Saturday, December 10, 2011

KC & MW in Romania and more pictures....

*timspier - Tim Spier tweeted: Warming up on the range at Angeles National, and the dude behind me looks just like Kevin Costner...wait. That's Kevin Costner. #tincup #rad (17 hours ago so about 7am, December 8th)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner in Romania

Thursday Sara Beck commented that she was on her way to join Modern West for a show in Romania:

See Bobby Yang's Facebook page for his first night in Bucharest:

Article at the following link says there were 700 tickets for sale for the Monday night concert and they sold out in 3 hours time!

See the pictures of Kevin's interview with MagicFM's Lianei Stanciu and the aritlce:

More pictures of Kevin at the following links:

Interview: Dana Razboiu tells how she scored the interview with Kevin:

*deangaffney1 - Dean Gaffney tweeted: RT @MichaelGreco2: @deangaffney1 got some great pics mate. Costner directing us 2mrrw for last day.Gonna get a pic...What the Kevin costner! (Posted December 4th)
MichaelGreco2 - michael greco tweeted: Me with the legend kevin costner. (Posted December 6th)

Another article and pictures from the horses used on filming:

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