Friday, March 9, 2012

More pictures of Kevin....

More pictures of Kevin in Beverly Hills on March 8th:

A picture of Kevin by lee-ranchatthecanyons - it says photo taken on January 12, 2012 but I think it was taken during the time Kevin was filming 'The Postman' since this ranch is in Bend, Oregon:

About the Ranch, where Kevin stayed, a beautiful place to visit:

Found out where this picture of Kevin was taken, at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, on New Years Day 2011:

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel website:

A Gernany concert photo by Kirsten Janke:

Pictures: After lunch at The Grill in Beverly Hills, Kevin Costner drives off in his BMW Z series convertible. EXCLUSIVE on February 1, 2005!i=1562480537&k=cd8FbHr

And all the rest of the pictures that Bauergriffin has of Kevin:

Two pictures by Alan Taylor of KC & MW at the Grand Ole Opry:

Concert picture by Silke Hoffart:

Concert picture by Vendula Němcová:

Two pictures by Nick Nickel from Berlin, Germany concert:

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