Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More pictures from KC & MW Facebook albums...

*Bev - @Bev545 tweeted: This was my first autographed photo for my collection - from the talented Kevin Costner:

A great picture of KC & MW in their KCMWfanpics album:

Four pictures from Namita Larsen Pettersen of the Copenhagen concert:

A picture of Constantin Ligia Elena and Kevin, calling him: "my bodyguard" :)

Three pictures by Isabelle Arnau of the AVO Sessions Basel concert:

Picture of Petra Terzi with Kevin when in Greece:

A picture of Kevin by Christine Verdier-Bourdie:

Two pictures of Kevin with fans by Ciprian Gal:

Picture of Kevin with Nelly Nastase:

Picture of Sara Beck and Kevin at the Cheyenne concert by Robin Burington:

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