Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kevin at the Rams vs Patriots game on Sunday...

Excerpt from article by Ron Borges: "Some 40 minutes away, the Patriots were pacing themselves inside a ballroom at Grosvenor House, a downtown London hotel. The Rams had arrived four days earlier and spent the week at The Grove along with actors Tom Cruise and Kevin Costner, which tells you something about The Grove. The difference between Grosvenor House and The Grove is the difference between Cuba and Aruba."

The Grove Hotel in London:

Excerpt by Jim Thomas: "Actor Kevin Costner, who's in town making a movie, watched the Rams practice Friday. Most of the practice was closed to the media — as was the case Wednesday and Thursday — but Fisher said Costner threw the ball around for about an hour."

Excerpt by Jim Thomas: "The team practiced at the state-of-the-art Arsenal soccer facilities on Wednesday and Thursday — but switched to the bucolic setting of The Grove for Friday's session. There is only one football field at The Grove, and it's literally cut out of a forest. Since this is England, perhaps a more fitting Costner movie might have been "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves," with him riding out of the woods on horseback."

George Rumsey commented: Totally met Kevin Costner today! Also spent 85% of the day under Charing Cross... Ugh (Posted 6:58pm October 25th)

Lynn Weston commented: What a let down last week they were filming the new jack Ryan film outside my office window with Kevin Costner Keira knightly and chris pine. Today it's holby city :(( (Posted 7:08am October 26th)

Ollie Simpson ‏@bloodrainbow tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner in a restaurant in Islington then went to see the original Total Recall at Screen on the Green. #success (Posted 6:12pm October 27th)

Peter Griffin ‏@joeBellll tweeted: dad was working in london tonight and he saw a new movie being filmed with Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner on set hahaha (Posted 6:15pm October 27th)

Kent Sterling ‏@KentSterling tweeteed: Kevin Costner must be bad luck for the Rams (Posted 2:05pm October 28th)

Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer tweeted: Rumor has it Rams fan Kevin Costner may be stopping by our Wembley camera position today ... Keep it locked on GameDay Morning for more. (Posted 2:26pm October 28th)

Turd Ferguson ‏@dan_lawless tweeted: I have just seen Kevin Costner at Wembley #NFL (Posted 8:33am October 28th)

Linda Mugdenko What's the wonderfull day at Wembley, i met rugby players, American's Cheerleaders and an actor Kevin Costner :-D:-D:-D (Posted 1:54pm October 28th)

nfluk.com ‏@nfl_uk tweeted: Before today's game watch the @STLouisRams practicing on the field with Kevin Costner watching on - . #NFLLondon (Posted 2:22pm October 28th)

Damian Holcombe ‏@damianholcombe tweeted: Met 3 Hollywood film actors today and could only name 1 on the spot Kevin Costner and the other 2 have been driving me crazy for (Posted 3:10pm October 28th)

Damian Holcombe ‏@damianholcombe tweeted: hours, just thought of one Bill Paxton. Now for the third and I can sleep to tonight! Lol (Posted 3:10pm October 28th)

Nabila Mamacita commented: Kevin costner in my box!!! Ahahahah no picture though :( (Posted 3:34pm October 28th)

Steve Duplessie ‏@stevedupe tweeted: Jess and Kevin Costner.

Matt Wealls commented: Spent the last three hours stood ten yards away from Kevin Costner. Cause thats how i roll.m (Posted 9:44pm October 28th)

Adrian Maguire commented: Shows how little i know about films...I'm apparantly 7 seats from Kevin Costner and have no idea who he is (Posted 5:21pm October 28th)

Pictures: Kevin Costner Sightings In London on October 24, 2012:


Saturday, October 27, 2012

More from London and 'Hatfields & McCoys'....

Pictures of Kevin leaving the London Ivy Restaurant on October 24th

Rob ‏@Rob_1987 tweeted: Just watching a new film by Warner bros being filmed with Kevin Costner and Kiera knightly called jack Ryan as you do on a Thursday haha (posted 3:14am October 25th)

Katy Funnell ‏@KatyFunnell tweeted: Kevin Costner is filming outside my office. Im going to try for a bit part. (Posted 5:09am October 25th)

Halo ‏@EatMyHalo tweeted: I was told today that Tom Cruise and Kevin Costner had been spotted in Liverpool. Anyone know anything about that? (Posted October 25th)

Nick The Greek ‏@NickTheGreek81 tweeted: In other news my mate saw Kevin Costner in a bar last night but was too scared to ask him to be his bodyguard #BottleJob (Posted October 27th)

See the picture and article entitled: 'Costner's Field of Dreams, Part II' by Jim Thomas:

See another picture at link: 'Kevin Costner Drops In On Rams Practice In London':

See the items listed at article: 'Secret Room Events Gifts Celebrity Nominees Luxury Trips To Exotic Destinations' for all the 2012 Emmy nominees:

See the UK Channel 5's 'Hatfields and McCoys' site:

See article entitled: 'Hatfields & McCoys pulls in 1.3m to Channel 5':

See the article entitled: 'Costner costume crisis':

See pictures from October 17, 2012 - Nashville, TN - Big Kenny Alphin and comedians Williams & Ree auction off a Kevin Costner poster to raise money to benefit the Junior Predators hockey team at the residence of Troy Vollhoffer. Credit: Randi Radcliff:


Thursday, October 25, 2012

More of Kevin in London and for 'Hatfields & McCoys'...

See the pictures of Kevn leaving the 'C' Restaurant in London, Friday, October 19th:


Pictures of Chris Pine filming in London on October 21st:

Rosie Martineau commented Weekend's celeb spot... Kevin Costner, casually strolling down the street Serious. Leicester Sq! x (Posted 7:39pm October 21st)

Christina Thompson commented: Just hanging out with Kevin outside Sherlock Holmes pub in Trafalga. (Posted October 20th)

Christina Thompson commented: Look who I found this afternoon in London pub. LIKE if you recognise him xx (Posted October 20th)

Mario Ascenso commented: Party is going fine. Kevin Costner is here. Yes Kevin Costner gate crashed my party. And when the only person with courage to go n talk to him goes and mention Whitney Houston he wAs not pleased. Ahah (Posted 9:10pm October 22nd)

Sam Wood commented: Well jel my sis is gettin to spend the day with Keira knightly n Kevin Costner tomoz! She best get autographs! (Posted 7:22pm October 22nd)

Laura Winter ‏@Laura_season tweeted: Love it when you go out for the night and Kevin Costner is at the next table! (London) (Posted 3:08am October 23rd)

Juliana Yazbeck ‏@JulianaYaz tweeted: @IDENTITYDrama Tomorrow I start shooting... WITH KEVIN COSTNER! OMG thanks so much IAG you've changed my life (Posted October 23rd)

Natalie Griffin ‏@NatalieMGriffin tweeted: Great day at the office, got a photo with Chris Pine and Kevin Costner whilst they are filming near my work! Beautiful men!! (Posted 9:20am October 24th)

Paris Davis ‏@pariscdavis tweeted: just been booked to be a part of the new Maryland Film starring Keira Knightly & Kevin Costner :D - Happy Bunny!! (Posted 12:49pm October 24th)

Lee Cushing tweeted: Good day in work saw Kevin Costner, Keira knightly and Kate Middleton. (Posted 8:49pm October 24th)

Alex Cassun commented: Somehow I ended up on the set of Kenneth Branagh's new movie, in CIA attire, delivering lines and manhandling Keira Knightley and (literally, repeatedly) running into Kevin Costner. Could be worse ways to spend a Wednesday, I guess... (Posted 7:29pm October 24th)

Picture: Walking through Moscow? by queen_b_xoxo - posted September 18th:

Picture of Kevin at Bud Country Fever by sussudiogirl - Maranda Marie:

Kevin Costner - Hatfields & McCoy Interview dated October 24, 2012:

'Kevin Costner Is Back In The Saddle For Another Western Epic' dated October 23, 2012:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chance to win 2 KC & MW tickets Rising Star Casino...

On the Rising Star Casino Resort Facebook page it says: The next period of Contests starts today! Make sure to enter for a chance to win two tickets to Kevin Costner & Modern West by clicking here:
You just go to their Facebook page and "Like" it!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

More from London filming and some other items...

Leanne Mitchell ‏@leanne_hibbert tweeted: So there filming a movie with Keira knightly and Kevin Costner who will be here on Thursday. #exciting (Posted 4:56pm October 16th)

Sarah (: ‏@sarahzoe_ tweeted: A film with keira knightley, chris pine and kevin costner is being filmed across the road from my house #win (Posted 6:03am October 17th)

Claudia Costa ‏@ClaudsCosta tweeted: @MariaKaph you missed him blow us a kiss!! 💋 (Posted 6:48am October 18th)

Priti Shah commented: Kevin Costner waved at us here at my work place....Wow... Film being shot here for the next 2 days !!! (Posted 12:46pm October 18th)

Sarah Whelan commented: How exciting Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner are filming at my work (Posted 12:49pm October 18th)

Anne-Marie Forde commented: Why is my company surprised that people are glued to the office window, when Kevin Costner, Kiera knightly, Chris pine and Kenneth Branagh are all filming outside. (Posted 7:29pm October 18th)

Parth D ‏@pdepz04 tweeted: Kevin Costner at barnet council #celebwatch #barnetcouncil (Posted 4:17am October 19th)

Iñaki Garcia Lopez commented: Kevin Costner at 34 last night! (London, England) (Posted 5:33am October 19th)

Ellena Dj ‏@Ells_xx tweeted: Kevin Costner filming at my work #stalker lol (Posted 5:57am October 19th)

D Labelle ‏@MsD_Labelle tweeted: Omg Kevin Costner & Keira Knightly are literally feet away from me filming their new film Jack Ryan!!! Ahhhhhh (Posted 6:10am October 19th)

Sophie ‏@Sophieharrisona tweeted: @CarrotPakan Barnet Council, they are filming a film with her and Kevin Costner, she saw him too. I AM SO JEALOUS (Posted 11:15am October 19th)

ALICIA KATY. ‏@AliciaKaty_ tweeted: My mum text me just to tell me Kevin Costner smiled at her and his crew members invited her for a coffee #alrightythen (Posted 12:22pm October 19th)

Linda Imami ‏@Quibylindaimami tweeted: Me and Kevin Costner#kevincostner #cipriani #instagram #igs #instalife #instamood #igerslondon # @ C London (Posted 3:00pm October 19th)

Harman Sond tweeted: Is trying to catch a glipse of kiera knightley and kevin costner filming outside the council offices but having no joy! (Posted 7:22pm October 19th)

Ricky ‏@iworktopaybills tweeted: Kevin Costner well impressed that I interrupted his conversation (Posted 7:26am October 20th)

adrian matcham ‏@Adebear69 tweeted: @missgemmajane @davidwallaceefc Kevin Costner is on scene (Posted 12:25pm October 20th)

Andrew Kyriacou ‏@andykyri14 tweeted: just walked past keira knightley and kevin costner on the set pf their new movie...... STOKED! (Posted 2:19pm October 20th)

David Chesworth commented: Filming the new jack Ryan film with kerien knightly and Kevin costner at the uni of London my work place Dawn Prawn Gazelle Walker I mingle withe the stars too (Posted 5:26PM October 20th)

Vey large picture of Kevin from the 'Hatfields and McCoys' Soho house event:

Kevin at the 'Hatfields and McCoys' Press Conference on October 14, 2012:


See the interview by Craig Modderno of Variety.com entitled: ''Hatfields' cues Costner music,' Craig cites that 'Famous For Killing Each Other' reached No. 6 on the Soundtrack Chart and reached the Top 20 of both the Country and Indie Album Charts:

objetivotv ‏@objetivotv tweeted: Kevin Costner no ha querido perderse el @FestivalSeries (Translated: Kevin Costner did not want to miss the @FestivalSeries)

TV Times ‏@tvtimesmagazine tweeted: Kevin Costner talks to us about his new television role as a complicated cold-blooded killer… (Posted 6:18am October 18th) (Sold in the UK)

missmarandamarie Maranda Marie #KevinCostner #budcountry #canada #alberta #summer #2012 #singing #happy #blackandwhite #country #folk

Mike McConnell ‏@Lorcav tweeted: OK so tonight filmage kicks off with Field of Dreams, haunted Kevin Costner etc

PopCulture413 ‏@PopCulture413 tweeted: The debate ends with each candidate asked to give their version of Kevin Costner's "I believe" BULL DURHAM speech #Debate (Posted 7:39pm October 16th)

Justin Wesley ‏@clashrebel tweeted: Who'd have guessed a Kevin Costner flick would be trending in 2012? #swingvote #debate #costnerisgod (Posted 7:37pm October 16th)

Tatiana Alvarez ‏@Lapeorpersona tweeted: Translated: Coincidence is that my boyfriend looks like Kevin Costner

Friday, October 19, 2012

More filming of 'Jack Ryan' in London for Kevin...

(Note: the time postings may be Pacific Standard Time - my time - which means the actual posting time in the UK is actually 8 hours later.)

zuzka pudding ‏@zuzkapud tweeted: Cnt wait 2 see Kevin Costner n Keira Knighty filming #JackRyan at my work place ...shame Chris Pine #hottie not coming...happy 2 be at work (Posted 2:45am October 18th) (Actual 10:40am?)

Lauren Burbidge ‏@LaurenBurb tweeted: Me and @ClaudsCosta just saw Kevin Costner filming an army scene at NLBP #needextras (Posted 4:46am October 18th)

zuzka pudding ‏@zuzkapud tweeted: Watching kevin costner filming new hollywood film #jackryan #soexcited (Posted 4:57am October 18th)

Ellena Dj ‏@Ells_xx tweeted: I just see Kevin Costner filming at my work :))))) (Posted 5:21am October 18th)

Sophia Eleni Georgio ‏@sophiagiox tweeted: How is Keira Knightly and Kevin Costner filming at my Aunty's work... This is not fair!! (Posted 5:26am October 18th)

Lauren Burbidge ‏@LaurenBurb tweeted: The office is full of old women screaming over the sight of Kevin Costner. This is a place of work... Shut up! #sexstarved (Posted 5:34am October 18th)

Babatunde Ishola ‏@2ndeJaps tweeted: Wow! Keira Knightley & Kevin Costner filming at my work site. Interesting seeing how much goes behind the scenes before the real movie. (Posted 5:42am October 18th)

zuzka pudding ‏@zuzkapud tweeted: I can't cope so many fishes #hotties in this filming crew that I even 4got about Kevin Costner lol (Posted 5:51am October 18th)

Zengani ‏@Zengani_m tweeted: Kevin Costner is a boss. Saw him shooting his new movie in a pin strip 3 piece suit. My guy had about 87% of the women at my work screaming (Posted 9:31am October 18th)

Niki-belle ‏@Niki__belle tweeted: Saw Chris Pine on the film set 😍 damn!!! Thanks @NattyA_83 and @zuzkapud amaazinggggg!! Will see Keira Knightly and Kevin Costner next 😊 (Posted 10:06am October 18th)

Daniellee ☮ ‏@DaniSimmonds3 tweeted: Turns out they're filming Maryland at my mum's work and Keira Knightly and Kevin Costner are in it! #excitingstuff (Posted 1:26pm October 18th)

Laurie Mahon ‏@Laurie_Mahon tweeted: Today i met my childhood hero. Kevin Costner. Ive had the robin hood theme tune in my head all day!!! #merrymen #ridingthroughtheglen (Posted 2:58pm October 18th)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Probable project for Kevin: 'Draft Day' delayed...

Reported earlier this month, in article by Claude Brodesser-Akner: The NFL league may give it's "usually difficult-to-obtain imprimatur to Paramount Pictures’ Kevin Costner drama 'Draft Day,'" a movie in which Kevin would play the general manager of the Buffalo Bills, "set over the course of a single day, it follows the GM as he parlays the first NFL draft pick (granted to the previous season's worst team) into a series of trades that burnishes the team’s lackluster roster. Along the way, he must deal with his own family baggage as well as some surprising personal and romantic developments."

VIDEO: Will Kevin Costner play Bills GM?

A nice picture of Kevin along with this story:

Picture of Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix.

I previously posted about this possible new project here:

Now October 17th comes the news by by Dave Trumbore that Paramount is putting 'Draft Day' in "turnaround" until both Kevin and the Director, Ivan Reitman are freed up from the projects they both have going ahead of this project.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Items I've found in the last couple of weeks....

♡Paige♡ ‏@Paige_LA tweeted: Working History's Hatfields & McCoys HFPA Press Conference. (@ The Beverly Hilton) on (Posted 11:45am October 14th)

♡Paige♡ ‏@Paige_LA tweeted: Kevin Costner in the building... (Posted 12:25pm October 14th)

Cassy Demetriou Stanley commented: Jealous much my husband met Kevin Costner corrrr the bodyguard/robin hood today :( off I go tomorrow for lunch lol — with John Stanley. (Posted 6:27pm October 10th)

zuzka pudding ‏@zuzkapud tweeted: Kevin costner&kira knighty filming new hollywood film next week at work place #excited (Posted 4:41pm October 13th)

zuzka pudding ‏@zuzkapud tweeted: Might ask Kevin Costner while he's filming his new film at our work place 2 come 4 lunch with us 2 canteen #jacketpotatoes @NattyA_83 (Posted 4:35am October 15th)

créma stéphane ‏@frogme2 tweeted: I saw Kevin Costner the other day and he looks a friendly personne. (Posted 10:35am October 14th)

Issy Abel Smith ‏@IssyAbelSmith tweeted: So whilst my boy gets to hang out filming with Keira and Kevin Costner this week... I get to fanny around with a press release #BridgetJones (Posted 8:20am October 15th)

Jim Pokorny commented: So I'm watching Wyatt Earp with Kevin Costner on OVATION and as they were going into a commercial break they announced that Costner is soon to be involved in a remake of The Magnificent Seven. I will be keeping my eye out for this one, I assure you. (Posted 2:12am October 15th)

AUDIO: Sarah Parish on parenting and kissing Kevin Costner - Parish spoke to BBC Radio 5 live about working with Kevin Costner, having her daughter on set, and gave Richard Bacon some parenting tips:

Excerpt by Chris Beachum: Could there be a "Hatfields and McCoys" battle in the SAG category of Best TV Movie/Miniseries Actor? Co-stars Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger both won Emmys and could be facing off against each other as well as Bill Paxton and Powers Boothe this time.

Pictures by Donna Carole Echols @ Hal & Mal's concert:

Picture by Jan Schaefer:

Pictures with Kevin on Tour Bus at Arcada Theater concert by Staci Lea Almond:

Pictures by ckrofone of Surf Ballroom concert:

Cheryl Heuss's Photos: Meet n Greet Durant, OK concert:

Pictures with Kevin on Tour Bus at Arcada Theater concert by Staci Lea Almond:

ARQUEONAUTAS store with pictures of Kevin:

Excerpt: Kevin Costner: Waiting for Superman - Look up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Kevin Costner! Not really, but Costner does play Superman's human father in the upcoming Man of Steel flick. "I thought maybe one day, when I first started acting, maybe they'd ask me to play Superman," the 57-year-old actor told us. "But then time passed and they asked me to be Superman's dad. So that's life, right?" Costner assures us that British hunk Henry Cavill is "great" at playing the flying superhero. "He really looks the part," he said. "You gotta out act the suit." Please accept our apologies but we prefer him out of the suit.

VIDEO: Kevin costner leaves Whitney Houston funeral in Newark Published on Oct 3, 2012 by MoneyLA88 - Video of Kevin Costner Leaving Whitney Houston funeral here in Newark, NJ.

Photo Slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - "Saturday Night" & "Maria Nay" - TURN It ON Published on Oct 5, 2012 by ichiban2592007:

♎ OcToBeR 8Th ♎ ‏@alibraman87 tweeted: Kevin Costner also sat at this table!!! #hymansseafood @ Hyman's Seafood (in Charleston, South Carolina:
Hyman Seafood website:

See the 'Interview: Casting his lot with 'Vote'' by Colin Covert, of the Star Tribune, dated August 2, 2008:

See the large version of the 'Swing Vote' interview picture:
VIDEO: C.J.: Up close with Costner:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Kevin filming in the UK October 2nd to 9th...

maria ‏@styllama tweeted: my dad worked with kevin costner and kye sones just saw him so technically i met kye sones right??????????? (Posted 1:04pm October 2nd)

kye sones ‏@Kyesones1 tweeted: WOW just seen Kevin Costner in our hotel!! #MASSIVE!! (posted 1:01pm October 2nd)

Carta ‏@turnitupcarta tweeted: Well I didn't expect to meet Toni colette Kevin Costner and rose Byrne tonight! #insprational (Posted 1:40pm October 4th)

Jade ☮ ‏@Jadeybabii_xo tweeted: MY DAD HAS JUST SEEN @MissKatiePrice AT THE HOTEL HE'S WAITING AT FOR KEVIN COSTNER. NOT FAIRRRRR :( (Posted 5:47am October 5th)

Rachael Tennent ‏@RachaelTennent tweeted: Don't get excited about celebs much but quite excited about Kevin Costner sitting opposite us in Cipriani (Posted 12:48pm October 5th)

Rahel Aforki ‏@reportergirlERI tweeted: oh my God....just saw Kevin Costner in Kensington High Street. Pretty much bump in to him #starStruck and he gets better with age (Posted 8:46am October 6th)

Nick Metcalfe ‏@Nick_Metcalfe tweeted: No famous spot for me in two months, but a top one from friend and colleague Dave Wood this afternoon - Kevin Costner in Kensington. (Posted 10:45am October 6th)

Greg Thompson commented: just finished work, get next thursday off - massive film set/crew outside our offices shooting for Jack Ryan, coming out December 2013 has Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley in it - where is she?! I can't see her damn it.. (Posted 2:32pm October 6th)

Mark Delaney ‏@Markdelaneyc1 tweeted: Got Mandy a new car today. 1st in 10 years and bumped into Kevin Costner in Kensington. (Posted 1:22pm October 6th)

Jade ☮ ‏@Jadeybabii_xo tweeted: @Kyesones1 Dad saw you at hotel the other day, been there for weeks chauffeuring Kevin Costner :P good luck this wkend! Would love a follow

Kathlene Fox-Davies ‏@KittyFoxDavies tweeted: Basoon Bar at the Corinthia Hotel. Rumour has it Kevin Costner is around here somewhere. @ Corinthia Hotel (Posted 12:37pm October 9th)

Jade ☮ ‏@Jadeybabii_xo tweeted: My dad's been sitting inside the Corinthia hotel again waiting for Kevin Costner sending me videos of some X Factor people arriving :( (Posted 9:04am October 9th)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kevin in the latest Emmy Magazine out October 9th ...

The print edition of Emmy magazine's special Emmy Bash Photo Splash collectors issue goes on sale October 9 (US$7.95 plus $5.00 shipping). Inside this Issue: Pride and Passion: The Faces of Emmy Night - Captured straight from the stage, in the Emmy® magazine portrait studio: Julianne Moore, Damian Lewis, Aaron Paul, Kevin Costner, Julie Bowen, Ricky Gervais and more photographed by esteemed lensman Charles Bush.

VIDEO: Photo Splash Sneak Peak 2012: Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger being photographed by Charles Bush for the Emmy Magazine:

Excerpt: by Jeffrey Slonim: Tea with BAFTA and a Moment with Kevin Costner: One heavyset woman photog was catcalling drooling comments at Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger (both Emmy-winners on Sunday). Costner has a beautiful, relatively new wife. Sweat poured down my face as he told me how proud he is of all the attention the series has gotten. But isn't his star power a big draw? "Well, you hope you've picked up a following along the way," he said humbly.

Excerpt by Kari Mozena: I produced my red Governor’s Ball ticket, went through metal gates a la cattle, hit two checkpoints, then scooted inside the LA Convention Center....Inside, everything was covered in roses. There was a huge elevated stage where different acts performed, an engraving station doing big business as winners brought their trophies over, and a Marich candy station up front. I tried to eat my good Joachim Splichal vittles but kept getting distracted by Kevin Costner at a nearby table. Whatever he has done—he looks well rested.

More pictures of Kevin from the Emmys:



Monday, October 8, 2012

More pictures and video of Kevin at the Emmys....

Kevin at picture #14: Best Laid-Back Sex Appeal: Kevin Costner in Hugo Boss:

Celebrity GPS: Where The Stars Were Spotted This Week September 27, 2012 LA: Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton dined on the lighter side with 14 friends at STK LA, enjoying salads, tuna tartar and beer prior to attending an Emmys party.

Picture: EMMY TV STARS: RED CARPET VS. ON-SCREEN STYLES Kevin Costner By JACKIE WILLIS We don't know who's cooler: Kevin Costner at the Emmys, or Costner in character as 'Devil' Anse Hatfield in Hatfields & McCoy.

VIDEO: Deborah Norville Wit the Stars on Emmys Red Carpet interviewing Kevin Costner...

VIDEO: Kevin Costner, Tom Berenger: Photo Splash Sneak Peak 2012: Emmy Magazine:

More pictures of Kevin from the Emmys...

More pictures of Kevin from the Emmys:



















Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grammys.com video interview with Kevin...

The GRAMMYs ‏@TheGRAMMYs tweeted: Kevin Costner discusses his band @ModernWest & the music behind "Hatfields & McCoys" in an exclusive interview with us.

See the picture, article and videos at the following link:

The 'Famous For Killing Each Other' soundtrack features 19 tracks, eight of which were co-written by Costner, including "I Know These Hills" and "Oh, Malley-Mae," the latter of which is written and performed by Costner's daughter, Lily Costner. The album peaked at No. 6 on Billboard's Top Soundtracks list.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

More from Emmys, Texas Fair and other items...

From Kevin Costner & Modern West: Texas State Fair 2012 Photo credit - Carl Dunn: The fair got rained out on the night we were supposed to perform so we played a few songs for an impromptu gathering of people in the catering tent while the rain kept pouring down. We were dying to play. It was loads of fun even though we were disappointed about not being able to play for a big fair crowd. I guess you might say we all made the best of it.......and we're happy the rains came to Texas. We'll be back next year. - John Coinman

Sarah (tbc) ‏@totalbassetcase tweeted: Weekend Wrap Up: The Big D. Otherwise known as that time we met Kevin Costner we did! He was so nice and handsome in person!
See Sarah's picture and blog about meeting Kevin when he went for sushi after the 5 song acoustic session at the canceled State Fair of Texas:


Penny Parker’s On The Town: Elbow-rubbing in a custom tux at the Emmys Excerpt: “Lots of buzz on the red carpet that it was the ‘hottest’ Emmys in history. Many of the celebs came in the back entrance (Tom Hanks and Kevin Costner) and passed on the red carpet walk to avoid getting messed up and heat stroked.

Elena Hughes tweeted: Isn't Kevin Costner a sweetheart for mentioning @ the Emmy Awards the Romanian film community that help him film "Hatfields & McCoys" in Romania??!!! LOVE HIM! PROUD!!!!

More pictures of Kevin at the Emmys:





RAD Styling ‏@RadStyling tweeted: Kevin Costner looking cool in Hugo Boss #emmys

Picture of Kevin by Hugo Boss photos:

Picture by Ken Candalori at Hatfields and McCoys Facebook page:

Nancy O'Dell with Kevin and Christine on the Red Carpet:

Castel Film Studios, Bucharest, Romania congratulates the 'Hatfield & McCoys' Emmy wins!

Message from 'Hatfields and McCoys' Producer Leslie Greif : "Greetings and salutations from sunny Los Angeles... "Howdy Gang...

The Wolf 101.5 FM - A pic of me and AN EMMY!! That's Christian Cooke of Omemee with me in studio at The Wolf 101.5 FM this morning. He won the Emmy last week in L.A. for Sound Mixing in a Mini Series : Hatfields and McCoys starring Kevin Costner:

Victoria Disque ‏@ToriDisk tweeted: My film studies teacher just asked us if we know who Kevin Costner is. We all laughed out loud. #isthisdudeforreal (Posted September 27th)

Mohamed karim ‏@mokarimstar tweeted: Kevin Costner and I in Los Angeles for the AFI Film Festival for his film premier "Company Men

Ringa Starr ‏@FritaJVales tweeted: Kevin Costner De Jesús & Clint Eastwood @ I.E.S. Puerta Bonita:

CODARUS commented: SNEAK PEEK OF: Emmy Award winner Kevin Costner's Aspen, Colorado Moss Studio Project!!

Picture by Jamee Borgman: This is where my acting career all began. On the set of a perfect world... My parents — with Kevin costner, Beth borgman, Kevin costners woman and Doug Borgman. (My note: That wasn't Kevin's "woman"!)

Picture: Kevin Costner with Cheap Trick's Robin Zander, wife Pam Zander and me. (Billy the Phone Freak):

Excerpt from 'My Mother Was Nuts' book by Penny Marshall: How Robert De Niro, Not Tom Hanks, Almost Starred In Penny Marshall's Big....To make the high concept work, I wanted it to be real and believable. The biggest challenge would be casting the lead. I went straight to the three big box-office stars at the time: Tom Hanks, Kevin Costner, and Dennis Quaid. All of them passed. Everyone passed....Word had spread about Bobby D. (De Niro) and a handful of actors who had turned me down, including Kevin Costner, now asked about Big.

See the blog: 'The night I didn’t meet Kevin Costner' by Sandy Barker:

See the blog 'On Making Believers Out Of Skeptics' by Erika Napoletano:

Warhol Megastar ‏@R_Bernstein_ART tweeted: @modernwest Kevin Costner, original art by Richard Bernstein for Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine.

Magazine Digital Tap ‏@MagazineTAP tweeted: EUROPE, IAN GILLAN, KEVIN COSTNER... No sé que no haces que no le echas un ojo al primer número de la revista: Find pages 44-45/60 and listen for the AUDIO of Kevin:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kevin confirmed for McG/Luc Besson Thriller...

See the article by Edward Davis about Kevin being confirmed for starring in a so far untitled 'thriller' about "Secret Service Agent Ethan Runner who discovers he's dying and decides to retire in order to reconnect with his estranged family. But when the Secret Service offers him access to an experimental drug that could save his life in exchange for one last assignment, he soon finds himself trying to juggle his family, his mission, and the drug's hallucinatory side-effects." See more detail at the link:

To see more possible projects for Kevin, see the 'Upcoming Events and Projects For Kevin Costner' page on this blog here:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kevin headed back to England for filming...

Jade ☮ ‏@Jadeybabii_xo tweeted: When my dad picked up Kevin Costner from the hotel to take him to the film set, he saw some of the X Factor people, mainly Rylan hahaha (Posted 9:06am October 1, 2012)

Jade ☮ ‏@Jadeybabii_xo tweeted: @RylanClark My dad saw you at the hotel today haha, he was chauffeuring Kevin Costner to the film set (Posted 9:08am October 1, 2012)

Jonathan Rice tweeted: Back home after a wonderful 6 months in Texas. Flying up top with Kevin Costner was an added bonus!! (From Dallas, Texas to Heathrow Airport) (Posted 08:11am October 1, 2012)

Kevin evidently went from the Emmys back to filming in England last week:

Jon Boyce ‏@thejonboyce tweeted: Funny who you see at work sometimes! Kevin Costner, Keira Knightly and oh yes Tom Cruise! Not bad all in one day (Posted 9:02am September 26th)

Andy Lewington ‏@MediocreMgmt tweeted: Met a guy in the pub who could tweet "In a helicopter with Ken Branagh and Kevin Costner over Brooklyn... Costner is wearing elbow pads" lol (Posted 1:00am September 27th)

Bowler ‏@Bowler_84 tweeted: Hatfield's Hollywood status is back.! Kevin Costner, Keira Knightly and Chris Pine are filming up the Hilltop today. (Posted 5:47am September 27th)

Matthew Huckle ‏@matthuckle91 tweeted: Kiera knightly and Kevin Costner chilling in our local boozer #hollywoodhatfield (Posted 8:32am September 27th)

Alan Johnson ‏@JusticeJohnson tweeted: Keira knightley and Kevin costner 20 metres from my house (Posted 8:32am September 27th)

Matthew Huckle ‏@matthuckle91 tweeted: @DJNEOGIO @Clunkinhell_DB filming a Hollywood film in our local pub. Love Kiera knightly ! (Posted 8:45am September 27th)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Two more videos from canceled Texas Fair...

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Down in Nogales & Riders Published on Oct 1, 2012 by rustybuell - I was among about 30 lucky fans who got treated to a private performance by KCMW in a small tent near the stage when their concert at the State Fair of Texas (Dallas) had to be canceled due to bad weather. They played 5 songs for us. You can hear the rain in the background as well as fireworks going off toward the end of the first song.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Turn it on Published on Oct 1, 2012 by rustybuell - I was among 30 lucky fans who got to enjoy a private performance by KCMW in a small tent backstage after their concert at the State Fair of Texas (Dallas) got canceled due to bad weather. They performed 5 songs for us. It was incredible!

More from canceled Texas State Fair...

See the pictures and blog posted by joshandemily about seeing Kevin Costner and Modern West:

Picture: 6sglfg (Big Daddy Glieber Guess which one is a movie star? He starred in Waterworld 2 tonight. Concert was rained out but his night was salvaged when he got his picture with BDG. #kevincostner

Picture by Ellie Lindenmeyer-Adkins:

VIDEO: Lily Costner - "I know these hills" Published on Sep 30, 2012 by rustybuell - I was among about 30 lucky fans to enjoy a short private performance by KCMW backstage after their concert at the State Fair if Texas (Dallas) got canceled.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - "Long way from home" Published on Sep 30, 2012 by rustybuell - I was among about 30 lucky fans who got to enjoy a private acoustic performance of 5 songs by Kevin Costner & Modern West after their concert at the State Fair of Texas (Dallas) got canceled for safety reasons due to bad weather. It was a very memorable experience. More videos to follow soon.

Alex Chancellor ‏@ayealexandriax3 tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner at the airport 😍 (Dallas, Texas) (Posted 1:38pm September 30th)

Pedro Ruiz tweeted: I met eye to eye with Kevin Costner at the airport today and DJ Smiley also. (Posted 11:59pm September 30, 2012)