Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kevin seen arriving at LAX and more....

See picture of Kevin arriving LAX on Monday, January 9th:

See pictures of Kevin leaving Vancouver and arriving at LAX:

Photo slideshow: First look at Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent on the set of Superman, Man of Steel. Filming took place at a working farm in Delta. There were several high school kids and a few other teens that were working on a scene. Kevin stepped in and worked on a scene with a few younger kids. See the stills in an earlier post. Kevin was in Vancouver for a few days and left soon after wrapping his role in the movie. Pictures by Christine Kilpatrick. See her website:

Scroll down to third picture of Kevin with Peter Wafa-Abela:
Who Peter Wafa-Abela is:

See the picture of Kevin I hadn't seen before at the following link:

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