Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Billboard interviews Kevin about KC & MW upcoming tour...

See the picture and article by Chuck Dauphin of Nashville, entitled: Kevin Costner Readies Concept Album, Tour With Modern West:
The highlights of the interview: Kevin said: "The band wrote all the music for behind the scenes and the documentary," (for the 'Hatfields and McCoys' mini-series beginning Memorial Day on the History Channel). "Out of that, we're putting together a concept record which deals with that era, and it's pretty cool. We'll call it 'Famous For Killing Each Other' and will come out a couple of weeks before the miniseries comes out." Kevin said he hopes the band can do another studio album as they are "writing constantly." And Kevin talked about the memorial ceremony at Ft. Knox on April 14th for the family members of those lost in the Chinook/Seals crash on August 6, 2011, how the Gold Star Moms and Wives have adopted KC & MW's song, 'The Angels Came Down'.

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