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Lots of tweets and articles about 'Draft Day' filming....

olv ‏@olv tweeted: #DraftDay, starring Kevin Costner, is filming at Radio City Music Hall again tomorrow #KevinCostner (Posted 9:14pm April 25th)

See article entitled: 'NFL draft serves as backdrop for Kevin Costner film' by Dan Hanzus:

Excerpt from article entitled: 'Brown's draft LSU's Mingo at No. 6, earn praise from Gruden' by Steve Doerschuk: Not far from (Jon) Gruden’s perch in New York, scenes for a Browns-based draft film starring Kevin Costner were being filmed. The head coach in the film, played by Denis Leary, is being directed to act like Gruden.

See the article entitled: 'Draft Day' first look: Frank Langella lands the No. 1 pick at the NFL Draft -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO by Jeff Labrecque:

BroiledSports™ ‏@BroiledSports tweeted: They will be filming the movie Draft Day starring Kevin Costner here at Radio City today. I hope to get on camera #NFLDraft (Posted 7:29am April 25th)

Mike Hume ‏@MikeHumeESPN tweeted: Crowds already gathering outside Radio City for #NFLDraft. Movie crew for new Kevin Costner film too #momisjealous (Posted 12:36pm April 25th)

Dean Moriarty ‏@never_find_it tweeted: Please let Kevin Costner and Denis Leary make the actual picks, so we can at least have a chance/excuse this year. #Browns #DraftDay

DG ‏@danjdgilmore tweeted: Got to say I'm looking fwd to Draft Day. Black list script, puff daddy, Kevin Costner.

Chris Strauss ‏@chris_strauss tweeted: If there seem to be more people at the draft from the Browns than usual, it's likely the crew shooting the new Kevin Costner movie. (Posted 2:41pm April 25th)

Jeff McFarlin ‏@RealSportsMac tweeted: I was thinking...maybe the Browns should let Kevin Costner go ahead and run their draft for real. #nfldraft (Posted 2:48pm April 25th)

Jesse Spector ‏@jessespector tweeted: Things happening on #nfldraft red carpet now include fake interviews with fake football players for a Kevin Costner movie. (Posted 3:01pm April 25th)

NFL Draft Show ‏@NFLDraftShow tweeted: Fake prospects being interviewed for filming of an NFL Draft movie with Kevin Costner has ton of people very confused. Rsther entertaining. (Posted 3:18pm April 25th)

David Tossell ‏@David_Tossell tweeted: Interesting twist to the #NFLDraft tonight is movie crew on site filming scenes for Kevin Costner movie "Draft Day" during proceedings (Posted 3:41pm April 25th)

Mike Kinsella ‏@mikekinsella tweeted: Need to find Kevin Costner and get him to give me a role in #draftday. I'm thinking co-star with Arian Foster?? #nfldraft (Posted 3:42pm April 25th)

ramsworldorder ‏@ramsworldorder tweeted: in case you DID NOT KNOW there is a Movie being Filmed called DRAFT DAY with Kevin Costner RIGHT NOW #RAMSDRAFT #nfldraft #RAMSNATION (Posted 3:55pm April 25th)

Kevin Frazier ‏@KevinFrazier tweeted: Director Ivan Reitman shooting "draft day" movie, starring Kevin Costner #nfldraft #draftredcarpet (Posted 4:11pm April 25th)

Danny O'Conor ‏@DocLockNDropIt tweeted: Oh you know, just gonna be in the new Kevin Costner movie about the Browns @MatthewBobst @NoahBill @OptiMarcus88

Ryan Augustitus ‏@Raugie440 tweeted: Jump starting the acting career right now. Gonna be on the big screen in the same flick as Kevin Costner. (Posted 4:17pm April 25th)

Doc Kennedy ‏@filmmakerdoc tweeted: This is cool! // NFL draft serves as backdrop for Kevin Costner film

Amanda Jean ‏@amandathecow tweeted: @philburwell4 I heard yesterday that Kevin Costner is filming for a movie dt tonight about the draft?? (Posted 4:47pm April 25th)

Summit Entertainment ‏@SummitEnt tweeted: The @Browns pick @keke_mingo in the first round. In #DraftDayMovie, Kevin Costner is the Browns' GM fighting for the #1 pick! #NFLDraft (Posted 6:06pm April 25th)

Kris Pickel ‏@KrisPickelNews tweeted: #wkyc filming at #TiltedKilt for movie Kevin Costner's movie #DraftDay. (Posted 6:13pm April 25th)

Jennifer DeLong ‏@jennydel5 tweeted: Nfl draft used as backdrop for Kevin Costner movie. Interesting #radiocitymusichall (Posted April 25th)

Summit Entertainment ‏@SummitEnt tweeted: We're shooting #DraftDay movie in @RadioCity right now w/ @denisleary,Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner.First movie ever to shoot at #NFLDraft (Posted 7:43pm April 25th)

olv ‏@olv tweeted: #DraftDay, starring Kevin Costner, is filming at Radio City Music Hall again tomorrow #KevinCostner (Posted 9:14pm April 25th)

Kisha Deprill ‏@KishaD1 tweeted: Can't wait to see the movie "Draft Day" about the Browns.....Kevin Costner & Dennis Leary as the coach & GM.....I like, I like!!!

Fitzy Cent ‏@fitzyMFNcent tweeted: @Lindacarroll419 can Sean and I go to the tilted kilt tonight? they are filming a Kevin Costner movie and we would make GREAT extras!

VIDEO: Cleveland Browns fans show spirit in 'Draft Day' movie - On Draft Day for the Cleveland Browns, Browns fans had something extra to get excited about, a Kevin Costner film of the same name filming in their hometown.

See the article entitled: 'Extras Wanted for ‘Draft Day’ Filming Tonight' by Annette Lawless, dated April 25, 2013 in Cleveland:

See the article entitled: 'Movie Crew Set To Film At NFL Draft' by The Postgame Staff:

Chip Patterson ‏@Chip_Patterson tweeted: @thedevilwolf @WillBrinson @jjones9 I've got my #goacc banner. Hoping to get it in that Costner-Browns movie they're filming tonight. (Posted April 25th)

Jeff Bowers ‏@sportsnarrative tweeted: About to launch my movie career as team reps for the @Vikings in the film "Draft Day" starring Kevin Costner #awesomeness Posted April 26th)

NFLFanAccess ‏@NFLFanAccess tweeted: @nflcommish filming for the movie Draft Day with Kevin Costner #nfldraft

JJK ‏@MCHamr2 tweeted: Do you think the Kevin Costner-led Browns front office in that movie had a better NFL draft than the real Browns? (Posted April 27th)

richard rosenblatt ‏@rosenblattap tweeted: At #nfldraft this morning, filming of Kevin Costner movie Draft Day had #nflcommish announcing #Browns draft pick for 2014. It will be ... (Posted April 27th)

Necip Ozkan ‏@NecipOzkan tweeted: Looking forward to the movie 'Draft Day' to be released. Sounds like a classic in the making! Kevin Costner, Arian Foster, the Commish etc.. (Posted April 27th)

Siale Langi ‏@Sting_Langi tweeted: Draft Day is going to be an awesome movie especially because Kevin Costner going to be in it #INSANE

Chip Patterson ‏@Chip_Patterson tweeted: Ivan Reitman was here earlier shooting scenes for "Draft Day" (Posted April 26th)

Chip Patterson ‏@Chip_Patterson tweeted: Saw Frank Langella and Kevin Dunn in the house as well. No Kevin Costner or Jennifer Garner sightings yet (Posted April 26th)

Marissa ‏@moronasaurus tweeted: Can't wait to see the movie, Draft Day, next year! Kevin Costner & Arian Foster.

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