Sunday, August 26, 2012

More from the Calgary, Alberta, Canada wedding....

Chris McKay ‏@CMcKay316 tweeted: @BrokenCircuit great night at the #wedding #kevincostner is a #beast. amazing actor, musician, and person. #oneofthebest (Posted 12:09am - August 26th)

Garrett Charlton ‏@GarrettCharlton tweeted: Home at last! Unbelievable wedding tonight, and Kevin Costner rocked the stage!! Partied with #robinhood (Posted 3:27am - August 26th)

Stephanie Ann ‏@ohsoswail tweeted: Died and gone to heaven

priscillaa ‏@ppriscillaa_ tweeted: Kevin costner

Riley Tubbs ‏@rye_tubbs tweeted: I'm so mad. I actually met Kevin Costner today and didn't make horns with my fingers and say "tatanka... buff...buffalo" (Alberta, Canada) (Posted 3:07pm - August 26th)

Paul Lacroix ‏@lacroixphoto tweeted: My streak continues, I was able to shake hands with Kevin Costner. (Airdrie, Alberta, Canada)

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