Sunday, August 26, 2012

KC & MW Private Show was a Calgary wedding....

Xocolat Posh Mexican ‏@Xocolatyyc tweeted: One of our partner, cooked for Kevin Costner this weekend!!!! (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) (Posted 10:25pm - August 24th)

Monica Bereznicki commented: So excited to go to this wedding tonight. Get to see Kevin Costner sing! Woot! (Posted August 25th)

EMULATOR ‏@SmithsonMartin tweeted: I have the honor to DJ along side of one of the Worlds best actors, Kevin Costner tonight with his band @modernwest this is going to be fun! (Posted 9:03pm - August 25th)

EMULATOR ‏@SmithsonMartin tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West (Posted 9:19pm - August 25th)

Oliver Kiddell commented: Working with Kevin Costner and his band tonight. He's a great ....Actor. (Posted about 9:15pm - August 25th)

Olya Bodnar ‏@olyamarie tweeted: Who's at a wedding with Kevin Costner playing live? Oh this girl #photoboothfun #lalalamoviestars #inmyphotobooth #luckyme (Posted 9:25 PM - August 25th)

Chris McKay ‏@CMcKay316 tweeted: Shooting Kevin Costner concert! (Posted 9:51pm - August 25th)

Stephanie Ann ‏@ohsoswail tweeted: Wedding of the fricken century. Kevin Costner band!! #yycroyalwedding

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