Sunday, September 30, 2012

State of Texas Fair concert canceled due to bad weather...

david hemry ‏@davidhemry tweeted: Kevin Costner on my flight today. Oddly enough we are in different sections of the plane. #curveballwashanging (Posted 2:13pm September 28th)

Brittany Smith ‏@brittanyyysmith tweeted: Kevin Costner is on this plane with me right now. 😳 (Posted 5:34pm September 28th)

Brittany Smith ‏@brittanyyysmith tweeted: JUST SHOOK KEVIN COSTNER'S HAND. (Posted 5:48pm September 28th)

Jackie Smith ‏@JackieMSmith tweeted: Ok, girls... Kevin Costner is even more handsome in person!!! 2 seats in front of me... On the other side of the curtain. (Posted 5:57pm September 28th)

Zoe Hakonsson ‏@_LZH_ tweeted: My father just informed me that Kevin Costner was sitting first class on his flight from LAX... excuse me while I go die. #lovecostner (Posted 6:45pm September 28th)

Excerpt: Your Music Guide To The State Fair, aka Wait, Kevin Costner Has a Band? By Deb Doing Dallas SATURDAY, SEPT. 29 This is a good one, folks. Kick off the day with local sons The O's and invite your mom up to see her favorite secret boyfriend Kevin Costner front his band, Modern West. Bonus points if you get her backstage. KEVIN COSTNER & MODERN WEST 8:30p.m.

Chelsea Wood ‏@IAmChelseaWood tweeted: But State Fair today with my boyfran! Funnel cake, chocolate milk, and Kevin Costner #allineed (Posted 8:12am September 29th)

Kimberly Valladares commented: Wow Kevin Costner really is cute in person (Posted 11:47am September 29th)

@chevrolet @StateFairOfTX Is Kevin Costner still scheduled to play? If so, one of the main reasons I would love Chevy is because of the fact I would get to meet a man of been a fan of since he started!!! #Chevy #StateFairOfTX (Posted 2:34pm September 29th)

Go,See,Talk ‏@GoSeeTalk tweeted: Really hope the weather breaks for Kevin Costner and Modern West playing at #TexasStateFair today #BigTex (Posted 3:10pm September 29th)

Todd Johnson ‏@advstats tweeted: @StateFairOfTX @chevrolet I love #Chevy cause they get me safely where I need to be like #StateFairOfTX to see Kevin Costner and Modern West (Posted 3:25pm September 29th)

Mary Fox commented: U know the rain aint stopping me! So there!! Here I come Texas state fair and Kevin Costner and Modern West! Still gonna be an awesome day! (Posted 3:32pm September 29th)

Laura Lawrence Kennedy commented: rain rain go away I want to see Kevin Costner at State Fair tonight. (Posted at 4:38pm September 29th)

Kristy Vonn ‏@kristyv8 tweeted: @StateFairOfTX @chevrolet is this to meet Kevin Costner??? Seriously? The Bodyguard, The Guardian, the Hatfield & McCoy, the SINGER? (Posted 4:41pm September 29th)

Dyanne Tolleson ‏@dyanne_dyanne tweeted: Rain kept me from seeing Kevin Costner at the fair! Boo! (Posted 6:02pm September 29th)

Misty Hart Bell commented: Went to the state fair of Texas to see (the) kevin costner perform with his band, it was rainy and windy, they had to cancel, i am bummed out because i woke up at 4 am and made a glow in the dark banner for him...he said he would be back next year. Sad!

Susan Wyatt Figgins commented: What a bummer. Kevin Costner and his new CW band was supposed to play at the Chevy stage tonight but it got rained out. At least he waved to us all.

The KC & MW concert at the State Fair of Texas was canceled due to bad weather but some lucky fans were treated to a Meet and Greet and a short KC & MW acoustic concert in a tent at the fairgrounds. See the pictures from Renate Panian Burington who got to meet Kevin again and got some great pictures:

Saturday, September 29, 2012

More pictures and video of Kevin over Emmy weekend...

Pictures: Producer Mo Fitzgibbon with Kevin at History's Soho House Pre-Emmy party and more pictures from the event:

Picture: On the 2012 Emmy Red Carpet with Kevin & Christine Costner and Robin Levinson (Mark & Robin Levinson, owners of internationally known Levinson Jewelers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida):

More pictures at the following links:,,20304925_20632549_21217384,00.html

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Tom Berenger Backstage Emmy Speech Published on Sep 24, 2012 by ATTAGIRLTV:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and wife Christine Baumgartner arrive at History Channel pre Emmy party 2012 - Published on Sep 27, 2012 by CelebrityMonitor:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner interviewed at History Channel pre Emmy party 2012 Published on Sep 27, 2012 by CelebrityMonitor:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Emmy interview Published on Sep 25, 2012 by TheCelebFactory:

Videos of Kevin at various events:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner about Hatfield & McCoys Backstage at the Emmys Published on Sep 25, 2012 by ichiban2592007:

Shaun Robinson ‏@MsShaunRobinson tweeted: Very lucky gal, I am to be between #EMMY winners Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger!

VIDEO: Emmys 2012 Backstage: Kevin Costner & Tom Berenger Talk Emmy Speech Nerves. After winning in their respective categories for "Hatfields & McCoys," Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger joke with Access' Shaun Robinson about some of the difficulties of giving speeches at award shows. Plus, what did Kevin mean when he referred to the Olympics in his Emmy speech? Also, how does Kevin feel about hitting it so big his first time at the Emmys?

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Bill Paxton about "Hatfield & McCoys" Published on Sep 27, 2012 by ichiban2592007

Thursday, September 27, 2012

More of Kevin from Emmy night and weekend....

See the article entitled: 'Mad about the ball Emmy winners out and about at Governors Ball' by Erin Maxwell and Andrew Stewart:

Picture #11 of Kevin at the Governors Ball by

Another very large picture of Kevin with his Emmy:

See the picture and article entitled: 'Costner riding high with 'Hatfields' victory' by Cynthia Littleton:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger of "Hatfields & McCoys" Backstage at the 2012 Emmys:,0,2933385.story

See the article entitled: 'No Bow Tie For Kevin Costner' by Beth Harris, AP:

See the article entitled: 'Beaulieu Vineyard® Offers BIG Toast To Primetime Emmys® and Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation For Second Consecutive Year' telling about the bottle Kevin and other nominees signed:

See the article entitled: 'Secret Room Events Gifts Celebrity Nominees At Their Ultra Exclusive 2012 Red Carpet Luxury Lounge Honoring the Emmy Awards - The Red Carpet Luxury Lounge benefited the SPCA LA and featured an amazing Wolfgang Puck Lounge for nominees'

See the picture and article by The Deadline Team:

See the article entitled: 'Windsor native Zoern wins Emmy - Sound mixing for miniseries earns award' by Sharon Hill about Brad Zoern winning an Emmy for 'Hatfields & McCoys':

See 'Composer interview: Emmy nominee John Debney on ‘Hatfields & McCoys’' by Mark Morton:

More from the Friday night Emmy Reception: ''Big Bang Theory's' Mayim Bialik Blogs Her Emmy Party Highlights' by Lesley Goldberg: 10. "On the red carpet at the official Emmy nominee reception, I literally did a quadruple-take at Kevin Costner (Hatfields & McCoys), who was being interviewed next to me. Were there beverage in my mouth, I would have done a spit-take. The person interviewing me had to literally tap my arm to get me to refocus and pull my eyeline away from the eternally awesome Kevin Costner. By the way, he looked fantastic," said Mayim.

See more pictures:,_Kevin/Pictures/^artists.sql&q1=64th%20Annual%20Primetime%20Emmy%20Awards%20Performers%20Nominee%20Reception&q2=Costner&x-start=1&ps=9&xgrouped=1

VIDEO: Saturday, September 22, 2012 - Kevin Costner looks incredibly sharp in his John Varvatos get-up while leaving STK with smoking-hot wife Christine Baumgartner during Emmys weekend. Costner chuckles and later gives a thumbs-up when asked about the Stephen Baldwin oil spill lawsuit.

Excerpt from 'THR's Emmy Awards Cheat Sheet' by Stacey Wilson: "Lead Actor/Minis-Movie Woody Harrelson, Game Change; Kevin Costner, Hatfields & McCoys; Bill Paxton, Hatfields & McCoys; Clive Owen, Hemingway; Idris Elba, Luther; Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock This is Harrelson’s to lose and Costner’s to spoil. This would be Costner’s first ever Emmy (his first ever major TV role, to boot) and if a Hatfields actor wins, it will be him."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More photos galore and video from Emmy night....

Videos from The Associated Press:

VIDEO: Full Emmys 2012 Winners Room highlights: (Kevin at 2:32)

Pictures of Kevin in the Emmy Press Room and at the Governors Ball:

And a lot more pictures at various sites:;_ylt=A2KJNTsve2JQ4XgAyMXQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTBvMjAxcW9pBHNlYwNpbWFnZQRjb2xvA3NwMgR2dGlkAw--?ei=UTF-8&p=Kevin+Costner&fr=yfp-t-701&sort=time§ion=photo

Picture of Kevin and Tom from the 'Franklin Avenue' blog:

Excerpt by Jayme Deerwester of USA TODAY: 11:20: Backstage, Kevin Costner was one of the very last to receive his statuette -- he won for lead actor in a TV movie/miniseries for his role in History's Hatfields and McCoys -- but when he got to the table where the winners picked them up there were none. "They told me you had them but now you're out," Costner said, but then suddenly, from the side, an Emmy appeared for him.

'Kevin Costner Let Me Hold His Emmy, and More Insider Scoop from Last Night's Emmys!' by Jessica Radloff: (see the last two pictures and her explanation above them)

Excerpt by Heather Lewis: Kevin Costner, who owns two Oscars, won his first Emmy for best lead actor in a miniseries or movie for playing “Devil” Anse Hatfield in History’s “Hatfields & McCoys.” “When I find good writing, I don’t care what medium is in,” Costner said when asked about working in television after being known for his big screen work. His two young children, ages 3 and 5, think he’s in construction because he is building a house “and I spend most of my time there.”

See the picture and excerpt by Natalie Finn: 5. Kevin Costner Won an Acting Award!: Kevin Costner is a movie star, no doubt about it. And he's darn fine to look at, always has been. But despite nominations for Dances With Wolves, JFK and Tin Cup, the if-the-movie-fits-wear-it thesp has never won an Oscar or Golden Globe for acting (his Wolves wins were for directing and producing). And he had never even been nominated for an Emmy before this year! So it was cool to see Costner hoisting his trophy for Hatfields and McCoys tonight, the role of "Devil" Anse Hatfield—solemn, severe, grizzled yet handsome, nondescript twang—having fit him like a well-worn glove.

VIDEO: EMMYS: STARS GET HONEY BOO BOO NICKNAMES Kevin Frazier and Brooke Anderson were front and center on the Emmys red carpet to speak with TV's biggest stars -- from Kevin Costner to Mayim Bialik to Eric Stonestreet -- and the stars opened up about everything from their wardrobe choices to pre-award jitters to Honey Boo Boo Child!....Emmy nominee Kevin Costner talked to Kevin about starring in the History series Hatfields & McCoys and said it proves that the miniseries format is not dead.

VIDEO: Emmys 2012 Winners: Kevin Costner, Claire Danes and Jon Stewart Stars of 'Hatfields and McCoys,' 'Homeland' and 'The Daily Show' discuss their wins.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Chats Emmy Award for Lead Actor in a Miniseries (TV Content) Check out what the actor had to say when he met the press following his Emmy win!
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Kevin wins the Primetime Emmy for Lead Actor...

They played the theme from 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' during the 'Year In Drama' segment. It was great hearing it while they showed clips from all the movies!

VIDEO: Kevin Costner: Outstanding Actor in a Miniseries or Movie Published on Sep 23, 2012 by PrimetimeEmmys

See picture #20: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie: Kevin Costner for 'Hatfields and McCoys' - Kevin Costner nabbed the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie for the western miniseries Hatfields and McCoys. Costner thanked all of the usual suspects, including the cast, crew, and his lovely wife.

See photo #34 of Kevin with his Emmy:

History Channel ‏@HistoryChannel tweeted: Congratulations to Kevin Costner who just won an Emmy for Best Actor! #Hatfields & #McCoys #EmmysCongrats

History Channel ‏@HistoryChannel tweeted: #Hatfields & #McCoys won two #EmmyAwards tonight. Please join us in congratulating Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger! #EmmysCongrats

Adam Reed ‏@AdamReedTV tweeted: That's two! Congrats to the AMAZING Kevin Costner! So proud of our entire cast crew and team! Hatfields & McCoys #emmys

Adam Reed ‏@AdamReedTV tweeted: Congrats to Game Change. Great movie. Still very proud of our Hatfelds and McCoys team! #moretocome

Jeanna Snyder ‏@jsnyder099 tweeted: Seriously...did anyone else notice Kevin Costner turn and wink at me after winning his Emmy?? Love him!! #hatfieldsmccoys #congratskevin

Gretchen Frost ‏@GretchyGirl555 tweeted: Congrats to Kevin Costner for his Emmy win for playing my great great great Uncle, Devil Hatfield! 👹 Great job! #emmys

Patrick Alog ‏@patrickalog tweeted: I know it's late, but Cal State Fullerton alum Kevin Costner wins an Emmy! #TitanPride #fb

Eric Demond McCoy ‏@OscarworThee tweeted: #picstitch Congrats Kevin Costner for winning the Emmy for Best lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie...M

Kirstin Wilder ‏@Variety_KWilder tweeted: If you won an Emmy, you can stop here and get it engraved. Will stand here and wait for Costner

Miranda K ‏@mirpropaganda tweeted: I'd like to thank Kevin Costner for my first Emmy "thanks." You are so very welcome. Anytime, really. #castandcrew #doesthisgoonmyresume?

Sabrina S. ‏@sabrinasoti tweeted: Kevin Costner just gave a shout-out to Romania and Bucharest upon winning his #Emmy Award just now. That made me happy, thanks KC

Jeffrey Arthur Rudd ‏@Ruddtwittster tweeted: Congrats to Kevin Costner & Hatfields & McCoys Emmy Win! I predicted this one. #Emmys #EmmyAwards #TheEmmys

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: Congrats to Kevin for taking home the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie for #Hatfields and #McCoys

Nancy O'Dell ‏@NancyODell tweeted: Lucky girl I am in between Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger!

ExtraTV ‏@extratv tweeted: Kevin Costner backstage with @extratv! #emmys #emmyext @ The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Media Center

Bryan Alexander ‏@BryAlexand tweeted: Kevin Costner came backstage at #emmy and tried to explain his Olympic comment. "A lot of things go flooding into your mind."

VIDEO: Kevin Costner : Outstanding Lead Actor for a Miniseries/Movie Published on Sep 23, 2012 by PrimetimeEmmys - Kevin Costner speaks behind the scenes to the Thank You Cam after winning for Outstanding Lead Actor for a Miniseries/Movie.

Jessica Radloff ‏@JRadloff tweeted: OMG, Kevin Costner just let me hold his Emmy in the elevator with him and take a picture!! Dying!! #Emmy!

Adam Reed ‏@AdamReedTV tweeted: Well time to enjoy the nominations the wins and the drinks at the governor's ball! Sneak peek inside ...

See the picture and article entitled: 'Costner Recalls 'Momentous Day' by The Associated Press:

See the picture and article entitled: 'Emmys And The Olympics' by Anthony McCartney:

See the congratulations by Joe Leydon of 'Cowboys and Indians' Magazine:

VIDEO: Emmy Awards 2012 Photo Room Published on Sep 23, 2012 by celebrityfootage - Coverage of the winners at the Emmy Awards 2012 Photo Room in Los Angeles, CA on September 23, 2012.

Tim Shisler ‏@timshisler tweeted: My one and only Emmy tweet tonight... Kevin Costner deserved that award. Hatfields and McCoys was freakin awesome.

Jesse Johnson ‏@jessewjohnson tweeted: Super stoked for family friend Kevin Costner and his first #Emmy win!

Stefany Roro ‏@stefmaster_ tweeted: Kevin Costner had just won his first Emmy. I bet it will look swell next to his Oscars and Golden Globes. #Emmys

Kathy Fedori ‏@kathyfedori tweeted: @GMA Kevin Costner wins Emmy. A most extraordinary human being!

Olienski ‏@MaknyaIka tweeted: Mr. Costner masih ganteng aja #EMMY

Huskybro5000 ‏@HuskyBro_Inc tweeted: I'm late did Kevin Costner win an Emmy for Hatfields & McCoys or Best Speech at Whitney Houston's Funeral, either one would be cool with me

Michael T. Feeback ‏@Feebacklawgroup tweeted: Kevin Costner wins Emmy. His performance in JFK is one of reasons I went to law school.

Kevin on the Primetime Emmy Red Carpet...

Lawrence Zarian ‏@LawrenceZarian tweeted: The very handsome KEVIN COSTNER working the #redcarpet! Such a handsome man!

seize the light ‏@otherbella tweeted: Kevin Costner, hottest guy on the red carpet. hate if you want, Ray Consella is a BAMF forever. #Emmys

Ïtš Avåtår Bøø-bëy ‏@Robby_Lorenzo tweeted: Kevin costner was looking good on that red carpet #emmys

Nancy O'Dell ‏@NancyODell tweeted: With Kevin Costner and his beautiful wife Christine

VIDEO: 'Celebs Talk Firsts on the Emmy Red Carpet' and article:

See the pictures of Kevin on the Primetime Emmy Red Carpet:[152600645]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

VIDEO: Kevin Costner, Actor (Hatfields & McCoys) : Red Carpet : 64th Primetime Emmys Published on Sep 23, 2012 by PrimetimeEmmys:

VIDEO: Emmy Awards 2012 Published on Sep 23, 2012 by celebrityfootage

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kevin at History pre-Emmy party at Soho House...

On Saturday, September 23rd, was History Channels’ Pre-Emmy party at Soho House in celebration of sixteen Hatfields & McCoys Emmy nominations in Los Angeles.

Emmy Party Diaries: Inside Saturday's Events by Lacey Rose, Lesley Goldberg , Matthew Belloni: Kevin Costner and the cast of miniseries Hatfields & McCoys gathered at Soho House for History's first Emmy bash. 10:48 p.m. Costner is surrounded near a corner booth at Soho House, where he's been holding court for well over 30 minutes. 11:10 p.m: Costner and the cast of Hatfields & McCoys gather in the front corner of Soho House greeting parade of execs.

The Soho House website:

Pictures of Kevin arriving to the History Channels' Pre-Emmy party:^events.sql&q2=Hatfields%20%26%20McCoys%20Pre-Emmy%20Party%20Hosted%20by%20History%20Chanel%20at%20Soho%20House%20in%20West%20Hollywood%20on%20September%2022%2C%202012^artists.sql&q1=Hatfields%20%26%20McCoys%20Pre-Emmy%20Party%20Hosted%20by%20History%20Chanel%20at%20Soho%20House%20in%20West%20Hollywood%20on%20September%2022%2C%202012&q2=Costner&x-start=0&ps=9&xgrouped=1[152652204]&ep=1/60/1&s=3[152523154]&ep=1/60/1&s=3[152529276]&ep=1/60/1&s=3[152179940]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

Picture from

See Kevin at the Primetime Emmys Sunday evening...

The Emmys Red Carpet Live begins at 7pm ET / 4pm PT on ABC.
The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards begin at 8pm ET and 5pm PT:

Excerpt from article: Place cards on the chairs in front of the stage's glittery silver stairs....Other nominees with sweet front-row seat assignments included Jon Hamm, Nicole Kidman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Betty White, Kevin Costner and Bryan Cranston.

VIDEO: Countdown To The 64th Annual Emmy Awards - Shaun Robinson heads to the Nokia Theatre where the Emmys will be held on Sunday.

EMMY page for "Hatfields & McCoys':

At Backstage LIVE! show will air during the Emmys beginning at 7pm ET / 4pm PT:

People Magazine Live Blog beginning at 6pm ET:,,20304925_20414063,00.html

E!'s Live from the Red Carpet Is Back for the 2012 Primetime Emmy(R) Awards, Sunday, September 23 - Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic Host, With Ross Matthews and Kelly Osbourne From the E! Skybox Bring Viewers All of the Action, From 3:00pm - 5:00pm PT / 6:00pm - 8:00pm ET. 'Countdown to the Red Carpet' begins an hour earlier on the E! Channel.

E!'s Alicia Quarles and TV expert Kristin Dos Santos will host the E! Online Livestream from the carpet from 3:00 to 5:00 pm PT/6:00 to 8:00 pm ET, which will feature highly interactive live polls and user commentary via Twitter.

Derrik J. Lang ‏@derrikjlang tweeted: The Hatfields & McCoys have galloped into Hollywood for the #Emmys!

'Who Will Win The Emmys?' by Giles Hardie names Kevin Costner as the "Dark Horse" to win the Outstanding Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie catagory.

'Who We'd Like to Win and Who's Likely to Win' by Alison Willmore: "...the mammoth success of "Hatfields & McCoys" demands a reckoning, and while Cumberbatch would be our pick, of History's two contenders in this category, Kevin Costner's turn as Devil Anse Hatfield looks likely to be the winner."

'Who will win -- and who deserves to' by Kristi Turnquist: "My guess is that voters will opt for the surprising hit, "Hatfields & McCoys," the Kevin Costner saga that showed viewers will still tune in for old-fashioned, multinight miniseries events."

'Dave on Demand' by David Hiltbrand: "....there can be only one winner: Hatfields & McCoys. It's an essentially American saga that has been framed in settings from Abbott and Costello to The Flintstones, but never as pungently as when Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton slapped on the hillbilly hats."

'Film Interview: Tony Morales' by JP Spence - Composer Tony Morales has been nominated for an Emmy for composing the score for the History Channel’s mini-series, “Hatfields and McCoys.

Article: 'Travel Into Your Favorite Emmy-Nominated Show' by Jennifer Abbey of 'Good Morning America':

"A take it or leave it guide to four shows breaking big this autumn" article says that 'Hatfields and McCoys' will air in the UK in October on Channel 5.

More pictures of Kevin at the Emmy Nominee reception:[152475828]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Christine Baumgartner depart Pacific Design Published on Sep 22, 2012 by PopCandiesTv - Kevin & Christine have a fantastic night out in WeHo, Nice!

Kevin Darby commented: Ok Lunch guest Kevin Costner at Sunset Marquis. And yes they said no photos :) (Taken September 21st)

Alison Brod PR ‏@AlisonBrodPR tweeted: Just met Kevin Costner at Soho House with STK's Jonathan Segal (Posted 11:12pm September 22nd)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kevin at the Primetime Emmy Nominee Reception....

Spicy ‏@spicypants tweeted: Omg Roger Daltrey AND Kevin Costner at lunch!! :) (@ Sunset Marquis (Posted 1:10pm September 21st)

The 2012 Emmy nominees attended a reception at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, that began at 7:30pm where they received certificates and posed for a photo.

Matthew Belloni ‏@THRMattBelloni tweeted: Kevin Costner wearing an epic scarf at Emmys nominees reception. (Posted 8:52pm September 21st)

Pacific Design Center:

Jessica Radloff ‏@JRadloff tweeted: Kevin Costner and his wife, Christine, at the People Mag/Emmy Nominee Party (Posted 8:56pm September 21st)

Elise Freimuth ‏@thelushchef tweeted: Hey, it's Kevin Costner! @primetimeemmys @ Spectra (Posted 9:13pm September 21st)

Kristen Peck ‏@KbellaPRGal tweeted: Highlight of the @PrimetimeEmmys performers nominee reception... Meeting Kevin Costner. #64themmys (Posted 9:16pm September 21st)

Awards Parties ‏@AwardsParties tweeted: JUST NOW: Just before the only photo Kevin Costner will ever be in the back. 48 Emmy nominees

Bryan Dechart ‏@BryanDechart tweeted: Very cool to see Kevin Costner, @zooeydeschanel, @bryancranston, Elisabeth Moss, Jeremy Davies & all presented w/ their #Emmy noms tonight!

Tony Woo Joun tweeted: I just shook Kevin Costner's hand....!!! (Posted 11:32pm September 21st)

Article: 'Emmy Parties 2012: The Full List and Who's On It' by Mikey Glazer:

Photos from the Emmy Nominees Reception:^artists.sql&q1=The%20Television%20Academy%E2%80%99s%2064th%20Primetime%20Emmy%20Awards%20Performers%20Nominee%20Reception&q2=Costner&x-start=0&ps=6&xgrouped=1[152529065]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tweets, pictures and articles from Liverpool filming...

Picture: New Jack Ryan Movie Film Set. - Taken in Liverpool city center. 17/9/2012 by Kevin T. Scott:

Picture by colhawksworth: The area around Liverpool Town Hall has been dressed for a Hollywood film set, which (apparently) stars Kiera Knightly and Kevin Costner... lots of activity going on - all very exciting.

Pictures: Keira Knightley shoots tense Jack Ryan kidnapping scene in Liverpool The actress, 27, was rescued by the movie's leading man Chris Pine, who swooped in as the title character Jack Ryan to save her. Knightley stars as Ryan's love interest Cathy, who was being held against her will in a black jeep. Ryan storms in and shoots the driver before enjoying a passionate embrace with Keira.

SEPTEMBER 18th: Jonathan Collison ‏@jon_coll tweeted: Kevin Costner and Keira Nightly in Liverpool city centre!!! (Posted 12:27am)

JB ‏@JonnyB_ tweeted: Kevin Costner & Keira Knightley filming the new Jack Ryan film next to my work in Liverpool. Sadly they are only filming at night.

Jamie Redman ‏@jayred83 tweeted: @HayleyH1981 Chris Pine is in Jack Ryan, heard Kevin Costner was there last night as well, they turned Il Palazo in to a Russian nightclub (Posted 1:30am)

Emma-Louise Rabson ‏@PaddockRedLady tweeted: @Petermcdowall10 Kevin Costner is a dude! Have u seen he's filming a new movie in B'head and in town on Castle St #stalkalert ;) (Posted 1:57am)

Tanya Maxwell ‏@THIRtEENFASHION tweeted: Keira Knightly&Kevin Costner filming on our street (Posted 2:17am)

Saint Signal ‏@SaintSignal tweeted: Kevin Costner spotted in Sports Direct Liverpool 1 buying slazenger tracky bottoms #costnerwatch (Posted 2:17am)

Saint Signal ‏@SaintSignal tweeted: Kevin Costner now in Greggs having a bacon roll #costnerwatch (Posted 2:33am)

Big Bad Wolfe ‏@V_Wolfe tweeted: I wana pyaaaa stalk the arse out of Kevin Costner while he's filmin in town for 3 nights #ifudidntnoknowuno

Jessica Truscott ‏@JessTruscott tweeted: Did somebody say kevin costner is on dale street!?!? (Posted 3:42am)

Darrin Smith ‏@CaptSmid tweeted: Liverpool town hall becomes a street in russia for a new Kevin Costner film!.....filming car chases on strand last nite

Clio Maynard ‏@Clio_Maynard tweeted: NYPD in Liverpool for Kevin Costner's film

laura gerrard ‏@LOWHRAH tweeted: Kevin Costner and Kiera nightly are at the Docks filming need to see her she's a beauty (Posted 6:50am)

Jim C ‏@JimC85 tweeted: Loads of film crew and stuff by MMA academy and regent road. NYPD cars and what I think was Kevin Costner, what's going on there? (Posted 7:47am)

Richard ™ ‏@richpowell22 tweeted: Might go celeb spotting tonight...Keira knightley and Kevin Costner are in Liverpool city :-) (Posted 7:18am)

Emma Dolan Ybe commented: What an exciting night it's been for the crew at Gourmet Coffee! Kevin Costner screeching, cars and miss knightly...come join us for some networking and we'll tell you more! (Posted 8:05pm)

claire ‏@clairewarner tweeted: Liverpool has been turned into Russia for a film set.. On the lookout for Kevin Costner now ; (Posted 11:26am)

Meghan king ‏@Meghanking123 tweeted: Everyone get to town to see Kevin Costner nowwwwwww! @alexandraB_xx @EmClareHoughton @BeccaBrennan2 @ShannonOneill_ (Posted 11:38am)

Dakota Laken ‏@DakotaLaken tweeted: Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley are filming a movie in my street! Wow! (Posted 12:22pm)

Mark McDonald ‏@marco_mcd tweeted: Just tried to leave @RBG_Liverpool only to find myself stuck on the set of a Keira Knightly/Kevin Costner movie. #cantmove #brilliant (Posted 1:18pm)

Lian Challis ‏@LianChallis tweeted: Im trapped inside RBG because Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner are filming a car chase scene in the street. Whatever. (Posted 1:21pm)

Ashleigh Watson ‏@AshleighWatson9 tweeted: Kevin Costner filming a car chase just off our road, might go check it out! #dilf (Posted 1:55pm)

Sonia James-Henry ‏@thehobsbabe tweeted: Much excitement in Liverpool Kenneth Branagh directing a car chase scene with Kevin Costner, Harrison Ford & Keira Knightley down Castle St (Posted 3:55pm)

More 'Jack Ryan' filming in Liverpool pictures:

More photos from September 1st filming in New York City by 'Caught On Set':

SEPTEMBER 19th:  Anthony Mooney ‏@anthonymooney tweeted: R eh, hoping to see Kevin Costner on the sly at this time in the morning on Castle Street. #disappointment

EJM ‏@ErinJMacfarlane tweeted: Love how my mum rings to tell me she casually walked past Kevin Costner in town 'random'

Alexandra ‏@AlexHird tweeted: Get me to Hamilton square I need to meet Kevin Costner

Kev T ‏@KevThompson77 tweeted: Kevin Costner in Lpool shooting sequel to Patriot Games. Was told last night I looked like him. Yeah right, more like Kevin The Teenager.

Displex Display ‏@DisplexDisplay tweeted: Not everyday u get to work on the set of a major Hollywood blockbuster starring Keira Knightley, Chris Pine & Kevin Costner but today we did

First Look Photos: Keira Knightley Is Damsel in Distress on 'Jack Ryan' Set:

Article and picture: 'Kenneth Branagh and Chris Pine bring Liverpool's Strand to standstill with dramatic car chase filming' by Gemma Jaleel:


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More tweets from Liverpool, England, filming...

Article: 'Leading Gap Insurance provider enjoys the Hollywood effect as a new blockbuster is filmed on the streets of Merseyside this week':

Picture by Zaki Grant taken September 15, 2012, in Liverpool, England:

SEPTEMBER 16th: Hannah Fosh ‏@HannahFosh tweeted: Wondered why all the roads around my flat are closed overnight - turns out its for filming a Keira Knightley & Kevin Costner Film! #Cool (Posted 5:21am)

Katy Cunningham ☯ ‏@katyNDUBZx tweeted: Went past the set of Jack Ryan where Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley and Chris Pine were! (Posted 9:41am)

peter fletcher ‏@peterfletcher14 tweeted: We have only got Kevin Costner and Keira knightly filming out side our house (Posted 10:07am)

charlie1 taxi driver ‏@ondacobbles tweeted: They've blocked castle st and the strand off for 4 nights. They're doing a film with kevin costner in. (Posted 12:36pm)

Rachel Lisa  ‏@VospersGirl tweeted: Just got stopped in the street & told to wait cus they were filming a scene from a new Kevin Costner movie lol (Posted 2:36pm)

kevin thompson ‏@djtizzleLpool tweeted: NYPD just raided the docks sick New movie getting filmed outside mine I can see Kevin costner (Posted 2:46pm)

Jane Murdoch ‏@janeym27 tweeted: So apparently Kevin Costner, Keira Knightly and Chris Pine have been filming hereabouts this week. Maybe they will pop in to the museum. Lol

Tony Burns @TonyBurns8: @McGuffiesBar tweeted: Keira knightly filming outside Mcguffies tonight for her new film with Kevin Costner that +Baileys Cheesecake = great combo RT (Posted 5:42pm)

Kirbs ‏@Ian_G_McMahon tweeted: Can not get thru town at all film gettin made kevin costner in an a 7 car crash scene is bein filmed right now ....(Posted 8:01pm

Gill Strand commented: Billy just finished singing in The Slaughter House pub in town, and right outside filming a new film was Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner, ha he's just watching them doing a car chase x (Posted 9:21pm)

SEPTEMBER 17th: Jack Phoenix commented: Filming the new Jack Ryan movie in the streets outside the office today. May spot Keira Knightly and Kevin Costner in Greggs at lunch.

Jayne C ‏@jaynie_c tweeted: Ooh filming going on outside my work! Apparently a new film with Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner and Chris Pine?

Joe W ‏@JoeDoubleYou9 tweeted: NYPD cars in liverpool today filming Jack Ryan. Can not wait for this Tom Clancy origin film, & it stars Kevin Costner!

Funky Sunflower ‏@bec_sunflower tweeted: Totally bonkers night last night..ended up on a charity cruise on river mersey and ended up on the set of a new Kevin Costner movie....

Kian Fonoudi ‏@Fonoudi tweeted: Car chase scene in Liverpool for Kevin Costner movie. Supposed to be set in Russia but they shoot in Liverpool.

Erin & The Machine ‏@___ErinThompson tweeted: Strolled across the set of a film starring Kiera Knightly and Kevin Costner last night at like 2am at Albert Docks, random but cool

Kim Anyon ‏@Kiman76 tweeted: Its all a bit odd seeing Liverpool transformed into a Russian city.

Theo Di Caprio ‏@Theo_Di_Caprio tweeted: @Mykhol85 Is there a chance I will bump into Kevin Costner in Nandos?

Andrew ‏@churchy29 tweeted: Kevin Costner and Keira knightly are outside my work #nopunchline (Posted 7:55am)

Kirsty Paterson ‏@kirsty_pat1 tweeted: Kevin Costner filming outside our work #swatch x x x (Posted 9:02am)

Heather Duvall ‏@heatherlump tweeted: Castle street is being turned into a Hollywood film set! (Posted 9:50am)

Heather Duvall ‏@heatherlump tweeted: And another. So exciting! (Posted 9:51am)

Graham Brown ‏@kopite_for_life tweeted: @JimBoardman I know you're only RT it, but is this film crew the same one that were filming over this side on the docks with Kevin Costner.? (Posted 10:05am)

Graham Brown ‏@kopite_for_life tweeted: @jay_liverbird @jimboardman they were filming in the old Birkenhead Tunnel exit on the dock side. It was supposedly one of New Yorks tunnels (Posted 10:32am)

Zoe Ledsham ‏@zoelouisa tweeted: law school is finished early, thank you Keira Knightley + Kevin Costner for filming right by us (Posted 11:34am)

MsBanks ‏@ustvmad tweeted: Filming #jackryan today in liverpool this is parked next to my workplace no sign of kiera or kevin costner tho (Posted 12:05pm)

Paul De La Cruz ‏@pauldelacruz tweeted: Cafe Nero on Castle Street transformed into a Russian cafe for tonight's filming with Kevin Costner and Kira Knightly!! (Posted 11:58am)

Erin Long ‏@ErinLong21 tweeted: @greerlaura kiera knightly, kevin Costner not sure who else. Yeah trying to watch it out my window haha x (Posted 12:42pm)

Sean Devine ‏@seanedevine tweeted: Turns out the Russian stuff on Castle St. is for a Kevin Costner / Keira Knightly film. Makes sense with the Russian style of café nero. (Posted 12:43pm)

Farrah Chaudhry ‏@farrahchaudhry tweeted: Kevin Costner, Keira Knightly and Chris Pine filming car chase scenes in Liverpool tonight! (Posted 12:52pm)

Jennie Clinton ‏@Jennie_Clinton_ tweeted: tweeted: As if keira knightly and kevin costner are making me walk ages!! Could you not have got a better location than dale steet liverpool?!?! (Posted 12:57pm)

Michael Snowdon ‏@the_microcosm tweeted: Photo: Currently on set of ‘jack Ryan’ looking for Kevin Costner on a Russian themed castle st… (Posted 1:40pm)

Hannah Cheetham ‏@hannah_cheetham tweeted: on the look out for Kevin Costner, Kiera Knightley and Chris Pine outside my bedroom window, this better be for realllllllll (Posted 3:04pm)

Paul ‏@paulwarbo tweeted: Film crew in Birkenhead, filming the new Jack Ryan film with Kiera Knightley, Kevin Costner and Chris Pine ... and they're all here! (Posted 5:54pm)

Chris Pine and Keira Knightly shoot scenes for the upcoming 'Jack Ryan' movie location in Liverpool, England. Two sets have been built in Liverpool City Centre, including one recreating a Russian City and the other mimicking New York City. Knightly appeared to be kidnapped in a car chase before being rescued by co-star Chris Pine after a shootout.

Chris Pine shooting scenes for the upcoming 'Jack Ryan' movie on location in Liverpool. Pine appeared to be nursing a leg injury after shooting a scene running up a street being filmed by a camera on a quad bike. They drafted in Stoke City football club's Fitness and Physio co-ordinator Paul Maxwell to give him some help and advice, including using a hot water bottle.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Some new items and some blasts from the past...

Jennifer Masterson near Ventura, CA commented: Look who came to support Buena High School! (September 8, 2012)

Lola ‏@loulabanks tweeted: I met Kevin Costner at work the other day.. he's such a nice guy! (Brooklyn, NY - Posted September 10th)

TylerYahraess ‏@TylerYahraes tweeted: Printing shirts for Kevin Costner 😳 (Tucson, AZ) (Posted September 10th)

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - 90 Miles An Hour - Unseen / Untold Truths Published on Sep 4, 2012 by ichiban2592007

Story Notes for Open Range - (Weeknights during prime time on AMC, you can catch Story Notes -- real time trivia and facts about your favorite movies! Below is the online version of the Story Notes for Open Range.)

Interview: 'Costner's Last Stand' by Nicholas Kralev in The Financial Times Magazine - March 17, 2001

Interview: 'Kevin Costner Sees Dead People' by Jeanne Wolf with Daniel R. Coleridge, dated February 21, 2002

A video Kevin was involved in called 'Muse Of Fire' - A documentary using recollection and recitations of US troops and the families about Operation Homecoming a program of the National Endowment for the Arts NEA where troops returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan write about their wartime experience. Uploaded by larry90272 on Mar 18, 2011
You can see Kevin at: 0:00:12; 0:47:35; 1:06:47; and 1:08:45

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tweets from the Birkenhead, England, filming....

Excerpt from article by Catherine Jones: The ECHO revealed last week that the Sir Kenneth Branagh-helmed Jack Ryan movie, starring Keira Knightley, Chris Pine and Kevin Costner, is set to spend several days shooting in the city centre this month. The project, with a cast and crew of around 500, is one of two Hollywood blockbusters set to film in Liverpool this autumn...

September 9th:  Daniel Sendall-King ‏@Hit_The_Wax tweeted: Think I just saw Kevin Costner down the local shop. Wonder what he was up to?

September 10th:  Chris Brady commented: (near Birkenhead, England) Ok so there makin a big film all this week in birkenhead. Called jack Ryan and I've been put on to look after Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner and the rest of the staff. #shittinmyself

Rachel Kennedy commented: I got a letter through my door hun tellin me about that coz theyre filmin right by mine and they said theyre goin to park some of their cars outside our house in cleveland street. The letter said the film was called mary land though not jack ryan :-/ xxx

September 11th:  New Images of Chris Pine and Kenneth Branagh on the Set of JACK RYAN by Adam Chitwood:

September 12th:  Sharon Findlay ‏@SharonFindlay tweeted: Exciting stuff going on behind my work. Filming a new Kevin Costner movie apparently(Cheshire)

Gemma Louise Clement ‏@GemmaClement1 tweeted: Just heard Kevin Costner is filming down the road from me! Get yourself to Birkenhead!

Shapewear ‏@shapewearuk tweeted: Currently trapped in office by film crew shooting a new hollywood movie with Chris Pine, Keira Knightly, Kevin Costner

Kath Rooney commented: Kevin Costner n Kiera knightly are filmin in the old Bhead tunnel jus incase Anyones wondering what all the fuss is dwn ther....

September 13th:  Clarkelaa ‏@clarkelaa tweeted: *Hollywood Stars filming in Birkenhead klaxon* Keira Knightly, Kevin Costner, Some fit dude from star trek!

Becky Rochell-gill commented: hahahahaha funniest phone call off my mam ever, coming out of work in birkenhead and she sees loads of black gazebo's and NYPD police cars an she only goes and sees kiera knightley and kevin costner filming scenes for a new film coming out! hahahahahahahaha

John Ross ‏@thisisgallifrey tweeted: If anybody spots Keira please tweet immediately! "@CaffeCreamNB: Apparently Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner are filming on the Wirral"

Caffe Cream NB ‏@CaffeCreamNB tweeted: Apparently Keira Knightly and Kevin Costner are filming on the Wirral (Birkenhead tunnel). Wonder if they like homemade ice cream?

Helen McDonnell ‏@HelenMacco tweeted: Deffo need to go stalking Kevin Costner and Chris Pine filiming in Liverpool streets on Monday haha! Need to blag being an extra!

Natalie Shaw ‏@XNat_ShawX tweeted: @HelenMacco OMG Helen where they filming?! Kevin Costner is a babe!

Helen McDonnell ‏@HelenMacco tweeted: @XNat_ShawX around castle street and near Liverpool one! I'll take a mega zoom camera haha! #papped

Sue W ‏@suwch45 tweeted: filming #jackryan film in #Birkenhead. Not spotted Kevin Costner yet

Julie Fortune ‏@Julie_Fortune tweeted: OMGeeeeee Kevin Costner & Keira Knightley are shooting a film down the road!!!

Ben ‏@benjolio tweeted: Last tweet from filming of Jack Ryan movie, starring Kevin Costner & Keira Knightley. Regular Birkenhead visitors!

First Look: Kenneth Branagh Plots Evil on a Cell Phone in 'Jack Ryan' by Ethan Anderton:

September 14th:  Conner McNamara ‏@ConnerMcNamara tweeted: may go stalk Kevin Costner this weekend whilst am off...

Vince Gaynor tweeted: Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner !! directed by Kenneth Brannagh filming in Birkenhead on Monday :-) wish I had the time to go down and watch.

Georgina ‏@geocorner tweeted: Kevin Costner filming in Birkenhead tomorrow next door to my Mum's work. #brandnewinformation #JackRyan

Mike White / DJ TA ‏@WhiteyInDHouse tweeted: Went past the filming of d new jack ryan film before staring chris pine/kevin costner near the dock n old tunnel entrance loads of nypd cars

Blog by Laura: There are ACTUAL REAL FAMOUS PEOPLE around the corner from my work. The trailers of Keira Knightly, Kevin Costner and Chris Pine!! Apologies for the bad quality photo – it involved me going up to the roof of my work and climbing up a latter to be able to see over the top (cinemas are very tall….). But yeah, they’re filming ‘Jack Ryan’ around the corner so keep closing off roads around here, and my boyfriend saw a fake NYPD van hanging about. Exciting and so tempting to casually walk by.

September 15th:  Phil Hunter commented: Wardrobe has selected the BLUE CIEL 'THINK' optical frame for Kevin Costner on the in-production filming of 'Jack Ryan'. Another in the series of the Paramount Jack Ryan franchise starring Keira Knightley, Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, and Kenneth Branagh. Selection of the frame made in New York and filming is in Europe for a 2013 release date.

Tony Keenan tweeted: Kevin Costner is apparently here in Birko filming, he's goin to the cotton club later...

Graham Burton ‏@GrahamPaigeUK tweeted: DJing tonight in Manchester - then tomorrow is my first date with Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner & Kenneth Branagh... (deep breath)...

NEIL. ‏@NigzyLAD tweeted: NYPD cars everywhere in Birkenhead. Rumour has it there's a film being shot with Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner...

Jussilinho Castro ‏@JussiCastro tweeted: Working with Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Costner on set of 'Jack Ryan' today in Birkenhead

Matthew Shannon ‏@MatteoShannini tweeted: Just seen Kevin Costner in Birkenhead filming for this new film! Madness!

annettemcginnroberts ‏@afamilyresearch tweeted: Birkenhead Dock area...a wave from Movie Star Chris Pine, filming "Jack Ryan"with Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner and Kenneth Brannagh...fab!

mathew bett ‏@mattbett1984 tweeeted: Film set in Birkenhead,for film jack Ryan. With Kevin Costner :)

Graham Brown ‏@kopite_for_life tweeted: Just found out why I couldn't get through Birkenhead today on the way to Liscard. Old B'head Tunnel exit had a film crew with Kevin Costner!