Friday, December 9, 2011

Several videos....

See more Costner Special Edition clothes from ARQUEONAUTAS:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner by vitaminwater18:

VIDEO: Kevin 1 by rmclean306:

VIDEO: Kevin loves to talk and I like listening by rmclean306:

VIDEO: B4 LiL Wayne, Oprah? by Gordzillion Oprah & Kevin Costner talk about the creation of my scene.

VIDEO: Cody the Buffalo, set of Dances with Wolves - Posted by buffalogalcom Uploaded February 28, 2008 Just about everyone has seen the movie Dances with Wolves, and been impressed with the thundering herd of buffalo stampeding across the movie screen. But did you know that one lone buffalo stands out from the herd? That buffalo is Cody. You may remember the buffalo hunt scene where a buffalo charges the young Indian boy, Smiles a Lot. He performed that scene enticed with his favorite treat- Oreo cookies. Visit us at

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