Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pictures, tweets and an interview....

*MichaelGreco2 - michael greco tweeted: Sat in the make up chair talking to kevin costner about our scene for ages. Love my job. (Posted November 21st)
*noel_fisher - Noel Fisher tweeted: Kinda cool grabbing dinner with Kevin Costner and bumpin into Bill Paxton in the hotel lobby afterwards. Life if a trip. (Posted November 25th)
*mashleyabate - Melissa Ashley Abate tweeted: Table neighbors at dinner with KEVIN COSTNER in Bucharest, Romania? #Truelife #Sexiestmanalive #Pinchme pic:


Picture from AT&T Pebble Beach by Heather Hummel:

Interview: 'Kevin Costner talks to Michael Otto' by Gisela Maria Freisinger, dated November 29, 2011:

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