Thursday, February 28, 2013

Denis Brogniart interviews Kevin for Automoto on TF1....

DenisBrogniart @Denis Brogniart tweeted: (Translated) Good privilege today! Kevin costner interview in his camper lodge avenue de Saxe in Paris! good Mr. (Posted February 22nd)

Denis Brogniart ‏@DenisBrogniart tweeted: (Translated) Meeting this afternoon with Kevin costner on shooting his next film. # Automoto for March 3. # waterfalls (Posted February 22nd)

Another picture of Denis interviewing Kevin on the set of 'Three Days To Kill' in Paris, France. The Automoto interview will be shown on TF1 on Sunday, March 3, 2013, at 10:15. Excerpt from the article: "Denis Brogniart and teams Automoto attended the realization of one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the film. Viewers will discover repetitions on the trail of an aerodrome where the filming locations have been carefully reproduced. They will then follow the film crew, which included famous French stunt Avenue de Suffren in Paris."

See picture of Kevin from the video 'teaser':

VIDEO at TF1 and Automoto's webpage:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More of Kevin arriving at LAX on Tuesday...

More pictures:

VIDEO: KEVIN COSTNER TO TMZ: Can You Tell Me About My Robin Hood Lawsuit? See video and article here:

More pictures of Kevin from Paris and Schladming...

Picture: Spotted! The thread of people caught live ... Kevin Costner is currently in Paris for the filming of Three Days to Kill, produced by Luc Besson. It was Saturday avenue de Suffren, for the fans.

Picture by johanclement - Johan Clement Oh my god #KevinCostner #ThreeDaysToKill #McG #LucBesson #Paris (Posted February 26th)

Jean-François Guyot ‏@JFGuyot tweeted: #Cesar2013 - Kevin Costner en salle de presse, hier soir, juste après l'hommage rendu sur scène

Jib Pocthier ‏@JIBPOCTHIER tweeted: Le césar d'honneur de #kevincostner un grand monsieur #respect

Nicole Coullier ‏@NicoleCoullier tweeted: Une photo de @debbouzejamel et #KevinCostner #César2013

Marie Desnos ‏@madesnos tweeted: Allez une petite 2e pour la route! en + il était sympa il voulait bien rester avec nous lui #Cesar2013 #KevinCostner

Marie Desnos ‏@madesnos tweeted: Habillé en Hugo Boss s'il vous plaît #Cesar2013 #KevinCostner

itele_LesOFF ‏@itele_LesOFF tweeted: [TAPIS ROUGE] Dans les coulisses des #César Kevin Costner au micro d'@obenkemoun pour #iTELE #cinéma

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner awarded a César d'honneur

Picture by Schladming-Dachstein Ski WM in Schladming - Kevin Costner heizte mit Band am Medal Plaza ein

Picture from the Schladming skiing:

More pictures of Kevin arriving at LAX:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kevin Costner arrives on a flight at LAX...

See the pictures of Kevin arriving in Los Angeles, at LAX, today, February 26, 2013:

Kevin's Paris filming ended this last weekend...

Mathieu TURI ‏@MathieuTURI tweeted: Wrap party with McG, Kevin, and the all crew ! #3daystokill (posted February 24th)

Frederic Turyan ‏@FredericTuryan tweeted: Kevin Costner shooting in Paris for 3 days to kill !!!! #KevinCoster #3daystokill (Posted February 24th)

Mathieu TURI @ MathieuTURI tweeted: Time class of the evening ... Thanks Kevin! Go to sleep, it starts early tomorrow #cesar2013 #threedaystokill (Posted February 22nd)

lor ‏@LorSofiaduculty tweeted: kevin costner<<<<333 (Posted February 23rd)

vincent parisi @parisivincent tweeted: Parisi at Cinema hey hey hey in - Three Days to Kill - with Kevin Costner! Yes yes yes lol (Posted February 23rd)

Oliver J S Bruce ‏@OB_Entrepreneur tweeted: In Paris leaning out the flat window watching them shoot a Kevin Costner film.(February 23rd)

Quentin Jégo ‏@QuentinJego tweeted: McG tourne en ce moment son dernier film : #ThreeDaysToKill avec Kevin Costner à Paris (Posted February 22nd)

Philippe_Goujon Philippe Goujon tweeted: Avec Kevin Costner en tournage dans le 15e (Posted February 22nd)

Ayci COTTON @ AycimCotton tweeted: Kevin Costner while filming mahallemizdeydi bugün.Philippe Mr. müsadeyle conversation took a picture of my uncle :) (Posted February 22nd)

See the picture and article entitled: 'Kevin Costner, an American actor in Seine-Maritime'

Picture by Marie-Reine Poyteau, dated February 16:

Picture by Nora Sweet, dated January 27, 2012:

Monday, February 25, 2013

KC & MW to play State Kremlin Palace...

Tickets are on sale for Kevin Costner and Modern West, for the first time, to play in the State Kremlin Palace, in Moscow, Russia, on April 10, 2013. Details here:

More pictures of Kevin from the Cesar Awards...

Pictures from the 38th Cesar Cinema Awards at the Chatelet Theatre and Fouquet's restaurant:^artists.sql&q1=Cesar%20Film%20Awards%202013%20-%20Awards%20Room&q2=Costner&x-start=0&ps=1&xgrouped=1,_Kevin/

Pictures nine and twenty-one:

Picture by trstd_srvcs_v2

Sunday, February 24, 2013

More pictures of Kevin at the Cesar Awards...

César 2013: 'Kevin Costner to honor his wife in tears ... then asleep' - My note: I have it from a very good source who saw the program that Kevin only had his eyes shut a couple of minutes and it was after he had been given the award. Calming his nerves or meditating or maybe even praying a thankful prayer to God but definitely NOT sleeping as so many would like to think and joke about!!

Jean-François Guyot @ JFGuyot tweeted: # Cesar2013 - Kevin Costner in the press room last night, just after the tribute on stage

Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière tweeted: Kevin Costner, guest of honor at the 2013 César awards, arriving at Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière!

Photos: Kevin Costner Distinguished Honorary César com

Nicolas Buytaers @ NicolasBuytaers tweeted: Yes I swear this is the Kevin Costner behind all these cameras :-) cesar2013 @ Théâtre du Châtelet

alexandra schamis ‏@alexschamis tweeted: AVant césar Kevin Costner bodyguard du Président

See the two pictures and blog entitled: 'What are the differences between the César Awards and the Academy Awards?' posted by MaryKay on February 23, 2013:

News24 # TT @ LucaWebWork tweeted: Cesar, Kevin Costner # kisses his wife after receiving the award. Discover

Bandini78 @ Bandini78 tweeted: Watch the inscription on the teleprompter Kevin Costner # Onoray

1. KEVIN COSTNER (CAESAR OF HONOR) Here are the most beautiful pictures of the evening and especially that of Cesar honor given to Kevin Costner:

Chab Marif @ Chab53 tweeted: Kevin Costner, Cesar honor and Emmanuelle Riva César for Best Actress:

Champs Elysees Paris, Events - Dinner at the Champs Elysees Paris Cesars tonight. Kevin Costner:

First picture at link:

Photo #6 at link:

Several more picture links:,i:284&iact=rc&dur=2703&sig=107549770365531039375&page=3&tbnh=193&tbnw=94&start=35&ndsp=22&tx=38&ty=98

Saturday, February 23, 2013

More videos from the French Cesar Awards...

VIDEO: Sequence humour - Antoine de Caunes rend hommage à Kevin Costner
Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo

VIDEO: Kevin Costner aux César 2013 by Inthemoodforcinema Published on Feb 23, 2013 - Le court passage de Kevin Costner en salle presse suite à son César d'honneur. Vidéo

VIDEO: Kevin Costner arrive aux Césars vendredi 22 février 2013 à Paris Chatelet France by Ga Li Published on Feb 23, 2013 - Kevin Costner arrive aux Césars vendredi 22 février 2013 à Paris Chatelet France

VIDEO: 2013 Arrivée Kevin Costner by Elvira AndTheStarFactory Published on Feb 23, 2013 - Pour connaître les détails de la vidéo, suivre le meilleur de l'actualité des stars à Paris

VIDEO: César, cocktail de stars au Fouquet's by parismatchcom Published on Feb 23, 2013 - was present last night at the Fouquet's suite at the 38th ceremony of Caesar. As is the tradition, it is the famous restaurant of the Champs-Elysées the party continued. Kevin Costner stars as French cinema have the opportunity to deliver their impressions after the ceremony.

VIDEO: Arrivée bruyante des stars aux Césars 2013 le vendredi 22 février 2013 Paris by Ga Li· Published on Feb 23, 2013 - Arrivée bruyante des stars aux Césars 2013 le vendredi 22 février 2013 Paris France (Kevin at 4:30 to 8:08)

VIDEO: Cérémonie des Césars 2013 - Amour et émotion pour Kévin COSTNER - 23/02 by POUPITV Published on Feb 23, 2013 - Beaucoup d'amour et d'émotion tout au long de cette 38ème cérémonie des césars au palmarès éblouissant.

VIDEO: Cérémonie des Césars 2013 - Que d'Amour et quel joli palmarès ! 23/02 by POUPITV Published on Feb 23, 2013 - "Amour", Emmanuel Riva et J.L. Trintignant mais aussi Kevin Costner, Azia Higelin ont été récompensés à la 38ème cérémonie des Césars.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner received an Honorary Lifetime Achievemt Award - César Award 2013 Paris by ichiban2592007 Published on Feb 23, 2013

VIDEO: Izia, Costner, Sy... leurs confidences après les Césars by nouvelobservateur (Kevin at 1:36 to 1:46)

Pictures of Kevin honored with Cesar Lifetime Achievement Award...

Renault ‏@Renault_Live tweeted: Kevin Costner receives César d'Honneur, gets standing ovation & sheds a tear

French Dreamer ‏@frenchdreamer1 tweeted: Kevin Costner just brought me tears... He only said two sentences in French at the Cesars right after telling he doesn't speak French

Thierry MEYER ‏@ThMEY tweeted: Kevin Costner: The American is the level of Césars 2013 ... Thank you Mister Kevin Costner ... The real Emotion ...

Anissa B. ‏@lamule95 tweeted: Kevin Costner's speech is so emotional im gonna cry he deserves this award he's a great actor #Cesar #Cinema #Paris

P-Ynot? ‏@KirstetterPY tweeted: #Césars2013 all is said in this summary of the career de.Kevin Costner. One of the greatest actors of recent years

Seance Radio ‏@seanceradio tweeted: Remerciements de Kevin Costner #Cesar2013

Jean-Luc Brunet ‏@sacregraal tweeted: Standing ovation pour Kevin Costner #cesar2013 qui a essuyé qq larmes pendant le montage hommage

Picture by natalimar - Natalie Martinez #Cesar2013 #film #France . #KevinCostner was just awarded a César d'Honneur (Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award) for his film career at the César Awards (France's equivalent of the Oscars). In his acceptance speech he spoke in French and said "It's not a mystery, I am American. I did cowboy films... Thank you for accepting me as I am. You have given me and my wife an unforgettable evening. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Several picture sites:;_ylt=AwrNUbCAiShROn4As6XQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTEwYXBjcG9pBHNlYwNpbWFnZQRjb2xvA3NwMgR2dGlkA1VTTjAwMV8x?ei=UTF-8&p=Kevin+Costner&fr=yfp-t-701&sort=time§ion=photo[162348930]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

Picture by Luc Saint-Elie @ lstelie

Frédérique Impennati ‏@Fred_Impennati tweeted: Standing ovation pour Kevin Costner #cesars2013

GlossNRoses ‏@GlossNRoses tweeted: Oooh c'est trop touchant ! Is Kevin Costner crying ? Congrats !

PLLagnau ‏@PLLagnau tweeted: Kevin Costner, mes respects. #cesar2013

Charles Binick ‏@CharlesBinick tweeted: LOL Kevin Costner @ #Césars2013

Mierdicks ‏@jesgiraldo tweeted: "@fotogramas_es: Kevin Costner recibe César de Honor. Debe de estar orgulloso Kevincosner de Jesús, el gitano.

Pascal Cardonna ‏@pascalcardonna tweeted: Kevin ! #Cesar2013

olivier benkemoun ‏@obenkemoun tweeted: Kevin Costner answered 1 question in the press room .. ‏@GALAfr tweeted: Kevin Costner a fait un détour par la salle de presse just for one question #Cesar2013

María LinaLop ‏@LinaLop1980 “@PereVallK: Kevin Costner recibe el César de Honor de manos de Michel Hazanavicius

cinemacanalplus ‏@cinemacanalplus tweeted: Sortie d'interview: Kevin Costner ne cesse de dire Merci

CANAL+ ‏@canalplus tweeted: Standing ovation pour Kevin Costner, très ému (et émouvant) sur scène en recevant son César d'honneur #César2013

Malo LBP ‏@MaloLBP tweeted: Oh Kevin Costner was so moved when he received an honor #cesar for his career. Loved his speech!

Fotogramas - Cine ‏@fotogramas_es tweeted: Kevin Costner receives Honorary César

Juan Pando @ Juan_Pando_ tweeted: Kevin Costner, Cesar of Honor, during the gala

VIDEO: Marie Mustel ‏@Milimelo tweeted: #cesar2013 Kevin Costner

B. Perrine @ NowherePerrine tweeted: me after the speech Kevin Costner ‏@5mnCh tweeted: Kevin Costner has just arrived on the red carpet at #César2013 Awards looking sharp.

5mnCh 14 hrs tweeted: Cesar Awards Ceremony in #Paris tonight... Celebs, including Kevin Costner, expected to arrive momentarily #César2013

Michelle ‏@GDLAStyleFile tweeted: Styling success! From the Cesar awards in Paris Kevin & Christine Costner. Thanks to #hugoboss & #lanvin…

Phalène de LaValette ‏@Phalenebdlv tweeted: Kevin Costner has made a good shot of old but still lovely

Martin Bianchi-Tasso @ martinbianchi tweeted: And how is the French version of Goya? Something like: Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner

obenkemoun @olivier benkemoun tweeted: Souvenir de paris K. Costner

itele @itele tweeted: DIRECT | Kevin Costner, César d'honneur ce soir sur @itele répondant aux questions d'@obenkemoun #Cesar2013

Red Lipstick Fun ‏@Paradise_Meg tweeted: Having a drink next to Kevin Costner. #HardLife

cinemacanalplus ‏@cinemacanalplus tweeted: @debbouzejamel heureux d'etre là avec Kevin Costner #césar2013

alexandra schamis ‏@alexschamis tweeted: AVant césar Kevin Costner bodyguard du Président

Friday, February 22, 2013

Kevin honored with César Lifetime Achievement Award...

VIDEO: Cesar d'honneur - Kevin Costner (Translated: Cesar honor - Kevin Costner)
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VIDEO: "Chacun devrait connaître ça dans sa vie" (Translated: "Everyone should know that in life")

Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo

VIDEO: Kevin Costner invité d'honneur de l'édition 2013 (Translated: Kevin Costner guest of honor at the 2013 edition)

Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo

See the article entitled: 'César 2013: Kevin Costner, moved to tears' by Paulina Jonqueres d'Oriola:

See the article entitled: 'César 2013: The ceremony live' by and the picture gallery:

See the picture and AUDIO interview with Laurent Marsick: 'Kevin Costner very moved by César d'Honneur' Created on 22/02/2013

VIDEO: Tapis rouge - Jamel Debbouze et Kevin Costner (Translated: Back Stage):

Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo

See the pictures of Kevin: France Cinema Cesar Award Arrivals, Cocktail Arrivals, Cesar Film Awards 2013 and Ceremony:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

More of Kevin from Paris filming and with fans....

See the article entitled: '(Video) Costner, incognito Vaucottes' dated February 16, 2013:

Picture by adretn Au top la #PQR normande au soleil. #KevinCostner (posted February 17th)

Titin @ bestaparis tweeted: Scene "3 days to kill" today, kevin costner bike pulls a guy and a hand pops out of the car and throws ground paris # (Posted February 18th)

Picture by valmarco92 - Val Marco - #tournage #kevin #costner #kevincostner #movie #luc #besson #actor #3daystokill #star #paris #film #swag #instagram #action #clap (Posted February 18th)

☆Roxane U ‏@Roxtarlette tweeted: At the office an hour before to open the shutters for the Kevin Costner film. How about that (Posted February 19th)

Picture by mathiasben - Bensaid: Film #threedaystokill #avec #kevincostner #paris (Posted February 19th)

Picture by gonzal6 - Emiliano Gonzalez #movie #action #camera #film #paris #kevincostner #movieset #Three days to kill (Posted February 21st)

Picture by gonzal6 - Emiliano Gonzalez #movie #action #camera #film #paris #kevincostner #movieset #Three days to kill (Posted February 21st)

Chloe @ ChloeBrllt tweeted: Miss a shoot with Kevin Costner unknowingly see people come back with pictures of him have seum. (Posted February 21st)

Lorna Stephenson ‏@LornaStephenson tweeted: Oh hiiii Kevin Costner shooting people outside my house (Posted February 21st)

Stephanie @ FIRETTO SFIRETTO tweeted: @ MMaestracci rather Eiffel Tower. there is an action movie with Kevin Costner who turns around. You'll be sure to have cameras (Posted February 21st)

Paul Glover ‏@Glovepup tweeted: Someone I know has uploaded a pic of them on FB on a bus travelling to the Eiffel Tower and is standing next to Kevin Costner. Brilliant. (Posted February 21st)

Picture by Laura Guirao Stern with Kevin (Posted February 5th)

Pictures by Paola Marques dos Santos at Cité du Cinéma "EUROPACORPS". (Posted February 10th)

Picture by Drhc Violeta Amaro: With my lifelong friend Kevin Costner - RSI-CIUP (Posted February 5th)

Picture by Youssef Salha with Kevin taken on the set of 3days to kill (Posted January 23, 2012)

Picture by Martian Adrian with Kevin (Posted January 21, 2012)BR>

Picture by Frédérick Aymé: In the shooting of "3 days to kill" — in Paris, Ile-de-France. (Posted January 21, 2012)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Several KC & MW concert videos....

VIDEO: Kevin Costner, 9.2.2013, live in Schladming by ildivofan4ever - Published on Feb 16, 2013:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner in Schladming, 9.2.2013 by ildivofan4ever - Published on Feb 16, 2013:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner, Modern West, Bill Paxton at City Winery New York City by entertainmentnewable - Published on Feb 15, 2013:

VIDEO: (Bobby Yang) Kevin Costner and Modern West Concert Columbia,MO by TheBeatlesluvr16 - Uploaded on Feb 5, 2009 - Ok here's another video of the KC&MW Concert...and's mostly Bobby Yang!!!!!!! He is so amazing!!! WOW!!!!!!! BTW Sorry it's so shaky...I was far away and had it on zoom so it was hard to keep still:

VIDEO: (Bobby Yang) Kevin Costner and Modern West by TheBeatlesluvr16 - Uploaded on Feb 3, 2009 - Ok "XAQ" here is just ONE of the many AMAZING videos of the Kevin Costner concert last night. lol For real though Bobby Yang is CRAZY AWESOME! and this isn't the coolest solo he did but i like it b/c of the very end...haha you shall But isn't he amazing! AH! Oh and yea the video is really kinda shaky b/c I was in the balcony and it was zoomed so it was hard to keep still. AH! HE'S TOO COOL

VIDEO: Kevin Costner teaching us his song by TheBeatlesluvr16 - ploaded on Feb 5, 2009 - Ok XAQ I put this FULL song up so you can see the WHOLE band. There is a guitar solo in there too i think. Anyways...HERE ya go enjoy. BTW He was teaching us part of his song so we could sing it...well the crowd here was boring and so like NO ONE sang it...I felt so bad for him haha

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pictures and video of Kevin filming on Normandy Coast....

paris_normandie ‏@paris_normandie tweeted: Photos : Kevin #Costner en tournage sur la côte en #Seine-Maritime dans le dernier film de (Translated: Kevin Costner # filming # on the coast in Seine-Maritime in the last film) (Translated: Vattetot sea Shooting a film with Kevin Costner - The house used as decoration, just above the beach Vaucottes)

Photos and video: Kevin Costner shooting on the Normandy coast The American actor Kevin Costner spent two days in Seine-Maritime , in the small coastal village of Vattetot-sur-Mer , near Etretat (Seine-Maritime), for the filming of the latest film from director McG U.S. In Normandy , the actor revealed to the public for his role in " Dances with Wolves ", plays the role of a spy. The film titled "Three Days to Kill "should hit theaters in 2014. Find all of our coverage in our editions of Saturday, February 16.

Tom Akroyd ‏@TomAkroyd tweeted: @PhillRutherford 3 days to kill starring Kevin Costner, we was in Paris as part of a crowd whilst they were filming within the crowd! Posted February 15th)

Emily Faith Burt ‏@Beautybyemilyfa tweeted: Mum just called from Paris... She's just had dinner a table away from Kevin Costner and then John Malkovich joins the party too! Pretty cool (Posted 1:04pm February 16th)

Picture my manue_dh - Je me demande quoi ! #kevincostner #film #fecamp #affiche #courriercauchoix #movie #acteur (Posted February 16th)

Mickael Desportes ‏@Mika_LD tweeted: Meeting Amber Heard & Kevin Costner in Normandy ? (Posted February 16th)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner live in Schladming, 9.2.2013 by ildivofan4ever· Published on February 16, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

More of Kevin from Paris and Schladming...

Pictures: On the set of 'Three Days To Kill' in Paris Featuring: Kevin Costner - When: 11 Feb 2013:

Pictures: Kevin Costner on the set of 'Three Days To Kill' in Paris Featuring: Kevin Costner - When: 12 Feb 2013:

More Schladming concert and skiing pictures:

Wolfgang Santner ‏@WolfgangSantner tweeted: We are so excited to be in #Schladming organizing the concert with #KevinCostner (Posted February 8th)

Wolfgang Santner ‏@WolfgangSantner tweeted: #Kevin Costner is a great Skier! Looking forward to his concert tonight at the #ski #world #championships! 🎸🎶⛄(Posted February 9th)

Wolfgang Santner ‏@WolfgangSantner tweeted: So proud that #KevinCostner LOVED his visit! (Posted February 10th)

Wolfgang Santner ‏@WolfgangSantner tweeted: New Friends! Wow! Unglaublich wie Kevin drauf ist! Supernett, sensibel, NULL Allueren, geiler Musiker, ...Wahnsinn!! (Posted February 10th)

Wolfgang Santner ‏@WolfgangSantner tweeted: Can't wait to go to #Austria with #KevinCostner for the #Schladming concert (Posted January 13th)

Wolfgang Santner ‏@WolfgangSantner tweeted: Und plötzlich kommt Kevin Costner mit einem #GoldenGlobe in der Hand nach #Schladming! Gratulation! (Posted January 14th)

Wolfgang Santner ‏@WolfgangSantner tweeted: #KevinCostner is so GOOD Looking!!! Right girls? (Posted January 15th)

VIDEO: Wolfgang Santner ‏@WolfgangSantner tweeted: #KevinCostner backstage :-) what a great concert at the #ski #world #championships (Posted February 10th)

Zoya Sakr ‏@ZoyaSakr tweeted: My whole attention and camera zoom went to #KevinCostner at the Atelier @Versace show

See the blog: 'The March of the Extras' by Searchingforhome, dated January 22, 2013:

See the blog: 'Is that really me? An extra in "Three Days to Kill"' by Mary Kay, dated January 22, 2013:

See the blog: 'Dodging bullets on the set of "Three Days to Kill"' by Mary Kay, dated January 24, 2013:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More of Kevin in Paris filming and other items...

guess ‏@sousouuuuuuuuu tweeted: Kevin costner à la cité université de Paris le mardi 5 février 2013:

VIDEO: Amber Heard and Kevin Costner shooting a movie scene in Paris by StormShadowCrew Published on Feb 8, 2013 - Amber Heard and Kevin Costner shooting a scene in a sports car in front of the Westin Hotel for the Luc Besson movie "Three days to kill"

Picture by annaaelagri - Anna El Agri Today... I turn a scene With KEVIN COSTNER (Posted February 11th)

Picture by arnauddechampvigy - Backstage movie.... Kevin Costner in Paris. #paris #backstage #stars #kevincostner (Posted February 11th)

Picture by badiboda Badi Boda - #paris #parisjetaime #films #tournage #kevincostner #movie #makingmovie (Posted February 11th)

Titine ‏@bestaparis tweeted: Kevin Costner tournait à l'Aquarium De Paris today #Trocadéro #Paris #ThreeDaysToKill (Posted 8:19pm February 12th)

Picture: The former queen of thrush turns Hollywood starring Kevin Costner Anastasia Corlouër and friends December 13, 2012

Lucas Oficial commented: # Disneylandparis Look who I found in the park. I'm a fan of this guy # Kevin Costner (Lucas Moura, soccer player) (Posted February 3rd)

Aziz al shaheen ‏@AzizS09 tweeted: @MichaelYo @KevinFrazier @omgInsider she also met Kevin Costner with his wife I didnt wish I was there ill send a pic

Picture of Kevin after the Golden Globes with Raffael Dickreuter, Designer and Photographer - Got to say hi to kevin Costner, who will appear in the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel (see trailer), which I worked on for over a year.!lightbox[group]/16/

Article: 'Actor Chris is one of Kevin Costner's gang':

Picture: 05.15.12 – Kevin Costner ( Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show )

Picture by ninasten - Nina Stenseth Hahahahahahhahahaha, hva man finner når man går gjennom gamle bilder. #gamlehelter #rusterikke? #kevincostner #ons2010 #stavanger #missitsometimes #petoro #goodtimes

Picture of Kevin winning the Golden Globe:

A couple of nice pictures of Kevin:

Video posted by Sue Rider Jackson: Red River Version 2 Kevin Costner Modern West Band Boots & Hearts - by imagetreasurehunter - Published on February 6, 2013:

VIDEO: Konzert Kevin Costner by Peter Krismer· Published on Feb 11, 2013 - Bei Ski-WM 2013

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West Concert snapshots at FIS Alpine Ski-WM 2013 by ichiban2592007 Published on Feb 11, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More of Kevin in Schladming, Austria...

More sites with pictures of KC & MW in concert in Schladming, Austria:

Photo slideshow: #2 through #14:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Konzert by FISAlpineSkiWM2013 Published on Feb 9, 2013:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner concert in Schladming, 2013 by SKIdream SKIdream Published on Feb 9, 2013:

See the article entitled: 'Kevin Costner rocks Schladming'

Picture by paultx0 - Mirad a quien me encontre ayer cenando. #kevincostner (Posted February 10th)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

More of Kevin at the skiing in Schladming, Austria...

B ‏@kgzgrl tweeted: Poor Kevin Costner, he has to take pictures with all the fans instead of watching the races #Schladming

See five pictures and article entitled: 'Skiers in Schladming also seen Kevin Costner':

More pictures at the following links:

Amb William C Eacho ‏@AmbEacho tweeted: Enjoyed seeing Kevin Costner in Schladming! But he didn't bring any luck to the US downhill racers.

Wolfgang Santner ‏@WolfgangSantner tweeted: #Kevin Costner is a great Skier! Looking forward to his concert tonight at the #ski #world #championships!

Tom Walek ‏@TomWalek tweeted: Well, who says it please because Kevin Costner in Schladming

See one picture with article and pictures 14, 15 and 16 from slideshow:,850212

Kevin watching skiing photo slideshow: 1 through 18

One photo: 'The big show in the VIP box'

Picture #10: A Modest Star: Modest to Hollywood star Kevin Costner showed since his arrival in Schladming. After his concert Saturday night at the Medal Plaza on the Oscar winner dined at the invitation of Austrian Ski Federation President Peter Schroecksnadel Sporthotel Royer a small steak, and there was lettuce. Immediately after eating, around 23.00 clock, but then he passed by his hosts and went to bed, it was the part of the hotel manager Andreas Mayrhofer.