Friday, August 31, 2012

An Energetix video of Kevin and pictures from Mayk Azzato....

Check out the pictures of Kevin at Mayk Azzato's website: Click on the upper left rectangle, labeled CELEBRITIES, then click on the picture of Kevin:

VIDEO: Energetix Catalogus 2011-2012 Published on Aug 31, 2012 by Sieraden consulent - Energetix catalogus promotiefilm met Kevin Costner

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kevin in 'Jack Ryan' filming on Wall Street now...

According to the following link: ...."According to several recently posted casting calls, “Wall Street Business Types”, “NYPD Sergeants”, “Wall Street Commuters”, “Joggers”, “Rollerbladers”, and “Dog Walkers”, are all needed in NYC for the Untitled Jack Ryan Project on Friday, 8/31 – Sunday, 9/2....a flyer for a movie called Maryland which we believe is the code name for this film. The flyers noted filming will take place on 8/21 – 9/2 all along Old Slip, Wall St, Water St, Front St, and Beaver St in downtown Manhattan....Jack Ryan will primarily be filmed in Montreal and London this fall."

See more detail at the link and if you spot the movie filming around Wall Street this weekend, let On Location Vacations know about it or share your set pics with them at:

Paugh Shadow commented: Auditioning tomorrow for new Kevin Costner movie. (Posted August 29th)

Bao Tieu commented: Fast 6, and now a film with Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley... Call back, call back, call back!!! (Posted August 28th)

Glenn Eisenberg commented: First class seats with Fatherinlaws flyer miles from LA to NY, good, sitting across the aisle from Kevin Costner, cool..Landing saftley in JFK & having my brother pick me up....The win...Im in NY Baby, wheres my parade?! (Posted August 29th)

Maria Moraru commented: Just saw Kevin Costner and it made my day. I was like o.m.g. (Posted August 30th in NYC)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kevin seen departing LAX on Tuesday, August 28th...

Pictures: 'Man of Steel' actor Kevin Costner chatting on his cell phone before departing on a flight at LAX airport on Los Angeles, California on August 28, 2012:

More pictures from Fashion Magazine 247:

*EXCLUSIVE** Tuesday August 28, 2012. Kevin Costner greets fans as he arrives at Los Angeles International Airport (Looks like a video if you can afford to buy it!)

Chris Pine was seen departing from LAX same day as Kevin and arrived in the same kind of vehicle. Both headed for filming perhaps!!??

Filming of the 'Jack Ryan' movie is evidently beginning, in England. According to the following link:
Production crews have asked for permission to shoot on location in Liverpool as filming is carried out on the latest Paramount Pictures Jack Ryan action movie. Firms based in Dale Street, Castle Street, Exchange Street and nearby roads have been warned about the filming during the night-time from September 17 to 20. Full details are said to be secret, and it is not known which actors will be present for the scenes shot in Liverpool between the hours of 8pm and 6am each night....Several roads will be closed during filming, but access to properties in the area will not be affected.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Various items and KC & MW La Cigale videos...

Kevin Costner - Hatfield Fine Art Print - by Tom Carlton:

Jay Hatch ‏@Mr_Jay_Hatch tweeted: Me and Kevin Costner at the Rays game:

Nana Benonis ☀ ‏@NanukaisaG tweeted: Watching swing vote and just remembered I met Kevin Costner when he came to the bar I worked at #lol #loveit

priscillaa ‏@ppriscillaa_ tweeted: Working with kevin costner 😍 #nobiggie 9:38pm - 25 Aug 2012

Kimberly Gazdek ‏@Jersygrlglamour tweeted: Kevin Costner, Chris Pine ❤ AND Keira knightly?! I love my job!!

Graham Burton ‏@GrahamPaigeUK tweeted: Excited is NOT the word. Had confirmation that I'm filming a small part in the new Keira Knightley Kevin Costner movie Jack Ryan for 4 daysx (Posted August 28th)

GeekinGirl ‏@geekingirl tweeted: Found old newspapers... Lying then and now. "A sweeping, soaring epic... Kevin Costner at his best."

Aled NotJones ‏@alednotjones tweeted: Kevin Costner's garage. (If You Block It They Will Come sign)

Jessica Polivchuk ‏@jpolivchuk tweeted: I have friends who met Kevin Costner this weekend. I actually love this celeb more than any other #jealous

Michael Hardesty ‏@pardesty tweeted: Yes, Kevin Costner, tell me more about your extensive knowledge on the history of ancient aboriginal civilizations

Big Lukes ‏@biglukes tweeted: Did you know Kevin Costner opened the very first Big Lukes in 1990! Let's celebrate with FREE food thur 7-9pm #ThankLukesItsThurs -RT&Follow (MetroCentre, Gateshead, UK)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West "Red River" - Published on Aug 25, 2012 by charlotte26632 - La Cigale 15 septembre 2011

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West "The Hero" - Published on Aug 25, 2012 by charlotte26632 - La Cigale 15 septembre 2011

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West "Ashes turn to stone" - Published on Aug 25, 2012 by charlotte26632 - La Cigale 15 septembre 2011

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West : "Turn it On" - Published on Aug 25, 2012 by charlotte26632 - La Cigale 15 septembre 2011

Sunday, August 26, 2012

More from the Calgary, Alberta, Canada wedding....

Chris McKay ‏@CMcKay316 tweeted: @BrokenCircuit great night at the #wedding #kevincostner is a #beast. amazing actor, musician, and person. #oneofthebest (Posted 12:09am - August 26th)

Garrett Charlton ‏@GarrettCharlton tweeted: Home at last! Unbelievable wedding tonight, and Kevin Costner rocked the stage!! Partied with #robinhood (Posted 3:27am - August 26th)

Stephanie Ann ‏@ohsoswail tweeted: Died and gone to heaven

priscillaa ‏@ppriscillaa_ tweeted: Kevin costner

Riley Tubbs ‏@rye_tubbs tweeted: I'm so mad. I actually met Kevin Costner today and didn't make horns with my fingers and say "tatanka... buff...buffalo" (Alberta, Canada) (Posted 3:07pm - August 26th)

Paul Lacroix ‏@lacroixphoto tweeted: My streak continues, I was able to shake hands with Kevin Costner. (Airdrie, Alberta, Canada)

KC & MW Private Show was a Calgary wedding....

Xocolat Posh Mexican ‏@Xocolatyyc tweeted: One of our partner, cooked for Kevin Costner this weekend!!!! (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) (Posted 10:25pm - August 24th)

Monica Bereznicki commented: So excited to go to this wedding tonight. Get to see Kevin Costner sing! Woot! (Posted August 25th)

EMULATOR ‏@SmithsonMartin tweeted: I have the honor to DJ along side of one of the Worlds best actors, Kevin Costner tonight with his band @modernwest this is going to be fun! (Posted 9:03pm - August 25th)

EMULATOR ‏@SmithsonMartin tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West (Posted 9:19pm - August 25th)

Oliver Kiddell commented: Working with Kevin Costner and his band tonight. He's a great ....Actor. (Posted about 9:15pm - August 25th)

Olya Bodnar ‏@olyamarie tweeted: Who's at a wedding with Kevin Costner playing live? Oh this girl #photoboothfun #lalalamoviestars #inmyphotobooth #luckyme (Posted 9:25 PM - August 25th)

Chris McKay ‏@CMcKay316 tweeted: Shooting Kevin Costner concert! (Posted 9:51pm - August 25th)

Stephanie Ann ‏@ohsoswail tweeted: Wedding of the fricken century. Kevin Costner band!! #yycroyalwedding

Saturday, August 25, 2012

More from concerts and other items....

Picture by Cynthia Roy from Boots & Hearts concert:

Seventeen really pictures of Kevin from the Boot & Hearts Music Festival by WENN - I wouldn't bother reading the article, it's not so good!

You can see really large versions of the pictures, starting here:

VIDEO: Boots & Hearts Country Music Festival with SKOAL Published on Aug 22, 2012 by JPInvite - Boots and Hearts country music festival in Bowmanville, Ontario. 2012 with Skoal Tobacco.

Patricia Anne Campobasso SniderKevin Costner & Modern West: I had the pleasure of hearing you LIVE at Daytona back in '09...was the biggest thrill EVER!! you guys are terrific! keep singing!!! :)

Pictures by Rindy Bo: Cheyenne Frontiers Day concert, July 28, 2011:

Paulette Upshall ‏@pupshallC21NS tweeted: Kevin Costner plays Pro-Am at Glen Arbor Golf course @ Glen Arbour Golf Club

Picture: Atlantic Business Magazine: Publisher Hubert Hutton alongside academy award-winning actor Kevin Costner at the Telus Challenge Cup.

See the interview entitled: 'Kevin Costner Rides Again' by Marisa Fox:

See the pictures and interview entitled: The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Kevin Costner by Rachel Morgan for Haute Living Magazine:

VIDEO: Kevin playing guitar and singing on his porch from Austin Lifestyle Magazine:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - "Hero" Published on Aug 22, 2012 by rustybuell - Recorded on July 21, 2012 using a Flip Video camera. Choctaw Casino, Durant Oklahoma

Photo slideshow: "Best Of" - Kevin Costner & Modern West - CD Preview Published on Aug 24, 2012 by ichiban2592007

Thursday, August 23, 2012

More concert pictures, videos and other items...

Photos of the band in Paris by Buster Allen:

Photos of the band in Austin, TX by Buster Allen:

Picture by Deana Baker with Kevin at Durant, OK concert:

Picture by Bon Bb at Boots & Hearts Music Festival:

Tamara Vuckovic ‏@tammyy_vee tweeted: kevin costner at #bootsandhearts #VIP

Pictures by Emily Trinkle at the Opry, July 17, 2012:

Picture: Fred Vail with Kevin at the Opry, July 17, 2012:

Picture of Teresa Snopko Eisenbraun with Kevin at Arcada Theater concert:

Picture of Sarah Radtke with Kevin, Arcada Theater concert:

Pictures: Tony Paterson with Kevin: Costner Shoot Aboard Ranger for Energetix: Posted June 29, 2011:

Kelly ‏ @Elfshimmer tweeted: Excited. I'm going to the new catalogue launch for my jewellery on Germany in Sept and may even meet Kevin Costner!! (Posted April 23rd)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - "How deep the water runs" Published on Aug 19, 2012 by rustybuell - Recorded on July 21, 2012 using a Flip Video camera. Choctaw Casino, Durant Oklahoma

VIDEO: Entrée sur Scène Kevin Costner & Modern West La Cigale Paris 15 09 2011 Published on Aug 17, 2012 by PopcOrnCriminalWhore - Entrée sur Scène Kevin Costner & Modern West - La Cigale - Paris - 15 septembre 2011

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West -" Famous For Killing Each Other" Inspired by Hatfield & McCoys Published on Aug 16, 2012 by ichiban2592007

VIDEO: Game Changers - The Armstar - The Bodyguard Published on Aug 19, 2012 by justiciermasque

Monday, August 20, 2012 Exclusive KC accepted Jack Ryan franchise....

According to an exclusive by Mike Fleming of, Kevin has accepted the deal to be "William Harper, a true blue American idealist who recruits and mentors both Ryan and John Kelly." It means two movies, the first with Chris Pine, starring Kenneth Branagh as a villain and also as Director, with Keira Knightley playing Ryan's love interest and a spinoff 'Without Remorse' "with Christopher McQuarrie rewriting to direct" and Tom Hardy as the villain. See more at the link:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

More ARQUEONAUTAS pictures...

See the pictures and blog entitled: 'Silver Celebrity Sighting' posted by Meredith Klassen:

Posthaus's Facebook picture: Kevin's at a 70% discount!! LOL!!

Pictures at ARQUEONAUTAS Facebook of Westerland/Sylt Sailing Week:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More concert pictures and other items...

By jimward52 (Jim Ward) Kevin Costner with his Modern West band at Lansing's Common Ground Festival, 7/11/12:

Pictures by Sonja Reddick of Choctaw Casino, Durant, Ok concert:

Pictures by Candy Boxwell Hart from Hal and Mal's Jackson, MS concert:

Video by Candy Boxwell Hart:

Robert Herjavec ‏@robertherjavec tweeted: hanging out @johnrich , Big Kenny, & @modernwest Kevin Costner at #bootsandhearts country concert - great time (One of the guys from "Shark Tank")

Alex ‏@38percentsure tweeted: Boots & Hearts watches Kevin Costner become a singer:

Kelly B ‏@k_stick tweeted: #bootsandhearts Kevin Costner.. And me:

See the picture and what Trina Stewart has to say about Kevin's performance at the Boots & Hearts Music Festival:

Excerpt from article entitled 'Old habits die hard for health minister' by David Jackson from TELUS WORLD Skins ProAm: One Dipper staffer wondered whether the minister was still a little star-struck after playing golf with Hollywood actor Kevin Costner at a pro-am event the previous week. Wilson said he’s a Costner fan but not as much as some people he knows. “My wife and the ladies here at the Department of Health and Wellness were quite jealous I was golfing with Kevin Costner,” he said.

Kevin Costner - Getting to Know Series | Golfing World Published on Aug 8, 2012 by golfingworld - We caught up with Hollywood actor Kevin Costner to ask him some quick fire questions about his golf. The Tin Cup star had some funny tales to tell.

See the photos from Clear Lake, Iowa concert: MJ with Kevin Costner by Mike Sorenson:!3213&id=ABEB8B840524244D!3213

See video, previously posted: MJ and Kevin Costner:

Ameer Jumabhoy ‏@AmeerJumabhoy tweeted: @modernwest Has donated a guitar to my polo charity benefit in Houston on Sept 9! Thanks Kevin Costner for ur generosity! 9:17 AM - 6 Aug 12

Shared an NYC happy hour with #KevinCostner #latergram by popsugar (08-01-12)

Sara Beck with Kevin Costner & Modern West - "I know these Hills" Published on Aug 8, 2012 by rustybuell - Recorded on July 21, 2012 using a Flip Video camera. Choctaw Casino, Durant Oklahoma: s

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West "Famous For Killing Each Other"From & Inspired by Hatfields & McCoys - Published on Aug 13, 2012 by ichiban2592007:

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Untold Truth - CD Preview - Published on Aug 9, 2012 by ichiban2592007:

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Turn It On - CD preview / + live song Published on Aug 7, 2012 by ichiban2592007:

Picture of Kevin:,1,kevin-costner-tyra-za-dwoch-galeria-zdjec.html

Picture: Kevin Costner performed with his band Modern West in New York City. Posted on May 8, 2012

Golden Globes 1991 Dances with Wolves wins the Award for Best Motion Picture Drama Published on Aug 10, 2012 by AwardsShowNetwork - Kevin Costner and Jim Wilson accept the award for Best Motion Picture: Drama for their work on "Dances With Wolves" at the 1991 Golden Globes.  span style="font-family: trebuchet ms;">

Golden Globes 1991 Kevin Costner Wins the Award for Best Director of a Motion Picture Published on Aug 10, 2012 by AwardsShowNetwork - Kevin Costner accepts the award for Best Director of a Motion Picture at the 1991 Golden Globes for his work on "Dances with Wolves".

Saturday, August 11, 2012

More from KC & MW at Boots & Hearts Music Festival....

Get Focused Radio commented: So here we sit in the VIP tent with all this talent around us at the Boots and Hearts Festival! Kevin Costner strolled by for a bit to eat and waved and said "hi there" to me...0There are thousands of people out there, it's raining but it looks like they are having a blast! What a groovy day! (Posted August 10th)

Excerpt from the article entitled: 'Bras for McGraw at Clarington's Boots and Hearts': While the main stage crowd was respectable for Kevin Costner and Modern West's set, it grew much larger before Big and Rich took to the stage. And by the time McGraw started, the audience was huge.....The weather has been a big part of the story at Boots and Hearts. For much of Friday, the rain mercifully held off, with just cloudy skies and intermittent drizzle. But by the time Costner and his band were finishing their set, it picked up. See pictures #4 and #5 of Kevin:'s%20on/article/1472428--bras-for-mcgraw-at-clarington-s-boots-and-hearts

Picture by jeffcampagnolo: Oh Hello Kevin Costner #bootsandhearts

Picture by sidneyqn (Sidney Nehring): Ello there Kevin Costner #bootsandhearts:

Five pictures by Michael Hurcomb:

Rachel Hardon ‏@rach_hard_on tweeted: While county people were watching Dean Brody last night, I saw Big n Rich, Jason McCoy, Kevin Costner, and TIM MCGRAW!!! #love #bootsnhearts

Jeremy Kleynhans ‏@JeremyKleynhans tweeted: Kevin Costner staring at me at boots and hearts festival yesterday. #smallworld

Nathan Whitney ‏@nathanwmusic tweeted: Kevin Costner yesterday at Boots and Hearts:

Daniel Baerg ‏@danbaerg tweeted: Hey look there's Kevin Costner...playing @BootsandHearts ...while I'm eating at artist hospitality. Woa!!!

Brian Hampson ‏@GB0790 tweeted: Kevin Costner @ boots and hearts:

Melissa Lyons ‏@melissalyons77 tweeted: Kevin Costner🎥 performing at Boots & Hearts, he's got some unique songs...

Alyssa Giorgio ‏@alyssagiorgio tweeted: Jason Mccoy, Kevin Costner, Big and Rich and the ever so amazing Tim Mcgraw all graced me with their presence yesterday. Beyond amazing.

Canadian Tire 170 ‏@CTBowmanville tweeted: @stephoreilly do you have pictures of Kevin Costner? I think he was in our store shopping and I helped him #bootsandhearts (Posted 4:03pm August 11th)

Nadia Merenda ‏@NadieM tweeted: My hubby @RobMerenda thinks he met Kevin Costner @modernwest at CT Bowmanville. cuz he just realized it was him, the poster promoting the event had Kevin Costner's name #bootsandhearts

Pictures by Torontowide: He still looks like a movie star but Kevin Costner's sincere, understated performance of original songs won over a lot of fans:

Shannon Whelan ‏@ShannonWhelan3 tweeted: Kevin Costner @bootsandhearts:

Pictures from Boots & Hearts Music Festival at the links:[150173603]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

Bart Roberts commented: Literally, I just waited in line to board the plane with Kevin Costner. He is taller than I imagined. They discourage treating celebs differently in Aspen. Everyone knew who he was because he is very involved in the City but no one spoke to him like he anything special. As soon as he hit ground in Denver, he had a helper and he put on some sun glasses. He carried his own 3 big bags in Aspen. Guitar included. (Posted August 9th at 1:35pm)

Will Snyder commented: Ok, so I woke up at 4:00 am this morning and got dropped off at the airport to catch a 5:30 am flight to denver. Get to denver, go to my gate, and just happen to see Kevin Costner and kick it with him for a bit, which was pretty much the only good part of my day today. (Posted August 11th at 4:31pm)

Tony Grady commented: me and kevin costner in the denver (Posted August 11th at 12:36pm)

KC & MW at the Boots & Hearts Music Festival....

Boots & Hearts Meet & Greet picture by Percy Paris MLA:

Boots and Hearts ‏@BootsandHearts tweeted: People have claimed surprise. It was a meet and greet with Kevin Costner and Modern West. Keep an eye out for more fun!

melissa fisher ‏@melissaafisher tweeted: Just won a meet and greet with Kevin Costner!!!!! Thanks @BootsandHearts

Pictures by Erin Caitlin Photography: More to come!

Barbara White ツ ‏@BWandCo tweeted: Wishing I was at Boots and Hearts to see @modernwest with Kevin Costner. Give them a wave for me @samemmawhite

Carmel Gray commented: Finally through the line up sitting at the main stage (not too far back) waiting for high valley, jason mccoy, kevin costner and oh yeah TIM MCGRAW!!!!! Oh no starting to rain!!!!!!

Michael Hurcomb ‏@michaelhurcomb tweeted: About to photograph Kevin Costner & @modernwest while it's raining. There's a #waterworld joke to made here... @BootsandHearts

Trina Stewart commented: Yes, life is now complete. Kevin Costner smiled (at me I'm sure)

Joe Thistel ‏@JoeThistel tweeted: Awaiting Kevin Costner as Modern West and pumped. Hey man. That's Crash Davis up there.

Amarsana Gendunova ‏@AmarsanaStyling tweeted: Kevin Costner is here too! And he is singing right now!!!! #musicfestival #music #celebrity

laurel18b laurel borthwick tweeted: Kevin Costner a country singer? #loveit @BootsandHearts

Meaghan ‏@MeaghanTuffy tweeted: Just for you @Lindakx947 Kevin Costner!!!

Erica Elliott ‏@ericaemma tweeted: Kevin Costner is playing right now @BootsandHearts , yep you read that correctly, and he just thanked us for going to the movies

Tattoo Jay ‏@Jay102 tweeted: At Boots and Hearts watching Kevin Costner's band. Not bad.

Jesse Thistel commented: Kevin Costner is too sweet... He just killed it on stage Boots and Hearts Music Festival, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

Trina Stewart ‏@Trina_Stewart tweeted: My life is complete. Kevin Costner #bootsandhearts

Countrified Canada ‏@countrifiedca tweeted: “@KX947: The awesome Kevin Costner with @modernwest tore it up at @BootsandHearts!

Caitlin Nicholson ‏@baiitty tweeted: Kevin Costner band!!

Jeanie Borremans ‏@JeanieBorremans tweeted: Kevin fucking Costner! #bootsnhearts
\laurel borthwick ‏@laurel18b tweeted: Kevin Costner a country singer? #loveit @BootsandHearts

Lisa ‏@lisabuck22 tweeted: @BootsandHearts Kevin Costner's SO HOT

Jennifer Remillard ‏@jenremillard tweeted: Great concert at Boots and.Hearts today@kevin costner

kx947 KX 94.7 FM tweeted: The awesome Kevin Costner with @modernwest tore it up at @BootsandHearts

Friday, August 10, 2012

Leading up to the Emmys with 'Hatfields & McCoys'...

See the picture of Kevin and Bill Paxton at James

See the article and picture at James Reps:

See the picture and interview entitled: 'Kevin Costner on the hard work of 'Hatfields & McCoys'' by Amy Dawes:,0,2838775.story

See the article entitled: ''Hatfields & McCoys' feud became love fest at History' by Amy Dawes:,0,3386022.story

See the interview by John Latchem, entitled: 'Playing the Feud':

Cal State Fullerton ‏@csuf tweeted: Oscar-winning #CSUF alum Kevin Costner is up for an Emmy for Civil War-Era Drama.

See the article entitled: 'Emmy Nod for Costner - Actor-Director Saddled Up Again, for Post-Civil War Drama' by Paula Selleck:

VIDEO: Walmart Moviecenter interviews Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton - Published on Jul 24, 2012 by walmartmoviecenter - Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton discuss the making of History Channel's three-part miniseries Hatfields & McCoys.

See the article: 'Hatfields' tops DVD sales chart':

Pictures from 'Hatfields and McCoys' and Blu-ray review by Brandon DuHamel. Excerpt: "I don’t claim to be a historian, so I can’t say exactly how accurate this series is about the actual events that took place between the Hatfields and McCoys, but as far as being an interesting series to watch goes, this is, in fact, the real McCoy, if you’ll pardon the pun. The casting is exceptional, from Costner and Paxton through Berenger and right on down to Jena Malone as McCoy cousin Sally. Recommended."

Excerpt from review by James Rocchi: "'Hatfields & McCoys' is a big and brawny miniseries that plays with the sweep, scope and scale of a feature film...... There are some extras, but the best thing on 'Hatfields & McCoys' is seeing two great actors give everything they've got to one majestic tale."

Excerpt from review by Toni Guagenti: "In high-definition, the killing is a bit overwhelming; there is a lot of it in this unedited version. Still, the cinematography and clarity of picture are exquisite; we almost feel as if we’ve stepped into the mid-to-late 1800s. Paxton’s beard, his clothes and demeanor are incredibly realistic; Costner’s acting and his look are also captivating. The dank circumstances of the era are well-portrayed, while the acting is flawless."

Excerpt from review by Mike Spring: "This Kevin Costner-Bill Paxton starring miniseries started off with some good buzz and ended up becoming one of the highest rated programs in cable history. Not bad for a show about a feud that most people actually know very little about. Costner is never better than he is in westerns, and here he re-teams with his Robin Hood and Waterworld director Kevin Reynolds, for a show that’s worth checking out.

Review: “Hatfields & McCoys" by Forrest Hartman, 3 1/2 stars out of 4:

Review: Hatfields & McCoys Blu-ray Review by Brad Sturdivant:

Review by Gerry Weiss: "Hatfields & McCoys":

My Facebook album of pictures: "Leading up to the EMMYS':

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New ARQUEONAUTAS Shooting Behind the Scenes video....

Some more ARQUEONAUTAS pictures of Kevin:

The photographer, Mayk Azzato with Kevin:,9548600,11913880.html

VIDEO: ARQUEONAUTAS Shooting Behind The Scene Kevin Costner + Mayk Azzato Santa Barbara Published on Aug 7, 2012 by ArqueonautasMode - Behind the Scene Special vom ARQUEONAUTAS Fotoshooting mit Kevin Costner und seiner Frau Christine Costner. Fotografiert wurden beide vom berühmten Fotografen Mayk Azzato.

KC & MW videos from 2010 Ottawa Bluesfest and more...

VIDEO: Kevin Costner opens show--Moon So High--Live @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2010-07-17 Published on Aug 4, 2012 by backpackdave2010B - Kevin Costner starts set at Ottawa Bluesfest 2010.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West--Down in Nogales--Live @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2010-07-17 Published on Aug 4, 2012 by backpackdave2010B - Kevin Costner & Modern West perform at the 2010 Ottawa Bluesfest.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West--The Sun Will Rise Again--Live @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2010-07-17 Published on Aug 4, 2012 by backpackdave2010B - Kevin Costner & Modern West perform at the 2010 Ottawa Bluesfest.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West--Ashes Turn to Stone--Live @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2010-07-17 Published on Aug 4, 2012 by backpackdave2010B - Kevin Costner & Modern West perform at the 2010 Ottawa Bluesfest.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West--The Way You Love Me--Live @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2010-07-17 Published on Aug 4, 2012 by backpackdave2010B - Kevin Costner & Modern West perform at the 2010 Ottawa Bluesfest.

Three more videos by backpackdave2010B posted previously, here:

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - "Find That Girl" / From Where I Stand Published on Aug 5, 2012 by ichiban2592007:

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Turn It On - CD Preview Published on Aug 6, 2012 by ichiban2592007:

Monday, August 6, 2012

News about two possible new projects for Kevin....

EXCLUSIVE by Mike Fleming of says that Kevin has been offered the co-lead of the Kenneth Branagh-directed Jack Ryan film that will star Chris Pine, a new role creation where Kevin would play Ryan’s mentor who recruits him and shows him the ropes.

Kevin’s also being courted by Luc Besson’s Europacorp to star as a dying assassin, Ethan Renner, in 'Three Days To Kill.' Before he dies he is determined to reconcile with his daughter, while taking on one final mission. Set in France. Script by Adi Hasak and Besson.

Mike also heard that Kevin WON'T be in the the Niki Caro-directed 'McFarland'.
See a little more detail at the link:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pictures from KC & MW summer tour and more....

Pictures: Arcada Theater w/ Kevin Costner and Modern West By Karlye Lapetina, opened for KC & MW:

Picture: Madonna Andrews commented: Awesome show July 21st at Choctaw Casino! How about "Rio Brazos Music Hall" in Glen Rose, TX some day? It's a new place but Willie's even played there.

Pictures: by Renate Panian Burington: Durant, OK concert:

Picture by Jim Gassaway commented: Thank you Kevin & Modern West for a great evening in Durant OK. The band was spot on and it was great to hear Sara.

Pictures and article by Mary Jane Farmer entitled: 'Kevin Costner & Modern West play Texoma' of the Durant, Oklahoma, concert:

Picture and article entitled: 'Kevin Costner and Modern West brought a little shine to Sun Peaks' by Christine Hinzmann:

burgundy ‏@burgundymusic tweeted: @FOXHancock @993thefox concert highlight of the year, myself opening for Kevin Costner in Sun Peaks! (Posted August 2nd)

Ashley C ‏@justimberlake15 tweeted: #Kevin #Costner #Obsessed for #Life #HotasHell (Picture from 'Cowboys & Indians' Magazine)

Blasts From Our Past With Kevin Costner By Joe Leydon, May 24, 2012, from 'Cowboys and Indians' Magazine:

Jenna Nicole ‏@jnicoledub tweeted: @only1nabil if this is the place on King West it's amazing! @Mocha925 and I had dinner there in Apr and sat beside Kevin Costner. (Posted August 2nd)

Adam Jones ‏@AdamPaulJones tweeted: my Kevin Costner signed script:

Sandy Foxx ‏@SandyFoxx tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West (Grand Ole Opry concert):

Open your Hearts for Elisse: A generous friend donated a 1999 Kevin Costner autographed baseball from the '99 All Star Game. %100 proceeds go to Elisse's medical funds.

From the article entitled: Michael Moore: ‘I Wouldn’t Say I Support’ Obama Excerpt: Moore gave Sarandon’s hand a consoling pat and praised her for risking unpopularity by being politically active, drawing a standing ovation from the packed crowed, followed by laughter as he quickly changed the subject: “So, what was it like working with Kevin Costner?” “He’s a great kisser. He really hit those home runs,” replied Sarandon, who starred with Costner in the baseball movie “Bull Durham.”

By The Wedding Tree: One of our most fabulous customers, Mary, was in the store today to find a red-carpet dress for her annual gala and she shared a wonderful story with us from last year's event where she wore one of our special occasion gowns.. As it turns out she got to meet Kevin Costner and after chatting for a bit he stopped her to say, "By the way.. great dress." I wonder if she'll get complimented in this year's gown! She just found it this morning and we can't wait to hear back!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Various items to view...

Brett Mounce ‏@brettcm82 tweeted: Question: Has your aunt met Kevin Costner? Answer: YES (TELUS World Skins ProAm)

Q104 Halifax ‏@Q104Halifax tweeted: BJ Wilson w/Kevin Costner at Telus World Skins Game at Glen Arbour.Kev is on The Buzz at 7:25am. (Aug. 1st)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Modern West Published on Jul 31, 2012 by SensEast At the TELUS World Skins Party:

Bradley Coomes ‏@MyTBradley tweeted: “@JJT_ESPNDallas: Kevin Costner, Michael Rappaport and Joe Montagne are supposed to roll through training camp” are they Cowboys fans

Jean-Jacques Taylor ‏@JJT_ESPNDallas tweeted: Over the next few days Kevin Costner, Michael Rappaport and Joe Montagne are supposed to roll through training camp

Nice picture and KC quote by 'INNERactive Coaching':

Picture and article which says about Kevin: Kevin Costner is impressive not only as an actor and singer - he is also active as an environmentalist with high stakes for clean oceans. Costner, himself also an avid scuba diver, is thus a credible face of maritime fashion brand and embodies like no other person ARQUEONAUTAS-motto "fashion by adventurers for adventurers!" The successful "Kevin Costner Limited Edition" is an integral part of ARQUEONAUTAS main collections.

Two pictures from the ARQUEONAUTAS photo shoot in June 2012 in Santa Barbara:

Jared Roberts ‏@ShortGo tweeted: Kevin Costner! "@RaysJoeMaddon: And hey @modernwest, thanks again for meeting me at the trop. Here is my egraph to you:

Picture: one time I was at Denver International Airport with my Padre and met Kevin Costner at the USO Club. His bodyguard took this photograph with my old Blackberry. by huntretexas (Huntre):

Jessica Northey ‏@JessicaNorthey tweeted: @joebonsall hey, i once beat Kevin Costner at a game of pool in Tucson AZ at the Cactus Moon Cafe. cc @modernwest #TrueStory #CMchat

See the article: 'Worshipping At The Church Of Baseball - The cast and crew of Bull Durham try to wrap their minds around how, 24 years ago, a minor league baseball movie became such a major league Hollywood hit' by Chris Nashawaty, dated July 9, 2012:

See the Sports Illustrated cover here:

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - " Red River" / "500 Nations " Published on Jul 30, 2012 by ichiban2592007: