Thursday, January 5, 2012

KC & MW to play Bud Country Fever, Grande Prairie, Alberta....

Bud stands for 'Budweiser'! Kevin Costner and Modern West have announced new concert dates for 2012 at their Facebook page and website, stating: "Looking forward to what 2012 will bring and getting back on the road…"

To get ticket information and RSVP now on their Facebook page:

I have posted four of the new dates on my blog already (and on the KC & MW Upcoming Concerts page). The new date they are announcing that I didn't know about is the Bud Country Fever - Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada on July 1, 2012. There's a picture of Kevin on their website:

"Guess who this year's headliners will be and win passes to Bud Country Fever 2012" on their Facebook page:

Grande Prairie, Alberta is about nine hours north and west of Calgary and about five and a half hours north and west of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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