also crew team. Kevin Costner, as producer and starring actor, is accommodated in Poiana Brasov and shooting up the place comes with a Dacia Duster. bearded and dressed in shirt and jeans every time, Costner does not differ at all from machinists, operators and builders of scenery. drink plain water with them and share coffee filter without any problem. Filming the show, which relates the story of two rival clans of the eighteenth-century America, began over two weeks in Romania, in Arges County, at Dragoslavele, and Brasov.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner films these days in Arges

A nice picture and excerpt translated: Razvan Puiu, head stunt film just because it will be one that will double even the American star, who, yesterday, still had the plates. "Although it's a good rider, you will need a dubbing, because they shoot scenes in two different places and must be in each of them. And at one point, his horse is shot, and he will collapse. Sure I will double, "said Razvan.

Two nice pictures of Kevin from a previous golf tournament, used for the Romanian filming news:

Another two pictures used for the Romanian filming news:

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