Thursday, December 22, 2011

Several items...

At the following link is the video we've seen already but at the bottom are photos on the set of " Hatfields and McCoys" at Castel Film Studio:

Another picture of Kevin with Jacqueline Bisset:

Another picture of Kevin signing a Santa hat and an article about who won it:

A Lufthanasa magazine Q&A and picture of Kevin posted by Jeremiah Owyang:

An interview Kevin did for Open Range in German:

An autographed picture of Kevin filming 'The Postman':

Michael McGrady as John Shansey with KC & Dennis Quaid - see his site: for his art work:

VIDEO: Jill Simonian's Uncut Interview with Kevin Costner - The star of Mr. Brooks gets candid with ReelzChannel:

See the two pictures and interview by Dierk Sindermann, entitled: 'Kevin Costner in the Anniversary Interview' dated February 13, 2011:

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