Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kevin seen at Tom Jones concert and LAX...

An article and two blogs place Kevin at the Tom Jones concert at the Palace Hall in Bucharest, Romania, Thursday, November 17, 2011:

marcjenner - Marc Jenner tweeted: Tom Jones concert tonight, sat with Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner. I didn't mention Waterworld... (November 17th)

See the photos from NATIONAL PHOTO GROUP - Kevin Costner departs LAX Airport with a guitar slung over his shoulder and sports a large mustache with a short beard. EXCLUSIVE Nov. 16th, 2011 Los Angeles, CA

I'm confused because the pictures look like he's headed in to the terminal for a flight but if so, how was he in Bucharest on Thursday evening? Mystery!! Maybe they just transported him from one area to another? I've never been to LAX so I don't know what it's like although I imagine it's a really huge complex!


Claudine said...

I don't know but maybe he was coming back to the USA for a few days to see his family and in these pictures he leaves again for the Romania at LAX so, in this case, it's possible he was at the Tom Jones 's concert at Thursday night. Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

You make a good job with your blog! Congratulations!
Because you are such a great fan, I send you this video like a gift from Romania. :)