Friday, December 23, 2011

More interviews, articles and videos from the past.....

Creative Screen Writing Review - ROUGH TRADE in the GENDER WARS: by Mary Dalton & Davis March - November/December 1998, about 'Bull Durham':

Candis November 2000 - 'Kevin’s Heaven - To most of us, Kevin Costner is a seriously sexy, high octane megastar, but, as he tells Arianna Eisenberg':

Entertainment Weekly 2000 - 'KEVIN COSTNER' by Benjamin Svetkey:

Hello Magazine April 2001:

13 Days That Shook The World - Kevin Costner reveals why he made his controversial new movie about the crisis that brought us to the brink of Nuclear War. By Susan Littwin - December/January 2001:

Total Film April 2001 - ”I’m a convenient foil for a lot of people…” by Matt Mueller and Alan Morrison:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner - Swing Vote Entertainment Studios Uploaded August 25, 2008:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner at the BBBS Concert Posted by Dodi Uploaded May 21, 2007 Kevin Cost­ner in G'ville at the BBBS Con­cert:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Band - 6/06/09 Posted by Jackie Uploaded June 9, 2009 HE SHOOK MY HAND!!!!! HOW COOL!!!!!!!!

VIDEO: My bootlegged footage of Kevin Costner concert Posted by Katherine Uploaded July 12, 2008 Scot­ty and I snuck in my cam­era to The House of Blues and cap­tured this fine dis­play of mu­sic... we couldn't be­lieve he was ac­tu­al­ly stand­ing in front of us SINGING, he didn't play the gui­tar re­al­ly-​ just held it.

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