Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More videos and photo slideshows....

Picture slideshow by Maria Nagy:

Some pictures of Kevin with fans:

Two videos by Ghita Feldbaek, dated April 11 & 12, 2010:

VIDEO: HD Swing Vote Exclusive Posted by goodnewsdonandcheryl Uploaded August 8, 2008 Kevin Coster talks about discovering the script for Swing Vote and why he made this movie.

VIDEO: Dances With Wolves - John Barry, Conductor Posted by Chris5277 Uploaded May 26, 2007:

VIDEO: Kodak Master Class Series: Lighting Dances with Wolves Posted by pbela87 Uploaded May 15, 2011 Dean Semler demonstrates the techniques that won him an Academy Award for the cinematography of Dances With Wolves. Dean's background in documentary films is a major influence on his visuals. This workshop recreates the lighting of an interior fireside scene from Wolves, using an exact replica of the teepee set...

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