Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pictures and video from Almaty, Kazkhstan concert....

Concert pictures from Almaty, Kazakhstan concert, September 25, 2010 by Manuyloff:

VIDEO: Кевин Костнер в Алматы by Andrrr_82 (Kevin Costner in Almaty):

See the picture and interview entitled: 'Kevin Costner: Do not be afraid!' by Faith Lyakhovskaya, dated September 29, 2010:

See picture of Kevin by Goulbara Tolomushova:

See the fourteen pictures and article:

See the pictures and articles from the following links:

See the picture and interview entitled: 'Kevin Costner saw the mountain and fell asleep' by Zuhra TABAEVA:

See eight pictures:

See the two pictures and interview by Marina Hegau, entitled: 'Kevin Costner - A Hero Forever':

VIDEO: Kevin Costner in Almaty Eurasia Film Festival 26 09 2010 from kein costner BM Amine algeria Posted by MegaAmine19 Uploaded October 1, 2010 - At 1:35 some guy gets a little crazy and tossed the barricade:

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