Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kevin in 'Jack Ryan' filming on Wall Street now...

According to the following link: ...."According to several recently posted casting calls, “Wall Street Business Types”, “NYPD Sergeants”, “Wall Street Commuters”, “Joggers”, “Rollerbladers”, and “Dog Walkers”, are all needed in NYC for the Untitled Jack Ryan Project on Friday, 8/31 – Sunday, 9/2....a flyer for a movie called Maryland which we believe is the code name for this film. The flyers noted filming will take place on 8/21 – 9/2 all along Old Slip, Wall St, Water St, Front St, and Beaver St in downtown Manhattan....Jack Ryan will primarily be filmed in Montreal and London this fall."

See more detail at the link and if you spot the movie filming around Wall Street this weekend, let On Location Vacations know about it or share your set pics with them at:

Paugh Shadow commented: Auditioning tomorrow for new Kevin Costner movie. (Posted August 29th)

Bao Tieu commented: Fast 6, and now a film with Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley... Call back, call back, call back!!! (Posted August 28th)

Glenn Eisenberg commented: First class seats with Fatherinlaws flyer miles from LA to NY, good, sitting across the aisle from Kevin Costner, cool..Landing saftley in JFK & having my brother pick me up....The win...Im in NY Baby, wheres my parade?! (Posted August 29th)

Maria Moraru commented: Just saw Kevin Costner and it made my day. I was like o.m.g. (Posted August 30th in NYC)

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