Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More pictures of Kevin and a video...

Another picture of Kevin at the Knicks vs. Mavericks game:

Scroll down to see the picture of the 2011 Honorees at Starkey Hearing Gala, July 24, 2011:

See the picture of Kevin with actor Steven Koller who had an uncredited part as White House Staff in Thirteen Days:

Tilda Donner @dysfashional tweeted: Photo: Dare To Be Dashing: Love how Kevin Costner is progressively becoming more ruggedly handsome as a quinquagenarian. Picture is of Kevin at LAX on February 20th:

Zoe Orr @zogandee tweeted: My life would be completely different without Kevin Costner. (I'm not sure where this is or why it exists)

Scroll down to see the picture of Kevin at the Regina Craven Country Jamboree with Lois Howell and friends:

Now for some more "oldies but goodies": Picture of Kevin Costner and James Caan at Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue party (2007):

Picture of Kevin Costner in New York City sighting (2006)

Picture of Kevin Costner out in NYC (1987)

Picture of Kevin Costner at an "Il Postino" screening in NYC (1996)

Picture of Kevin Costner at the Celebrity Sports Invitational Ski Event in Squaw Valley (2003)

Three pictures 'behind the scenes' from the 'Field Of Dreams' Extras: Johnny Bench, George Brett, Kevin Costner, Bret Saberhagen, 1989:

See the article by Pamela Sorensen about seeing Kevin Costner and Modern West at The Cove in Atlantis, Bahamas, in November of 2007:

VIDEO: More about Kevin and the funeral on Extra - Uploaded by peprmintpty on Feb 29, 2012:

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