Thursday, March 29, 2012

KC & MW Youkey Theatre Lakeland, Florida concert...

Pictures: March 28, 2012 - The Lakeland Center, Youkey Theater, Lakeland, Florida:

*Betsy Collier commented: Going to see Kevin Costner's band tonight. :) (Posted at 10:30am EST)

*Sissy Smith Osborne commented: Yay keeping my grand baby tonight so mom and taylor can go see Kevin Costner (Posted at 3:30pm EST)

*Whitney Gier -‏ @WhitekneeAnn tweeted: I'm at Lakeland Center Youkey Theatre for Kevin Costner and Modern West and Kevin Costner (Tampa, FL) w/ 5 others (Posted at 7:46pm EST)

*Matt Reinstetle -‏ @LedgerMatt tweeted: I'm about to meet Kevin Costner backstage at @lakelandcenter. (Posted t 7:53pm)

*Full Access Magazine -‏ @Full_Access_Mag tweeted: Waiting to meet Kevin Costner (Posted at 7:54pm EST)

*Shelby Gleason ‏- @shelberini tweeted: Bought to be five feet from kevin Costner with @graceerinmcginn #dying (Posted at 8pm EST)

*Matt Reinstetle ‏- @LedgerMatt tweeted: They're playing TV on the Radio as they set up for Kevin Costner's set. I love the bad but doesn't go with a country concert. #Whatevs (Posted at 8:33pm EST)

TV on The Radio website:!news

*Matt Reinstetle ‏ @LedgerMatt tweeted: A guy in the back is commenting on every one of Costner's stories like he's talking to him directly. #CalmDownBuddy (Posted at 9:03pm EST)

*Emily Allen ‏ @emmylou522 tweeted: Kevin Costner playing guitar=sexy @ Lakeland Center Youkey Theatre (Posted at 9:00pm EST)

*Lakelandia ‏ @Lakelandia tweeted: "Kevin Costner's rocking the Lakeland Center! Said he's gonna star in Endure 2!" #lkld (Posted at 9:10pm EST)

*Sara Beck commented: Feels really good to be back out with @Modern_West - Lakeland, FL - watching them side stage, waiting to go up and sing a few. #lifeisgood (Posted at 9:08pm EST)

*Carolyn Fain Yates commented: Omg im at kevin costner concert with michael ray (Posted at 9:30pm EST)
Michael Ray's website:

*Shelby Gleason ‏ @shelberini tweeted: Kevin Costner SEXY @graceerinmcginn (Posted 10:31pm EST)

*Victoria Caston commented: Thank you for coming to Lakeland. That was a great show you all put on tonight. I look forward to seeing you all in concert again and hope to meet you sometime. :) (Posted 11pm EST)

*Pam Bloom ‏ @prbloom tweeted: @Modern_West Everything with the K. Costner stamp of approval is always a winner! Still adjusting to you in person in lil' ole Lakeland (Posted March 29th)

Justin Broadway commented: So, I have to admit it, surprisingly, Kevin Costner and Modern West put on a pretty good show. We had a really good time. (Posted March 29th)

Full Access Magazine Facebook: Liz Stokes with Kevin Costner:

Neal Nachman with Kevin:

For Saturday's upcoming concert:
*Thomas Cote commented: Saturday this guy gets to meet Kevin Costner because of his awesome girlfriend. (Posted March 28th)
*Leslie Millar commented: So excited to see Kevin Costner on Saturday. I love him! (Posted March 28th)

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