Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lots of pictures of Kevin....

Two sites with pictures from the Athens Badminton Theater concert, by Petra Terzi, concert producer: _Kostner_Live_Sthn_A8hna.html#photo-24508

Two pictures and excerpt from the House of Blues ~ Anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster, New Orleans, April 23, 2011 - Harmony for Health Benefit Excerpt: And I must mention the big draw for the fundraiser – Kevin Costner & his Band, Modern West. He’s just a lowly Academy Award winning movie star, not a rocket scientist like some of the folks I’ve written about today, but he certainly cares a great deal about what’s happening to the people down here. And they can certainly deliver that old good time music. Having spent considerable time in the Gulf over the years, the place & it’s people have obviously gotten under his skin. Kevin and the band brought it home and kept the place jumping for hours.

More pictures from the Harmony for Health Benefit:

See pictures 1, 2, 3, 14, and 15 from Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night, March 19, 2011:

A picture from the Starkey Hearing Gala by katieinminneapolis:

Picture: Last Tango artist Sarah Cripps opens for Kevin Costner and Modern West at the Empire Square Anniversary Weekend in Belleville on Saturday Sept. 10.

See seven pictures from the Isle of Sylt:

Picture by Ryan Valdron who got a meet and greet with Kevin at the Spencerville Fair and a signed 'Bull Durham' cover:

Several pictures from different sites: Costner

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