Monday, October 3, 2011

More on Kevin filming in Romania.....

Pictures of one of the homes built for the filming:

Picture of filming and article that says: "Shooting, clouds of dust and thunder of hooves were heard Tuesday in the hills of Arges, where U.S. civil war back in front of the cameras for shooting....Peasants from Dragoslavele not wait to see him (Kevin) in action. Until then, they anxiously watch everything that happens."

Picture of Kevin:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner arrived in Romania Hollywood star will shoot in Rasnov few minutes of the latest movie or. Reporters Observatory obtained an exclusive interview with the actor as soon as the plane descended. It was received with bread and salt. Instead go to the set made a Duster.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner arrives in Romania - September 28, 2011 - Kevin Costner, the Hollywood actor, is expected to arrive in Romania in the time since. Has filmed in our mountains, to the latest movie or. Kevin Costner will star in a TV miniseries filming which will mainly Dragoslavele village in Arges County. The area was chosen due to relief. Kevin Costner will play in the series describes the rivalry between two families in the first years after the end of U.S. Civil War, the conflict between the two clans lasted for over a century and is pressing murder, intrigue and romance. With a casting for supporting roles, played by Romanian actors, many of the villagers and they will have the honor to play alongside great actor. Filming will take several weeks, and scenes from the film will shoot in Brasov and Bran Castle.

VIDEO: week fashionable Fashionable world has been overshadowed this week by visiting one of the greatest actors in Hollywood. Kevin Costner came to Romania to shoot in Rasnov few minutes of his new film. towards the end of the week, gave a news Borcea wives waiting. Several are now in Week Gossip

VIDEO: Kevin Costner started serious work at the new film or Hollywood star sits in Poiana Brasov and make daily trips to the forests in the foothills of Massif Postavarul, where sets. Producer and Actor, Costner proved costumes today, talked with the actors and gave indications on the set. Dressed in a simple shirt and jeans, Kevin Costner almost lost among machinists, operators or manufacturers settings. He stayed there but the actors are thoroughly break.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner lurk in the hotel in Poiana Brasov:

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