Sunday, October 16, 2011

Several items....

See concert picture of KC & MW by everglades95:

See pictures of Kevin with a young gal: Janine did not dance with the wolf, but with music by Kevin Costner. After a meet and greet him in the backstage area was allowed to come close, they saw him after that time at a new activity. You could not admire him as usual as an actor, but as a singer. He gave a great concert with his band Modern West and Janine was also a guest there.

VIDEO: Il Cielo è sempre più blu,The Sky is bluer & bluer,16 October 2004....wmv 98Superciccio Oct 10, 2011 Kevin Costner special guest during an Italian tv Show: In october 2004

VIDEO: Kevin Costner iubește peisajele din România (and picture)

VIDEO: Jurnal RTT 14.10.11 Stirea 1 Posted by brasov2u

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - tour picture - mix Posted by ichiban2592007 Uploaded October 16, 2011

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