Monday, April 15, 2013

Tweets and video from 'Draft Day' extras casting call...

Dominic Surace ‏@ibench5 tweeted: Bout to be a funny morning lol..going to a casting call for a new football movie coming out with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner

Allan ‏@Alz_PC_Genius tweeted: Taking the boys to go to the casting call for the new Kevin Costner movie being filmed in Cleveland. (Posted April 14th)

DZarrella19 Denise Zarrella tweeted: Hundreds stand in line at Terry Macklin's Event Center in Solon hoping for a part in Kevin Costner's "Draft Day." (Posted April 14th)

baldwinreports Michael Baldwin tweeted: On line with the masses trying to be a movie star. It's the new Kevin Costner flick. I'm at 6200 Enterprise in Solon (Posted April 14th)

Oren Shiri ‏@NFLorentime tweeted: #Draft Day, a football movie with Kevin Costner, go figure coming soon...Look for him come the NFL draft, oh yes he will be attending (Posted April 13th)

Ryan Rasnick ‏@Raz4207 tweeted: Just got hand picked to be Kevin Costner stand in. No joke. Might turn it down unless the can promise a role in waterworld 2 (Posted April 14th)

Tracy DeForde ‏@tnt729 tweeted: At the casting call for kevin costner movie 'draft day' been here for 2 1/2hrs still more to go..what was i thinking prob wont get a part (Posted April 14th)

Lyndi Jo DeLisio ‏@OfficialLyndiJo tweeted: Scored an audition for a Kevin Costner movie... wish me luck! 😊🎬(Posted April 15th)

See the picture and article by Denise Zarrella entitled: "Draft Day" in Solon:

VIDEO: 'Draft Day' casting call seeks Northeast Ohio actors, extras - An open casting call is being held Sunday, April 14 for 'Draft Day' --a football-themed movie that will film in Cleveland.

See the article entitled: 'Film Drafts Costner - Script co-written by L.I. native nabs star to play Browns GM'

VIDEO: 'Draft Day' holds casting call for extras in Solon Filming starts second week of May in Cleveland By: Bob Fenner Filming starts second week of May and Talent Scouts were looking for over 500 extras.

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